Friday, October 28, 2016


At the north end of Kailua Bay, is Kamakahonu, the house where the mighty king Kamehameha chose to live.

He was born on the island, what we call today, 'Big Island'. He was taken from his mother at a young age, and placed into rigorous training to become a warrior.

His name means, 'the Lonely One'.

Four years ago, I was headed towards the island with plenty of hope.

I wanted to meet KP.  He is someone who had influenced me greatly in my awakening. We had once spoken on the phone. With his training in chemistry (he has a PhD) and mine in chemical engineering we had many a story to share.

Part of me thought that if I met him all my problems would go away.

Part of me thought somehow he had all the answers.

Part of me thought just by being near his Very High Vibration, and perhaps having a cup of coffee at the place he used to always go, would help me finish waking up and I wouldn't have to do any of the hard work any more.

I thought things would 'just make sense' in an instant, kind of like magic.

This was 2012 mind you, and late in the year.

I was in for the discovery of my life, and I didn't know it!

Kauilapele rejected me.

We had an argument ever before I got on the plane.

He treated me like I was the devil. (he has done this to Alexandra Meadors too in the past, but now he considers himself to be her friend).

I had to pick myself up, go to my conference anyway, and give up all of those hopes and dreams.  He was busy and didn't have much time to meet me when we were planning to meet, and after the fight?

You know.

So on the plane I was thinking, 'Okay, spirit, you needed to get me here, and KP was the carrot. That's okay. NOW tell me what to do, and what is so important for me to leave my home and family for one week. Please make sure I get the point I need to take away from all this.'

I sure did.


If you want to see the original stories, scroll back to October and November 2012. And you'll know.   I made peace with him, Kamehameha. It was long overdue.

It explained why He Mele No Lilo (I'm sorry if I have the name wrong) is a song that made me cry.

I pieced together ME on that trip.

And it began the foundation for my awakening.

It takes a while to have independence in this whole Ascension thing--independence as in 'I am a fundamental unit who works with my guides''s okay to have some other Lightworker in the role of teacher, mentor, friend, like training wheels.

Ultimately you will walk on your own two feet, and enjoy the friendship that remains between you, just like you enjoy the friendship with those in Spirit who have passed. It's pleasant.

And it just IS.

This morning I was in a very light sleep. There was a woman spirit standing over me, to my right. There was a group of us, with a leader, like a teacher. She reminded me of Maggie, who brings me the persimmons from her tree and is a nurse in PACU.

I was lying in my bed, physically, but awake in spirit and participating with the group.

'Maggie' had a little crystal in her pocket, about perhaps four inches long.

She waved it over me, and my record keeper citrine Lemurian crystal.

My crystal started to vibrate, and inside it it glowed the brightest shade of blue, a light neon blue.

The inside of my tummy started to shake with the same frequency vibration. And the energy downloads were intense,  the strongest I have ever experienced.

I had concern for the safety of my crystal,  and I wanted to make sure it was okay; ironically, at the same time, I understood on a different level that this is what this crystal is supposed to do, and it was perfectly content and pain free.

This went on for ten minutes.

Then she stopped. The teacher-guide told her it was enough. She cheerfully put her crystal away in her purse.

I checked with my crystal to make sure it was okay, nothing had broken, and I let it rest.

Then I woke up.


(He selected the picture.

He wants me to post this:

He quietly chuckles to himself, and does a gesture that looks like a mask is being lifted off, you know, one of those big rubber masks.

Anthony read to me yesterday morning his spooky story he had written for school.

It was all about electric shocks and a man wearing a red rubber mask.

Anthony doesn't read any of this stuff I write.--ed)

clap! clap!

Carla is late for work!

(he chuckles again--ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Thursday, October 27, 2016


When I was an intern, one of my classmates from high school who was a year ahead of me, worked at the VA as a case manager and was on my ward.  It was delightful to reconnect with Collette, to talk about her sons, Austin and Adam, and to share with her life on rounds and on the wards.

She learned about my divorce, and was concerned I wasn't dating. I actually had dated a little off and on, but not to anyone who was a good fit.

It turned out she had a friend, a close friend, and she wanted to set us up on a date. She wanted him to take me out.

When I realized he was the son of a former colleague back at Clorox, I was thrilled! I was absolutely delighted, and looked forward to making a potential connection with his heart.

David Coburn, was a packaging engineer who lived in Pleasanton, California. He adored his family. I saw the photos of his kids on his desk. He enjoyed taking cello lessons, and I think he also performed in either acting or some other performing art in his spare time.  He was a good guy--not super fancy --but SOLID as it gets, kind, good-hearted, and always willing to help or lend an ear.

I didn't know what to do on a set-up date.

His son called, and he didn't know Costa Mesa, where I was living. How was I supposed to know the area? I was an intern, right? I was always working!

I didn't want to spend lots of his money. I never felt entitled.  So I suggested dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory, followed by a discount movie showing of The Nutty Professor. I even offered to go Dutch Treat.

Let me tell you, David's son--I can't even remember his name to be honest--was not David.

He had airs.

He was as worldly as it gets, and I had never met anyone before like it, so I didn't recognize it when I met it head on, face to face.

He was quiet, he was uncomfortable, and we couldn't hit it off.

Here he was, owning a company that made batteries for electric cars, a brilliant engineer and businessman (for all I know maybe he started Tesla--this was like, 1996)...and I understood the science behind it which was fascinating!

All I know is at the end of the night, I felt like he wanted sex, and I couldn't figure out why he was acting that way over a first date and a cheap dinner and movie and I hardly even knew him.

I knew he could never win my heart. But I wanted to keep respect for him, for his father's sake, and as my mother says, 'a girl can never have too many successful male friends'...She was big on platonic friendships with high-powered engineers at her work.

Part of me was puzzled by his behavior. Why didn't he like his father? Why didn't he want to talk about him? Why was he acting so selfish when his father always treated him with kindness and love and worked so very hard to provide for him? (David Coburn was old enough to be MY father too LOL).

Well, I got invited to a Luau party at his (Owner of car batteries factory guy who is friends with Collette) house in Solana Beach. It's a long drive away for me. But I went, again, to honor his father.

That's where I saw the girl.

She was living with him! She acted like she owned the place. She was Asian, probably Vietnamese but back then I couldn't figure things like that out. And she was OLD--way older than us--in her forties. She was showing off her cleavage, had on a ton of eye makeup, and he was totally smitten by her...worldliness...

I laughed it off.

To this day I still wonder why he ever dated me?  I think Collette was worried for his future, as the 'woman' had dollar signs in her eyes, and was very possessive of him to me.  I can see why his friend Collette wanted him to go out with someone she knew from high school.

Ross asked me to write about this today. He asked me last night in my meditation.

One thing I have always known about myself was I have the personality of an executive wife. I am knowledgeable about a great many things, an excellent conversationalist at a party (even though I don't like parties! LOL), and I make someone feel like they are the only person in the world when I talk to them. I am an excellent team player, and I always make my team look in the best possible light.

I also, as a soul, have a very strong feminine energy, which is attracted to an equally strong--masculine, alpha male type (only a spiritually alpha male)...and my soul carries with is a reputation for a great many things...some of which come out only in an intimate one on one interaction (these are the words Ross is using to describe it--it's hard to be politically correct).

His teaching point is that for all the wordiness of that young man, he couldn't have been more off the mark about me, even when he was in my presence.  He couldn't detect it.  And, as Ross says it, one day he will go, 'man! I had a date with her! and she was the one that got away...'

(he's smiling very warmly as he says it, and is very pleased I am here for him--and HE appreciates me!)


The world as you know it is going to change.  It will be like everyone at a costume party taking off their masks and finding out who is who underneath the costume.

And it will be fun.

I want you to enjoy it.

(he taps the seat next to him--ed)  Come right on down and have a front row seat.

I want you to know you are making a difference for the whole project in everything you are doing for our team.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Bizarre Interview

It was the summer after my first or second year away to college at Berkeley. I came home, and the very next day, on the table where I eat breakfast, daddy had put the classified ads and circled some jobs for me.

It was a hint.

And not a very subtle one.

There was one that said, 'Great Travel Opportunity' or 'SALES' or something.   It wasn't very clear what it was about, but they said I could interview, so I went.

This was in 1984.

It was the strangest thing. The place didn't look like a regular business office. It was just some room with some guy in a business area. There was no receptionist, no company name on anything.

