Thursday, February 24, 2011

On The Purpose of Spiritual Partnership in Caring for Patients in a Hospital Setting

Yesterday, I was moved to give Reiki to two of my patients while they were undergoing surgery in the operating room. One, a young bride-to-be, was discovered to have no option for fertility other than IVF (assisted repporductive technology, in-vitro fertilization). The other had anxiety that was palpable in preop, and suffered from amongst other things, terrible IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Her worry more than anything was that she might urinate on the operating table during her surgery!

I only had time for one. The second one got the full 'Reiki Treatment' intraop. Both of them got some kind of healing through Reiki Healing Technique, though. How am I sure?

Reiki is a partnership with Spirit on The Other Side. I know this might sound very unmedical. I say it again. Reiki is a Partnership with Spirit on The Other Side. It is by Divine Intervention that Reiki Practitioners can allow the healing energy to flow through them. The practitioner is the 'Straw' from which their patients 'Drink'. There has to be a source of the 'Reiki Energy'. This is the One Source for All. Whether it is acknowledged on the planet or not, it exists. The manner in which we transfer this Reiki Energy is in partnership with our spirits from The Other Side.

Who are these spirits? That is easy to say! They are your Reiki Spirit Guides. I have four, one for each level of Reiki Training. I know each of mine by name and can see them. During the deep meditation in the Attunements for each level of Reiki, your guides come to you. Some Reiki Practitioners can't actually SEE their guides, but there is a presence during healiing sessions that can be felt. Usually they are behind you.

Reiki cannot happen without the help of your Spirit Guides. It is an agreement by both parties for the healing to take place.

I know it is a lot for some of you to handle. There is much confusion these days over religious practices, ideologies, and faith. Although Reiki emerged from the Buddhist meditative practice, it is not denominational. There is a Universal Healing Energy for all of us. Do not think you will be drained by using Reiki in your care of patients. It is not anything other than a conscious choice to work in healing partnership with the powers that be to assure that Reiki travels to the right place, at the right time, in the right way, a manner that will not be of harm to anyone. Daily meditative practice can open your ability to pass this healiing energy on, as well as doing Reiki to yourself each and every day. My favorite is 'Reiki Un Do', a bolus of energy that lasts about eight hours after saying this upon yourself. It has Five Hour Energy Drink beat by a good THREE HOURS, and best of all, you dont have to go to a store to buy it. It's FREE!

I want to open you up to the possibilities of energetics in your healing technique. It is important and vital that you understand what is involved BEFORE you get involved in Healing with Reiki Energy. There is a LOT MORE out there--for example, I am taking Karuna Reiki level one attunement/course this weekend. Karuna is Reiki on steroids! Refer to William Rand's work for more on this if you are interested. He 'invented' it.

That is all for now. Don't work too hard and have a good day.

Reiki Doc

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Taking It to Another Level: Energetics of Healing in Allopathic/Standard of Care Medicine

Today I was on L&D, the part of the hospital that helps women have babies. One of the R.N.'s was talking about a husband of her patient, "He bugs me. You know what he said? The room is TOO COLD. I said it was warm. I asked his wife, the patient, and she said, it was too HOT. So I said, you are cold, and you want the room to be made warmer, even though it would make your wife more uncomfortable? No. You need a blanket. I will get you one." And she bragged, "And I never DID (get the blanket)".

How many times do you get a 'vibe' from your patient or their loved one? What do you do about it? Do you ever stop to think about what is going on?

Everyone has an energy field, their aura. Some are healthy, some are not. When someone gives you the creeps, chances are that their energetic interaction with you is unfavorable. It is every bit as real as a conversation, or a photograph, or a data point in a laboratory. By the same token, some may 'click' because the energetic interaction is more compatible and positive. Everyone has their energy field around them.

Medicine is fascinating because of the sheer numbers of energy fields and diseases and people that I get to experience. The unseen component makes it more...interesting.

For example, on L&D we have a thief. Stole a pair of Tiffany & Co. sunglasses. An iPhone. and recently, the gift cards for a coworker's baby shower. No one is sure, but they changed the combination lock on a door because of it. My intuition has some insights. I looked at someone, and I knew. I looked straight at them, and I 'felt' it. I also, 'felt' that this person knew I knew. It was all on a deep, primitive, subconscious level.  In this situation, I am not sure what to do. I have worked with a Detective to help in 'unsolvable cases' because, as they put it, 'I want to use everything I have to help.' But there is no detective here! LOL! I will watch and see. No one would believe me if I explained what I knew and how I knew it. Most of the time, they get caught anyway. But in the meantime, I will keep everything of value ON ME!!!

The point of this post, is that those 'little feelings' you pick up on are actually vitally important data. When you work with it, you actually are enhancing patient care. Reiki helps you keep your personal energy from getting drained in the healing process, and also helps stabilize you from other's surges of energy/drama/emotions. You anchor. You pick your 'vibration' as one of Reiki. And it is CONTAGEOUS!

I enjoy being an intuitive healer. Even if I have to miss class with my Reiki teacher tonight because I am stuck at work.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Reiki in the O.R.

Reiki has a profound effect on the staff in the Operating Room. I have been 'zapping' my patients for eight months now. To help them. And to help myself, in learning, and also in keeping my Reiki flowing.
If you don't use it, you lose it.

What I didn't realize until today, is that my Reiki training and focus is catching on to others that work with me in the Operating Suite. I raise my energy, and that of my patients'. But some of this healing energy must be leaking out into the room, so to speak. Today, it did not seem like work at all. Everyone was their best self, joking and having a good time. The music was so good, we laughed and said, 'This must be Club O.R.!'When my assistant popped in and asked if I needed anything, I said, 'A mirrored disco ball!' and laughed with him.  The surgeon focused. The rep (for the equipment) did not look at her watch so much, and actually left in time to go somewhere else she had to go.

Happy people are contagious. Happy people do not get off on hurting others to boost their ego (a VERY common happening in the O.R. That, and CONTROL.) Happy people enjoy their day and the people they are with.

Part of my happiness is a choice. A Reiki choice. "just for this day, I will not anger" is one line of a beautiful Reiki meditation. There are many "just for this day, I will ______" lines in this prayer.
I will share it with you another time.

If you are on the fence about Reiki, and applying it in your medical setting, reflect on how YOUR attitude will have an impact outside the scope of the caregiver-patient relationship. It has for me.

Take care, and know I love you.
Blessings, love and *light*,