Friday, August 31, 2018

On Grace

HAMBACH, GERMANY - DEC 14, 2015: Bucket-wheel excavator number 289 from RWERheinbraun standing idle in the morning mist in the open pit mine Tagebau Hambach.

I can feel the rumbling of the energy of the masses waking up. It's a very low sound, and it sounds more like it is beneath the surface of the earth than in they sky. Energy is moving like spiritual magma.

I have no idea when it will come to the surface, or what it is do when it sets itself free. 

It's like the subconscious of the collective consciousness has just started to move around in bed as the sun is coming up, and in a short time will rub their eyes and face the day.

Novosibirsk Museum of railway equipment in Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia - July 7, 2017: the Locomotive shunter TE2 No. 289. Built in 1953 in Kharkiv locomotive factory of the Ministry of transport and heavy engineering

Spirit is making itself known in ways I can't even predict. The way it turns out makes me almost a little seasick because the situations are moving so quickly. 

Example one--I finished a case in room five. I was to go do one in three. But then the anesthesiologist in seven refused to move. The nurses were livid. I mean, charge nurse running up and down the hall screaming LIVID. Surgeon wanted to go do his case. I had Q, Q, J then Q and what the nurses did was have Q go to 7 and J go to 3, so both could operate at the same time.

At the very last second, I was assigned Q in 7 and the anesthesiologist left the room. I reassured her it was me in 3 last, everything was in good working order and stocked.

She breathed a huge sigh of relief.

As I hurried my heart sank when I saw the name of my next was the one where I had assumed responsibility for a broken tooth and offered to pay. 

I prayed for Grace and Ease. 

This is a very quiet patient, the kind you can't know what they are thinking. 

He didn't refuse me.

But then, as we rolled into the OR, I knew that he would respond well to one med because I had seen the symptoms stop when I gave it for the other procedure.

It stopped, and he exclaimed, 'what was that you gave me Dr. ?'

I had a second dose and after he moved to the OR table I gave him it too.

When he woke up, he said, 'don't leave me doctor (my name), don't leave me doctor (my name)' over and over in his barely awake state.

The taste of forgiveness is worth the pain and expense of a tooth. I haven't had a patient call for me like that since Mr. Fisher in 1994.  He was having hypoglycemia, bad, a code had been called, and when I arrived they were squirting cake frosting on his tongue to get his sugar up. He kept calling 'for my doctor!' and was angry the team wasn't answering his request. When I showed up he said, 'WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!'--a medical student, unlicensed, I was, but in his heart, I was his doctor. 

It's an incredible amount of trust when someone calls you like that.

Ford Mustang 289

My anesthesia machine broke in the middle of the day yesterday. Just plain broke. The buttons to control the ventilator just stopped working.

I could run it on the default settings but not even change the rate or tidal volume or ventilation mode.

There was no backup machine. 

Eventually the case cancelled.

But not before my having to explain to people exactly what happened, pushing the same buttons over and over, and showing how they didn't work.

People in management and my boss don't like to be told something doesn't work. So an extra hour of my time was spent--unpaid--talking to management in person and technicians on the phone, sending pictures to the tech.

I talked to the patient too.

There was a while where my boss wanted me to stick around until it was fixed and then do the case, like three hours!

And my sister had just called me with changing numbness on her face, and gone to the ER at my hospital.

She's had tests. I ran between cases to give her a hug in the clinic and I gave her my very best pen that looked like Minnie Mouse in silhouette. I had it to cheer up my patients but she needed cheering the most.

Then I found out the surgeon wasn't available, I could go home, and I went straight to the ER to see her and my brother in law and niece.

I stayed for two hours.

I didn't do much.

But Spirit wanted me there. And even though Spirit's ways were a little 'bumpy'--I got to be where I needed to be.

I realize now that my life is a little like where it was in 2009. Things are changing outside of my control. At work.

Spirit is at the helm.

My boss is talking about cancelling all time off for the group because we are short.

We are short because they upset another anesthesiologist by making him do OB after three years of not doing it. He quit.

Another one left.

It's been two weeks without them and we are feeling it.

To the point where my friend if he wanted full time work could join up today--the one who did part time coverage and my boss had been denying him full time work.

I had a heart to heart with Anthony, and explained to him how my job might be in trouble.

(My brother in law, says, perhaps I'm in the driver's seat and can get what I want and call the shots)

We are both open to change.

Anthony had a realization about his true identity as a soul. Spirit told it to him yesterday. It resonates. This coming out when it did, helps me to cope with the uncertainty at work.

Ross plans exquisitely well, and makes no allowances for error when it comes to the small details.

This one is perfect.

I must get ready for work, it's an early day, it's possibly a changing day, and I'm as ready as can be for whatever comes next.

Spirit is in the driver's seat.

Good in Creator of All That Is.

I had argued with Creator the other day about why I have to work so hard. Ross sent me up to the office, and Creator said, 'why? because you are the best for it.'  I was extremely tired on call, and said, 'at this rate I'm not going to the be best for much longer...'

It seems the more I try to get myself a livable life, the more Medicine sucks me in. For example, yesterday, my time off, I end up in the ER with a family member.

There's something needed from me that I don't understand.

When my friend Renee the RN came to the bedside to assist my sister with something (little clips that wouldn't come out of her hair before a study), I was around the corner. Renee said, 'I love your sister...and that means now that I also love you.' to my sister.

I am needed in ways I can't see or understand.

So I go to work until it's time to work in the hospital there no more.

BTW my bracelet making is getting even better. The creative outlet does wonders for me. Once I take pictures I can share them with you on my website that's being constructed. Once I get the time I will get things like this done.

I know Spirit is the one to decide on all of it, Spirit is at the helm, and I am calm.

Ross is quiet. I have an early start and must start to prepare for my day.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Rule Of Engagement

Today we are going to discuss a surprising fact, and the need to follow one guideline in case you discover yourself in a similar situation.

Velsen, The Netherlands - May 10 2015: Costa Luminosa. Costa Luminosa is a cruise ship, owned and operated by Costa Crociere, built by Fincantieri Marghera shipyard in 2009. It's 292 m (958 ft) long.

Most Galactics ascribe to a 'do no harm' policy, one based on mutual respect and love. I call it the 'whatever floats your boat' and there's a pretty wide interpretation on 'float' in their book.