So he starts asking me 'do you want to be a success?'

I asked him to explain in what?  exactly? I like science...

'Do you like sales?'

Well, it depends, selling what?

'You get to travel'

(He was very evasive, didn't look me in the eye, and never answered my questions directly. What I asked I thought were very reasonable questions.)

But where? When? Why? And for how long? When do I come back? My parents aren't going to like it.

That's when he cut the interview short.  He literally pushed himself back from the table, and said, 'You aren't going to be a good fit here. I won't waste our time.'

I felt dirty.

Everything about the place felt really creepy and I was happy to go.

Fast forward to 2016, and yesterday, I saw this:

THAT was one of those 'jobs'!

I wonder how many kids are put into this because of their well-intended parents who want them to work?

I'm so thankful for my inner guidance, that told me something wasn't right about this whole 'deal' when I interviewed back in the day.

What did I do for the rest of that summer?

I worked for National Car Rental. Someone there was out the whole summer for gallbladder surgery. So I filled in until she was healed, I think for eight weeks.

They even got me a cake on my last day, and had a little party.  It was like family there. And it WAS a huge company. With a boss and coworkers and all kinds of training at the beginning.

It was a really nice place to work. I got six dollars an hour, which was more than my four dollars an hour selling fast food in Disneyland I did the summer before.


It is my wish that all people who are involved in any kind of human trafficking may be free, healed, and this terrible crime may never happen again.

It's hidden in plain sight.

See it for what it is.

Don't let them get away with it.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Turtle and Rabbit

My mentor at work is Taiwanese.  He has an electrical engineering degree from MIT, and is a doctor, an anesthesiologist like me.

He explained to me years ago, when I first went into private practice, that some days (in the main OR) you work like Rabbit.  On other days (on OB) you work like Turtle. Either way, you get paid, and support yourself and your family.

It wasn't until a few seconds ago, I realized the depth of this lesson.

It is past my bedtime. I just finished a VERY busy day--Rabbit to the max!--and I'm checking my emails. I was waiting for an email, for possible work tomorrow at my moonlight place. I never heard it. Which is good, because I have my day job in the morning, and I can't go. I didn't know where they pulled the date from the sky, but I never agreed to tomorrow in the first place.


In my email--as I slogged through all of the ads and junk--I found that the letter my lawyer said about my lawsuit wasn't enough. There were even more forms to complete. And they were due four days ago.

There you have it.

It's the story of my life.

Too much Rabbit.

Not enough Turtle.

That's why my house is a mess, I am overweight, I am out of shape, and I am so disorganized.

WHO can be organized when they are in Rabbit mode?

Which brings me to the next part...the only good thing about Rabbit is, the pressure is helping me to grow in Spiritual Life.

Today I hit a new breakthrough.

What IF that feeling of total relaxation and letting my guard down while I was resting on the couch the other day, was a FEELING I had everywhere I go?

It's like being a baby--you love everyone and trust them not to hurt you--and being incarnate is a joy.

So I practiced it.

All in all the day was more pleasant.

I am going to go do my meditation, set my alarms, and go to sleep.

I find I am developing something new I call 'Spiritual Confidence'--I trust that when it is right, I will know my next steps, and they will be right for me. The fear of the Unknown is shrinking before my eyes. The worry of my future is getting to be more 'what comes I will face it'...and 'everything will work out'.

I sound like an evolved being there now, hmmm? LOL.  It's hard to believe it's me, but it's how I feel and it's good.

The funniest thing is how Spirit tries to get through to us. My rabbit and my turtle have been roommates in the yard for a while. I notice turtle likes to sleep near rabbit at night because she is warm. (the ants--my totem symbol for 'overwork'--have been invading the turtle cage. It drives turtle crazy when they crawl on her. So I put her with rabbit, and both like to run around in the enclosure. Rabbit doesn't even eat turtle's bananas, and banana is her favorite thing!)

So you might want to take note of how much Rabbit and how much Turtle you have in your life too.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Back In The Saddle!

More lessons!

I laugh.

Last night, both Anthony and I wanted a nice cozy night at home to relax.  I even wished I could have baked cookies--I never do.

He had homework due, 'three paragraphs'.

I did give him a smoothie he likes (coconut sugar and a banana and cocoa) and three oreos. (They were left over in my pocket, I got a pack for Halloween treat, from the office). I had almond milk and one oreo.

He couldn't believe it! He said, 'Mom! I have NEVER had an oreo in this house!'

So we got 'close' to my having cookies and milk when he came home...but the writer's block hit.

He couldn't research the Cheyenne Indians. He didn't know how to search. He looked at wiki. And some sites that quote wiki.

I didn't know how much to let him flail (and learn) or to help.

After two hours I said, 'Look, you need an outline, a stem, on paper to help you organize your thoughts!'  I sat with him, and drew one for him. Then I found an educational site with a video.

The video was perfect but in the middle you learned you have to pay a monthly fee twenty dollars a month, just for the minimum.

I signed up for the five free days trial.

Then he went to take the quiz, online, and that cost more.

He was frustrated! He said, 'mom, don't spend more money.' He did watch the video over and over, and after dinner, was able to write.

I was glad to cook dinner. And as I made the salad and watched him struggle, I felt Spirit nudging me that 'what you seek does not exist' and instead, ' THIS is a different kind of cozy warmth for you two to enjoy'.

After the meal, I told him that he's taller than me now, and he needs to help out. We washed dishes together and put leftovers away for lunches together.

The last points are:  breathing is important--as in yogi stuff. I'm reading about prana. That explains why when I do the deep breathing in meditation, I am fascinated by the times I'm not breathing--either all the way lungs full and hold for count to ten, or all the way empty and count to ten--because I FEEL something flowing into the top of my head.  I didn't know what it was. Well it's Prana, a life force thing. It flows while you are breathing too, but you can't notice it because of the air movement.

I'm a beginner at this. Don't hold me to it, until I learn more. But it's good.

My Millerite came in the mail too. It's wonderful. A very good mineral, and it's giving it's blessings and benefit to everyone I heal, which includes you who read this.

Time is short. I am too. I must get the kitchen ready for our breakfast.

Ross is very quiet just today. That means he's busy. If there is an emergency, he will come, for a moment, but he's not 'hanging out' like he was earlier this weekend and week.

Our relationship comes and goes. And in a way, I've adjusted to it. Now having a partner--who is on the Other Side--who isn't always constant in his ability to be present--helps me to realize he has stuff to do like me. When he's quiet, I pray for him, for everything he does to be a success, and I do my best to learn my lessons.

Other times he's quiet is when I am being actively tested. I never know until it's over. I guess some people don't like an 'open book test' when it has to do with my growth and development, so he goes quiet until I demonstrate something mastered (I never know what). I know the tests because when they are over Ross gives me reinforcement and support and hugs and kisses, and tells me how I did.


Carla is very wise.

I suggest you listen to her. (he taps the breathing, the 'Ross has stuff to do and I pray for him', and the tests).

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Monday, October 24, 2016

All Is Not Lost

This is inspirational.

One of my gifts is to tell you what's going on in my heart. Both the good and the bad. This is what sets my work apart from ninety-nine percent of the other bloggers and channelers.

I'm not going to blow smoke up anyone's 'bottom'...tell you what you want to hear...tell you that I have all things figured out...

I go on my way.

Tonight it's good.

I enjoyed the rest after my lesson. Dinner was nice (although Anthony didn't help--he was glued to the TV set with his football team--and I indulged even though I know I shouldn't baby him).

And I made a bracelet.

It is a very special bracelet named, 'All is not lost'.

It is recycled.

In it are several beads that were on somebody else's bracelet, another healer. When I restrung the two broken ones using stronger wire, spirit guided me on new stones, new 'oomph', and what to take out.

On my wrist--in the pattern spirit assigned--is a seven and one half inch elastic bracelet with clear quartz, and a single chrysoprase, interspersed with the pale arctic rose Swarovski four millimeter bicone beads I've never been able to find a project to use.

All is not lost.

Recently I thought I was 'lost' as in a failure at housekeeping. Right now, at this moment, my bed is made, towels are organized on the old folding bookshelf we took out of Anthony's room to make way for his desk (it's in the master bathroom now). The piles are much less on two 'hot spots'. Plus I found eighty dollars in birthday money from Anthony, two checks from my mom (I'm not going to deposit they are from January), and some old tickets from the local Halloween pumpkin thing that are good for this year.

