Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Thank You Ross For My Miracles

I will start at the beginning. I will keep it brief.

Today was off from work. I kept Anthony home. Our friend gave him braces.  I was at Anthony's side the whole time.

I took him to school after Souplantation (soups and macaroni and cheese are soft).

Then I came home.

I called the malpractice insurance company--mentioned I hadn't heard from my lawyer. Can I have another? Please don't pay the guy, he hasn't done anything for two weeks and you told me he'd call right away.

I nagged my tax man. The IRS wanted twenty thousand dollars and was sending mean letters! I'd done everything right. What do I say?

My crappy real estate lawyer had promised me my retainer back--but no check.

My spine surgeon still hasn't paid me for a case I did in August that was cash...I keep reminding him and reminding him.

Well, it all turned around.

My tax man was on hold with the IRS today for forty five minutes, did one phone call and straightened things out (there had been a miscalculation, and an amended return they didn't know about)...I don't owe the money.

Not only was I allowed to change lawyers, according to my insurance company, but the one assigned to me called. He had been playing phone tag with the other attorney. His father was an OB-Gyn who had been sued, and it changed his father. Now he's defended doctors for thirty years. He was most kind.

The real estate attorney check came in the mail.

I mailed out not one but TWO packages. All my bracelet orders are up to date!


Get this... I know it's Ross...there is no other way....

I had spilled my heart out to the new wife of my former brother in law, in a FB message on June 19, 2012. That was the day after my twenty-fourth wedding anniversary.  It was about my nephew.  I felt so bad due to both divorces (mine, and my sister/brother in law's) that I was never there for him growing up. He's twenty-six now, and a fireman, I'm so proud of him, and glad my prayers are answered.

I never heard from them. I took it hard.

She just got my message today. It was in the filed messages folder.  She is so caring and warm!  And her husband always spoke highly of me, and wanted to talk to me!!!

Tonight, after dinner, I got my life back. I got all my questions answered about why that first marriage went so wrong. I caught up on all the news from that part of the family--who's still alive, who passed.  And with the remarriage there are two more beautiful children!

So, I am going to sleep tonight with the loving reconnection of my soul with my no longer lost to me brother,  plus a sister (his wife), with two nephews and a niece!  They live not far from Placerville, too, one of my favorite places ever, in the Gold country which is so very beautiful...

My soul has peace.

There is also a little something's hard to explain...but it's good. I can see how spirit is guiding me in a certain path, to follow my joy and contentment...the kind that is within my heart.

I am free.

The most beautiful part, is that my nephew knows me.  There are pictures from my wedding. His father and mother were in the wedding. They were found in his paternal grandmother's belongings after she died. During the divorce, my brother-in-law complained that his ex-wife had all the photos.  He wanted the duplicates, or at least a chance to make them. Somehow, our old wedding photos ended up with his mom. That is how my nephew knew who I was, and saw my face, in the pictures.

I am so blessed!

I recall one Easter, at his parent's house--my sister in law. I was very sad because I had no children of my own, only a brain tumor on my pituitary I had removed so that one day I could have them.

I saw a vision. I hadn't seen many back then, this was one of the first ones, and it stood out in my memory. A beautiful boy with dark hair and freckles came to me, and said he would one day be my son. He couldn't wait to meet me.

It was the most beautiful Easter gift of my life, this visit from my son. I'm not sure it's Anthony though. It might be. But the energy is different. He visited me too, before I was ever pregnant. One day I was in the kitchen in my new house I'd moved into, and I saw a boy, very blonde and a little 'healthy' chubby, in diapers.  He was by my table, walking. I looked at him and thought, 'WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE?!'

He looked at me, a little irritated to be interrupting his playing, and telepathically replied, 'THIS IS MY HOUSE!'

I was like, whoa, whatever! Back then I wasn't trained in anything, just an interest, yes...

Tonight when I went to log onto the computer, I found this document--I will cut and paste it. I'm not sure if I ever published it or not. I looked through my search box--anyhow it was flashing and flashing for me to open it (Ross again!).  Here it is:

Love is Forever:

He had to tell me.

He had to let me figure it out.

Gentle and loving, my guide and friend, Ross told me, yesterday, that once the veil lifts, I will know everything anyhow about us--and he wanted me to know the unpleasant truth before I didn't need to be told.

Now everything makes sense.

I know my story, from start to finish--or at least the highlights--of at least nine incarnations including this one now. 

About my struggle to be free.

