Saturday, June 25, 2016

Going The Extra Mile

We are in special times.  We are fortunate to be awake enough to notice them. Because of this blessing, we have the invitation to assist our more 'asleep' brothers and sisters with our spiritual awareness, our love, and our focused mental clarity.

This requires us to be perpetually in a state where we are refreshed, we are mutually grounded, and we stand tall in our ability to walk our walk and talk our talk.  This takes a certain amount of spiritual self-care every day to be able to function as way-show-ers to others at this important time for everyone who is incarnate upon Gaia.

The energy milieu in which we are immersed is an 'energy soup' which is 'just right' for manifestation.

Thoughts are things, and become REAL in a very short time.

The mind is a loaded 'gun' of co-creation; the safety is off, and ANYONE can pull the trigger!

We are the marksmen and sharpshooters of the Universe, sent here to Earth, to guide the way and show others how it is done!

Only we have forgotten just a little our assignment--but like riding a bicycle--our exceptional skills in the manifestation department are difficult to forget.  Once we get the hang of it all shall return.

What the Universe asks of us is to hold the space for others as they awaken.

When big stories hit the news, and panic strikes at the uncertainty of the change--we rely on the air, the water, Nature, our Spiritual connection--to hold the energy of CALM, of TRUST, of DELIGHT in ALL THAT IS--that everything is happening at the right place and the right time for the Highest Good.

That there are MIRACLES just right around the corner!

We don't have to say a word on this. Our aura speaks for itself. And it is stronger than one might think!

My sister--I have two--one is living a medical nightmare.  She is spiritually advanced. She's the one who let me borrow her book by Sylvia Browne years ago. Yet she doesn't know it, the connection between her thoughts and what arrives in her life the days after she thinks them.

She has a beautiful heart, and is the best godmother to Anthony there could ever be...

Yet she has anxiety about 'what if?' and the worst possible scenarios are not far from her mind.

I annoy her.

I know it.

She reaches out to me for help about every disaster that is about to befall her, with her worries.

I in return, with my understanding of the powers of the Universe that we harness to co-create, refuse to step on that land-mine (land-mind! typo! ) of complete and total pattern of thinking.  Instead, like Byron Katie, I 'turn it around' and cheerfully find the One Good Thing in the situation, and I emphasize it!

Energetically her 'boat' is headed for the waterfall, ready to float right off a cliff--and I ANCHOR it with Good Thoughts. With Positivity. With Trust. With opening up the situation to allow the possibility for miracles, for angels and spirit to promote a better outcome. 

She thinks I 'don't get' it', or I am uncaring, or too busy for her.

She doesn't get the connection between her thoughts and her reality (her MIND thinks and trusts, but her HEART and MIND working together still entertain just enough fear and doubt to pull the trigger on the co-creation in the not-so-great and could-be-better direction).

One day she will grow in her own Consciousness enough to comprehend the very depth of my caring; metaphysically I PLACE a safety lock on that gun of powerful co-creation, and startle her just enough to make her forget, if only for a moment, how to pull that trigger. 

You can't SEE it, the energies of co-creation. They are not 'instant' most of the time, it is difficult to make the connection between thoughts today and what happens tomorrow, except perhaps an eerie dread of successful premonition. 

They are real. 

Keeping the mind free from extraneous thoughts, and only entertaining thought forms for the Highest Good--are how we anchor for the masses.

A little bit of meditation and personal joy, can, on a larger scale, save the planet. 

How this works is Gaia is sensitive to the Collective Consciousness. There are hidden technologies and solutions to the problems of humanity which exist in her grids and in her timelines. Some of them run the risk of being weaponized. So the lower the Consciousness, the greater the risk of these technologies if they are released to the public, so hidden they remain.  Once the Collective Consciousness is safely above and beyond this 'threshold', and Gaia is sure that no misuse of these technologies exist, certain individuals who have this knowledge and are sent here to share it, will be able to step forward, and make their contribution. Tesla was one of these such beings...and many of his inventions were NOT able to be shared with the masses because of the Very Low vibration of the Collective Consciousness in his time.

Are people starving in Venezuela? Yes. You can send thoughts to help them stop the panic. You can help them to manifest abundance and prosperity at a distance. You may choose to send actual food to help them as well. They are in a tailspin and their empty stomachs are not helping them to think lofty thoughts. No one would. I too experienced hunger yesterday during a long case--you get to a point where you can't think of anything else and are desperate. Our bodies need fuel. There are so many ways to help our Venezuelan brothers and sisters out. Spirit will guide you, your heart center will guide the way...