Everything is in its own time, for its own reason...

Even me.

Last night in meditation, my heart came out. My bewilderment at why I've had such a stormy life plan when it came to relationships?  Ross explained to me how he did for Anthony's going away--how in the big picture in a healthier that way, it's for my own good.

It wasn't until I finished meditating and was tidying up my space for the next time, I saw a deck of Doreen Virtue cards. I'm not sure which one, I have so many. But it said, the open card on the top of the open box, 'This Is Your Life's Purpose'.

It is.

To meditate. To grow. And to write about it.

To open my heart to those who caused so much pain to me and my husband, back in our last incarnation together.

To be more like him.

All I can manage is a little bit.  He's like, way ahead of me in that part of his growth and development.

I can open a tiny door in my heart for the chronically low-vibration people.

I can wait for 'what's next'.

I can appreciate what I have.

I can see some blog post and see right through it as disinformation ('some blog posts are narcissistic') because I know in my heart the Ascension experience is highly individual--no two experiences are the same!--and by learning one's self, and one's reactions and interpretations of perceptions, and changing the response to one of lovingkindness, we affect everyone and everything around us.

Today, in my news feed, a friend shared a photo of a palm tree. She is Jewish and has known me since I was a student at Berkeley. She doesn't know Reiki! And yet with her heart filled with love (she is one of the most kind and loving and caring humans I know) and gratitude, she reciprocated in kind as best as she knew.

People 'pick up' on this, what we do, as healers who are awakened to the Higher Realms.

I'm going to keep on my Life Purpose.

I'm going to relax as deeply as I can and heal as a person who has experienced much pain and anguish in many lifetimes.

I'm going to trust in the process...and enjoy the view along the way.


I am the teddy bear Carla is holding.

Last night in her meditation, I presented to her the opportunity to ask me and her guides a request.

Carla searched her soul. I know, I'm her twin, I could feel it.

Carla said, 'I am on an assignment and I don't know what it is. I feel dumb.  How come on Earth when I am incarnate, if there is any job to do, I understand what is expected of me, so I can work to master it. Why is it with this I always have the feeling I am making things up and what I am doing doesn't matter?'

I couldn't tell her.

Not while she is awake.

But this is the kind of pointed question that Carla is posing to her teams.

I anticipate her to fully awaken at any time, (holds one finger up--ed), not by her line of questioning, and her insight to ask--but by her RESPONSE, by her REACTION!

It was a gentle, 'oh well, I am going to keep on doing what I am doing that 'feels right' and to trust that there is an end to this (unknowing) eventually'.

Carla let it go!

Carla did not blame or point the finger or accuse or do anything other than to accept 'what is' at present...

And with the letter Carla found from her mother in 1995--TWENTY ONE years ago!--Carla picked up the energy from her mother's 'young' handwriting...that Spirit has a place for her mother's own words!

Carla knew her mother wrote that letter from her heart, and also from her misunderstanding her own key to her daughter's sorrow, the feeling rejected by her own mother over a cat, because the family 'likes the kitty' and 'no one will take a grown cat' and all the other excuses to justify why Carla felt like a stranger, an unwelcome one at that, in her parent's home.

Carla SAW with her own two eyes the behavior when she would make a visit (and get sick from the allergies, no matter what allergy medicine Carla was on) how her mother would light up over the cat, feed it, pet it, and let it walk all over the house, not even putting it in a room so Carla couldn't see it.

(Putting a cat away doesn't remove the years of dander that have built up all over the house, it doesn't help with the allergies).

Carla has her eyes swell shut, welts on her skin, her voice drops very low, and she is skirting the edge of anaphylaxis when she remains in the vicinity of a cat for very long time.

Carla's mother heard Carla's screams when she was seven and had all the allergy tests, the ones with the little scratches that itched and the needles in the back; Carla's mother even brought Uncle Ben to comfort her during the second series of testing.

Carla's mother knew and made a decision to make herself feel better with a cat, along with the rest of the family who loved it, putting Carla on the out.

And now that lesson has turned around, only with a dog, and the rest of the family does nothing, or doesn't believe how very sick Carla's nephew gets when he is around it--even Carla's nephew doesn't think it is the dog. He doesn't get welts, he doesn't have his eyes swell shut, his voice stays the same, and he doesn't even sneeze, not even once.

(one finger goes up to make a point--ed)  But Carla's sister who is his mother thinks he IS! And for all practical purposes, who knows? He just might be.

The word for this type of lesson, is Displacement. Carla's sister, and both Carla's mother, and her other sister, as well as Carla's father when he was alive, are doing the best they can to make their way through DIFFICULT lessons. Long story short, the cat came when Carla's sister who wanted it threatened suicide if she didn't get it. The parents felt they had to choose one daughter over the other (this is NEVER the case! all is ILLUSION!)--so they picked.   They selected the healthy one to bear the brunt of the short end of the stick to 'save' their 'sick' daughter.

And that was it.

Also, the sorrows alluded to by the mother in her letter, were financial losses. Great big ones. Ones that brought forth the anger and self-hate which invited the decline (all are in her Lessons) of her own health.

Carla's mother is here for the financial lessons.  She took them hard, even harder than Carla with her lessons of the heart (lost loves, etc).

Carla's mother shielded her heroically from that, and allowed Carla to finish college (Carla paid the tuition and books and food, her parents paid for her housing).

Clap! clap!

It's time for Carla to go to work. Early start today!

Everyone wins!  (when it's all done and you are not incarnate)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Sunday, October 23, 2016


When I was in college, a student started a little kiosk, and called it, 'Jus Poppin' was popcorn with flavors you could choose.

My favorite was Spike. This is the seasoning she used to make it, but at the time I didn't know what it was. It sounded so adventurous, so edgy, the popcorn with the flavor of Spike.  It cost fifty cents, which was less than a slice of pizza at Blondie's pizza, or a mini yogurt with one topping at Yogurt Park (I took lemon with brownie crumbs).  Those were each a dollar.

I just found my bottle of Spike while going through some old spices in the kitchen. I normally keep them in a drawer, but the drawer broke. I went to fix it and the nice man at the hardware store didn't measure the wood right. I put everything together, but it won't fit in the drawer slot.


It's the story of my life, the small things to be fixed.

I am happy, very very content.

It is raining. I made soup. My tortilla soup came out nice last night. I froze half of it, and Anthony and I had some when he came home.

Dinner is in the oven. We are having a Trader Joe rolled leg of lamb (sorry for you vegetarians, I'm sorry, my son loves to eat meat and I gave up with his health issues a while back), potato, zucchini, and roasted honey mustard brussel sprouts.  I also, for dessert, have apples in the oven.  This is my favorite kind of meal--everything cooks in the oven together at the same time.

This is the rest period that comes after our tests. Life is full of them, both tests, and rest periods. Football is on the TV, Anthony is doing homework, and I want to make bracelets. I've had everything out for a month, but I haven't had time to sit and create.

These are the times Spirit assures us through our lessons that 'all is well'.

Earlier today, after my morning meditation, my exercise, and my healings...Ross had me lie on the couch.  I got to totally relax, and let my guard down. For the most part, I have my guard UP. It's from having a mother who had a hair trigger temper growing up. She's much better now, and we are close, but there's some habits that are hard to break.

Just today, I found a letter she had written to me but never sent. She had handed it to me about a year ago, but it ended up in a pile on a table I was cleaning.

Here it is--it's to me at age 30 or 31, a junior in Medical School:

November 5, 1995

My dearest Carluzza:

I hope you are feeling better now since we spoke last evening.

Carluzza, please, you have to put the past behind if you are going to reap the rewards in the future.

Please just let go of your past and live in the present.

Carluzza, my Guides are saying all of the above to me. They say to unchain yourself from all of those mental pain and misery you carry around because inevitably it will just bring you more pain and sorrow.

Let all of the cruelty and life's disappointments leave from your heart.

My Guides inform ME someday you will understand why your life was and is this way. They sincerely inform me we choose the Family, the Life, the Mother --especially me --will be born to be able to work out the Karmic Debts from the previous life or lives.

If you engage in the understanding things systematically you will be the loser every time.

They are saying life is a Mystery and our Catholic church also says that.

Our perils, our sorrows are all part of the cleansing of our Sins from previous Lives. We are seldom destined to suffer all of the time, though. We are physical vessels to Cleanse of our Negativity and Emotional frustrations we carry all of the time.

They assure me no one goes unscathed or without hurt. We choose to be born so we can work out more emotional and Spiritual penitence so we can get on to other scintillating places after we cross-over.

We are supposed to accept without resentment all of the life's pain and injustices because it is to be. Think of yourself as a carnal piano or a carnal violin, once in a while you need some tuning. They assure ME if everything went the way we wish, thus no growth would be achieved in the spiritual and emotional sense. We cannot travel in the time strata without some sharp turns and rough and bumpy road. Life is a great Mystery you have to believe this.

Carla, please let the past go and it will set you free.

Remember how you left home at seventeen years old. You have been gone for a very long time now. All of thirteen years from your paternal home. In truth your home is the heart, the joy we share with everyone.

Our Earthly homes are truly over-rated. Carluzza, when you left for college we kept your room like a relic or mausoleum if you will. We never told you some of the life's disappointments that went on here while you were in Berkeley. You can't have it both ways. you have to accept the choice you made to go away. Life keeps on changing and moving. What you are looking for it does not exist, because you wish life was different or more charming or more kind.

Well, reality is that life is not pleasant. Be grateful for one happy day or a happy moment once in a while. Remember you are our oldest daughter. You are our number one daughter. Thomas Paine said, 'You can't go home again' or something like that.  Or 'home is never the same again'.  What he felt I believe was the emptiness when he came home from college and then the army. Carluzza, nothing stays the same. Everything changes and gets removed or replaced. Nothing lasts forever, whether it is a home, a job, a friend, life is a continual adaptive place. Life is impartial to give us what we wish. Life is not fair. But it is imperative we pick ourselves up and wash the mud off when we fall. People tarnish, people get rusty like a battery.

My personal Guides want you to understand that 'nothing is as it seems or what seems to be'. Everything is an illusion. Everything is perceptions and receptions of what we perceive.
The Guides want you to know once and for all to understand how your sisters have the pain, sorrow, disappointments like others. Just because it doesn't show you have to believe both girls don't lead 'Charmed Lives' at all!

Both girls are trying to survive life's contrasting ways and confusions it brings. Vanessa is totally withdrawn. Christi is forever sick. She never has a healthy day.

Carluzza, pelase forgive and forget your past. It is imperative you pick yourself up and wash the mud and rust and shine like a star and exude confidence and fellowship. You have to rebuke and renounce the adversary from talking to you. Please have a Priest bless you and as I write this I am blessing you darling.

Remember, be gentle and kind and Jesus Christ will bless you in kind.

I wish you well.

Love for always,

Mom xxxxxxxx

My sister Christi had brought a cat into the home as soon as I married and moved out in 1988. I am deathly allergic to cats and have asthma. I felt like the family chose the cat over me. I was in medical school, and Christi had moved out, but the cat remained with the family until 2001 when my mother got her kidney transplant.  (I know what happened but am sworn not to tell. The official story is it just died of heartbreak. There was great risk to her from toxoplasmosis in the litter box as someone who is immunosuppressed.)

I was heartbroken and had shared with mom my pain, and anguish for the first time on the phone the might before she wrote the letter. But she wasn't getting rid of the cat, not in 1995. Back then she was in good health. In 1999 she would have kidney failure from Goodpasture syndrome.

Lauren was born in 1997, my first and only niece.. And in 1998 my sister carried her second child with complete placenta previa and bed rest. Spirit had told me the second one wouldn't be easy. My nephew was born in an emergency c-section premature at thirty six weeks gestation.

Now the same lesson is in place, only it is a dog, and my only nephew is allergic, and Christi is experiencing the rejection, feeling the dog is more important to my mother than her son.

It is very sad.

Fortunately, one way or another, I have evolved to the point where I see mom's love, and her honesty in writing this letter to me.

What I wanted really doesn't exist, and it hasn't for a long time. Dad is gone now. Mom has turned into my grandmother--dad's mom used to be the old lady with the orange tree in the back yard, always asking people to come and pick them, and sharing them as if they were gold. Mom used to make light of it and say, 'oranges are five pounds for three dollars!'...Now, in the tradition, mom has the beautiful oranges, and we enjoy picking them for her very much. And in 3D, I am still single, however, in 5D, I have Ross who is fortunately very close.

I am allergic to dogs, but fortunately not to my Vanessa's pomeranian.

I just wanted to share with you the healing and the lessons.  And give Ross a chance to speak, if he would like to say a few words.


I love you.

Everything is happening at the perfect place and time.

Even for Carla, who has had a rough time yesterday. (I just saw lightning! Wow! No thunder yet--ed)

Everything happens for the best.

Now for Monday night 'quarterback'--Carla has has erased herself from the loop of pain and suffering, and has moved on to the better things.

About the education--like what Carla's mother alludes to with all the life is not fair and life lessons--I have no comment. (points to his lips and gestures as if to say his lips are sealed--ed)

(there goes more lightning again!--ed)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Saturday, October 22, 2016

A Day With Ross

Today when I woke up I told Ross I felt like I needed my mom--I haven't felt like that in ages (usually it's in the O.R. when there's a really hard anesthesia case going and it won't end).

Ross was gentle, and asked, 'Will a husband do?'

I thought about it. The whole concept of an emotionally available partner is somewhat new to me, and it dawned on me with a nice warm good feeling that YES that would be perfect!

I spent most of the morning with my head near his heart, just like in the photo.

I shared with him everything.

What was on my heart the most were two very upsetting things I saw yesterday--things I experienced--which in hindsight I believe were in fact a 'stress test' to see how my emotional body would do.  I say a 'test' because I had a very supportive, caring physician friend present when those things happened.

But if you know my background--in this incarnation when I was four what trauma I experienced--and also with Ross in our last incarnation together--you can see how deeply upsetting witnessing these things is for me. And it was indeed both a test and a lesson.

I was sitting at a table waiting for my friend, and on the beach below I saw a very strange scene. It was directly below my table, far enough away I couldn't hear the conversation. There was a young man, with dark hair, a young woman, with blonde hair, and an old, heavy man with a big stomach sitting on a rock.

It looked like the couple was going to renew a vow or something with the old guy as a 'priest'--just playing.

Then it got rough. The young man approached the young woman, and she fended him off. Her hands were up above her head--she was keeping his hands off her. And she was screaming. The old man waved his hands and screamed too.

Then the young man wrestled the old guy, and for a moment I was afraid the young guy was going to dash the old man's head on the rock. It wasn't a fair fight.  Next I knew, the young guy reached into the old guy's pocket, pulled out two items. A phone was one, and the young man threw it far into the ocean, much to the helpless old guy's dismay. Then the young man waved a smaller darker item up over his head (a wallet?) and took off with the young woman, who both appeared to be friendly, a couple, and very happy.

Did they know each other--was it like, a drunk dad or something?

I don't know. Passers by helped the old man look for his phone in the breaking waves--but it was not to be found. Many compassionate people stayed until dark to help him.

I felt and I knew the old man wasn't going to be able to afford a new phone--it was deeply sad.

I also was in shock because this is a relatively safe tourist area. I've never seen anything like it. And the wrestling and stealing was going over and over in my head like a bad movie ever since.

The other thing happened during a 'test' I am sure because everything was almost planned--the events were perfect.  I was told by Spirit where to go, and my friend and I went there for dinner. Then on the way to the ladies room, we passed by an artist's stall. He had crystals. And boy, did he know his stuff. I saw some amazing stones! A pure goshenite beryl crystal was one of my favorites. This guy is an incredible healer--Todd Elliot Cohen. You can look him up on's his only website. His main thing is basically art that is an 'outreach' to the masses with advanced light healing. He has a multidimensional form he sculpted, and combines lights onto it, and photographs it.  

We were there, my physician friend and me, just having a blast with Todd looking at his collection and seeing what ones were for sale for us to take home.  We saw the light show--I'm so glad I could understand the healing and advanced science going on behind his 'art' , and appreciate it. It's totally galactic.

Well, a very intoxicated woman and her husband stopped by. My friend and I waited, and Todd went to them to do his sales pitch. They didn't buy anything, but I think it's a fifty-fifty when they are back home back east they will follow through.

It slowed down the energy.

We started back to the sale, and this young man with very horrible energy came next to me, not my friend. And he touched my obelisk after I told him those are my stones and they are not for sale.

The energies in that young man were violent, dark, and beyond making my skin crawl.

I couldn't understand why in my very high vibration he even dared to come close to my energy? Usually, it's protective, like chalk squeaking on a blackboard to people like that.

He finally left.

Todd called the guy--after I blurted out 'I don't understand and how could anyone be that negative/dark--I haven't been around anyone like that in the longest time!'--  'a total black hole'. He also said the guy was 'tripping out' (on drugs).

I almost didn't buy the obelisk. But Ross had told me to before that guy came along. I wasn't going to because it was expensive, but Ross had said, 'the guy (Todd) has to EAT!'

Todd is intuitive. He offered to cleanse it. He was patient and kind, and unwrapped it from the bubble wrap.

I saw a spiral, like DNA--double strand twist--of gold come out the top of it. Todd saw it too.

Then, Todd, said, gently, that he and a friend used to minister spiritually to all the souls like that in an area and help them to cross over. The ones who were 'stuck' between worlds. He's okay with that kind of person. He realized it's just some side of myself coming back to me to understand and grow back into myself (basically, a lesson).

He also said, this stone obelisk when that icky dude touched it, it opened up a tiny door in his heart--so it worked and it did something good.

I had been watching Todd a while during our time in his little shop. He's so very much like my friend Andy B.  Everything. The loving everyone. The mellow. The gentle acceptance of what is with no judgement whatsoever.

It hit me--just like Andy, Todd is an Elohim!

That explains it.  It also must be a past life connection--Andy back in the day was Ross' cousin (mine too by marriage!). I blessed two items of Todd's before any of this dark stuff ever happened. Sometimes I do that, bless things, to protect someone and carry my energy.  And I gave him not one but two hugs.

Because we are family. All of us are, on earth. And the very high vibration ones, well, it's nice to experience them.

I spent all day coming to terms with both of those vignettes.

My physician friend couldn't have been more supportive--she does amazing work with allergy healing, and alternative to vaccines. She hasn't set foot in a hospital for a year. Considering she is a Pharm D and MD, this career move speaks volumes! It was an honor to be in her presence.

The reason I think this was a test was that I have been really pushing my energy/stamina all month. At the end of September we took a weekend turn-around trip to Chicago. Then we came home, to call Friday night and a medical school reunion on Saturday.  That was my last time Anthony was with his father. The next weekend  I had call. The following weekend, a wedding late Friday night--kind of far from home--and the big Fall Gala kind of far from home on Saturday night. It was a short week--only two days worked, but much overwhelm for me, with bills and paperwork and housework. I also was like my energy gas tank was on 'E' for 'empty'--I had started to get sick during the week. Yesterday I had a full day, then dinner out, and I was up later than usual...for good reason of course!...but late.

That's part of why I needed Ross so much today. I was overwhelmed by the breakfast dishes in the sink. I clean them up--a three day pile--and next I know another pile forms. I shared how I felt like a total failure as a woman--I can't keep it together!--the house looks like a total mess and it really bothers me. I didn't know where to begin.

On top of this all, I've been doing my exercise and meditation.

I asked Ross what gives? Isn't it like my secret weapon to do those things? I wanted to be just like a galactic, like him!

He smiled.

He said it's adapting to the discipline to lead a spiritual life--like him--it's like building 'new muscles'. And this type of reaction is to be expected.

I told him I'm amazed at my co-creation (I got an azurite yesterday, and saw a manifesting crystal --clear quartz with hematite inclusions--things I had decided I wanted to see/get just the day before.  It's lightning fast!)...but I'm growing tired of all this responsibility to think and co-create. Couldn't I have a little break?

Ross was kind, and smiled, and said, 'would you like me to help plan your day?'

He and I both knew I lacked fun, spontaneity, freedom, nature, and time to create.  I told him all I wanted was to lie on my porch swing, and make chicken tortilla soup.

He said he would plan everything, and make it fun.

I asked, 'how will I know what to do?'

He said, 'Just do ONE thing and don't concentrate on anything else'.

So I slowly, slowly, slowly got through my day, like this:  Breakfast...take care of pets (I have five. The ants were in the turtle cage, I cleaned the old aquarium too--the one where boarder mice stay, I cleaned my birdcage, fed the rabbit, inspected the snake and adjusted his lights. I said a prayer, 'Jesus, please help me with this snake, because I don't know what it needs, I'm concerned it's sick because it's not eating, please help me to know what to do to take better care of it'. I don't often pray like that, in those terms, but sometimes, because of my many years of praying like that, when I'm dead serious, I still do.'...I folded laundry...I got the mail. I had to go to the post office to pick up a box with that little orange slip...

Around my neck is a strand of Eilat Stone. It is very rare. There is malachite, turquoise and chalcedony. It is from Israel. I smiled because I have been learning Hebrew letters, and now I can read the word 'Israel' in Hebrew!  This strand is on fishline and tied with a knot, straight from the supplier, but I slipped it over my head and I don't care. It's working wonders with my energy.

Ross let me play a little on my Pokemon go.

I can't begin to tell you how much I miss my son on his visits. Ross said, 'he needs it! you want him to be healthy when he grows up, right?' and I put my head on Ross' chest for a long time, doing my best to put Anthony's needs first, but it's terrible trauma to me, this coparenting--every other weekend--because Jared won't even let me say, 'I love you' and 'good night'--not even when Anthony was two!  Waves and waves of warm glowing love flowed from Ross to me, and it helped very much.

My soup was wonderful too. I greatly enjoyed looking at the recipe books, cooking is one of my favorite things to do...


This is Carla.

Ross wants me to talk a little about how I have expanded my concept of Love as his woman, friend, partner and Twin...

We are close.

I have had a lot of changing of my expectations to do in the course of our relationship.

I'll be honest.  At the beginning I had visions of a Galactic Ross coming in like Richard Gere into the factory to sweep Debra Winger (me) off her feet.

It was like that.

All my problems go away--BOOM!--in one fell swoop.

Yet I knew from mid way through our relationship, Ross told me straight up, 'I am NEVER going to be incarnate again.'

I was like, 'who will I bring to the Christmas parties at work then?!'

It was a long process of learning how to look at relationship in a different light.

Only the last two weeks I really started to feel like Ross is my FRIEND--in addition to the significant other, soul Twin, and the like.

With it, I am telling him more of my hopes and fears. I don't have the energy/gumption/dimensional security (am I going UP? is it tomorrow? or the next day? WTF?) to dream or make plans.

In fact, when it comes to my housing situation, I am at a total loss. I mean, complete and total failure, unable to budge no matter how much Spirit pushes...I look at all the areas in the Southland on this little app--even Catalina--and I can't find ONE neighborhood or home that 'feels right'...the used homes feel dirty, or they have other people's ideas of wonderful on them that I don't like (Granite is not my thing, I think it's ugly. I also am turned off by the open floor plan concept)...and the MONEY! Yikes! Just to think of the higher house payments, the higher's not fun.

In this area, Spirit has given me credit as 'this is the most she has ever made progress in this significant Life Lesson and we will call it a day in the learning department with Carla'--and Ross has stepped in. He has said, and I feel his energy--and I TRUST he knows my needs better than I do!--he is going to find me the best place I have ever lived in all of my incarnations, and he's going to help me pay for it.

He means it.

My dream would be--frankly--to live in a tiny cottage on the eight thousand square foot lot on Shaw's cove--the land itself is worth fifteen million--because I can be myself--I don't need fancy crap--I love NATURE and I could be able to enjoy a little breathing room without being window to window with someone else's house!  I would take photographs every day. And simply enjoy a very straightforward life in a historical house on the water and put giant huge gates around it!

But I don't know the 'Big Picture'--some of this dream, I'm sure, is reaction to things in this life, past lives--and I trust Ross and his teams to sort everything out.

So...between us...I think last night for me, was like the 'go live' or 'quiet opening' night on Bar Rescue for me in my progress for my Ascension--all my little energy disasters and emotions came out from the 'stress test'--and although I probably could have sailed through it a heck of a lot better than I actually did--Ross and I grew closer through the whole thing. And I grew in my discipline of my spiritual life, thanks to a lesson in loving everything and everybody--by an Elohim--all with the loving, caring support of my close friend, and fellow doctor with Reiki here on conference.

I have these feelings of Ross which are well, strong and soothing, they are with me every day now. His love. His caring. His masculine 'looking out for me' but really just balancing out my feminine. His expecting the best from me, and his patience when my best isn't really all that great.

When I told him I was a terrible housewife, and I was so embarrassed--he just looked at me, with such kindness and love, as if it's never been a secret to him and he loves me unconditionally in spite of it!