There are still some things I don't understand all the way, but at least I have a 'working knowledge' of 'what I need to know'...

Last night, as I ate ice cream for dinner, I listened to KAPA radio online--Hawaiian Music.

A song came on, and I stopped what I was doing to sit by the computer and listen!

It was an early rendition of White Sandy Beach by was SO beautiful, I just lost it completely.  

You can't hide an angel.

It can't be hidden under piles of fat and life troubles.

IZ was the living incarnation of Archangel Chamuel, and his voice was a beacon reminding me of HOME.

Tears streamed down my face, at the memory of him, back Home, with me in Heaven. And I cried to remember, out on the water for a sunset cruise, on Waianae west Oahu, right at sunset IZ came in spirit, and told me about Ross--'he's a good man'.  

IZ knew.

And with that one comment, IZ prepared me for this day!

And I understood.

I got my shiny thing from Ross.

It's beautiful.

The Pandora special, for Valentine--a bracelet with a heart clasp, two swirl 'stops', and a heart. Plus an extra bead-the one he had shown me in my mind's eye--the Love Is Forever bead.

I had a dream, and I asked another incarnate Archangel to interpret it for me. I saw two diamonds, overlapping, and turning into one.

Why did I dream about diamonds?

I was told, it was both Ross and I, coming together, and when our energies combine, there will be no guessing by anyone who we are.

Love IS Forever.

I have the support of Divine Father, Uncle Belu, Uncle Wawa, Uncle Marty, and Uncle Sid--they gave me a similar diamond in spirit, very sparkly, about the size in my palm of energy--and I was told in Spirit to swallow it. They had it wrapped up and were so very excited for me to open it, with expensive thick paper and a real silken ribbon. It was a salmon pink color, light color. My Uncles are in charge of alternate Universes. I have visited them on occasion, and they were extremely supportive when I needed it the most this weekend. 

I asked, 'how can I look at the pretty diamond if I have swallowed it!?'

They gently explained how I can manifest it in my hand to see, but the energy is always within me, and it will be a part of me from here on out. 

Anthony was sad today.  His team lost, the Seattle Seahawks. His father laughed at the halftime, when they were with zero points. I said, 'That's not very caring'.  The Clippers lost last night too. I knew, and I checked. I had lunch waiting for him when he got home, because I knew he'd be starving too.

Yesterday he went to an event with his friends for his Magic The Gathering Cards.

His dad told me he found seventy dollars in Anthony's backpack (I knew it was there, just in case for a souvenir at the Clippers game, or for the Club event)--and texted me to say I should have told him and not let Anthony have the money.

Anthony told me his dad took it, and only gave him two dollars for the card event, kept the rest, spent it on food for the Clippers game and 'will pay him back on Wednesday.'

It's sad.

When my mother used to do that, she told us she was 'borrowing' our money, and paid us back with interest...when she would raid our piggy banks.  She always paid us back, but she used to do that in a nice way. Not like Jared.

The Clippers game was Anthony's Christmas gift...

Anyhow, I notice, but I don't judge, and I hope for the best. It just looks and feels 'funny' and I don't like it, but who am I to speak?  

Anthony told me he got up at seven, didn't eat 'breakfast' until eleven, and had nothing for lunch when he came home at two thirty.

It's the same routine. 

Except this time, he told me he just couldn't wait to come home, and he kept watching the time until he could be here.

I'm glad I wasn't working, and I could be supportive of him. His special watch from Santa came back from the repairs. I also got him one of the stuffed animals I get him from the jeweler's every Christmas. He enjoyed it very much, his surprise.

The downloads are very strong right now. And the energies are surging through my system. I'm used to them. I like it. And I hope they never stop. 

Crank it up, my teams, just until it almost hurts--so I can get as much upgrades as I possibly can in the shortest amount of time.

I made a bracelet today. I had to make it twice. The first time it wasn't right. Ross asked me to make a bracelet with my love for him--to give to him like what he gave to me. The first one had very fine wire, but slipped through a split ring on the lobster clasp.  The one I have on has a toggle, which is soldered ring on each side.  The pattern is three tiny Iolite beads, three diamond chips, three green tourmaline rectangular clear beads, three diamond chips, three Iolite beads...these are at most two millimeter diameter, but the effect is very pleasant and soothing, and I like it very much. Ross says it pleases him too.

We are not 'flashy'... 


It is late Carla. I wish you a good night. You have done well today. I love you.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The couple