In Britain, send LOVE. Send the energy of cohesiveness. For acceptance of what is, and for hope of Something Better.  I can't get a 'read' on it--is it change? Is this change legitimate for the benefit of humanity? I don't know. Is it psychological operations? I don't know. I just offer it up to my guides and ask them to increase my intentions for peace, prosperity and joy for everyone affected by the changes. 

I saw an article posted to my wall. It is about a certain date in July. There was something the pope said.

I read the comments with interest and I added some of my own.

It's like looking at my shadow, this whole line of conversation that was in every nuance of that post.

I'd rather face the light of Divine Mother and Divine Father. I'd rather walk towards my guides, my Beloved Ross, and all those whose service have shown me the way Home.

I have the energy of Home in my Consciousness, my Divine Home, from whence I came before I was born here.

There IS nothing else that can capture my attention.

I am thankful for those whose interest in me, guides them to contact me, and share what they feel might interest me on any subject. It's nice to know 'what's going on out there', I appreciate it.

On the deepest level, however, no matter what is shared, I search my soul deeply and find there is nothing to say.  There is no argument offered by me.  I won't engage into any such discussion.


My energy signature says it for me.

And I can wait, an eternity if I must, for people to be able to interpret the energy signature.

As far as I am concerned, the pope is behind the Little Red Pill, and I am cautious for every move anyone from that 'team' makes.  I am highly suspicious because past behavior is a predictor of future behavior.

I trust in my guides.

I trust in my guides through all the many changes.

And I love. I love with all my heart. I love everybody--even the pope and his 'team Little Red Pill'--with no exception. I love with God's love, unconditionally. To a majority of those who are not on my range of frequencies as a soul--my response is friendly and polite--without really engaging further.   I detach from the situation with love.

Then I embrace my joy.

My life is not a 'happy' one. I verbalized this to a nurse in the break room yesterday, one who was kind enough to ask. I said I never know what I am going to have on my schedule on any given day, I never know when I am going home, and I can never really look forward to spending time with my son, with family, with friends. It's really difficult to go to work and know I am going to work a twenty-four hour day, and I am at the mercy of whatever patients present with their various emergencies. Don't have enough time for fun. I am a single mom. I work hard. My extended family has a lot of health problems. Although my plate is full, when there is a crisis I am helping there too. So my energy system is running at its limits...yet with all the challenges which are imposed upon me by my assignment, by my being born Carla, for this work I do for everybody in this point in time--I am THANKFUL. And I give and I serve with an open heart, with both hands open, and a smile.

Would I like to have had a simpler life, with more time for pleasure? I suppose. But I am a warrior soul, on some level I enjoy a challenge, and now I have the gift of being able to be at my limits and give everything I have to those around me, in service.

And I don't look back.

Last night, before midnight, after my long day, I spent half hour with a wife and sister and stepmother. I answered their questions. I smiled. I reassured. They were coping with  information they had on one level been expecting but on another level were not prepared at all.

I belonged in my own bed!

Yet I am a healer. There was MUCH love and support needed to help them on their way. So I stayed until the energy settled. I gave them hope.

Because of this I slept well!

And now it is another day.

I get to see Anthony play basketball. I have to bring his uniform early to the game. His father noticed I forgot to pack it.

All is well.


You are LOVED. You are powerfully loved and supported by the Universe.  And by me.

By ALL of us here, who are sent to guide you.

There is no 'us' or 'them'--incarnate or disincarnate --we are ONE! We are joined together by love and family which unite us as souls.

Never accuse one another of being wrong. Only when you have the Consciousness like mine, are you entitled to 'point the finger'. And once you are there, you will find it is an empty gesture that is better served by embracing the 'other' with as very much Love as you can hold in your energy signature.


My little filly? My angel?

You are on your way. (he gestures with a flat hand going UP--ed)  And I am not talking about pizza.  (he chuckles to himself at his own joke, which I do not understand at all--galactic humor?--ed)

(he just smiles and I can feel his warmth as he rubs my shoulders with one hand--ed)

I am Home.

And you are on your way to find me.  I am guiding you on your way.  (Aha! I understand the Chuck E Cheese joke from Ross with the pizza--giggles--he really IS funny! <3 -- ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple