Saturday, June 11, 2016

How To Be An Earth Angel

I have been called an 'Earth Angel' spontaneously by multiple people for twenty years before I even once contemplated the possibility of it being true.

For those of you who are starting the awakening process, remembering, and for those of you who are a little bit farther along!--here is a helpful guide for you:

  1. Be Who You Are  always be true to yourself. Be authentic. Sometimes this presents risk which can be quite challenging. To do otherwise is to run from your truth.  Always embrace the YOU who you are.
  2. Be Mindful  This is much more than being true to yourself and to others. It is acceptance of the mystery of 'why you are incarnate' (this time around! <3 again! ) and the fact that all that exists IS love. Creator does not throw dice. Creator has a plan for everything. So YOU are in fact, part of it!
  3. Reflect  Go within. Keep journals. Go back and see how far you've progressed! I used to keep two, one for everyday things, and a special one where I gave myself readings with divination cards every few months. I recorded it. You might not have all the information of who you are and why you are here, but you CAN keep a record of your growth. This in itself is a data point. Sometimes things written simply at the moment, can in fact, years later reveal the presence you had of enormous courage and faith facing significant trials and challenges 'back in the day'. It is humbling to see this in yourself. Always, always, always WRITE!
  4. Give Up All Notions Of Having 'a Life' for yourself When a person is sent to Earth with a certain purpose, Spirit is going to see to it that this purpose is carried out. Everything else you do isn't going to go as planned if it is keeping you from why you were sent here in the first place.  Creator will give you 'this or something better'--your needs will be met and then some!--but only once you let go and trust, or as my first boyfriend Tom said, 'go with the flow'.
  5. Allow Spirit To Guide You   Chance coincidences are certainly NOT 'chance'. This is how our guides help us to work in the first place. They set these things up. So, be a good sport, and be willing to go along with whatever happens as long as you declare you will only allow it 'for the Highest Good'. I never would have thought I could accomplish half of what I have, or have touched as many lives all over the world, without the 'gentle nudges' from Spirit to help me in my healing work.
  6. Open Your Heart and Do Your Work  An open heart is a beautiful thing. It will not be annihilated!  Do what you must, by living in the moment, to clear out and heal any debris from this and prior incarnations. It can be painful at times, but is rewarding too. I would not be a happy person had I not made the choice to forgive, to let go, and to learn all the things I had to recall to help me grow.
  7. Keep It To Yourself and Erase, Erase, Erase  Life in the public eye is not pleasant. The joys are great and openly shared. But there is a part where you need to be safe, to grow a thick skin, and set boundaries. Every healer you know who works with the public on a large scale has had not-so-nice people lash out at them in one way or another.  We are talking people who say bad things about you online,  people who stalk, people who take things the wrong way. My teacher Anne said there is a certain kind of person who will try to put you on a pedestal. Then, if you do one thing wrong, because you are human, they turn on you, and then you are 'no good' because you did not meet their expectations. It can be very unpleasant. So--you just take it in stride--and count your blessings, and pray a whole lot...and never say a word of it to anyone but your closest friend.
  8. Follow Your Heart By The Gift Of 'Resonance'  Creator Writings Today says it much better than I could have myself. Another word for this is the practice of Discernment, or as I humorously called it, the Discern-O-Meter Basics... <3  
  9. Enjoy The Richness Of Life Incarnate  Enjoy the little things. Your breathing, how it keeps going a lifetime. The songs of the birds. Nature. The smiles and exchanges with patients, colleagues, family, friends. Enjoy being 'in the know' about the things most people are 'in the know', for example, why everyone in California doesn't like the Department Of Motor Vehicles--the lines are miserable and long!  You are only alive for a short time! Make the most of every day. It is a gift!
  10. Forgive Everything and Everyone  Then your energy will fly!  Nothing can hold you back! Forgive! Allow it to give you zest for life <3  For all eternity!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc