Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Creator Writings Came True! -- Gaia News Brief 21 June 2016

Here it is:  https://thecreatorwritings.wordpress.com/2016/06/21/let-go-2/

Let me be real. Really, really honest.

Today kind of sucked.

It started off great, kid to school on time, nice breakfast, great first case.  Even a great second case.

Then I got the texts--there is a case request--time to switch the assignments.

It was a lie.

The patient drove from far away and had never heard of the anesthesiologist 'requested'. The surgeon--same one I was with all day, said, 'she asked me if she could see one the next time I do it.'


Not a 'patient request' it was a 'surgeon request'.

I lost money. Even worse, it hurt and made me feel bad about myself. It seems lately this one--same one with the schedule from a while back--knows how to charm a surgeon. And this surgeon who is being charmed, the same one who used to really like me a lot--is now the chief of surgery.


But I laughed because my friend and former student the surgeon who works way too hard, was at the desk in PACU. I asked about the cancellation, because I thought I had done that case while on call not too long ago. We looked it up together. Couldn't find it.

After my next to last case, there he was again. I was waiting for another case--one that wasn't his specialty. But here I was, waiting forever. And I asked him if he could do the case anyway please? I said, 'You can do anything. And if you perforate, you can fix it (because that part IS his specialty!)'.

And you know what?

He said, 'I'm taking you to dinner.'

He showed me his new Tesla (it has 'insane' mode on driving--super fast--it was cool). It backs up by itself. It's really wild I've never seen one.

I found the best pho place I've ever had. I've eaten pho for years.  This place was really good.

I was on time to go to my last case!

And we talked! Over the meal, like real people. It turned out he had done English as a Second Language when he came from Vietnam when he was seven. I never in a million years would have guessed it.

Was it a date?

No. Just friends and colleagues, people who have known each other for twenty years, and seen divorces and all that stuff.

His kindness meant so much. And it took some of the sting out of the day's events.

I never in a million years would have guessed it.  I had heated up my leftovers, and it hadn't been enough but I was thrilled to have eaten. Who would have guessed the best Vietnamese meal of my life was just right around the corner?

We had garlic noodle, pho, and Vietnamese coffee. I guess that's why I am still up. LOL


Carla needs a break!

She had just gotten to the first level on the concept 'Change is a good thing' lesson. (he gets very quiet) This one has been difficult for her, as most change, to Carla's knowledge, as a soul, has been forced on her, out of her control, and not welcome in any way.

I wanted to reward her.

There is nothing like a Tesla with all its bells and whistles, and a hot bowl of pho with a friend, to cheer her up.

Carla had been hoping to go to her favorite sushi place on the way home, the one with the conveyor belt. She always goes there alone.

This turn of events exceeded her expectations! It surpassed even her wildest dream.

What started it?

Acceptance of What Is.


There was the eating her packed lunch (salad, veggie pizza, peach and ovaltine in milk) for fifteen minutes at the right time of day and feeling wonderful the meal had not been rushed.

There was the seeing the patient before the dinner, even though Carla was hungry, getting all the paperwork done, having all sixty calories of her dinner (it was a low calorie sausage, sauerkraut, mustard, and flavored stevia powder in her water) and being glad for it.  And patiently waiting for her case, although another was ready to finish his and snag hers up.

There was a race from the restaurant in the Tesla back to work, for the surgeon had arrived and this other guy, after Carla had done all the preparation--wanted to take her case.

Carla said NO! I had been waiting two hours for this case! I'm not working tomorrow. Would you please mind letting me do the case?

And he gave in. He gave the harmless and empty threat that if there is something more will you stay and do it?

Anthony is with his dad. Carla said yes.

But (one finger up--ed) Tomorrow is another day. (his lips are sealed--ed)

Time for Carla to get some beauty rest, after a short meditation  time with me.

(clap! clap!)

I explain this to you so you can apply the lessons of Carla and see how it applies to your own lives...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins