Monday, December 28, 2020

How Deep Is Your Love?


Ross asks to keep today's blog post simple. Yesterday's has a lot of information in it. It's dense, and the videos will take a lot of time.

To refresh yourself in your learning, which he expects yesterday's post to take two or three days for you to complete, here is a video of the Bee Gees with the title song: How Deep Is Your Love?.

Enjoy and reminisce if you remember the song from the first time around. 

Here I am feeling much better. I felt the Reiki. I have a little dry cough. That's about it. Thank you for sending it.

The second part is Ross wants me to discuss each point of the BBC article (see yesterday's post to find it, it was the first link on the list):

  1. Keep Calm--that's because the MSM has used extensive NLP to get your emotions reactive, and that's how people who are under this spell react to cognitive dissonance. This part makes it seem like you are normal and the conspiracist isn't. The conspiracist has valid concerns about NWO, frightening ones. But the NLP has created a divide so both parties cannot rationally discuss certain topics without triggering emotions that were embedded/targeted to be set-off by the NLP.
  2. Don't Be Dismissive--already this is! steps one and two already reinforce the belief that 'normies' (those who religiously follow the narrative) are better than those who challenge it. It implies challengers are 'crazy'.
  3. Encourage Critical Thinking--you will find that the Education 2000 is designed to increase a student's ability to absorb facts and to decrease their ability to critically think. Furthermore, society is indoctrinated to 'science' as the only basis of 'reality'--if you can't measure it or sense it with your five senses it isn't 'real'. Fortunately, the world of Spirit is absolutely real--the sixth sense gives us much information too. And our leaders are all heavily into the Occult, and Spiritual (sadly, though, dark) 'reality' and withholding these symbols and magic from everyone else. 
  4. Ask Questions--this is to plant the seed of doubt. For example, if you have overwhelming intuition and your heart is telling you to defend the children, and someone asks you, 'where is the proof'? it can create doubt which can erode resolve over time.
  5. Don't Expect Immediate Results--this is setting up the NWO censorship mentality, thought police, where everyone has to think the same on EVERYTHING. Even this. Be wary and watch for it. People who are running the show want to keep secrets hidden. And people who don't understand there's people running the show, want to believe in the good and that everything is 'awesome' just the way it is. If the people actually saw the truth about the deception, their world would shatter--psychologically, emotionally, mentally, probably physically too. 

Ross wanted it to be clear that the humor is in the writer being so obvious as to their bias--and here we expose the bias step by step for what it is.

Remember that Love is the solution for everything. 

Remember that we have brave survivors like Jessie, Cathy, Kerth, Svali, and Jay telling us the same story of victimization, over and over, and that their experience from within that system is the only thing we can count on as truth. Also add to this the experience of Mark Phillips and Ed Snowden and Julian Assange....who are also from the 'inside' too.

That is enough for today. 

with all our love,

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Creation And Destruction


The Cancer full moon is coming. I am enjoying its energies very much. We shared the full moon reading by Anne Reith, PhD, along with a sneak preview into the major astrological events of 2021.

Ross has been working with this process of moving from the 'old' to the 'new' very much lately. Perhaps for about a month he has been guiding me, and teaching me, that there is nothing wrong with enjoying the comfort of 'what is old' but for greater growth if it of utmost importance for us to 'embrace what is new'. For example, I have many, many works of art I enjoy, which have given me great comfort over the many years in my old home. But no, not for this house. He has insisted on providing new for the main focus, with only a little bit of the old, for old time's sake. We are creatures of growth. It is never okay for us at any point to give up and stop growing...

I have not been feeling my best. About five days after Downtown Disney, and three days after the Covid Intubation (I had walked from the ICU door to the nurse's station without additional eye protection other than my eyeglasses, to get into my PAPR)--I started feeling feverish and achy. I had a sore throat. When Anthony was gone for Christmas Eve, it was a very difficult night. My chest tightened. 

On Christmas day I cancelled plans to visit my sister who is pregnant. I began treatment for presumed Covid. Don't ask me what I took or how I got it. Do know I started feeling better in three hours. I drove all over the area on Christmas day--three hours straight--to pick up my son, and deliver gifts to friends and family in the area. 

Oddly enough, Ross forbid me to wish anyone Merry Christmas on social media that day. I would have done it. But now again I see his wisdom. I needed to heal. Priority was my healing first. 

To make you laugh, our big holiday dinner was fast food takeout burgers. I was in no position to cook. 

I know by my odd lack of smell when I was sick last February, that I probably had the Covid and Anthony too...but this one was very quick and strong and different. How anyone can think this is a natural pandemic is beyond me, it's so clearly manmade and weaponized--to hurt and divide and distress us psychologically...nature isn't like that at all.

We have over one hundred patients now, and anesthesia must be present at all times for the purpose of intubating those who are very ill. Many now are so ill they are placed on heart-lung machines (ECMO) in the hopes that the lung tissue will recover. I know of one person who was transferred to one local University hospital, and another who was transferred out to one in Los Angeles because our facility only has one ECMO capability. 

It's grim. As a friend of mine who helped in ICU said, 'it's not normal to see so many patients not making it' in a given day.

Do know that younger people appear protected, and it's older ones with comorbid conditions we are seeing in the hospital. Some are making it too. They live. The majority are.

I got to the point where I was on call, just resting through the day in the call room, where I started talking to Ross and ultimately to Divine Father. I explained to Him that I wasn't sure what He was thinking when he planned Ross' last incarnation (I was told by both I agreed to it and helped with the plan)--was 'ugly', and I couldn't see the beauty in it, at all, and right now, the way things are showing up here on earth are looking just as 'ugly' too. I'd like Him to Do Something About It. 

That's when the information started to come.

I'm going to leave a few links here to help you:

  • An article on laughable Bogus Disinformation
  • Sarcastic humor by JP Sears on information that is vital. It will affect me. My Instagram will go down soon according to this latest 'terms of service' upgrade.
  • The movie by Oliver Stone on Snowden--we watched it on Netflix last night. Hugely eye opening to see the technology in use. I think that at the end of Snowden--when they looked into these abuses of looking and listening--coincides with the introduction of newer devices such as Alexa and dot and things like that. Ironically, yesterday Ed and his wife had a baby yesterday too. Coincidence!
  • Cathy O'Brien website videos. I just watched fifteen minutes of one, all of two, all of three, and all of four (there is some overlap with three you can skip the last twenty minutes of three if you watch four first). It's very eye opening.
This gives us an idea of how deep and wide the 'swamp' actually is, and also, how both sides are working together, globally, to usher in the next phase of the New World Order. It's right on schedule. (Cathy's long video will give you an idea of how long in advance each step is planned, for example, with the Clinton presidency).

At this point, do not despair!

Ross and I have something to share in order to give you hope!

No matter what the technology that is available for 'Big Brother' to watch and monitor us, it is very primitive and archaic compared to Galactic standards. In other words, our 'team' has the benefit of technology that can run circles around the opponent. No matter how high tech and advanced their technology may appear in films like Snowden--and the coordinated corruption--our team will always be 'one step ahead' of them as they play their game. In other words, 'we have the playbook'.

What I did gather from the movie Snowden, is that there is technological capability to 'take out' whole chunks of our infrastructure through remote hacking. As it is, today, in Big Island there is widespread blackout/power outage. So be prudent and think through how you will manage in the event of a blackout. And if you need a medical device like a CPAP or nebulizer, you might want to have a backup battery/generator. Or for communications, a radio. 

Other than that, Ross says, we challenge you to think of one good thing that happened in 2020. Our mindset affects what will arrive. Many people have turned the New Year into a time for letting go of the old year with very negative thoughts towards it. Be careful as this will manifest. 

For me, I am grateful I had time to read and practice Alice Water's book The Art of Simple Cooking. Anthony is grateful for the chance to sleep in (and grow!) as well as to do well on his academics. Ross is thankful people took the time to disconnect from their habit-based lifestyle and and to look within and face themselves and their own mortality. These are Big Concepts he says, and they are worthy of more attention than most people usually give. We all three are grateful for 2020 for showing us we could adapt and face challenges quickly, and to keep positive in the face of a pandemic. 

That is enough for now.

Ross says we wholeheartedly wish you a belated 'Merry Christmas' and again we hope for all the best to arrive for you in the New Year.

clap! clap!

Aloha and mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The couple with two hearts that beat as one

Monday, December 21, 2020

A Delicate Balance


Today we are going to talk about it. The thing that's been affecting the world for about a year now. We are going to talk about it frankly, delicately, and with utmost awareness and respect for those who have lost their lives because of it.

Our goal is to help you to look at both sides of the situation, and furthermore, to increase your resolve to increase your mental strength and faith to help you weather the difficulties which face us.

On Saturday, we went to Downtown Disney. There was an event with Pokemon Go, a special community day, and that area has lots of PokeStops and activity. 

It wasn't my choice to go. I have full awareness of the risk of communicable diseases, and how the Disney concept it probably the highest risk of transmission of germs across a population. You have people from all over the world enclosed in a small area, and they are packed in. 

I asked Ross for permission to go, and it was granted. 

Let's take a look at the situation from the big picture. I am an introvert. I work with people, I leave the house to go to work. But I'm a homebody and nothing makes me happier than to just putter around the house. I have projects to do, many of them, and I'm making progress on them. I also need time just to tidy and clean the house, something which the sole responsibility falls upon me, even if I choose to assign chores to Anthony. 

My son is an extrovert. He has been a trouper staying at home, going to school, doing his homework. But this child has been to Disneyland since three months age, and traveling by air since ten months. Every year we go one or two really great places. Sometimes even four major trips a year. His elementary school permitted travel, and he could work remotely. 

Our first point is that not everyone is equipped to stay inside. For various reasons. It could be the home life, it could be the psychology, it could be the denial of what is happening/the inability to comprehend the seriousness, or simply a longing for 'normal'. 

I have mental strength. I grew up in a bad neighborhood, got myself through college and medical school, ended up in the heart room where the stress is off the charts! Challenge is normal for me, and you could say perhaps I thrive on it. All those years of going to the desert, riding motorcycles, and just being close to nature helped make me strong. Inside and out. My will is strong, my determination, my connection to Spirit is very very active...

If you add to it, how many lifetimes I've lived, chances are, I've gravitated to the same kinds of challenges over and over, to make me strong like carbon forms a diamond from exposure to high heat and high pressure. 

You can't teach someone mental strength. You can't push someone callously into a situation and say, 'it's good for you!'. The person will grow to resent you. So, we counter this natural difference in temperaments, personality, psychology by first acknowledging it exists, and second, by invoking Love.

Anthony needed to connect to the world he knows, and he needed this time, a short time, just to BE. With Love, and with full agreement from Ross, we went. There were many restrictions, many closed businesses in the Downtown Disney, and even, no eating or drinking (masks on 100%). Sanitizer and hand washing stations were set up. Reminders of the risk and how to reduce it were everywhere. I noticed the workers, smiling, grateful for their jobs, watching the crowds. Of course our temperatures were taken. It was eerie, like a ghost town. And never, in recent history, have I seen Disney gates closed and the square at the entrance devoid of people. 

We followed the rules, we got sunshine, we walked, and it was a pleasant day. 

We caught our Pokemon. 

I knew full well that the ICU's are full. I know people who have been in the ICU and hospital who have been sent home on oxygen. That risk is totally real.

I also know someone whose son committed suicide because of the way the pandemic restrictions affected his depression. 

So for a start--not everyone is like you, we must balance the individual needs with Love.

And second--there is no 'one size fits all' for this situation.

Now we'd like to share a video from a surgeon in Houston. He talks informally about the situation and the medical options. But what we'd like to focus your attention on, in this forty-five minute video, are two things. First, he blurts out something about his sexual performance--'it still works'. And then, if you allow a quick side point--in medical school we are taught that the patient always tells you what is wrong with them. He says, point blank, that the reason he quit his practice as a surgeon is because he was no longer able to decline the flu shot--it was impossible to work with the rules of the hospital so heavily enforced. So, he has just enough money to live off his book proceeds. And he quit operating. No WONDER he needs to tell you he's not impotent--his subconscious is talking to us--because of the tragedy of the Orwellian ruling at his work about taking the influenza vaccine. 

People are fascinating, aren't they?

So, for our last point, we would like to call your attention to 'Order through Chaos', the recipe of 'Problem-Reaction-Solution' as it pertains to this situation. For the past week there have been many medical people online proudly showing themselves being injected with the latest cure. Some have said that they are not being controlled by nano chips. Some say their muscles feel sore but are otherwise okay. I realized that based on the information available to them, they are wholeheartedly offering themselves as part of the 'solution'. 

Our flashlight, or actually, our laser pointer, is pointing at the generation of 'problems'--if it was child abuse we would medically call it 'non-accidental trauma'. We point out that it is entirely possible for there to be 'non-accidental Problems' generated by those who decide how our society is run. 

For someone who has been actively studying the enemy for years now, reading about survivor's stories like Kerth Barker and Cathy O'Brien, like Svali, and's pretty clear how that pattern is helpful for the enemy to steer large groups of people to any cause they want. 

But just like with the example between introvert and extrovert, and the gravity of the pandemic...and Love is important to bridge the gap, along with the acceptance that everyone is doing the best they can given the situation...the same holds true for people who still think that our leaders always have our best interest at heart.

There is no amount of information you can present to help them see. They need to be shown it in ways, over and over, not by you, and hopefully, they will make the connection. 

In my study of the enemy, I'd like you to know that the technology of control is very advanced. Cathy O'Brien was able to heal using the technique of writing. Instead of getting emotional and reliving her memories of trauma that were buried, she wrote them, using a different part of the brain to process it without pain. It took her eighteen hours a day for about a year, and then she was able to feel 'present' and 'aware' again. It just happened. 

But her daughter, Kelly, had more sophisticated, scientifically based trauma and mind control using harmonics, sort of a sound technology. Mark Phillips didn't know the 'key' to unlock her mind. Cathy taught her daughter the best she could to live 'True to Soul'. Until the 'key' comes though, Kelly can't be fully present. She's at risk to flip back and forth between alters, and any trigger like a hand gesture or tone will do this and she can't say no.  Cathy can say no to the gestures, they don't work on her because she's fully recovered.

We aren't going to infer anything, but we would like to raise your awareness on just how easy and commonplace such use of harmonics is in this five minute video with David Icke.

Instead we will inspire you soul to soul with a story of someone who overcame great odds--recovering from four years in a coma -- a quick five minute video too. Then you will understand the gravity of the situation which faces us. Those asleep around us, spiritually, can and will awaken, at their own time, and afterwards will need to do a lot of work to recover their previous level of function. 

Welcome to 2021!

It's going to be a long year, but there is hope, as long as we love and we understand both the enemy and the unawakened 'victims'. Your mental and spiritual strength is going to be in high demand -- we predict!--and we encourage you to take whatever steps you need to keep your strength and energy and mood UP for the challenge!


I am working very closely with Carla. And both of us request for you to meditate today, a little extra longer, in honor and respect for the Grand Conjunction, on the Solstice.

And Carla will give thanks, because now the days will lengthen, and Summer will return again to warm her heart. It's her favorite season and I love her for it so very much. Water and Carla are inseparable!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

Where the pedal hits the metal

Friday, December 18, 2020

Empower Your Heart


Ross gave me the title as I first woke up. It makes sense because my life has been falling together bit by bit, and I've been greatly enjoying it over the past few days.

Things that had once seemed insurmountable or impossible are simple.

The energy is flowing in a good way.

I feel alive!

