Friday, August 3, 2018

In a Time Of Grief

At my work, all along the freeway on my commute, official workers have destroyed the pine forests on the land inside the loop of the onramps and offramp, ripped out all of the ice plant, and now there is dirt.

Under 'improvement' with the horrible plastic drip lines, paid for with precious tax dollars, garish palm tree groves are being installed. These are the expensive palm trees which are fully grown. Often one or two won't 'take' during such a transplant. I know because they've ripped out the last 'update' from twenty years ago with stones in concrete and a few such palm trees down the road in this zeal. Not only did I see the dead ones, on my commute, I saw the complete and total lack of care for those palm trees, which require a workman to trim the old leaves off the bottom of the treetop. 

In this day and age of 'enlightenment' how can anyone take out something near the freeways that absorbs carbon dioxide well and has been doing so for forty years, and stick in inferior replacements?

I spoke with Ross about my concerns, and how unjust this is to the trees and the delicate ecosystem.

So before we get into the main point of today's blog post, we continue the countdown with some views of Tibet which came up when we searched under 318...and in particular, this one, which shows how Gaia views trees in comparison to houses and structures.  Trees maintain the balance. Manmade creations don't. 

Gaia loves her trees when nobody else does in the name of 'improvement' and 'progress'.

Please cherish your trees and care for them as they will help us arrive to where we are going next.

Here is the story Ross wants me to share:

Yesterday I was with Ed, and he was shampooing my hair. He takes a while, and often times this is when I get my most clear visions.

His mother, who had passed two weeks ago, came to pay me a visit.

She had the smile that many of the newly deceased do when they know the --um--'grand scheme of things' because nothing is hidden on the other side.

I asked her, 'what are you doing here?'

I saw Ed's grandmother, to whom he was very close, was at her left side, quiet, and a little behind his mom. She made very hesitant eye contact with me. 

Ed's mom showed me Ross. (That's usually the reason for the smile--my connection to him). She asked me how I feel about him?

I had warmth of love fill my being, and I concentrated on the special bond Ross and I share. I was, for a brief moment, intensely happy.

She explained how that's how she feels about her son Ed. 

She also said that his being with her when she passed, and their being able to say all the things they had to say, at the end, made a big difference to her. 

She paused.

She looked me in the eye, and said, 'Good Things are coming!'

She explained that they are both for me, and for Ed. And when I see the good things happening for Ed, then I will know they are coming for me soon after too.

Then she left.

The shampoo and conditioner were over. It was time for me to stand up.

I asked Ed to sit down.  I knew he would feel emotional at the message I was about to give.

He sat down right where I had been, now we were at eye level.

I told him I had been talking with his mom. She looked good. I saw his grandmother too. 

I skipped all the reference to Ross.

And I gave the message that 'Good Things are about to happen to him, soon!' and described the twinkle in her eye.

I also shared how the words he said to her at the end meant so much and helped her a lot. 

He burst out in tears. He worked hard to compose himself, since he was at work. But Ed and I are so close tears can flow freely from either one of us, and the friendship is strong and sure. There is total and complete support and understanding.

We talked of other things. At the end, he got choked up. I hugged him, I always do. I always give a thirty percent tip matter what the service. (my hair looks especially beautiful today, really, I'm so grateful)...

And then like an afterthought (there's a Ross 'nudge' for you there, in real time) I realized I should offer him a grief bracelet. I explained how they are made from angelite, it helps you talk with the other side a little better--the deceased can reach you a little better--and you can hear their quiet messages better too. 

Ed broke into tears again. 

I know when the heart is truly touched where it needs to heal the most, tears are a sign of relief and gratitude the veil has been breached in the area that hurts the most. 

People ALWAYS cry when they get a glimpse of Heaven, the real deal. 

I wanted to go home and make the bracelet for him right away.

Did I, yet? Did I make it?

No. I was called to work, and worked after most people had gone home. I'd worked late into the night the night before. I'd actually slept in a gurney and gone home around six a.m.

The design--his mom added something--is still clear in my head.

The materials for each bracelet cost about twenty dollars. I finally calculated it. And the postage is between three and seven dollars. Seven if you use the small box from the post office that's free, and three dollars if you use your own packing materials, which cost about three dollars by the time I'm done with it.