They are able to see outside of the Illusion, they do not have the Veil. They also have an incredibly close connection to the Divine, the Creator of All That Is. They strengthen it every day.

I am starting to 'leak through' into this existence a little bit of 'what I am' back 'home' on The Other Side.

For example, at my post-call breakfast at the hotel with Anthony, I was in scrubs, and people regarded me a little 'differently' because they knew I help others and work hard and had been up all night. 

I used to be ignored in these situations. I've been there many a time eating breakfast in my scrubs.

It's my energy 'leaking through' that is making the difference.

And yesterday, after napping, paying the bills, and catching up with my billing paperwork, we 'played hard'--spending the afternoon at the 'happiest place on earth' (click here for an absolutely terrifying image/tee shirt--if you've done the research you will understand why it's so terrifying!)

Here are the events of the day, metaphysically:

  1. Upon entering the newer of the two theme parks, the presence of WED made itself known to me. This is one soul who is tricky and lies, and at the time I didn't understand just how tricky and lying a soul can get (most on Spirit side are totally straightforward).  What surprised me was, due to my being post-call, I did something automatically I've never done with any soul who tried to reach me through the mediumship before...I refused to talk. I said, 'I want to have a good day, I don't have time for this and I want you to go away.'  He did. 
  2. I noticed a little girl sensing the energy between the Zephyr and the Symphony Swings. She was spinning and her skirt was flaring out as she twirled. She was right near the middle of them, a little lower than the Zephyr waiting line. The layout of many features, both inside the park and outside in major cities is designed to 'move energy'. How do I know it was the energy and not just her copying? By the feel and her going with the direction of the unseen energy flow. 
  3. I realized sometimes the job we are sent to do, we are apprenticed/raised to do, by near perfect birth placement--so our early life experiences make it the most natural thing in the world. It's not your employment. It's your Spiritual Task you were sent to do. Mine is the place everyone goes down here in SoCal, where I had my first job, and have visited my whole life. I'm it's caretaker. I never would have guessed second only to the Vat-Ick-Kan it's pretty high rank for the philosophy of TWDNHOBIAH (for what, like the tee shirt which is terrifying--is 'hidden in plain sight'--the occult).
  4. I had wanted to walk through Fan-Tah-See-Lan-D. I felt drawn there. Didn't know why.
  5. The funny mountain rollercoaster with the first tube type track in the world--is being 'updated' or 'refurbished'. There's historical information for visitors to read posted on the walls. I was reading it. I commented how WED was reported to actually be a Rothschild, the name was invented for him, an also he had to be taught how to write the famous signature. He looks like a Rothschild...
  6. There was a bench in front of the last two of the five things to read on the wall.
  7. My energy is just like the photo above, and it's STRONG.
  8. As I was reading, a father stood up from the bench and confronted me. He was defending his 'family', his 'territory', and told me 'there's other things to read--it's repeated' on the other side of the attraction.
  9. He had on a Say-TAN-ick shirt, had a strange piercing on his lower lip to the side I've never seen before, and was very pale. His children sat motionless between him and the wife, two very young ones. They had blank expressions. The vibration of the family was very low, and hard for me to pick up, I barely felt their Life Force Energy.  That's why I was in such close proximity.  I was startled to have anyone treat me like that at the park. I looked at them with puzzlement and dismay. The wife who had a blanket on her chest said, trying to give a reason for his outburst, 'I am pumping'.  I said I was sorry and I am nearsighted...and I walked away.  Had the father heard my comment about WED? Hmmmm....or had my energy upset him? Je was extremely uncomfortable for sure.
  10. Once about a few hundred feet away, I worked with the energy to clear it. My soul/body knows how to work with energy at an even higher more advanced level than any of my Reiki training. I used a hand gesture.
  11. The father saw. I know because although my back was turned, I felt a shift in the energy. It was dark, heavy, choking and surrounded me. 
  12. I broke it.
  13. It came back.
  14. I broke it again.

This was the first time I realized how much stronger the energy of Creator of All That Is truly is. 

The dark, heavy, choking vibration broke EASILY.

I'm sure this was not the highest level of their practitioner working against me/defending his turf.

I do know what team that soul was on, and I know my team, and Ross was thrilled and congratulated me when I 'discovered who I really am' (remembered what I knew across all my incarnations, and back home). Even though my mind didn't know it, I was still 'the old me' in 'true form'.

Later I found the park was extremely high vibration, and a beautiful girl in line for Splash Mtn who is visiting from Oregon, I gave her the bracelet on my arm--my latest design--and I had been searching for a name for the design--which now is Daphne, after her. I made a new one to replace it once I got home.

As I went to sleep, I realized one important thing.

People like that father--are conscious beings too.

I did a ho'oponopono.

I'm Sorry. Please Forgive Me. Thank You. I Love You.

It didn't quite go in. I felt it bounce off.

I gave it to his Higher Self/Guardian Angel...and asked my guides to offer him the equivalent in ways he could understand.

This was accepted, and I slept in peace.

It's easy to get a little big for your britches once you realize the Truth of 'what's what' outside the Illusion. And the dark ones seem truly laughable. You want to giggle because you've thought they were  big and fierce for so long, but they aren't. It's pathetic once you see them with Galactic 'eyes'/perspective.

Even so, they are also our brothers and sisters. 

So...when 'news' shows a 'switch' of regimes over the news 292 days, the energy is celebratory and you can get a little giddy from it.

Let's keep it real.

Remember to have respect for all.

Ross always did and he still does.

Keep a straight face when 'engaging' and keep it friendly and polite. 

Thank you!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Grace and Ease

Winter Storm Traffic. I-294 Chicago Highway During Snow Storm. Heavy Snowfall and Heavy Traffic.

Today I am called to share with you one of my favorite prayers. I learned it from Archangel Zadkiel incarnate--to ask for things to come to you with Grace and Ease.

I have a big day ahead of me at work. Already I have asked for it. And it helps.

My father has been reaching out to me from the Other Side lately. I'm a medium, I communicate with the deceased and also help guide lost souls back Home, and have done so for years. 

Dad is usually quiet. But there's a little leeway with our earthly experience. And on my Smurfs game I play to relax, there's a mini-game that's called 'Gutsy Smurf' and you pick blueberries. You wait for them to ripen and you get rid of worms.

That's just one of the many themes Dad had for me through my childhood. To have courage. 

Spirit can 'bend things' in ways to 'reach us' and this game is a prime example of that. 

(By the way, our countdown to 'a better life' according to the message from The Council--one year, mark your calendars!--is now 294)

I got a friend request on FB from someone who knew all my sisters and cousins but I didn't know. I almost said 'yes' because I saw family resemblance, and perhaps it was someone we knew from Back East where Dad grew up.

I don't recall if I accepted the friendship or not. I can't access the file of this person. I probably didn't.

If you have ever seen the movie, with Will Ferrell, called 'Elf'--it's one of my favorite movies and I watch it every year--there is a theme to that movie which is showing itself in my life. 

I got a letter sent to me at work by a man who claims to be my older half-brother who was put up for adoption. Dad is dead. 

It freaked me out. 

LEEUWARDEN, THE NETHERLANDS - JUNE 11 2016: Dutch Hawker Hunter F6A N-294 fighter at the air force days in Leeuwarden

What does he want?  Money? To be included in every way like Buddy eventually was? To talk about the past, which is a little awkward and depressing?

Apparently his reaching out has escalated. He has spent the last ten years looking for his father. He found my niece on 23 and me (something to think twice about if you do that test--I'd never in a million years do it. It's like 'let me pay you to have access to my deepest essence and exploit it' in my book. I'm medically a cynic, too much time in the hospital for me.) and said, 'I am your miracle. I'm your Uncle and your grandfather had an affair'.

She freaked out.

Then he contacted my other sister through FB, and my cousins. My sister ignored him. My cousin talked to him.

Then he found me, and I don't like to be found. It literally ruined a day at work for me, to read that letter.

Facts are facts.

His parents had their reasons to put him up for adoption.

My father was after the army (Korea) and before meeting my mom. There's no 'affair' like this man claims. 

Spirit has been telling me Ross would send me a miracle. Was this it?

And for the past year, at the surgery center, I've 'adopted' colleagues as 'brothers' and we call each other sis and brother and hug when we say 'hello' and 'goodbye' (you should have seen them get upset when Jared was mean to me in China)...because I have three sisters and never had a brother.  

Did I manifest it?

I don't know.

But what I do know is to take steps--get the facts. Be cautious. I know dad's darker sides already, I grew up with him, and to spend ten years looking for a 'prize' or a 'solution to a puzzle' is kind of part of his not-so-good tendencies. 

I know from the video to watch out for sociopath, psychopath, and narcissist...

I know boundaries are my birthright as a soul incarnate in a body, and only I can decide where to place them. 

Where does the future hold?

I don't know.

I do know I have wonderful friends and Star Family...colleagues/coworkers...and I'm feeling much healthier now.

The energies for this last full moon were awful. The worst I've ever seen and it broke yesterday. I know TWDNHOBIAH also use the phases of the moon and the sun to achieve their 'goals'. Whatever they were doing, stopped.

Anthony and I had lots of disagreements on Friday, which is unusual for us. I came home from work, he hadn't eaten anything more than a two-hundred calorie turkey breakfast sandwich from the freezer. 

He lashed out at me.

And I felt overworked. I was sick and had to face a weekend of call.

I just couldn't stop crying.

Anthony knows me well.

He said, 'mom, the last time you were crying like this, it was about grandpa'.

He knew without my saying about our person who says he is our family...why I was so upset.

I had thought I felt like a failure because I was paying huge bills on the credit cards, overworked, working when I'm sick, and when we went to Target to buy the birthday gift for the party yesterday, he wanted two expensive computer/electronic things, and started to ask me for it. Bad timing, and I fell apart.

I was so upset I couldn't eat, and said I'll take you to Trader Joes to buy something because we need groceries.

At Trader Joe's HE got upset because he wanted a nice dinner with me, I said no to the expensive place, and then no to the pizza place I wanted to go, and then he said no to Trader Joe. (I didn't want to go to sit-down dinner with my tear stained face, I was embarrassed)...

Then I told him about this 'brother'.

(I have a one day delay from emotional disturbance due to my PTSD--so I was right on schedule after the letter, actually a little early, which is a good sign.)

He got upset too.

We went to Carl's Jr--again, skipping beef--which is where my family went a lot when he was young, dad used to buy it, and we bought it to feed the family when dad was dying.  I can't believe the prices, they've doubled in two years. Seven dollars for a chicken sandwich! That's a big reason why I freak out over money...

And we talked.

We forgave one another.

And family is important.

He shared with me things he never has, because he wanted to protect himself, and me.

When he was little, he would wake his father up and ask him to make breakfast. On my schedule, he woke up at six a.m.  On his dad's he would have to wait until noon. His dad would say no. Or he would say, 'find yourself food'. Or 'fix yourself something'. Or 'I'll get up' and never wake up. 

The child would play video games by himself and tell himself he's not hungry.

This is neglect.

Child abuse.

I knew it was happening by intuition, mom kind of knowing the kid thing, and would pack granola bars and juice boxes and meal replacement drinks, until Jared found out and forbid it. 

I also packed a stuffed animal that had my voice in it. Jared forbid that too.

Anthony told me for the first time that he used to listen to it when his dad was asleep, and it comforted him. I told him it was the best money I ever spent. I had one with his voice in it too, and played it for him, his little baby voice. It was precious. I listened to that one when he was gone.

I really thing obesity is driven by a fear of not having food.  It's a protection too (some people with sexual abuse 'wall themselves off' as a protection).

I know that exercise has something to do with it too. I see obesity as 'lack of movement', not 'excess food' although emotional overeating is real and affects people too.

But this is why both I and Anthony are obese. 

I am denied food on a regular schedule at work.

And he is denied it at his father's home.

Now we can take steps to heal.

How am I in my heart about my possible brother?


A little guarded--too many scams out there. And my Uncle Dave says the whole thing is a complete lie. He knew my dad in 1960. Dad was a straight arrow. He had supported Aunt Edna and Uncle Dave when Debbie came along--paid for their food and rent--to help them have a good start. Donna was born in 1961 and I think Uncle Dave had a better job by then. 

Dad had his reason.

He wasn't afraid to do the right thing, and if adoption gave the child a better life, perhaps that was it?

I do know from mom when she came home from the doctor and said, 'I have good news!'--his first reaction was, 'we're not pregnant?' 

She said afterwards he was a joyful father in every way. 