Ross says to provide you with some examples:

  • I made potstickers from scratch (well I bought the wrappers) yesterday
  • I finally cooked the potato and cheese tart with ham from a French recipe I'd seen months ago
  • The Kona Village toffee pie recipe I've wanted to make, for months, I finally did
  • Laundry is done. Still have to put things away. But I am not stressing or nagging Anthony to help.
  • Same thing with the kitchen.
  • I've almost completely unpacked all of my crystal collection since the move. 
  • I finished the book, For Reasons of National Security by Cathy O'Brien.
  • I'm living in the moment. Even took a walk on the beach this week at sunset. It was super low tide, and I saw a part of the ocean I haven't seen before. We saw both dolphins and a seal too.
I think I might be on a different timeline.

My work is inundated with Covid patients, all hospitals in the area are full, we can't do surgical cases to conserve bed space...and I am calm.

People I know are getting the vaccine and virtue signaling it on social media--videos, photos of them either getting the shot or holding up certificates to say they got it and why...I decline it and keep quiet.

We felt something was amiss, like something was going to happen. So we were quietly waiting for the news. As it turns out, not one but two people we love dearly are in the process of passing over. It is good to know our hearts are so close to these people that we can sense their passing across the miles.

I have lots and lots of downloads right now, everything is tingling like electricity, and I welcome it. I don't know the future, but it looks good because I choose to see the good. No matter what. 

Ross would like to speak.


I have been quiet for some time, because my focus has been on 'other things' and Carla. I am not at liberty to describe the 'other things' but in time you shall understand of what I am speaking, and why I am not able to share at this time. 

Carla is in the midst of her Ascension. She is enjoying the liberty and freedom of letting go of the outcome, and enjoying her time at home. Carla has only worked one day this week, and it was at another hospital, it was pleasant for her. Soon she will be required to take the Covid Intubation Call. Carla is not volunteering and only going to do the minimum. Carla is not afraid of the risk or afraid of the money/loss of income. She knows there is time she needs for her home and to bond with Anthony in the Covid times, too. There is balance in what her heart needs as well as what she needs both to support herself and Anthony.

Carla has been quiet online, and that has been at my request. There shall be enough time for her to do her work. 

I am going to excuse Carla, for she needs to take Anthony to school for his scholarship club event.

It is with Great Love that I assure you, all is well, good things are happening, and I want you to enjoy the ride!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Nourishment for the Heart

Tuesday, December 15, 2020



Omit the urge to rush.

Refrain from complaining about the wait.

Accept What Is, and do your best to navigate the situation.

For THIS is the cradle from which the New shall appear. From THIS time of 'relative imperception' are the seeds and the shoots and the new foundations of our life experience rest.

Yesterday I was off. But I was able to accomplish incredible things, small things, but a large role in the Big Picture of my life. It's hard to explain it, but the more I get my life together on the inside, the more it starts to reflect itself on the outside in my surroundings and my environment. The kitchen counter has a little more space. The meals are easy to prepare, delicious, and the clean up isn't a chore. I went through all of the boxes of Christmas decorations, delighted to see some that in the last ten years I haven't had a chance to see. I emptied the boxes, decorated the house and tree, and reorganized them!

Big bills are due this time of the year. Somehow I'm able to keep track of them and not get overwhelmed like I usually do.

My email has so much junk in it from every electronic transaction I ever had--people want to sent me emails once a week from their businesses! But I wade through it, erasing five hundred of such unwanted emails to find the one I really needed to see.

The garden is productive. I'm getting to understand it a little better too. It's like the rhythm of the new house are starting to fit. I'm no longer embarrassed to let people see what the background looks like when I am on a zoom conference call. The holiday preparations are well underway. I have gifts for the people who need them. The cards I look forward to completing but I did send some out this year. 

Today is a miracle. Why? Because when one door is closing, another is opening up for my work opportunities. Elective cases are being canceled due to the high volume of the Covid. The way my work schedules me, I barely get to work when there is a full OR schedule. But now, today, I have a new opportunity, still anesthesia, and I was so excited I could barely sleep.

God's timing doesn't have schedules and timelines and to do lists. It's more like working with your Guides, and going with the flow. 

I've been reading Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips book, For Reasons Of National Security. It is excellent reading for these changing times. The book is available on her website, TranceFormation I think is the name of is the link. Like they say, wisdom and love are much stronger than any evil. 

Remember Ross and I (mostly me lol) are working on the website still. If anything happens, and our social media are down--already there is shadow banning against this blog and I can't post a direct link on it or will be up and running. The membership part will be coming next. Some people are asking about it, and I can't figure out how to get to the comments part about it. I'm working on it. It's not up yet, basically. We will get there. Eventually.

Ross is happy and content that I am starting to see things from a more spiritual perspective. He says it isn't wise to rush. And the enjoyment is totally lost when we are rushing. He says it isn't productive to force things. If you could see the energy patterns of the workflow, it would be like trying to paddle a canoe upstream when perhaps letting it flow with the river would be much more enjoyable. This is the concept we are working to get across to our readers today.

We are entering times of great change and the Schumann Resonance and the planetary alignments reflect this. 

Ross adds that sometimes when it seems like nothing visible is happening are the times when there is the greatest changes of all...building up the sap starting to run in the trees before Spring.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Twins

Sunday, December 13, 2020

No One Can Put A Price On You; You Are Priceless!


Today's blog post is very short. Just a few videos, if you care to watch them.

  • Carrie survived an abortion as a fetus, and forgave her mother.
  • This video isn't exactly scientifically rigorous, but it does show you two important things--what has gone on 'under the radar', and also, how they can tag cells to make them glow. Rumor has it that a certain mRNA reverse injection will do something similar to the recipient's cells--that's how it will be known they took the injection. video link is here
  • Doppelgänger video. This was fascinating to watch, because I am watching faces of people in our world very carefully for resemblances, such as Podesta and the lead singer of Linkin Park. There are hidden bloodlines, and one of the things of Luciferianism is that the true parents don't always raise the child, and the child doesn't know. This video is fascinating not only for the topic itself, but in how much they let us know, without talking about the bloodlines and clones. It's like 'imagine the possibilities' kind of thing.
  • Robert Sepehr video on Agartha this is valuable to watch, for how it reveals the behind-the-scenes partnerships between governments who are in spiritual alliance, and also, for tunnels and wars we are never told happened.
  • This video is from a finance expert, it's very balanced and gives a fresh perspective on what will happen by 2030. 
So, Ross and I want you to enjoy the videos, to remember that no one can replace you, you are PRICELESS, and we LOVE you very, very much. 

clap! clap!
Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Retraining Your Mental Customary Outlook


As a follow-up to yesterday, I am fine. Yes, I had a little anxiety creeping in. And also, some nightmares about it too.

It's never fun to be under scrutiny.

As we awaken, and as we raise our consciousness, we arrive at a point where our 'learned reactions' don't have to be our 'only reactions'. We can face the situation with Spiritually awakened ears and eyes.

Just yesterday, a nurse told me she thought I did an excellent job being a patient advocate. She saw me doing extra work to help the patient have a good experience. She told me this!

I had another, once awake, saying, 'okay girls, the party is over!' and was so happy and content. 

There is much good. Much much more good than bad in all of our experiences.

So, why do we look at the bad instead of the good? Why do we have this internal dialog that says, 'Oh I should have done this, and this, and this!'?

Bad things happen!

But we are not bad.

I know I have forgiveness both of the person who is taking legal proceedings against me. I asked for it, from my heart, and it was given. Long ago, during the hospital times. Whatever else is going on, it could be for money or for needing to lash out or for anything. What is to come will come. I have the best teams. I have the best colleagues. They say that the question is not 'if' but 'when' something like this is going to happen in a career. 

It's been over twenty years on the front lines doing anesthesia, a super high-risk field. 

I'm doing okay.

Everything is going to be okay.

I still have a position to do my spiritual work on the front lines, even though I don't often talk about it. My patients get healings every time they are with me. 

