Saturday, October 8, 2016

Let Your Angels Love You

Once you reach a point, where the work of clearing inner debris from your soul's many incarnations...where the ego is less...and where the expectations are way way down, it's time to enjoy the beautiful relationship you have with the Universe.

For me, it's Ross.

I had a so-so, kind of icky day yesterday. It wasn't bad, it wasn't good. It just was.

And on my way home, Ross presented himself to me, and kneeled to me, and said he is completely at my service for the rest of the day.

I squinted at him and looked at him with disbelief--WHAAAAT Ross?! Huh?

He explained he had the rest of the day planned for me, and to enjoy it.

I laughed.

I thought, 'what the heck, why not?'

This wasn't an easy weekend. There are many obligations, and also Anthony was away on a sleepover birthday party.  It wasn't my routine.

I had bought four new tires for the car. But they needed to be shipped. They had arrived. I didn't want to spend Saturday morning at the tire center. So I checked...

Guess what? There was one bay open at Costco. It would take two hours.  Would you be willing to wait?

Sure! No problem!

I went into the bathroom and changed out of my scrubs into my 'play clothes'--my exercise ones.

Then I went in.

Oh my gosh! The samples were so wonderful!  I didn't need to eat. I had sandwich, energy drink, smoothie, pumpkin pie, chicken noodle was delicious.

I really enjoyed seeing the Christmas ornaments and displays up.  The sounds of the carols in the electronic devices was so soothing!

I can see why Anthony wants a new TV. They really ARE nice, once you notice them without him asking for one. Our old one we got on clearance when he was six. We eat up lots of electricity. He plays lots of video games. It might be a special gift for our family at the holidays. I'm not sure...but I'll check.

I had a jacket and boy did I need it in the produce room! I bought mushrooms, brussels sprouts, sugar snap peas...

Ross even provided me the Kenzo Flower fragrance I've wanted for five years, only this time, at super duper discount from Costco.

He thought of everything.

I checked out, my tires were ready, and I went home!  I relaxed. I did my 'bots' on Duo Lingo. I am learning at the moment, and also brushing up on my:

  • Italian
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Hebrew
  • Hungarian (I spoke it when I was two, a babysitter spoke it in the home)
  • Russian
  • Japanese (katana and hiragana--symbols first)
  • Vietnamese
I'm as happy as a clam to be learning these things.

You can do it too! TinyCards, and DuoLingo.  When I came off the passport thing in SEATAC last September, I was able to read the Russian word 'Welcome' on the wall, in the decorative, international art.

Then I played my Bookworm.  I fed the animals.  

Then I dreamed.

Ross let me 'go shopping' for a 'new home'.  I have asked him to build me one. I want it to be made environmentally friendly, from Galactic materials that do not rot, and to be totally in sync with the environment.

Let me tell you, shopping where money is no object--even if it's only window shopping!--is very relaxing and fun. There were some homes where I was like, saying out loud 'whoa!' with glee at I looked at the photos online.

This is very important in manifestation.

The excitement.

The excitement and the dual ability to let go of the outcome allows the angels to bring 'something in'.

What I want is a beautifully maintained Spanish colonial revival home by the water. An estate. I want privacy, a yard, and beach access. I don't want that weird blue glass on balconies because it screws up the view worse than wrought iron. I'd love a historical home, as in a 'registered historic site'. I want excellent parking too, and no snoopy people walking around! A gated community is a plus.

I don't need a huge home.  I don't want all that fancy stuff. There was one I really got excited about too. It's a four hundred square foot one bedroom cottage, built in 1945. It just happens to be over Shaw's Cove, and have killer views on it's eight THOUSAND foot lot!  It costs fifteen million dollars.

It would be perfect for me. Perhaps some minor additions to make room for Anthony, but the more NATURE the better, and a huge residential lot to me means so much more than some icky, fancy, go throw your parties and 'entertain' style Hotel California home. 

You can tell the neighbors are upset that lot is for sale, as two are selling their homes now. It makes sense. Who would want a behemoth on the lot next door to ruin your own views?

Long story short, I felt like a princess, which is even MORE important than actually buying anything or moving. It's that feeling deep within that helps manifest other wonderful things into your life.

When I woke up, I recall talking more with Ross, and saying, 'Ross honey, it really doesn't matter where it is, but the next home needs to be on much stronger energy for me--that's the more important part. '

There is no other way for an angel to love you than for you to let it happen. When you get out of the way, there are many things your angels who love you more than anything--can 'pull strings'. 

Who else gets a walk in for their tires at Costco at four o'clock on a Friday?

I look forward to today.  

I will pick up Anthony at some point. Better eat some breakfast. 

Our bunny is good, our snake is driving me crazy as he's not hungry, our turtle, cockatoo, fish and extra mouse are just fine.  Our zoo helps me to cope with Anthony's absences with all the co-parenting. Harry has a new bird toy, and he's delighted. He hasn't had one in six months. 

I love where I live. I am so very blessed. And I am thankful Anthony is with me this weekend.  

I find having a little downtime spent doing enjoyable things makes all the difference in the world.  I still have some concerns--but they are on the back burner, and in capable hands.


(clears his throat)

I love my Carla.

Does it show?

Can you sense it, my incredible joy and love in her?

That I would plan a fun day (I had planned several, down to the minute, depending on what Carla's choices were--they were all timelines)?

That I would get Carla alone on a Friday night, by Anthony's 'birthday party?'  --- (he chuckles--ed)

What kind of husband is that?! (he smiles big--ed)

Carla has been through the wringer these past weeks. Now I am giving her time to recover. I encourage her with my heart, my attention, and my signs to her that I am paying attention to what is important to her.

(wags his finger side to side--ed)  There isn't anything that limits me in what I can give--only the Life Contract, the agreement signed before birth on the lessons to learn. There are many ways to uphold them and still have a wonderful life experience.

It isn't all to be bad.

Your angels are waiting for you.

(cups his hand to his ear--ed)  Do you listen?

(points both index fingers to the sides of his head--ed)  Or do you live 'inside' your head?

The whole world is watching.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple and Illuminated Twin Flame Souls