I need to get ready for work. I'll leave you with this earth shaking news from John Smallman:

Group Harmony Concept Photo - Teamwork and Friendship Togetherness Happiness Concept. 294


Carla is going through her paces, isn't she?  She's here (sick), she's there (facing her personal Buddy the Elf and guiding the family who is frustrated and kept it hidden from her by mutual agreement even though Buddy contacted them first).  Her sense of humor is at the helm (she said, over the communications, to her family, 'of course it's socially awkward and inappropriate--that's totally what dad would have been without mom, right?' for their mom was forever coaching him.)

When Carla saw the Illuminati pyramid tattoo on the back of the neck of the emergency case she did, she knew why her work has been so intense. She's actively working with the energy of her patients, and doing the best she can to hook up our team efforts to these 'stragglers' as we approach Ascension, both as a planet and Her people. 

It's not easy work and even though it is challenging Carla has hit her mark every single time, and helped the cause.

There is great reason to celebrate!

You can begin now if it is your intention.

There is no reason to wait another two hundred and ninety three days.

All time is connected, and in our realms, one day is truly as good at the next. Time is spherical. It goes in cycles and they interconnect. I reassure Carla she can go back like a record player, on a turntable, and re-live any experiences of her many incarnations she wants, once she is in Heaven with me. 

And Heaven is coming to Earth! That is what Ascension is, the merging (he interlaces his fingers) of the two frequencies where nobody will have to die. It is of their choosing if they wish to go experience new things, and nobody cries because, like the record player, they can always return--in the height of their youth! In form and appearance but not in wisdom!--to enjoy their families again.)

There are always reunions of one form or another up here.

And everyone celebrates!

So why not begin?

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Saturday, August 25, 2018

When Love Is Used Against You As A Weapon: What To Do

BERN, SWITZERLAND - SEPTEMBER 13, 2015: The river Aare flows through the city of Bern with a population of approx. 140000 citizens . Aare is the longest river in the country with 295 km in length

Today we are going to introduce you to a major 'means of obtaining control over the masses' that is used against every single one of us.

Before we go into this, we want to encourage you to ground yourself in the two following facts:
  1. We are immersed in a Universe of Love, and this in itself surrounds us and totally empowers us against all adversity.  The use of our Love as a Weapon is by an insane faction of rogue beings who are in their last days of existence in our sector (and hopefully all! It is my understanding ours is the last one).
  2. Carla has exceptional experience as a soul, and has been through many a battle, on a soul level, and she understands -- it is in the very bones of her soul-- what to do in such situations.

BERLIN, GERMANY - JUNE 01, 2016: Twin-turboprop maritime patrol aircraft CASA C-295 Persuader. Portuguese Air Force. Exhibition ILA Berlin Air Show 2016

There is a game Anthony learned/was introduced to two days ago. He showed it to me last night. It is called 'Ingress'. It's like Pokemon Go in the sense it's a GPS game. However, there are two colors and they try to take over the most geographic surface as they can. They drop portals. And high ranking players can connect sites, making great swaths of color. The two colors are green and blue. I forget his, but his was winning.

There are also huge blackout areas in the middle of the oceans and in some land masses.

I asked, 'do you think there is cell phone coverage in the middle of the oceans?'

He said, 'if you have Satellite Internet I think there is.'

As I watched the ghostly computer high tech images on the glowing screen, I realized that that's what Ross and Ashtar have been doing for ages! Helping to bring the forces of Divine Creator of All That Is into areas...and the, (polite cough, clear my throat...ahem! ) 'builders' have been doing the opposite to create darkness.

Another find--the treasure room at Pirates of the Caribbean has (cough, cough) the 'mark' of the 'builders' on the coins and also there is a clear 'compass square thingy' in that room too.  (ahem! ahem!) Talk about 'hidden in plain sight'!

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - SEPTEMBER 8: The Fiat Ducato 295-AGB-4 is shown at the% uFFFDCOMTRANS`15% uFFFD International Commercial Vehicle Auto Show at the International Exhibition Centre Crocus Expo

This is a sneaky psychological tactic used by darkness to weaken/get the upper hand on Light Workers and Innocent Bystanders:

  • I love to be a doctor. In my surgery second year, it was hard. Very difficult. Intern wasn't good--the spiral CT scanner I had in medical school at UCSD which took five minutes to scan a trauma patient wasn't at UCI. Theirs took forty five minutes to scan a trauma patient, and as the intern, I had to stay in the room with the patient the whole scan.  By second year, my intern had a terrible accident with a closed head injury after matching but before he started residency. So I had to double check for him. I had to do all the work of an R2, plus to supervise Alwin Lewis the R1 and cover for his mistakes. As and R2 you live in the ICU and Burn Unit. You take care of the sickest patients every day. One trauma alert rang on my beeper and I couldn't go. I couldn't stop crying. I was a wreck, probably having a nervous breakdown. Later, I found a slot in the anesthesia program. I wanted to switch in January. I notified my chairman, S. Eric Wilson. I told him why--I had too much stress. He played hard ball with me and told me they would sue me for breach of contract. I broke out in tears. Later, I met with the residency program director, Russell Williams, and told him I didn't think I could hack it, the rest of the year. He gently said he thought I could, he believed in me. So Wilson sicked (as in sic'em command you give to a guard dog) the meanest resident, Russell Montgomery, on me, and paired me with him as my chief for all the rotations, and he picked on me every single day and made me cry. I will not give anesthesia to his patients--I refuse. They turned my love of surgery into a weapon against me, even when I went to them in good faith and told them I was suffering and in pain and need of help.
  • I loved to be an attending anesthesiologist in academic medicine. I also loved studying quality control and was a co-director of our department. A certain chair with the initials ZK came on board from Yale. He started changing things up. I lost a lot of clout in the department. They knew I loved my son. The department demanded that I get a nanny at home, and I show up every day ready to work at six thirty for a seven fifteen start, instead of being able to make a seven fifteen start. They had clipboards. Ironically, after my refusal to get a nanny, two months before the end of my contract--to the day--I and three others in the department were called into meetings, one after the other with ZK and Maura. I had seen my colleague Ron Celliona crossing the street as I was pulling in. He made the gesture of a slit throat. I knew the meeting outcome for him was the same as for me. Sure enough, my contract was not being renewed because 'things change' ZK said. (University policy had contract renewal every year, and without any major wrongdoing, it was automatically renewed, and raises and promotions were given, every July. This was a departure from policy.)  Dr. K turned my love for academic medicine and teaching into a weapon, and made me choose between it and my family.
  • I started a heart program in the area. My CV was the best the state had ever seen for such a start to a program. But the heart surgeons were not nice. At the business table, nice. Not in surgery. And they were dangerous as well as cruel. Dr. Faraci had two patients die on the table, one as a locums tenens in Northern California, and one here. Why? Because he didn't double check on the anesthesiologists placement of the retrograde cardioplegia cannula position in the coronary sinus.  I was echo trained, I could recognize the structure. But with Dr. Bettin*@&, another one who I asked to show me how to do it, he just did it and made fun of me, not teaching me anything. Dr. B especially didn't want to know if his patient was in trouble. He wanted me to 'just fix it'.  I started the heart room. I wanted it to run at normal OR times so I could drop my boy off at school. They wanted early start. These two took my skill and love for echocardiography and used it as a weapon against me, and also, put my family into the line of fire. (Dr. B also used to abuse his junior partner, who had to cover for him on a whim, and do most of the call at our facility, especially holidays and weekends. Dr. TN left for more freedom.)

Vector damask seamless 3D paper art pattern background 295 Polygon Cross Flower

When you encounter someone like these 'jewels'--see them for what they are. Know their strategy.  Don't fall for it. Don't buy it. 

Then walk away.

Go do your thing. Find something else to do.

And watch from a distance for them to implode.

  • Williams and Wilson--trauma to me in 1997. Today? In ruin and shame. Disgraced--kicked out of UCI, and later, kicked out of the VA. 
  • ZK--trauma to me in 2009 which led to early demise of my father in about one month--kicked out of UCI, struggling to create a 'brand' with 'The Preoperative Surgical Home'.
  • Dr. F and Dr. B--trauma to me in 2010--Dr. F long gone, and Dr. B recently severed ties by our organization. Not coming back. Something 'legal' the buzz is. And guess who's back? Dr. TN. And a woman surgeon is running the department.

New jersey 295 interstate detour to New York or Atlantic city

The dark ones TWDNHOBIAH are pulling out all the stops right now. Everywhere. But know that even when we are being bombarded with their bullshit, we are all in a Universe which is totally LOVE--and their bullshit is just a drop in the ocean of LOVE.

I had the unique opportunity to meet and shake the hand of Dennis Rod-mohn, the basketball player.

We were at Long Beach Airport where he hangs out. He had a trainer with him. Not a bodyguard. A trainer. I could tell. Anthony went up to him, and wanted to say hello. They both said, 'no photos'.

I am a mom.

I am not to be outdone.

Especially when I realize who and what this individual is--no small potatoes in the organization TWDNHOBIAH. I know once I establish contact of some sort, especially physical, Ross and his teams can do their thing. It's like a bomb hitting a target.

I tore out a page of my notebook, it had flowers on it because it's a journal--and I wrote a 'We love you and hope you have a safe flight' note with his number from the Bulls. I signed it with my real name, all of it.

I smiled, made sure the letter was showing, and approached those two. The trainer acted scared and told me to leave. Dennis saw the note behind his shades, stood up, and took the note. He paused, then he extended a hand with yellow fingernails to me, and I shook it. I smiled and I left.

I knew the risk of the letter. I took the risk. They probably have files on me anyway.

That letter, to everyone who saw it, every pair of eyes, had an effect.

That was early August.

By now, what, two weeks later? I get a letter.

I get a letter to me, from someone who says they are a long-lost hidden relative (and my daddy had a secret in his past).

This letter had images--a puppy (white and fluffy), a heart on the envelope, and some unusual phrases. Compassion and grace was one of them.

In those two weeks I had sent out a calling card--as my immediate past life. The reason they call it 'Monarch' MK Ultra is that there is evidence that the programming/instinct is passed on to the next generation through the DNA.

TWDNHOBIAH know my old programs because of that butterfly image I shared in an earlier blog post.

These things sent--consciously or not--as there can be 'outside influence' from beings in the etheric plane which influence the writer--were trying to trigger my old programs!

Fortunately, I saw them for what they are. And they didn't work.

Even in this day and age of Spiritual 'Ingress', my love for our team, and my sacrifice at  assuming that role in my immediate past life, was twisted and used against me as a weapon.

I see it for what it is.

I know that OCEANS of Unconditional Love surround us, and everything. 

I don't fall for it or buy it.

And I wait. 

I go do my thing.

And I watch.

Here is secondary confirmation of this the information presented in this blog post


I haven't written to you, and I haven't wanted to 'be a stranger'. In the Spiritual Realms, it is common for one to allow time for another to develop their skills and solidify them. Carla has undergone a tremendous amount of growth in the last few weeks, particularly the last few days.

I have witnessed her sharing her heart with her colleagues--'I don't feel like I have a friend in the world' to her boss...when nobody wanted to help her so she could meet the demands of a request case that started late in the afternoon. Someone twisted it on her--'it's your fault because you didn't say NO!' and she knew manipulation from the video, and just backed off, noting it for what it was.

Yesterday she asked another, the scheduler, 'why can't we all be a group of friends who love and support each other as we manage the anesthesia workload for our group?'

But she was also very sick.

With Anthony's flu.

She went to work both days, and no rest is coming for this weekend, if you 'read my drift'.

Yesterday and the day before the nurses at the surgery center were helpful, outstanding...

And she was able to rest in the gaps between her assigned cases. On a real gurney!

The nurses said it was a group effort. Someone brought gatorade. Another brought over the counter anti-diarrheal pills from the outpatient pharmacy when it opened. The spray to cover the smell of stinky diarrhea magically showed up in the stall she had been using when she expressed her horror and embarrassment over the situation to another nurse.

One surgeon and Carla shared the surgeon's Airborne fizzy drink, the surgeon even brought a cup of water for Carla, and they clinked styrofoam cups as a toast!

A nurse gave Carla ibuprofen, six hundred milligrams.

Another got her green bananas, which are astringent and stop you up. (Ayurveda).

Everyone had compassion, and in effect, it was a 'group project'.

Everything is a 'group project'.

In Carla's work, notably, it was the women who reached out and shared the healing with her, although, Carla was late yesterday, and the surgeon who was male had recently been admitted to the hospital for GI surgery. This was his first week back. So he overlooked her five minutes being late--and was compassionate to her by not berating her like usual. He's been sick too. So he understood. Was he loving and supportive? Not quite. But for him this was a major step forward in his spiritual growth, and accepted as such.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple who love you and all of Creation with all our hearts.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

A Big Hint

Staubbach falls, 297 metres (974 ft) third highest fall in Switzerland. Lauterbrunnen, Bernese Oberland, Switzerland

Today's message will be short. It's something to think about and let sink in.

A woman who sat next to me at dinner last night, shared that her father passed in 2011.

He had been healthy except for blood pressure medicine his whole life. He had been feeling like something was going on in his stomach and chest but his doctors told him he was normal.

They went to Sedona, and a psychic saw the family. She said that the son and mom were okay, but for the dad something was going on in the region of the chest and stomach that needed to be checked. She said that at first they wouldn't be able to find anything, but to be persistent, and something will be found.

Sure enough, they had to see two or three opinions --primary care thought it was normal, x-ray thought it was normal, but the EGD (endoscopy) found Barrett's esophagus and esophageal cancer.

He didn't want chemo.  He wanted to see a specialist in the Las Vegas area. But the specialist was very busy, and the first appointment was in the middle of December.

The main oncologist here pressured him to take chemotherapy. Really, really pressured him.  (do know that unlike other drugs which are sold through a pharmacy, and the pharmacy makes the profits, chemotherapy is sold through the oncology office, and the physician is the one who makes the profit--ed)

He took one dose, it made his diverticulosis flare up, he went septic, and died the week after Thanksgiving. 

What role does intuition play in medicine?  for the patient? for the caregiving team? 

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

A Big Accomplishment!

We made it!

On the countdown from the Council on 'you can mark this one down on your calendars' (that things would be better)--we have, by courageously enduring 'one more day' (or 'one less day') as you look at it--reached closer to our goal.

The 300's are behind us forever!

Such a deal!

If you would like a lesson, you may read on. If you would rather skip it and continue celebrating, you may bookmark this and come back to it later.

The lesson for the day is 'Cohesion'.

I want you to watch for it.

Like attracts like, on a vibrational level.

For example, my Reiki student Terri, who is head of PACU, is now using aromatherapy to treat post op nausea/vomiting, and post-op headache.  They soak a little cotton ball or something in either lavender or mint and give it to the patient. It's not everywhere in the PACU. It's individualized.  They had used one special blend for soothing tummies with good success, but the hospital wouldn't pay for it, so they are combining their own blends to help the patients continue to benefit. Again, there is always consent, the patient is offered it, it's not automatic. But she's moving on.

She's also an Aquarius, and the energy I direct to our workplace every day, is something that is helping all the people who are 'like-minded' to thrive. They sense it, and they increase their vibration, to help both themselves and the patients.

How do I know? By who leaves. Lots of people leave the OR team these days. And a lot of it has to do with vibrational compatibility or mismatch.

The other part of the lesson, to consider, are the people in your lives who are heavily engaged into 'the system'--main stream communications and what the Narrative tells us in news, TV, movies, music, and entertainment. Even on the video games. It's all controlled by the same few people. And it doesn't take much imagination to connect the dots between 'lots of money', 'lots of power', 'lots of control of communications' and the message that this group is going to send out to reinforce their position.

I don't know what they are going to do when the 'candy' is taken away from them, and the truth rears its 'ugly head' (in the view of the Narrative. To me it's the most beautiful thing one could hope for and imagine)...the truth being the paragraph immediately before this one.

The Narrative tells us basically everything that is opposite of the Golden Rule. Anger is okay to resolve conflict. Might makes right. The input of the Divine Feminine (as seen in women in your lives) isn't to be given as much weight/consideration as the masculine...Separation, mistrust, and seeking validation from an external source (Snopes for example, or 'authority' figures)...

Just know that LOVE--self-care, self-respect, self-validation (Creator to YOU) every day is of utmost importance. You'll need twenty minutes at least a day. The meditation where you bring in the light of Heaven through the top of your head and into your hara is one I like a lot. It's like filling up the gas tank in your car.

So when someone you love, and someone you live with or work with, is vibrating at the frequency of The Narrative, it's like their foot is caught in a big energy Bear Trap. Those jaws are tight on them. You can't open it. But if you take care of your energy, you can hold the space for them--they really are trapped--and when the time is right, Spirit will help them find the little button to press to deactivate the trap, open the jaws, and help them free themselves.

If it's abusive, you might have to do this from a distance. The self-care is a must. The holding the space is a good thing.

One last thought is from that woman with DID. You can get it after age six. It happened to Daisy in Kerth's books. And further, Encina's alters she doesn't know...someone like her could have the dark alters. Those are the ones that go and do the rituals. Sometimes a phone call with a tone is all it takes to signal to them to come out and do their thing. So like Encina, some people with DID, don't know they have it. She didn't until eight years ago. And even when people go to therapy, they only scratch the surface -- people who have been brought up in the system have a controller, who has a huge file on them (like a three-ring notebook back in the day kind of file) where all the alters are and what triggers them and what they do.  Fritz Springmueller writes of it. So the control is still there even though the front alters think they are free. Kyle's point about the 'superpower' was striking. This links all the 'superhero' media entertainment stuff to their Narrative. It's not random. And in their eyes, those of SRA, it is a benefit to have MK Ultra-type dissociation.  I could see in the pain of Minnie, it is not a super power at all, and I would go so far as to say freedom from MK Ultra/Monarch techniques is a good 'boundary' for everyone to enforce for our society.

That's just my opinion.

Ross wants me to share last night.

I was tired. I wanted to go home. I picked Anthony up from the sitter. Anthony wanted to have dinner and fun together. I was honestly almost ready for bed.

I followed Ross' guidance--it was quiet--but I got us to a little Indian place, Indian food being the one we eat when we need spiritual support the most. The sales guy knew without Anthony having to ask he wanted chicken tikka masala (how did he know? Anthony was amazed...we don't go there ever)...And I had two vegetarian dishes--a bharta and something else with potatoes and peppers. I told the man I needed a mango lassi too, I had a long day. (Anthony had one).

At the end, when I went to use the restroom, something there I've never done--last time I ate there Anthony was like, um, six. I saw it.

The Monet.

It was a poster of my favorite image ever, the one I had over my fireplace in Medical School.

It's called the Terrace a Saint Adress (I think).

I'll never forever seeing it live the first time, without knowing it was there, in New York at their MET.  I actually talked my way into the exhibit, because it was members only special showing.

Ross does things right. And he guided me there not for the food, but for my heart. I knew it and I felt it. I'm so glad he did.

Ross' point is that Spirit, once you are connected to it, cuts through the malarky of The Narrative and goes right to the heart, the heart of hearts where Spirit lives.

That's all we have for today.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

Sunday, August 19, 2018

One Calling Card

On weekends, especially weekends when I am post-call and exhausted, this is the time Ross uses to work on my deepest healing needs, emotional, recovering from traumatic abuse healing.

I was half-asleep on the couch, and he asked me, back in the days in my immediate past life, what was the most fun you ever had?

Instantly an image of a butterfly made up entirely of triangles flashed into my awareness.

It was a peculiar butterfly, all shapes, with the wings bend in a funny way, more like the top one than the bottom, and there was no butterfly body really in the middle. The wings were huge and arched with the wingtips below the head.

I remembered that the ink was purple.  (It wasn't until much later I realized that ditto mimeograph copying was used in those days, and it had purple ink.)

(warning--this is about to get a little icky)

I remember being taken to a round room, a big round room, and I don't think there were any columns in it. It was white. And there were beings/people/animals set up at stations around the perimeter of the circle.

The goal was to 'have fun' (euphemism for sexual 'stuff') with each station so you could have your butterfly picture be filled in. (It would be like getting stamps at each station or holes punched in a card--each one filled in a part of the butterfly).

I remember going to a chimp. A specially trained one. It felt like the most natural thing in the world because I was not a little girl, I was a kitten, I was trained that way to believe I was a cat. I never looked in a mirror but I knew I was a cat in my face and my body and my mannerisms. I just always knew.

There was lots of activity at each station but I couldn't really see or understand what was going on.

The memory bothered me a lot, and Ross knew.

When he works on me like this, he doesn't give me sympathy but he doesn't force either.  See how these wings are in proportion to the rest? With that bend? The design was like that.

Ross asked me was there anything else I remember? Besides that room where I lived and worked that had no windows and I slept in a little kitty bed (like a dog on a little dog bed) and ate from kitty bowls and didn't have access to running water.

There was.

Besides this funny round room, there was a place like a fashion show runway. I had to walk on it and do something they told me to do, not really a dance, not really a sexual thing, but kind of both. I went there not every day. I'd like to say once a year but I didn't really know years. 

My understanding it was like a catalog for people to see me and choose. I always went back to my people and my room and nothing ever happened that night that was my work.

These triangles are more like the shape and size that was in that diagram.

I was pretty upset when all these memories came through. I asked Ross what on earth was that life for, and why did I do it (besides reconnaissance for our team?).

This is when Ross stopped me in my tracks.

He said that--and this is important to those of you who have suffered at the hands of darkness in any of its forms--Ross said that it's not how it seems, how their darkness is affecting me and making me dirty.

There's a little of that.

He said that the inroads of MY being in that environment with THEM, to raise the vibration--did so far and wide, extremely far-reaching, and weakened important structures in their 'system' energetically.

My understanding from what he shared is that their 'system' is pretty wobbly right now, due to all the angelic beings who have withstood their tests and have been able to anchor the whiter than white invisible energy from Heaven infiltration into THEIR 'systems'.

It took a while for that one to sink in.

For all appearances, 'they' have 'infiltrated' everything everywhere, every government, every business, you name the institution, 'they' (SRA, TWDNHOBIAH) are 'in' it...

But energetically, WE have further infiltrated 'them', and are in strategic locations all ready to -- 'take advantage of the weaknesses we have added to their system'.

It has been deliberate. It has taken patience and time. Many a soul has given their all, over lifetimes, to achieve this effect.

Apparently the image of this butterfly means something to someone somewhere in TWDNHOBIAH.

That's why this is called 'one calling card'.

Here is an excerpt from Kerth Barker's Angelic Defenders and Demonic Abusers:

After my parents left, Senior said he wanted to take me to a friend's house...he drove around, seemingly in circles, just to make sure I was confused where I was. I had a very bad feeling....

After we got out of the car, he took me inside, directly to the basement. The basement was large and it was painted black. There were no electric lights down there...everything was illuminated with a dim yellowish light...(there were symbols and candles)...Next to the triangle was a wooden box with padding inside, it was about the size of a child's coffin...

Senior took off his clothes, hung them up in a closet and put on a black silken robe with a hood. A freight elevator came down and opened up. A group of people, all in black robes, came out of it. Shotzy (his German nanny) was one of them. She had a look of absolute hatred on her face...

They all surrounded me. Someone handed a cup to Senior and he made me drink it. The liquid in it tasted foul. Shotzy took off my clothes. Her and some others quickly put me in the box and shut it. I could here the click of a lock. The box was padded so that I could hardly move. It smelt of urine, and I hadn't started to pee on myself--yet. I started to scream. I realized that I couldn't move and it terrified me. I heard the voice of Shotzy. She was taunting me.

She said in a cruel voice, 'Hello, Kerth Barker. I put you in this box and I'm never going to let you out. You're going to die in there.'

I screamed. I begged them to let me out. i said that I was sorry that I had burnt up the Teddy Bear. I promised to be good. i told them i'd do anything they wanted. I prayed to God. it seemed like I was in there a long time. i could hear chanting which I couldn't understand. i was in pain because when one can't move one's body, the muscles begin to hurt. The pain and terror grew worse and worse. Finally I became hysterical and started to scream for my mommy, although she wasn't there.

'Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!'

Eventually I fell into a panicked silence. There was intense physical pain in my arms and legs from not being able to move them and from struggling against the padding in the box. My back hurt. I could still hear chanting. I was hyperventilating. My heart was pounding so hard that it hurt. i felt the warmth of the urine and feces I'd just vacated onto myself. The stench inside the box became worse. I vomited. Some of the vomit became stuck in my throat and I started to choke. I started coughing. Finally I passed out. i didn't black out. i passed out -- right out of my body.

I can't be certain if it was an hallucination, a dream or an out-of-body experience. I found myself floating in the air above the box. I could see the people in the room. The room wasn't as dark anymore. it was as if every object in the room was illuminated with a giant light which radiated outward. My perception of reality had changed somehow.