Perhaps there is something I need to do, to go to a certain place, or to meet certain people, to further the cause of Awakening? I cannot know right now at the moment. But perhaps I will.

Even today, I am hosting the Zoom call for our department meeting. It's an improvement over having to drive in on Saturdays like we used to do, or to show up at six in the morning on workdays. 

Everything happens for the best.


When you get that urge to go react, on instinct, on something you've learned in your EarthWalk, some pattern especially one that is Fear-Driven...RELAX.

You don't have to play that game any more.

You don't ever have to play that game again.

Heaven is coming to Earth. You are fortunate to know about it. And you have the choice, the option, the opportunity, to recalibrate your outlook, and your everyday perception--to one more in alignment with Home--our HOME Home 'up in the sky'--than here. And no one can take that away from you.

Ross is very proud of this and he helped me to write it.


Look at what happened to me. Sure it could happen to you. But it didn't. And even if it did, is it The End?

Or is it just A New Beginning?

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Twins

P.S. From Ross please enjoy this short video about changing yourself for the things that count

Friday, December 11, 2020

Do You Trust Me?


Yesterday I received some bad news. 

Ross asked me, pointedly, 'Do you trust me?'

He is going to ask all of us this, as some point. 

We need to put our faith into action, and to walk in faith and trust, with our unseen Spirit Guides, with Divine Mother and Divine Father, and get through our lessons in this life.

This is an important lesson to soak in, and ultimately, share with others.

For me, I am applying the lessons too, from Hope Johnson--everything is love, and I'm not going to buy into that 'crap' of feeling low. Lessons present, PEOPLE present, in ways that our subconscious dreams up to validate some internal feeling we have. 

Bad news may be bad news. But it doesn't have to cause a battle within our hearts that we are bad people or we did anything bad or we are not worthy of love.

I got this bad news the day after my dead mom's birthday. This year it's been one thing after another--after another. I'd like to share with you more about this particular bad news, but I can't. If you know what makes a doctor's life absolutely miserable, and there's no way to avoid it, you are close. 

I'll get ready for work now.

Remember this:  God is Love, You are Love, and EVERYTHING is LOVE. Anything else is an impostor and will be taken care of at the proper place and time. Ross reminds us of this right now. And he adds, 'I love you.'

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Miracle through and across the Veil

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Look For Delight!


Good morning!

Hold the course. Stay in your 'zone' and keep doing the fantastic work that you have been doing.

All is well.

These are pivotal times. 

As long as the ego is in check, and you are doing your 'thing', incredible, wonderful and amazing things can and will happen.

Yesterday I went to work and was humble. I had only one case assigned. I was due for a well-paying line-up. But I didn't know and I trusted in the Divine. It turns out I had two cases with one surgeon, and the last patient was the husband of a lady surgeon who is my friend. Furthermore, the husband needs colonoscopy every year, and his eye had been irritated the last time. 

This gave me opportunity to shine, with my skills, which I did. Working with Spirit, I remembered the protective goggles we have which stick on, and furthermore, the eye lubricant to moisturize dry eyes. 

Everything turned out well, and both the husband and my friend were delighted with how things turned out!

During that case, I was requested by another nurse to do the anesthesia for her colonoscopy in the future. I said of course, no problem.

When you are grounded, in your center, and humble, then, much to your delight, the Universe has opportunity to play with you--and it's FUN!

I was talking at the bedside with a worker from the hospital. She was confiding in me. Lots of times people just want to share about what they think about their health conditions. I rested my masked and eye-protected face on my arms on the bedrail and just listened. I actively listened and asked, 'yes, that giardiasis sure makes you have some strange farts doesn't it?' The patient was like, 'YEAH and then...'

It turned out I had four more patients to go, but in another room. So when I got there, I was happy because one week earlier I'd had my own study. It's a nice team. I thanked the nurse and tech who had done my case, and I was so grateful.

One of my patients, bless his soul, felt the propofol hit, and looked at me with surprise, and said, 'THAT is some fine WEED you got there!' 

Everyone is amazed with anesthesia. I find lately some of my patients as it's starting to hit are more talkative and animated.

The result is lots of fun. 

It was a long day, it was a good day, and probably the highlight was talking about sleep walking (one patient was like the movie StepBrothers and found crumbs and open bread packaging  in the morning). I told the gastroenterologist if he ever did sleep walking he would be going fishing. He laughed. At the end of the day we were talking about how our children have nicer phones and take better care of them than we do, and how our children tease us about the many cracks we get in our screens. His say, 'Daddy you need a phone case and we are smarter than you.'

These are precious times.

Covid is bad at our hospital. It's just as bad as at the main hospital for our healthcare system. I saw a physician I know on the list of patients in ICU, it makes me sad, because this one knows how to intubate like I do. 

It's a lifesaving skill that your job puts you in the front lines, in harm's way. 

The Covid is very 'catchy', if you are exposed to it you are much more likely to catch it than if you were exposed to the flu. (Where is the flu these days? Strange huh?).  Fortunately for most it's not too serious and people get over it at home. 

The virus IS real. We see people affected. The amino acid sequence from the PCR test isn't based on a virus isolate, it's from what Chinese doctors wrote in the medical journals. The people who sell the tests are making a fortune. I'm glad we have them, it makes me a little more comfortable taking care of patients. But it's hard being in that environment.

I was exposed inadvertently two days ago. I did a bone marrow biopsy sedation in the CT scanner. I wondered why the people in the room had their eye shield on for the procedure. What I didn't know is in that same scanner (we have only one)--lots of Covid patients go inside it. So the room isn't exactly like it was before. But I have my shield from Divine Mother, and it's worked well so far. 

I am taking showers when I come home now, and changing my clothes before I talk with Anthony.

There's lots going on behind the scenes right now. Many changes are coming. Be careful because towards the cusp of these changes, there is risk for our internet, our social media and other things to break down, and for censorship to go WAY up. YouTube made an announcement yesterday, and other ones are expected to follow suit.

Now is the time, if you are a blogger or have a group, to make backup and alternate plans. I have I will go to if anything here happens. I'm on Parler and MeWe too. Yesterday the internet was down for both of my sisters.

Enjoy the ride. Look for the delight. Enjoy the show. Go along with new, sudden changes, because the Universe is having fun with you.

Yesterday was my mom's birthday. Even though I'm on a health kick, we celebrated her with a meal from McDonalds and a tiny, the tiniest ice cream cake possible. She loved vanilla ice cream, and her cake had that. We sang Happy Birthday To You. It was good to honor mom.

I would like to make a quiet announcement that this year's holiday bracelet giveaway will be held. I want to keep it quiet because I'm trying to figure out how to put them on the 'store' in our website, so that the orders and inventory and addresses to send them will be automated. It's very labor intensive to keep track of who needs what and make sure I get it correct. It will be announced here a day or two first and then on our FB page and Twitter after. 

Walk in Joy, Ross says. 

Enjoy the show.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Couple

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

If We Are All In The Same Boat, Then We Can Rock It!


We work with energy.

Look at one of our 'controllers'--here--he's not normal: random video click here

What will happen if massive amounts of food somehow 'manifest' in North Korea? Will the political system shown in this video as described by this survivor, will it be able to stand?

You think the people in the highest-populated country on earth are all happy and content with the status quo? Fifty percent of all married women experience domestic violence there. 

What unites us, isn't only that we are under the control of the same minority of 'souls' if they even have them. Or the same AI if you like to think of it on that level.

What unites us is our Consciousness--it's all one energy field. We all want peace. We want to eat and live our own lives and enjoy our families and children.

There is an inner John Wayne in all of us, who is able to think for themselves and have an opinion and defend it--whether you agree with his politics or not--being able to hold your own view and discuss it openly is a quality that is our birthright. For everyone on earth!

We aren't helpless. As humans we are capable of great things. Keep your eyes open, and watch for opportunities to be helpful. 