Ross and I give away these bracelets every day, without saying much about it to anybody, because it is the right thing to do for those who really aren't in a position to buy something like that for themselves. They are too emotionally shaken to 'shop' or even think of it.

It's a powerful bracelet, and a powerful outreach, and we'd like you to know. 

It takes a long time for me to get free time to make and then mail our healing jewelry. I know all the ones I still need to send, and I haven't forgotten! I will send the bracelets to you too.

Thank you everyone who supports our page with donations, this is where most of your contributions go.  The list I've kept on the transparency and orders just fell aside when I started traveling at Spring Break and then after. But just because I stopped updating it doesn't mean that work isn't being done. 

It is. <3

We are living in a time where Spiritual Forces are having their impact on my daily life.

The day before yesterday my heart sank when the schedule came out. I was put on the list post-call to work first thing in the morning. I explained to a colleague how my hair is grey, I needed my roots touched up, and I guess it just wasn't going to happen.

This critical point of ACCEPTANCE is important, it's like once the acceptance is reached then angels unawares can go in and 'fix things'.

It happened to my mom when she finally accepted her fate with her hemodialysis, driving before dawn to the dialysis center. She said, 'God, if this is my fate, then I accept it and I thank you for keeping me alive.' (she had hated, hated, hated, these drives alone and the whole process, and longed for a kidney for years.)

Next thing we knew, she got the call, and was transplanted with a new kidney in about two weeks!

I got a phone call, and the schedule changed, someone else took the morning cases!

I could see Ed!

I got called back in for the afternoon ones...and it's a good thing I was there because the case was difficult and my skills helped the gastroenterologist and the family a lot.

Now I get to go back for more! LOL.

When I was on call, I got to go home for about three hours. I remembered to put out the trash. I got to take a bath and put on my pajamas. I didn't sleep, but I got to take care of things I normally don't have time to do.

So when they added on an emergency case--I went back in with good spirits, and love in my heart--because I had that time to feed the pets and keep the home going.

Besides, it helps with the financial part too. Cases help me keep the home running. Time to go to work again now too.

Ross says, 'I wish you the best in all of your endeavors. I have noticed a change in your efforts with regards to Spirit, and you are doing the right things. I encourage you to do more to strengthen your spiritual 'muscles' for a time ahead there is going to be need of workers who are 'Spiritually Fit'--it's kind of like 'physically fit'  but in a Spiritual sense--and 'Morally grounded'.

'Morally grounded' means, for example, you keep the needs of the greater society at heart most.

Carla had seen a video about acceptance of pedophilia, that had been challenged. Carla knew in her heart to ask Ed, his opinion on the situation, because Ed is both Jewish and wise.

As it turned out, there was an uncle who had repeatedly raped both Ed and his sister since they were around seven. He lived with the grandmother and the children were dropped off there for long periods of time. There was no grooming, it just happened and Ed and his sister struggled to understand what was going on. They didn't have the development to understand what sex is. And it was very painful to them at the same time.

Ed's saying was, 'this is dangerous philosophy because it favors the few who have this problem, without regard to the children or to their parents who are filled with anxiety over what could happen to their kids. It seems to me society would be served to keep the children and parent's needs in mind first and foremost, before considering the needs of the pedophiles.'

Carla was like, wow!  I sure was right to ask.

(Ross gestures with his index finger back and forth a little like a conductor)--Times are on the way where what is morally right is going to be inundated with claims that what is morally correct actually isn't. Where black is white. And up is down. I want you to know resolutely and without guessing black is black, up is up, down is down, and MORALLY sound and in resonance with the ways of Heaven. (he waves his hand open back and forth like there's a bad smell) It's deep in your heart, this sense of 'what's right and what's wrong'--you will never forget it (holds one finger up) if you are awake and listen to your conscience a little every day in meditation and in time with Nature. I want you to see right through all that crap. Do not be dismayed by it's presence (and it's stink) but know that with a little amusement at the lengths to with TWDNHOBIAH will go to in spite of backing down --all of it is Illusion and they are fighting for a losing cause.

In Heaven nobody stinks.

(Ed's mom is at his right side and he puts his arm around her, and she's really smiling big, and waving)  He turns to her and asks, 'isn't that true?'

She smiles and nods and her energy is like she's meeting the Rolling Stones as a bobby sox teen in the sixties...looking at him.

They both wave goodbye.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple