Saturday, November 28, 2020

Embrace Your Old-Lady-ness, Ross Advised...


I absolutely adore this photo. The image, the textures, the tones, the contrasts, with the light off in the distance and the lace curtains...the composition and effect is remarkable!

The other day, in strict confidence, I confessed to another soul that I am turning into an old lady! The horror of horrors! My ovaries no longer work...I hate it.

That night, I dreamed and when I was about to wake up, Ross told me to 'embrace my old-lady-ness' because it wouldn't be long like this. I worked hard to reach this goal. No to lose heart but to embrace it.

There is joy in my days. I'm not who I was when I was in my thirties, but that's okay. My health is pretty good all things considered. 

I shared with my sister's mother in law, who is ten years older than I am, and we are so very much alike, about my diverticulitis. She has it too. And she said that it gets even more challenging when you are in the 'sign up for medicare' range...all the health and aging...but she was happy and I was happy to be next to one another at the Thanksgiving table. Her mother Martha is ninety, and so full of life,'s good.

I've been reading more. And learning. People who um, 'witness', to a Jay Hoe Vah, have a lot of stuff going on way up in their hierarchy. Pretty much the hierarchy of all religions are kind of in cahoots. 

The only thing to share is, if you've read Svali, and her talk of 'End Times Programming' (Alex is the name I think), THAT 'playbook' sounds an awful lot like the one those witness people are subscribed to for their version of 'End Times'.

Further, look to ChyNuh and how practitioners of Falun Gong, Uygers (sorry I can't spell), Christians, and others are treated...a huge prison is being built with a crematorium in the middle. A daughter says how she was told her father who she had seen in jail the day before in good health was 'dead of a heart attack'. When she arrived the body was still warm in the freezer. They wouldn't let her examine the body and they also cremated him without her consent. They practice Falun Gong. These people don't drink alcohol and are in good health...there's forced organ donation.

Also, Bid Den wants to take accreditation away from colleges that are Christian if they don't promote the Ell Bee Gee Tee Cue ...

We are just on the edge of genocide against the Christians. I can feel the hatred in my regular FB friends against 'Christians', which is kind of odd because the higher ups in most religions are all in 'cahoots', worshipping essentially JahBuLon and doing whatever they want to do with the people's money.

It isn't here yet.

Our job is to help the Awakening. To be LOVING 24/7, 365, in our greatest capacity, to everyone we meet.

Today, I went to a garage sale. I wanted to turn back because I forgot my mask. But I went to the car and was pleasant about it. 

Inside I found wonderful things. I got us a rug, a persian-type, used but beautiful, for the same price as my tiny new Tibet one I got twenty years ago from a Tibetan monk. Their mom had passed, and mine had earlier this year. I had been crying over the sink yesterday, missing her, and I thought to go to McDonald's and get what she used to buy me when it was just us two, before my sisters--a cheeseburger, fries, and a sprite. It helped. I think mom helped us to find this rug. I'm so glad she did. 

That's what's after old-lady-ness.


Whether it comes sooner and with hardship (end times prophecy) or later with peace, it's still going to arrive. 

It's not here yet.


clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos

Ross and Carla
The Couple