When you meditate, remember to meditate for the solution. Not the method. Meditate on liberation for all of humankind. Meditate on plenty of habitat for the animals. Meditate on food for the hungry. Meditate on an equitable system that isn't debt slavery making the world go. Meditate on Heaven coming to Earth in all of its many forms--free energy, cures for diseases, and LOVE to reign all over the globe, love in everyone's hearts, and LOVE for our Divine Mother and Father Creator--as well as for each other.

We won't stop until angels are free to walk down our streets as 'normal citizens' and 'visitors from other lands'...

Think Big Picture.

And you know what?

If you get the chance, exercise with a punching bag. They are lots of fun! We love our new one. LOL.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Twins who have One Heart

Monday, December 7, 2020

A Beautiful Miracle Is About To Begin


One of my favorite stories from the Bible is the story of Absalom. That name has stayed with me through past incarnations. Absalom was the son of King David, yes, David who had slain Goliath.

King David had a weakness. It was his love for his children (in addition to his love and lust for Bathsheba). One of his sons, Amnon, raped his daughter, Tamar. 

King David did nothing. Nothing to console Tamar. Nothing to discipline Amnon. 

So Absalom defended his sister's honor. Back in those days, it wasn't like now, and Tamar couldn't get married because she had lost her virginity. It was a terrible crime, in so many ways.

So Absalom slew his brother Amnon.  He raised up an army, and drove his father out of the kingdom.

To make his intentions clear, a tent was set up on the roof of the castle, and the concubines King David had thought would be safe and left to guard up the castle? Absalom had sex with them where everyone could see, asserting the right of the victor to take EVERYTHING that had once belonged to the king.

King David left town without any food, crying, barefoot, going up the Mount of Olives to the plains to the east of Jerusalem.

What is the miracle in this story? King David had been self-absorbed for years. Now he had to again look out for the interests of his people. Absalom would have 'put them to the sword' had King David let them stay home. 

Even further, King David was honest with Divine Father, and expressed his woe and his remorse openly to his God, whom he probably hasn't communicated properly and openheartedly in years...

Sackcloth and ashes are sometimes what it takes to get the soul of the people to wake up.

And that is a miracle.

Do not lose hope!

I was at my wits end, and I ordered something from my favorite online spiritual supply store. It took a while for my order to arrive. I was surprised it was in such good condition because it was only a thin envelope protecting the contents. I was surprised to see a little gift bag of holiday candy tied with a bow. 

But then there was something else, with a label on it, a gift from Anna, the owner!

Inside, was a small wooden cross, perhaps four inches tall, a candle, a little votive kind, the short one in the plastic like a tea light, a white candle with green plastic, and a stone with the word HOPE etched into it. 


I was almost at the end of my rope, spiritually, and Anna's gift clearly let me know Spirit was urging me on. 

I was so grateful!

There are light workers out there kind of losing it. They see what is going on around them (the news, the politics, how asleep people are, and the unknowing/intrigue). It's hard to make the connection, and to keep it up after so many years of 'being a Lightworker'. 

Unfortunately, we didn't sign up 'to know'.

We signed up to do our job.

Whether the ship sinks or floats, we signed up to do our job. 

This Lightworker can manage only to spend time in Nature. 

That is OKAY. It is OKAY because the energies right now are dense and dull and highly 'weaponized' metaphysically and possibly technologically too. 

Do what you can, do the best you can, to be Loving 24/7, 365, to all that you meet.

I have a theory. I believe that they are measuring just how angry and upset the people are. I think they want to impose martial law, and also, to get rid of the 'troublemakers'.  I think they get this data from FB and other social media. The real information is in the responses, in the comment section. And I see that there's little love for Christianity and Christians. They are barely tolerated. It's not good. But it's a data point.

From a close friend who is in sales at a large department store, there are shortages coming. Not only is the holiday shopping hardly anything, no crowds, but there are shortages in merchandise. You can't get a KitchenAid stand mixer anywhere. There are no parts. And they are running out of the fabric to make bedsheets for the store brand label. Once the inventory is gone, that's it. 

We have been trying to get a weight set for Anthony. There's a shortage of that too. None of the bigger dumbbells or weights are in the stores. I got a bench for him, and a pair of boxing gloves and a thing you hit (a bag?). It wasn't cheap. People need to exercise.

There is an unrestricted war, and a coup has been brewing/planning/organized by the dark ones for a long time. They want to take over the world, to take away freedom, and to impose the NWO. 

Here is a story of a survivor who escaped such a regime: North Korean Defector, one of two hundred total in the US, over seventy years. It's a very long video. I kept it on while I did chores and brought the phone with me. If you know what I know, it's eye-opening. Luciferians who are High Adepts want to get people to worship them--instead of God. This whole society is based on it. And this defector, who now only weights eighty pounds, weighed sixty pounds as a thirteen year old, due to the food shortages that were deliberate. Her dream, and her sister's dream, was how much bread they could eat--a whole basket. There was a saying in North Korea--if you die while you are eating, then it is a good death because you weren't hungry. It was hunger that forced her family to flee. People were dying of hunger that she knew. 

It doesn't matter who the President is. Most of the time they are working together to help bring in the NWO. We are fortunate to have D who is working with the Positive Military...all we can do is trust the plan and let them do their job.

What matters is that we open our hearts and souls to our Divine Mother and Divine Father. We protect the truth as best as we can, and share it with those who ask it of us. We change within. We realize our blessings. We grow in our faith. And we remain at our posts, practicing and putting the effort to be LOVING 24/7, 365, to everyone we meet, in all circumstances. 

Even though you can't see Reiki, you can feel it. Both when you send it, and when you receive it.

Remember that our energy work IS visible, and it IS effective, otherwise the Luciferian-led opposition wouldn't be fighting so hard against it. 

Take the time you need to do your inner work, to improve your situation, to do what you can still do given the circumstances. Be of generous heart, and help others who need it. 

Anthony had an experience where he felt he was 'doing something for God' and he was driven with a passion he'd never before felt. His cousin had her ten year transplant anniversary for her kidney she got from her dad, and named, 'Kenny'.  His aunt had concerns about her lack of skills at putting together a video. So Anthony was moved, and he helped. He worked closely with my sister, and together they put everything in. It took him a whole day.  But his joy at her reaction to her surprise--we watched it on FaceTime as they showed it to her--that's the kind of joy that stays with you.

I've been helping in Spirit work on someone I'm their guide but they don't know it. It's like, I'm a guide for them, and they are a guide for me, the rules are bent a little because usually the guides are in the spirit realm. But I saw the work the teams did. It was beautiful to behold, the energies were dazzling, and like Anthony, I have the joy of having been a part of a beautiful transformation. Heaven is real, far more real than our every day, and Heaven is eternity.  (as secondary confirmation, here is a new Gaia Portal and a huge blast of white on the Schumann resonance frequency of the Earth.

Each of us have our own gifts.

It feels absolutely life-affirming to use them for the Highest Good.

There is your miracle.

Know the truth.

Know the enemy and how they operate.

Don't get in the way as the enemy is destroying themselves.

Know that in ways of Spirit, sometimes it has to get to the point of sackcloth and ashes to wake the people up.

God has made salvation available to the gentiles just as much as to the Jews. Therefore we are ALL His Chosen People. 

Be humble and open with Creator.

And do what you are sent to do. You have skills nobody else has. And you are in just the right place to use them!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Couple who are very much in Delightful Fulfillment and Love

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Nourish Them


Just as people in our lives are gifts to us, we are Spiritual Gifts to others. Their world would not be the same without our presence just as our world would not be the same without their loving presence for us.

Today we are going to discuss the gift of Presence.

When we have the sunshine within our soul, people thirst for it. They sense it. And it's normal and healthy and natural, just like plants turning themselves gently to face the sun.

I've been sensing this since the day before yesterday. The energies are flowing out of me much stronger and faster than they ever have. If you understand the concept of a 'Continuous Source of Reiki', that's pretty much what is going on. You emit healing into your environment wherever you go.