When I told him I was embarrassed because I didn't know what to do with my day--I was overwhelmed by house, paperwork, overwork, and such a short time to do everything...he looked me in the eye and said, 'there is just one of you and we have to take care of you then'.

He was right. My energies have been shifting rapidly. I am like a lens. Lots of energy from Heaven is flowing through me, to everyone who needs it. I'm a chemical engineer by I think of it as 'energy balance' like I would for heat or mass through a reactor...Some days it's all I can do to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

I had blessings today too. I saw a hummingbird from my porch swing. Then I saw a lizard. A little later, a baby lizard too. Lizard is mo'o, in Hawaiian. In Native American lore, lizard dreams it's future. And hummingbird is Joy.

Ross has been calling me that. For two days now. He says, 'you are my JOY!'

So I almost titled today's post, 'Dreaming with Joy!' due to the totems I saw.

Wherever you are, in your growth and development, when you get close enough to your guides like I am to Ross, you're going to experience slow and steady change in your perception, in your habits, in your ability to process things. And just like with the braces getting tightened up, sometimes you're going to be a little sore and it will take time to adjust to these changes.

Just like me with Ross today.

clap! clap! (that's him)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Friday, October 21, 2016

Another Day Spent Learning and Growing

I kept Anthony home from school yesterday. He is about a day behind me in this illness, and his is a little more severe. He has a temperature of 100.8 F at the moment.

Today I have to work.

Let me retrace my steps for yesterday--I felt sick, I kept Anthony home, and frankly myself I didn't get any better.  Work 'did not schedule me' so it was a random, luck of the draw as I was low on the list. It was a long day, with Anthony politely tagging along on my errands I had scheduled.

My hair has been a disaster for months. Ed has a new office, and likes people to book way in advance. My schedule hasn't matched his since summer. So I've taken matters into my own hands at home. Yesterday was time for Ed to work and he worked very hard.

I look different. The color is darker. Anthony is very happy to have my hair back to the color it was when he was little. I look at it and don't like it. But it's better than salt and pepper. I'm just not ready to go white. Perhaps one day I will. But I don't like the thought of it.

At Ed's place, I remembered how when Anthony was in the hospital, Ed came, and said Jewish prayers over the baby. The ones for when a new baby is born. I couldn't help but think to myself, as I saw Anthony almost as tall as Ed now--'wow! those prayers sure worked!'.

For lunch, Anthony wanted something spicy for his cold. He wanted Indian food. It's his second favorite food in the world, after Italian.

I'm thrilled. There were many times I took him to Indian and he picked at the food and didn't want to eat it. Now he is older and we can enjoy Indian food together. The lunch buffet was there, and he was excited.   The spices were good. And Ross invited me to have a mango lassi this time too. Usually I don't because of the calories.

Then Anthony needed new shoes. He really wears them out. So we bought the tennies, identical in every way to the old ones, even in size, but new.

I brought him home, and needed to turn around and head back to the school for his parent-teacher conference. It was very good conversation, and I am at ease now in the competence of his new teacher. She also gave me anticipatory guidance Maria Montessori wrote about for the 'hormonal teen years' ahead. The child starts to pull away from the parent, to separate into their own individual, but they don't know how, and it's awkward and clumsy. His teacher taught me to 'nip it in the bud' any disrespectfulness, and to give the child 'another chance to rephrase it with a different tone' when they slip.

I got a book on crystals. It is very nice. Someone recommended it to me. There are nice pictures. There are nice sayings about it.  I learned a little on some of the stones I'm working with now. But I like my book by Melody better.

This brings up an excellent educational point.

The crystals, the stones I work with, they 'sing'. Their energy talks to me, and I understand it. I sense what stone is right for a person--for example, a young person right now needs black onyx.  And I don't even KNOW everything about the stone.  I just sense it. When I look it up, it makes total sense.

Melody works like that, I can tell. She says a little, just enough, but not a lot. There are no pictures.

The other book works with the head.

It's facts. It's information. And it does not sing.   It is beautifully done, a nice book. I respect the work that went into it. The person who wrote it is a man, and he says moldavite changed his life. Thirty years ago. But his energy? His tone? It sure doesn't have the love vibration I can feel when he and that other person write.

Whenever you approach anything spiritual, and lots of people are going to recommend lots of things to you--see how it feels. Does it 'resonate' with you?  It's okay for one book to 'resonate' with another person, and something not to 'resonate' at all with you.

You will find the things that 'resonate' with you.  It will feel 'right'.

So don't worry. The more you can develop those muscles/ability to interpret energy--the easier it will get. It starts by asking for signs, for coins, for feathers, for songs on the radio...and it ends by having complete and total love and respect and trust for your guides like I do for my twin and my teams.

How did I do yesterday on day three of my program?

I did the meditations in bed, in the cozy. In the morning, just blank mind, and breathing.

I didn't get my 'exercise' because I had Anthony with me. I did walk more than usual due to the errands.

Last night I was so very sleepy. I wanted to meditate. Ross cut me some slack and let me meditate in bed. But then guess what? I couldn't fall asleep. It was too warm, I wasn't comfortable. I was in bed for a long time. I feel rested now but I also feel sick.

So here is another day. I am sick and going to the hospital. Anthony is sick and going to school. I put the mentholatum on his chest and back. I have some over the counter meds. I'm not really sure who to ask to keep him home. Once I'm at work I'll text his father the school might call. (It's his dad's weekend). Sick care is the hardest part of being a single mother in my line of work. I used to be able to call in sick at my old job. This one I just can't. I risk losing it. Only if one of us is in the hospital can I call in.

It's sad, huh?  I am in business for myself, technically, although I work with a group. And I can't call in.

Oh well.  It's all good. And it's all Illusion.

One day we'll all figure this out.

I meditated today. In bed, resting and breathing. I am calm. It's like I have good spiritual ballast and a rudder. I'm very connected and not easily jostled with my energy like I was before.

Time to make breakfast. I have an eight o'clock start.


Times are different. And they are even more difficult on women than they ever were in the past. In my day, everyone understood there is 'women's work'--and society gave them wide berth (no pun intended) to do what needed to be done. The clothing and laundry. The cooking. The tending to the children. And the education for the young. The caring for the sick. Facing death and supporting those left behind.

These are important things. Along with paying the bills and managing the money.

All are traditional 'women's work'.

Where are they today?

They are 'catch as you can', aren't they?

They are 'pay the maid service to make the house look decent'...and 'pay the day care to raise your child while you work to support the family and put a roof over your head'...

(he shakes his head from side to side, and makes a tch tch tch sound--ed) Isn't that a shame?

That the Divine Feminine has come to this?

(he shows his fingers interlaced and tilts the hands a little back and forth--ed)  For the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine are in balance--and the Divine Feminine is limping!

It affects all.

So nip it in the bud.

Give society time to rephrase that tone.

Do not accept to be treated like chattel, if you are a female. And if you are a male, do not merely witness it and not give it a passing thought.

(he points to his head, with both index fingers--ed)  It all starts in here. And what you notice as 'not right' soon will make way for what is.

Do not tolerate in any way, shape or form the maltreatment of others who are important to society's health. Which is every single one of you! You are all important!

For as goes others, there goes yourself.

clap! clap!

I said something like that once, I sure I have. It's worth repeating. <3

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Thursday, October 20, 2016


Ross asked me to write about yesterday.

I will.

Yesterday I had the day off.  I had a sore throat. Both Anthony and I have chronic sinusitis, and typically it flares up around the same time for us.  Yesterday, I stayed in bed until noon, with the chills, and then I took a very hot bath with a double dose of Dead Sea salts in it.

I was able to accomplish some very important things. I paid bills. I found papers to sign from my lawyer (they had been sent to my billing company).  I walked about one half kilometer in the sunshine. It was a very hot day. I have a belief that UV light will penetrate us and kill germs (there is a similar device in the O.R. for a terminal clean that flashes very bright light)...

Anyhow, I took care of the most important things first. I rested.  I exercised. I meditated.

Then I fought fires.  I took care of the pets, picked up Anthony from school, did three loads of laundry.

For dinner, Ross had the idea to go to a new burger place who had sent us two five-dollar off coupons. So I bought separately from Anthony, so we got ten dollars off. I had a caesar salad, and mac n cheese, and one Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (I haven't tasted one since the 80's when I lived in the bay area). Anthony had a cheesesteak and fries. I shared mine with him too. He had an Izze soda.

We came home and watched the debate.  He's seen all three. And he's learned a lot. I frankly, laughed over much of it. It doesn't get better than that on a sitcom. What I loved most were the people who had signs up you could see behind the news anchors and commentators. They were right!

We need Divine Intervention now more than ever!

What I am learning is how to incorporate the spiritual into my day, in a controlled manner, where it isn't just something spontaneous that I do, but a part of my life--not because I have to do it, or it feels 'right'--but because I WANT to do it and I WANT to do it exactly like Ross and everyone does back Home.

THEY start their day with meditation. THEY have spirit come first along with their health (I've seen Ross at the gym, they have one there...) and THEN they go to all their councils and tasks and other things.

Their days are longer than ours. I'm not even sure how they 'match up', you know, one earth day equals however many 'their' doesn't matter, it's just longer that I know.

I am going to give a little aside here.  This is the information from my deceased grandfather, Nannu Filippo, to my mom after he died:

  • life here is like a movie. You get to make it for you.  Everything you experience. So make it nice. (he didn't say HOW, and I struggled, but I have since learned to 'think good thoughts' and 'expect good things')
  • they work. they don't sleep. they work VERY hard. It's not like here. (he had to do lots of diplomatic things--it affected how things would be here on earth).
  • they have rest periods, and vacation. Like, one week a year vacation to spend time with family here. Mom would tell us Nannu would 'hang around' with us for a week and visit. He'd go to either my house or my mom's. I could feel him, it's nice. He'd talk too.
  • Whenever you call, they hear, and will be to your aid in an instant. Always call, they don't mind coming to help.
  • When we think of them, in a nice way, it helps them a lot and gives them energy.

So basically, I am incarnate, but I am pacing myself for both a sustainable rest of my existence incarnate, as well as adapting myself to the ways and habits of whatever comes next.

This morning Ross asked me how would I like to wake up late like this (seven a.m.) every day?

It was like I had a winning lottery ticket in my hands! I couldn't believe it! I have been waking up early for forty two years...sometimes as early as three in the morning when I was in training. The concept of being able to wake up on my own, with the sun, like on a weekend every single day is a miracle beyond miracles for me!  I'm certain those who measure my energy 'out there' saw it go off the charts with that one.

Also, I am reaching out to the millennials. I have an official 'model' for my healing jewelry--a very happy customer!  I've invited him to my next Reiki class. I have nurses who are eager to learn Reiki. And this is a nurses' son. Once I get my website up--you will see more.

Behind this message.

I have one mystery school. It is going well. And now I am upgrading to another. 

I did a special attunement to the Karuna Reiki symbol 'Sati' for my class yesterday.  Admission is closed for this term. However, there will be another request for applications, and more, once this session is through. 

Ross, who is both my Karuna Reiki guide, and friend/twin/partner, attuned me to it yesterday. It was the most beautiful thing I've experienced in a long time. I will provide the link, and also make another attunement to those who are interested on in main Doctors With Reiki page.

The only thing is that this page makes loud commercials run on your computer. After you read it, close it so you don't get the ads.

Today I already planned for me. I have a little 'fire fighting' with the dirty dishes in the sink. Ross told me what to make for Anthony. For breakfast and lunch and dinner. I am trying to avoid the antibiotics, if possible. We haven't been eating right. A lot of meals out. And we went to both a wedding and a we might have picked up something too.


Carla wanted this image for her part. But I took it for me (he smiles and laughs at his 'scandalous' behavior--in good fun--ed)

I grow people.

I am good at it what I do.

I grow lots and lots of people, always the right one for the right role on Earth.

It is very entertaining, all the lovely souls, watching them as they grow--it is like watching a baby play and discover their world in the middle of the living room floor, with all the older people just marveling and loving the little one with great joy.

It is very rewarding (he touches his heart--ed) to know I have played a role in the growth and development of thousands upon thousands (or should I say, seventy times seven?--he winks--ed) of souls who have reincarnated countless times to save Gaia.

And Gaia is SAVED!  (wow, he's really loud when he wants to be, for emphasis. I've never heard him this loud. and I 'get' that it's the whole mix, planet and her people, when he refers to it as Gaia--ed)

(wow, he just looks at us, so sincere, so simple, so honest, so loving, no hurry, just Love--ed)

Gaia is on to a new Life.  And so are YOU!

I want you to start to employ the practice Carla has described for you. I want to you try it for one month (how's that--it's shorter than a twelve step sixty meetings in sixty days!)...twice a day, every day, and see what happens. I invite you to give us--your teams up here in spirit--one hour daily:  twenty minutes sitting in a chair, palms up, with deep slow breathing first thing in the morning, twenty minutes of walking, even if it's walking in place, and twenty minutes of meditation at the end of the day, right before bed.

(holds up one finger--ed)  At the end of the month, YOU decide whether or not it is working for you, and YOU get to pick whether to continue or not.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Team

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

My Heart

Last night on the way home from work, Ross asked me about my day.

I was sad.  A little.

I was sad because I had the chance to go home early, two people went to relieve me, but I wanted to finish my case. I have no work today. It was only an hour long case. All day long I was happy and content.

But when I left the hospital, it was dark, very dark outside. I felt like my day was over, and the things I had wanted to do, I couldn't.

I didn't even know what to eat for dinner.  What to cook? Where to go if I didn't cook? (Anthony was at his father's)

For the most part, the meditation had been working. I felt more grounded, more energy, and less stress.

I also had a side benefit from the meditation--I shifted from my first wave (of awakening for Ascension) pattern to a "later wave is handling it now" pattern.

I let go of the urgency, the insistency, to write as I did when spirit was 'nudging' me to do this. Spirit stopped with the 'nudging' a long time ago, but it's been my habit, my routine...

I talked to my mom, who is lonely, the whole drive to work. Usually that's when I send the healings.  Mom really likes to think about things, and share and get feedback. I know mom isn't going to live forever, so this time spent on the phone with her is precious to me. The day before, she learned I have done liver transplants and was fascinated, asking me many questions. (The anesthesia for it is a trip, let me tell you. It's really hard.)  So this time she had MORE medical questions.

Then at work, fortunately, I had some very long cases. I was able to catch up on things I had needed to do while monitoring very healthy, stable patients.

Tim told me exercise is important, even if you have to walk in place.

So I did.  I walked in place at the head of the bed, all the while monitoring my patient, keeping my eyes on the screen, for thirty minutes.

THEN and only then did I send the healing.

Ross is gentle and kind, and always helpful.  He suggested I go to a certain place for dinner. I stopped by the crystal shop and almost fell over!  Right near the front was a perfect specimen of the exact same thing I had been reading about and wished to see 'some time' was gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. But I couldn't lift it. I asked how long it's been there? The worker said, 'years'.  I've gone to this store for twenty years. And never once seen it.  I talked with the stone and asked it are you for me or what? The stone wanted to stay. When it's time for me, he will call me. And I will know. It's not time yet.

Manifestation really blows me away!

It's funny, there are two restaurants next to each other across the way. One is new, all fancy schmantzy, wine place. I looked at the menu, I looked inside. It's perfect for millennials. But very pricy.

I got a tostada and was very happy at the OTHER place.

You know, that super expensive fundraiser dinner?  The bread was horrible. The food perfectly cooked but unimaginative and very small portions. The dessert was given out alternate ones to every other seat--we didn't even get to choose!  And the very next night, when I was on call having Vietnamese rice plate dinner for six dollars--I was actually enjoying it MORE than the fancy meal!

Same is true for the tostada.

I'm glad I had it. I went home, took care of the animals, and did my meditation.

You know, it's boring. I like to meditate and talk. But my guides are being mean/parent-like mean--and making me just breathe real slow and experience NOTHING.

After a while, I gave up and went to bed. But I slept well. I did it this morning too, Long slow breaths. I know we get spiritual energy when we breathe. It comes in through the top of our head. (read Serge Kahili King's work on Huna if you'd like to know more).  I pretended I was a Tesla plugged into a wall, and recharged.

Now I'm here. Again, it feels different, it's not floaty but very very grounded as I write.

I send you my love, and I encourage you to find YOUR meditation that works for you, so you can be like a Tesla too!


You write the story of your life.

(he taps his head--ed)  It starts with what you think.

Add to it the 'drama'--your colorful emotions, your desires.

And there it goes!