I could see the people in the room. There were nine people in the room, but seven of them didn't look like people. They were overshadowed by living creatures which looked like dragons. It was as if translucent dragon bodies had taken possession of the human bodies. The ones who had been overshadowed we chanting something. The two meant who weren't overshadowed had removed their hoods, and were looking at the show scene and shaking their heads -- as if with disapproval. The taller man was a dignified gray haired man, and the shorter one was younger.

There were other dark creatures in the room. They didn't look solid; their bodies were translucent. They looked like living shadows. There were two monstrous creatures which had many heads, eyes, and tentacles. I felt terrified as I looked at them.

But at the four corners of the room there suddenly appeared four men who looked human. They were not solid - but rather ghost-like. They looked like the holograms in Star Wars. They glowed with golden light. I felt that they were angels, but they had no wings. One had a shield and sword. They all carried medieval weapons of some kind. They seemed serene.

One of them calmly walked up to one of the creatures which had many heads and he stabbed with with a spear. It melted away in flames. The other creature and the seven dragon creatures who were overshadowing the people disappeared instantly after that. The two men who hadn't been overshadowed by the dragon creatures looked at one another frowning. But none of the people in the room seemed to be able to see the angels. An angel with a sword and shield looked directly at me. He made eye contact. i felt stunned by his intentional gaze. i'll never forget what he said. His quiet voice sounded like the rolling of distant thunder.

'This is very important,' he said, 'Don't be afraid.'

I immediately stopped feeling afraid. I floated back down into the box and folded back into my body. I relaxed and started to breathe normally. 

I could hear Shtozy talking. She was talking in a ritualistic voice, filled with emotion.

'I am the High Witch Belinda. Daphnis, oh demon lord, I call unto you. I have named you Merry Little Lamb, but your true name is Daphnis. you are the lover of Pan. Flute player. Lover of men. Daphnis I invoke you. Possess the body of this boy. Make him your vessel. Come into this world. Come into this plane of being. I have created this door for you. Enter into this room. Be here with us now. Take possession of this boy.'

I heard the lock on the box being opened. it seemed as if I had been in the box for a long time. My legs and arms hurt from not being able to move them. Shotzy helped me out of the box. She stood me up.

She looked me in the eyes and with strong intention she said, 'Merry was a little lamb, his skin was white as snow. Everywhere that merry went, the wind began to blow.'

'What is your name?' she then asked.

I calmly replied, 'Kerth'.

Shotzy said, 'Your name is Merry Little Lamb. You are Daphnis.'

I felt no fear as I replied, 'No, I'm Kerth.'

One of the two men who had taken off their hoods started to laugh out loud. He clapped his hands. He was the shorter, younger man. 

Finally he said, 'Gee Shotzy, you really weren't the smartest Nazi in the Third Reich were you.'...

(he came to Kerth) 'Hello', he said, 'You can call me Bob. I'm sorry that you got hurt and frightened by all this. This wasn't my idea. This was a mistake. I want you to calm down. Everything will be all right.'

(the people took off their robes and had an argument) Finally the tall man said, 'I want Bob to handle this. he's in charge of the boy.'

(Kerth is bathed and Bob puts a pillow and comforter on Kerth as he rests on a couch)

As I slept I dreamt that I was floating above my body. I could see a flow of silver energy that came from my dream body at the level of my solar plexus. This flow of silver energy was like a cord and it went down into my physical body on the bed below. I could see the head of my sleeping body poking out from the comforter. I knew that it was my physical body, but I felt detached from it, as if it were an object, no more important to me than the vase that sat on the table next to the sofa. I noticed that the face on my physical body didn't just look asleep. At that age I really knew nothing of death, but as I looked at my physical body below me, i somehow knew that it looked close to death.

Five angels came into the room. First came four men. They walked in through each corner of the room. They looked as before. They were translucent and they shone with golden light. They were wearing simple tunics and trousers, and their feet were sandaled. They each carried a different medieval weapon of war. Their angelic weapons were an axe, a spear, a sword, and a bow with a quiver of arrows. Then a woman came into the room floating down from the ceiling. She wore a long, flowing dress. On her head was a simple crown. She carried a small leafless tree branch in her hand. All five of them seemed very calm, and they looked beautiful and dignified. Although they had no wings, I knew that they were angels.

I felt very strange floating in the air above my body. I knew I wasn't in my body anymore. I was like a balloon floating in the air above it. This silver cord was all that was keeping me from floating away. I wanted to return to my body, but I wasn't sure that I could. I began to feel afraid.

The female angel looked up at me. She made eye contact with me. I felt the warmth of her loving gaze.

She said, 'Have courage my child. This is not your time. Know that we will be with you when you need us most.'

Bob came into the room. He was dressed now. He was oblivious to the angels. He couldn't see me floating in the air above. He looked down at my body on the sofa. The female angel touched his chest at the heart level with her tree-branch wand. His body seemed to shimmer with light when she did this.

In a soft voice bob said, 'Oh my god, I hope that bitch Shotzy didn't kill you. We'll all be in so much trouble if you die.'

He knelt down next to the sofa. He began to sing, softly and sweetly.

'Rock a bye baby on the tree top. When the wind blows the cradle will rock. When the bough breaks the cradle will fall. And down will come baby, cradle and all.'

At that exact moment I fell back down into my body. I woke up in my body and I could see Bob's face looking at me. At that point in time I could remember nothing of what I had just experienced. The whole abuse experience was blacked out of my memory. It was as if I had been riding in the car with my grandfather one minute and then I suddenly woke up on asleep on the sofa.

I said, 'Who are you?'

Thank you Kerth for your impeccable first-hand witness to SRA.

Please, readers, please, support him in his efforts, and buy his books. He has done so very much for the cause, and for my own awakening.

Ross wants you to know that everyone can heal. Everyone. Absolutely positively everyone. That is if they so choose.

Even Shotzy has a chance to heal --one is offered to her -- if she takes it!

Angels are fair, Ross says, and Heaven is nothing more than the vibration of Nurturing, Warmth, Love and Compassion--with a little society and social structure much like we have here but is absolutely fair--layered in.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Founders of Doctors With Reiki

(P.S. Ross says this counts for tomorrow, countdown number 300)