When I was a new mother, I chose to breast feed my son. It was a skill that took a while to learn. For both of us! As there is no level mark like on the bottle, I was curious if the system was really working or not? Was the child getting enough? Was I doing this right?

In time, I learned I could sense the milk flowing through the tissue that was making it. There's little ducts inside, and the nourishment travels through it to get to the child. I learned to trust in this feeling. And later, when I went back to work, and needed to pump, I could associate that feeling with the results of what was being collected through the pump mechanism. 

The energy of Love, pure heavenly love, flows through us in a Divine Dance of Blessings. It sustains us, and we enjoy the energy of our Loved Ones--their laughter, their hopes, their dreams, their stories, and their friendship, their lovingkindness to us. 

Try to be conscious of this Love which is flowing through you. Learn to work with it, learn to trust it.

Yesterday, after a little stalling over a long leisurely hospital lunch in the Doctor's Dining Room, I went to relieve a friend. My next patient was closer to one hundred years old than ninety...and I got to know her at the bedside in order to prepare for the anesthesia plan. 

She was delightful! From Toronto (I'm French, but it's French Canadian from Montreal/Quebec are my ancestors)...soon we were talking about life as much as we were talking about medicine. She took my hand and I let her hold it. The hospital is a cold, unwelcoming place where patients have to sit alone with their phones instead of with loved ones while waiting for their procedures. She was gossiping with me about her son, being in Germany, and why, and how he was treated by his former employers.

Sadly, I didn't notice the text from the charge nurse. It was time for me to go home, and a different female anesthesiologist was going to take over the case. I gently explained this to my dear sweet patient, and at once the replacement showed up and introduced herself.

My patient was so disappointed. In true Canadian fashion, she said, 'I'm sure this new one is a very nice lady too, but, I wanted to have YOU.'

I didn't know what to say, my friend was going to let me do the case. But also, Jared was going to pick up Anthony for the weekend. And I knew my son needed me. So I was honest. I told her I would love to stay, but I need to go to my son, because he needs me. It will be two days before we see one another again. 

She understood. As only a mom understands.

This was the most gracious way for everyone.

Once I was home, Anthony was focused on his video games. If you have children, remember, sometimes video games make the difference for their mental health growing up. If there is teasing, or in this case, Covid restrictions--being able to whack off heads, and Anthony was delighted to discover 'a new move'--being able to whack off a head and a leg at the same time in his's a lifesaver. 

I just read the mail, and sat near him. Then his father was ready to come, he was on his way. Anthony excused himself to pack. Then there was awkward sitting. 

So? I challenged him to a battle on Pokemon Go. Sometimes you can do that. He enjoys it. We talk trash talk--YOU"RE GONNA LOSE!--kind of talk. And actually, at the end I beat him twice and he jumped up and said, 'OH MAN!' and it was really the kindest kind of connection I could share with him. He usually beats me by a lot. But competing with him, I was validating him and the relationship. Then with one last bathroom stop for him, I helped by chatting up his dad who was waiting in the car. That way the boy didn't have to rush.

Remember it is especially important when we are in the nourishing position, to nourish ourselves too. When you learn Reiki, it is incredible because it's the only type of energy healing that isn't draining to the practitioner. And the LOVE energy isn't draining, like Reiki, it heals us. But remember, there is great hunger and thirst 'out there'. We must take caution not to be depleted. So take care of yourself. Eat well, exercise, get good sleep, meditate, read the Bible, enjoy your hobbies....that sort of thing. And also, enjoy the company of like-minded souls!

clap! clap! 

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Couple

P.S. I just did the Angels of Healing Reiki Attunement. It is a wonderful form of Reiki. You can also be able to attune others once you are attuned. It is a sliding fee, seven euros to twelve euros. With twelve euros you get a certificate. To order, go to PayPal and send the euros you wish to send to   In the States, we tip, and so I sent fifteen euros. This is normal for us, to give a little extra, as it is our custom to tip people who give us a service. <3 

Friday, December 4, 2020

Walk In Love


In the Spirit world, friends, your souls look like this.

Being incarnate on Earth is like one big diet.

Our souls look fantastic on the Other Side from all our efforts to be Loving to everyone we meet, 24/7, 365.

Yesterday, I don't know what happened, it was like a supercharger went off in me. Everyone responded favorably. The patients, were like, 'you sure love your job, I can tell, it makes me feel so comfortable.' My circulating nurse was one who had a fight with the anesthesiologist who put me to sleep for my colonoscopy. I hugged the nurse and said I'm so glad to work with her I always enjoy it, and I'm sorry about what happened. (she is over seventy years old, and a Trumpeter politically, while the MD is Byden. I think there was more to the conflict than the issue of patient care.) In the break room people asked me if I had my Unicorn cards. I got them and shared with the whole place, walking from break room to pre-op to PACU for the nurses with them. I got a funny look from a new anesthesiologist who joined the group in September. That's good I like to keep people guessing.

Yesterday in the break room, another ByeThen person, a scrub tech, who is very lack lives mater, asked me what I thought about the masks. He wanted to know, because he knows I don't toe any party line, I think for myself, and I have a lot of training.

I said they don't work.

Most people would end the conversation there.

I said, gently, that I think that this is a bioweapon. And somehow it got released. What are they going to tell the people of the earth? This thing is out and it's going to get you? Everyone would go crazy. So, they tell them, 'wear a mask'.

Then they enjoy watching the people fight about the masks.

I added that the only way I would feel comfortable with this virus around would be in a hazmat suit like in the research labs.

Then I gave him the hook--why is everybody fighting about wearing the masks when no one is saying to protect the eyes? It can get in there too! My friend in China had a doctor friend who went to Wuhan, and she was fine, but was told to protect with three layers at all routes, eyes, mouth and nose, and feet.

Feet? How can it get in the feet?

I said I don't know but I think if it gets on your clothing then it gets on your hands when you change clothes and then it gets in your eyes or mouth or nose...


And he asked me, incredulous, 'why are people deciding for me, instead of giving me the facts what I need to know, so I can make decisions for myself, about my own safety and my family?'  and 'Why?'

I said, 'because they want to tell you how to think. that is their game.'

I also had brought up Agenda 21. 

Another nurse in the break room had heard of those things.

My scrub tech friend had seen some kind of movie, too, an awakening movie. 

The nurse was a pro-Trumpet, and the scrub tech not, but both understood the basics.

I said, from my heart, if you watch the Oliver Stone movie documentary series about the history of America that's hidden, you can SEE the Republicans and Democrats working together to usher in the NWO. 

And if you look carefully, you can see the advisors who give the information to the President.

THAT one my scrub tech friend totally understood. He said, sometimes, he thinks that the secretary of defense has more power than the President because they have the information and decide what the president gets...

I feel like this inside. 

All the time.

From the meditations it's been staying with me.

I realize more and more what people around me need, and what I need to do. 

For Anthony, on the way home, I had a late day, I said, 'let's get Chinese food'. He needed it. To get out of the house. We returned some computer chip to Whole Foods Amazon, and then bought a new one later to help his PS5 hold more games. Something to do with the speed of the processing. Then we drove far to the good Chinese place. It took about an hour. 

That's my life.

I work a full day, then due to Covid and the lockdowns, I work on the mental health of my son, who is home all day. It's too much to ask to keep people in.

As of yesterday we are officially locked down. One hundred percent. No beach walks. Nothing. Just drive through food. And Costco or grocery stores. Small businesses are going to crash and burn now. I can't even get a haircut. 

My hospital had the most patients twenty-five in the spring. The worst of the surge. Well, I counted thirty-six yesterday. 

It's real. People are dying--some, not all who get it, probably the ones with more comorbidities (other illnesses). Some surgeon had trouble at another hospital booking surgical cases because the hospital is running out of ICU beds and hospital beds. It's not because there's more numbers. It's because COVID patients need their own room, and that hospital is like a county one, where typically there's two or four patients in a room.  So Covid ones take up more space and resources.