(he shows a picture of you driving a train of 'lessons' off on it's own path, full speed ahead--ed)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

More Special?

This is my new spiritual tool.

I had been assigned by Tim Braun to do meditation twice a day. Once a day? I don't recall. Tim is huge on meditation.

I would go into my space with my little buckwheat filled meditation pillow, my wonderful crochet and knit blue and green shawls, and just let go.

Then I stopped.

I stopped because I was so sleep deprived I would fall asleep sitting up before bed, and also, in the morning when I first got up. It was dangerous to go so cozy right after the alarm.

I come from the belief that ANYTHING is meditation if you just get away from the electronic devices.  You can knit, cook, work on a puzzle, walk, even almost take a nap.  Your brain just calms down.  For me, driving is a meditation. And also, most of my waking state through my day, my mind is focused and calm, my heart open, and I am connected to source.

When I feel the need to lie down and connect to Spirit, I do. This is when some of my visions take place.

So, what gives?

I'm not sure, exactly,

Ross was very chipper yesterday. He was in one of the best moods I've ever seen him. And I was told that my session with Tim was going to be 'very special'.

I gave thanks for that in advance, for the preparation on behalf of my teams for this experience.

It was a very different session!

Gone were the 'he said, she said' relaying of messages from the deceased to me.  Time said, 'you father is coming in strong and clear and I'm going to get right to the point'...

I feel better for the information given. It was given in such a way as to give me new perspective, a way to see what the pattern is in my life at the moment.

But the part that was difficult was being told to meditate, twice a day, for twenty minutes, sitting in a chair, with palms up resting on my legs.

There is a breathing pattern to do, also.

When he told me about the breathing, I knew it was Spirit. Ross works with me on my breathing a lot <3

Tim told me it would energize me.

He told me to meditate before I blog. It would make it better.

I just did.

It's different.

I used to just feel the nudge, know what was important while it was happening and 'save' it like for 'notes in class' to share with you, during the day. A word would pop out on something I'd see, and I would sense it's to be the title or the theme.

I wrote from my heart.

At the moment, it's like, listening to smooth singing from the sixties, like Marvin Gaye's voice--the energy is deeper, it's more constant, and it's just flowing through me, through my Consciousness, through my fingers and my heart, to you.

Do you feel a difference?

I wouldn't know.  I don't understand it. But it's like I'm sitting in this chair and I'm not going to be able to finish until the message is complete. There is a weight to it, not a lowering the vibration weight, but a 'formality'.

Fortunately, as a doctor I am also a terrible patient!

I didn't even do my meditations as prescribed.  For last night, I went to my cozy place.  And this morning, I just lay in bed. I didn't want to get out of bed.

The strangest thing was, last night, Anthony asked me 'why do you go to Tim?'

He knows it's expensive.  He knows I connect to Source, and can do it on my own.

I explained gently how in 2009 I was at the end of my rope, 'how come God made me like this, a psychic PLUS a doctor?'   I saw Tim's face on an email from a local crystal shop for an upcoming event. And I knew in my heart this was the answer, and I was going to be okay.

I explained how I haven't been in all these years, and I wanted to pre-purchase five sessions at the discount rate last year (Tim does this every December) to use to check my spiritual development this year.

Well guess what?

Anthony meditates!

He does the breathing. He knows how to do it just like Tim. And no one ever taught it to him!!!

He does this at his father's house sometimes too.

So I did my first meditation next to Anthony as I was tucking him into bed for the night! Then I felt him elbow me to say, 'meditation time is over!'

It was so precious.

Tim says two important things--our bodies were made to exercise ('it is better for your health to exercise every day and eat Taco Bell than to be a total vegan/healthy and never exercise!')--and to meditate.  To quiet the mind and let the mind know who's boss, basically.

He doesn't understand how tight my schedule is.

How I am running on fumes.

How these forty minutes (an hour really if you add the exercise) are going to take away from my sleep (I get six hours a night).

But I'm willing to try it.

If he's right, I will be more connected and more energized through my day.

I'm thankful for my nine o'clock start on my case today. This is why I am writing to you after my usual 'time'.

I will also add something as a P.S., an answer to a question from a reader who wasn't exactly thankful for the gift of the clearings Ross and I (they never even once thanked me for any of my work, sigh...) give.

Ross says it will ruin the flow.


Carla is looking up rupees.  The exchange rate. One dollar right now is almost sixty-seven rupees.

Rupees are in India.

Is Carla going to India?

Not yet.

Carla has been buying lots of stones from this country.

They are the best at getting them to her very promptly, by DHL.  Carla saw on a packing slip the freight was nine hundred rupees.

Carla was concerned that perhaps most of the price went for the 'free shipping'?

So Carla looked.

Carla didn't want to take advantage of the fine persons who are doing business with  her, and delighting her with their wares, in India.

Carla has respect for the people who are sending her stones to her.

And the vibration!  The gyrolite (before the name of this stone was autocorrected) is tiny, but of very high energy, a total delight! At an affordable price too.

Carla loves to open boxes from all over the world, especially from India. They wrap it unconventionally, with lots of tape so Carla requires scissors to open it.

This shows Carla into the mind and the life of the person who sent it, through psychrometry, and Carla enjoys this 'reading' very much.

It's learning about her world.

On the last package, Carla thought, 'my! this air in this box must be from India!' and took a great big sniff of it, with a smile, much to my delight as I was watching her reconnect to our happier place and time.

And Carla took out the packing, which was newspaper, and she marveled at the writing she could not read, the lines and lines and lines of it.

Carla calls it 'squiggly writing'--and (raises one finger and wags it from side to side)--unlike others who remark on it and pass on to the next thing--Carla has a natural curiosity, an interest and a desire to learn how to read it.

Carla is making great progress with both the Cyrillic and the hiragana and katakana alphabets. And also the Hebrew one.  Carla passes the time with the app Tiny Cards during cases, wanting to learn, wanting to grow, wanting to explore her world on THEIR turf!  At the Japanese market, yesterday, for her late lunch, Carla was surprised and content to be able to read some of the letters and know what they were. 'Mo, ma, ho, n, ri,' are some examples. And Carla now looks for the Japanese letters on the things she knows the name for, for example, sake and sushi, trying to reverse engineer the ability to read the name on the product label.

Carla is an active learner!

And she should, because this is her nature.  It's the energy of Gaia Sophia which makes her go.

Which brings me to a more important point--YOU.

How are you in your Earth walk?

Are you busy clearing?

Or are you having fun?

The fun part is what's next.

Your world will open, just like Carla with her languages she has always wanted to learn, and now, the technology is available to her. All she has to do is (points to his head with both index fingers on either side--ed) apply it.

Nothing will be given to you on a silver platter without your having to work for it.

Even when it's fun.

Earth is not that kind of place, where there are servants to cater to you, and wash your dishes.

Earth is like the family kitchen, HOME, where everyone pitches in, and enjoys each other, and in a short time, the dishes are washed and dried, and everyone can enjoy the evening.

(he interlaces his fingers--ed)  We work TOGETHER.

With each one doing their part.

'I'll wash and you'll dry?'  (he says this with a smile, to tease you and make a point, and tosses you a dish towel--ed)

Now let's get to work!

Clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple


  1. Q: ( on the Why I left my parent's house blogpost)
    I don't understand Ross's message about the healing. One part says he is capable of removing the attachment and then says that Margaret will say that the attachment is still there. Please explain. It a little odd.
    A:  Margaret and Isabel do a fine service to humanity. They need to eat, right?
    Ross will remove your attachments.
    But you will never know what they were. How many, and when they attached. In what order they were removed. 
    Ross removes them as a gift to you from now until you go Home. This shield will help you be protected only through the rest of this incarnation. After that, your soul is just like everybody else. On any future incarnation, you may have parasitic attachments.
    Margaret will tell you what they were, how many, where they attach, what kind of attachment (DE or NE or implant).  
    Ross is in Spirit. He can do amazing things. Margaret doesn't know about Ross, or his healing because Ross can let her view how you were before the 'aluminum foil' shield was placed. This way you will know everything that was done on you, only Margaret will do it and say it to you exactly what is happening and what is done.
    Ross' shield is temporary, and will help you grow in spirit without interference from your attachments. This is a huge gift from Source, from Creator, to remove them so they won't bother you.
    Margaret's gold shield, and Isabel's diamond shields are forever. They remain on the soul from one incarnation to the next.
    I hope this answers your question.