My friends who run ICU's are saying, 'stay in, stay home, this is real!'--and they are truly working their asses off, putting their lives at risk. I get it.

What I'd like to share is, if you understand Agenda 21, and you hear the ByeThen say, 'It's doing to be a Cold Dark Winter.", and you know what military project Cold Dark Winter is, then you would realize that people can be wearing masks, and gathering or not wearing masks, but that's not enough to cause all this we are seeing. An external source could be inoculating the public with it. To achieve fear in to make the people easier to control and to give up more rights. As well as to bring in the mark/vaccine. And to decrease the population, shift the wealth to the bigger monopolies, and obscure the battle going on to free the world that's going on behind the scenes (the spiritual war, this time, led by the positive military to get rid of those who promote Agenda 21).

December is critical time.

So... Pray.

here's an article along the lines Ross says to include it:

Good things will arrive. One way, or the other.

We are bringing Heaven to Earth, or Going Home.

Those who save their lives, lose them in worry and fear and dread and fighting.

Those who give up their lives, gain them by walking in LOVE everywhere they go, because all their is  is LOVE. Here and back Home in Heaven.

It doesn't have to be a Cold Dark Winter when there is Love in your heart and mind and soul.

Here is Ross' secondary confirmation. I was told what to write when I woke up, and here I saw this too:

I'll share one other story.

A house spider got into my bathroom sink. It was there for two days. I tried to save it while I brushed my teeth and washed my face. 

There was no way it could climb out. I wasn't going to touch it. I tried a kleenex box and other things, but the sink hangs under the counter, there's a lip on it.

But then I found two beaded long opera length fashion necklaces I'd bought in Barcelona. I put them like a rope ladder sitting in the sink. I did this in the morning. When I came home, I checked, and the spider was in it but not out of the sink.

I went to bed and trusted in the intelligence of the spider to save itself.

This morning I check, it had figured it out, and gone off to do what house spiders do.

This is walking in Love.

Love for all things, great and small, love and respect for ourselves and others. 

This is the way of home.

Don't buy into the energy of separation that the vegans sometimes promote--save children, save pets, save animals we eat. This is not Love. It says basically you are right. You might be right. But that energy of LOVE is lacking in being 'right'.

Someone could argue against the vegans and say, 'protect the trafficked victims first, then the animals' which is simply another argument to be right and not to fix the problem. 

With Freedom and Love, to everyone 24/7, 365, and RESPECT, we will arrive at the solutions we seek. 

In the meantime, take it easy on the ones around you. Remember they are babies, spiritual babies because they have been asleep. 

Trust in their intelligence as souls, just like I trusted in the Spider.

Leave a path for them to take to lift themselves up and out of the sink they can't climb out of.

But don't go draining yourself trying to make it happen sooner than it's meant to be.

Be authentic.

Answer their questions truthfully.

Spread the 'unicorn cards' of love and hope.

Trust the Plan.

Pray for those who are fighting the Dark Ones for us, these brave souls.

And Be Love!

Ross is very happy with this message.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Twins

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Short and Sweet, One more time!


The winds are blowing fiercely, and a new fire has started in the canyons. I can smell the distant smoke.

This message reinforces two very valuable lessons Ross taught me which we will share with you:

  1. detach from all possible outcomes (this applies to all things, big and small) when you are in meditation, and hopefully this attitude will transfer to your waking state too.
  2. detach from everything. You will feel the familiar warm glow of Home. What Ross teaches is that when we are in this blissful state, the dark ones cannot touch us or harm us and it angers them because we are outside of the Illusion and their control. 
Work on this every day.

Just BE. Even if it is for ten or fifteen minutes. Set a timer.

For me, I don't do well with sudden, rapid changes. I like to know what to expect. I had asked for a ride from a colleague on the way to work for my colonoscopy. Then a neighbor would pick me up. This assumed she would be working.

Well she wasn't on the schedule.

Then we got a friend to give her an early case so she could drive.

We tried to get me moved up early.

But instead, she drove me to my procedure, did the anesthesia for my procedure, and drove me home.

I saw a lot of things through my own eyes as a patient in these times. Please remember patients in your prayers and Reiki healings. It is a very depressing time, with no family and friends, and you just wait in uncomfortable chairs and beds and gurneys, for a long time. I had the benefit of being in my workplace with friends. Everything went well, my diverticulitis is healed. 

I am good.

Los Angeles has put everyone on house isolation. Can't even go walk the dog, I gather, but I could be wrong. Only you can go to the store and drive-thru. There is a surge in our hospital system, this I know. Visitors are dialed to the lowest possible after having relaxed a bit. 

This is mosaic war, unrestricted warfare. There is information war, biological war, and war for control of the people's hearts and minds. Do not be concerned. The underlying conflict is very old, Ross and I were on the front lines of it, and it's for souls. Always look to the deepest reason, the eternal one. And do what Ross teaches us to do. This will help you in your goal to be loving 24/7, 365, to everyone you meet. 

As a patient, I did a lot of work yesterday. It's not easy for a team to take care of a peer. It helps them to remember all of their patients are so much more than 'just patients'. 

I showed my friend my house. Hers was messy when she gave me a ride to the funeral for the son of my surgeon friend. But I told her mine is worse, lots worse, and yesterday she 'gets it'--I work a lot and can't take care of the house. In the garden, she really liked it and I picked lemons and herbs and arugula and kale for her. She loved Harry bird a lot and even took pictures.

Community is important.

So is keeping your cool, and committing to being loving.

Anthony got sent home from school on Tuesday. He had been under the weather, since his dad's girlfriend's three year old boy had 'snot everywhere' and 'slept all the time' during Thanksgiving. They were going to work out for the sports and Anthony didn't want to lie to his teacher that he was short of breath. The vice principal told me my options were: isolate for ten days, see a doctor, or Covid test. 

It took me three hours to sort it through. It was hell on a computer. Finding an opening, for an appointment, that my insurance was accepted (I have Obamacare--twelve hundred a month for limited, much more limited than before Obamacare options, and before Obamacare, it was three hundred dollars a month. I'm carrying for myself and three others, seriously.). I wanted to pull out my hair!

But...I stayed calm and loving to Anthony (after I yelled, and I yelled a lot, because he didn't know to lie given the grave consequences of the Covid hysteria). I got a teledoc appointment in minutes. The pediatrician said to get a test. I got a 'free?' test about ten miles away, the last appointment available for PCR testing, and had to provide ID and insurance. The place was kind of shady, really, but it worked.

We ended up at my second favorite crystal shop. I learned that when you try to save money, sometimes you have to just let that go. Because when you have spiritual work, you need tools and you need to keep supporting your spiritual growth. I didn't get anything costly, but I did get what I needed for this next phase.

Time to get ready for work!

Ross and I love and bless you!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Now What?


My, my, my!

I began this journey in 1990, applying to medical school and matriculating at UCSD in 1992. It's been a long time.

Today marks six days in a row without work. Even though I was on the schedule, I haven't been assigned because our group has a lot of anesthesiologists and the O.R. is slow.

I haven't been happier!

It is so wonderful staying home!

The twenty-six years of being woken up in the middle of the night and taking call has taken its toll.

I'm celebrating every day at home, and asking Divine Mother and Blessed Mother, Ross and Divine Father, for guidance as to how I can enjoy my life a little more, along these lines, and still support myself and my family?

I don't mind work. But I find I enjoy the little liberties of being at home so much more.

I'm not making much headway in my projects. From the website, the 'contact us' forms are going to someplace I'm not sure where, it's not going to the email. So I get to track that down.

I'm thinking of a course for people to help their intuition.

The garden is okay, not great, but not awful. It needs a lot of work.

My follow up study for the diverticulitis is tomorrow. I get to do the prep today. One piece of toast before eight thirty and then I'm clear liquids only. I hope the study goes well. 

What surprises me is how the expenses keep going when I'm at home. Food, 'deals' from Black Friday to 'save money down the road', stuff like that. Anthony has a little cold. He picked it up from his dad's house, where his dad's girlfriend's preschooler son had snot 'everywhere' and 'was sick the whole time'.  Just buying a whole chicken to make chicken soup is not cheap. I put away the twenty-five dollar organic one and chose the fourteen dollar one at whole foods. Fortunately, our arugula crop is doing well. 

I have a unique style of gardening. Nothing is forced. My mom has a concept of 'volunteers', plants that just 'show up' and thrive. So, I foster this by letting things go to seed. My garlic harvest last year wasn't good. But this year, a lot of plants are coming back in the rows where I had planted them. Same for onions and potatoes too. The romaine lettuce has some 'volunteers' in the most surprising of places. And the baby kale and the regrowth from last year's cabbage stumps are thriving! It doesn't look organized and beautiful, but the plants who like each other are natural neighbors, they are happy, and producing well. 

There is a Bokashi still in my kitchen, and it's eating up the things I wouldn't dare put in the compost outside. I also have a worm compost bin set up in the outside, and it's working well too. I love the happy worms. I wonder how the grubs can get in there, because it's closed to the outside. But the turtle likes the grubs, and if there was a food shortage I'm sure I'd find a way to roast them for protein too. 

Anthony is up now.

I'm enjoying the time we have before anything major happens. Energetically, politically, we are teetering on the brink of a precipice. I don't know which way it's going to turn, although ultimately, good things are going to happen down the long term. It's a good time to enjoy what we have, and who we are with, because in totalitarianism systems, nothing is a guarantee, and it's just right around the corner.  I pray, I pray a lot, and I give thanks because I know Ross and my family and I will reunite under happier circumstances, at some point, if things go the worst possible way. And if they go better, all will rejoice until we reunite. The need is to be loving 24/7, 365, to all we meet...exactly where we are. That's why we are here.  To anchor these frequencies for as long as possible.

clap! clap!

Aloha and mahalos,



Ross and Carla

Time for toast!

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Embrace Your Old-Lady-ness, Ross Advised...


I absolutely adore this photo. The image, the textures, the tones, the contrasts, with the light off in the distance and the lace curtains...the composition and effect is remarkable!

The other day, in strict confidence, I confessed to another soul that I am turning into an old lady! The horror of horrors! My ovaries no longer work...I hate it.

That night, I dreamed and when I was about to wake up, Ross told me to 'embrace my old-lady-ness' because it wouldn't be long like this. I worked hard to reach this goal. No to lose heart but to embrace it.

There is joy in my days. I'm not who I was when I was in my thirties, but that's okay. My health is pretty good all things considered. 

I shared with my sister's mother in law, who is ten years older than I am, and we are so very much alike, about my diverticulitis. She has it too. And she said that it gets even more challenging when you are in the 'sign up for medicare' range...all the health and aging...but she was happy and I was happy to be next to one another at the Thanksgiving table. Her mother Martha is ninety, and so full of life,'s good.

I've been reading more. And learning. People who um, 'witness', to a Jay Hoe Vah, have a lot of stuff going on way up in their hierarchy. Pretty much the hierarchy of all religions are kind of in cahoots. 

The only thing to share is, if you've read Svali, and her talk of 'End Times Programming' (Alex is the name I think), THAT 'playbook' sounds an awful lot like the one those witness people are subscribed to for their version of 'End Times'.

Further, look to ChyNuh and how practitioners of Falun Gong, Uygers (sorry I can't spell), Christians, and others are treated...a huge prison is being built with a crematorium in the middle. A daughter says how she was told her father who she had seen in jail the day before in good health was 'dead of a heart attack'. When she arrived the body was still warm in the freezer. They wouldn't let her examine the body and they also cremated him without her consent. They practice Falun Gong. These people don't drink alcohol and are in good health...there's forced organ donation.

Also, Bid Den wants to take accreditation away from colleges that are Christian if they don't promote the Ell Bee Gee Tee Cue ...

We are just on the edge of genocide against the Christians. I can feel the hatred in my regular FB friends against 'Christians', which is kind of odd because the higher ups in most religions are all in 'cahoots', worshipping essentially JahBuLon and doing whatever they want to do with the people's money.

It isn't here yet.

Our job is to help the Awakening. To be LOVING 24/7, 365, in our greatest capacity, to everyone we meet.

Today, I went to a garage sale. I wanted to turn back because I forgot my mask. But I went to the car and was pleasant about it. 

Inside I found wonderful things. I got us a rug, a persian-type, used but beautiful, for the same price as my tiny new Tibet one I got twenty years ago from a Tibetan monk. Their mom had passed, and mine had earlier this year. I had been crying over the sink yesterday, missing her, and I thought to go to McDonald's and get what she used to buy me when it was just us two, before my sisters--a cheeseburger, fries, and a sprite. It helped. I think mom helped us to find this rug. I'm so glad she did. 

That's what's after old-lady-ness.


Whether it comes sooner and with hardship (end times prophecy) or later with peace, it's still going to arrive. 

It's not here yet.


clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Thursday, November 26, 2020




Today we celebrate the ties between ourselves and loved ones, near and far. We remember those who have passed and give thanks for everything that has transpired in our existence. We celebrate with food and companionship, tradition and delight.

I've been doing much deep thinking over the past few weeks, and have come to the following conclusions:

  • youth does not need to be occupied in the classroom in the most important years of their lives. We will be able to return to more liberty when computers can carry on more of the 'nuts and bolts' of society. Children should be allowed their freedom to explore and learn about the world around them.
  • the family is an excellent teacher for our youth. This is where life skills and trades are handed down generation to generation.
  • information is a weapon--we are deluged with it--and it's not good for the human spirit. Look at the amount of spam and sales-oriented email that clogs up your inbox. It's horrible and a drag on the spirit. It takes hours to keep up.
  • Furthermore, the electronic age with notifications and the expectation for instantaneous responses also is intrusive into our lives and our happiness. This is another aspect of the information war.
  • Family is everything. Society must support the family, and our lifestyles need to change to permit appreciation of the precious ties between us.

Change is coming.

Don't say we didn't try to warn you.

There's no going back. Too much disruption has taken place.

Instead, accept this, and look forward to building and maintaining the relationships and lifestyle which is important to you. Anything can happen. So focus on what YOU want and what works for YOU.  For example, I'm giving away half of a weekend call. I need the time, personally, and even though it's lots of money going to someone else, I know my limits. I need something to look forward to. And also, to keep myself from being worn out.

My relapse of the diverticulitis is better. I'm going to need to change my lifestyle to include both more fiber and more exercise. A lot. And that's okay.

In the meantime, Ross and I would like to share some very exciting news with you:
Although these aren't weighty scientific journals, that they would even be published at all is an encouraging sign. I've been meditating on returning my illnesses to the original blueprint of health. I've heard that some people have reversed major illnesses with such meditation over time, daily meditation of like an hour for a year and a half. These things in the articles are faster, and in my opinion, medically, tap into the frequencies of healing kind of like the Divine Healing Codes. 

How wonderful a future we have ahead, once the dust settles out from all of the conflict in world leadership--not the people in 'positions of power' that we are told, but truly, the ones behind the scenes who control EVERYTHING.

So, Ross and I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. We are entirely blessed by your readership. And we courageously encourage you to look to the future of your dreams, while dutifully maintaining and anchoring the frequencies of LOVE wherever you are, at the moment, 24/7, 365....

clap! clap!

Aloha and mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

P.S. There is an episode in South Park where the kids get high by sniffing cat pee. We think it's an oblique reference to the ones who are into AH dreee know chrome. Here's a laugh for you from South Park. Try to keep the humor as the truth comes out about what is hidden in our leaders--the lawyer Lin has a quote about it right now. It's sad truth, but ironic too. Here's the clip from South park--