Saturday, October 15, 2016


Last night I went to a wedding in the family.

I went for my cousin. His daughter was getting married.

I saw people from his family I hadn't seen in thirty years. There was a feud that only my cousin didn't obey'--he stayed close to our side of the family because he said, 'family is more important than money'.

When my father's parents died, they had a will in place to only give the inheritance to their LIVING children.

This was written to shut my father out--one boy, three girls, and men have shorter lives than their sisters. And me and my immediate family.

Well, guess what? My AUNT who had the heart disease passed before my grandmother, father, and two other Aunts.

This Aunt who passed was very, very rich. They made their fortune from real estate rentals. And she was very very very 'cheap'--squeezed every penny.

So her husband and sons disowned everyone else on our side of the family over the way the inheritance was divided.

Let's get this straight--my grandparents put it into THEIR will--their wishes--and the others didn't like it and decided to have nothing to do with us, their own flesh and blood--over money.

We were innocent bystanders to this train wreck. And no one changed anything to make it 'fair' because my dad always had a chip on his shoulder that all his sisters were rich and he wasn't.

So fast forward thirty years. My uncle who made the call has softened with age...he calls my mother regularly. All is forgiven. All is forgotten.

But his choices still remain in his energy signature, his execution of his life script, and they affect his final 'grade' in this experiential 'school' called 'life'.

Do they affect him a lot?

I don't know.  I don't have the Teacher's Edition Textbook for this school with all the answers in it.

What I can see is that there are a lot of happy times that could have been spent enjoying each other that were missed.

At the wedding there was the ex-wife of my cousin. She was crazy. Nuts as could be, chased him around the house with a butcher knife and tried to kill him. His parents sent her to inpatient hospital--they paid for her care with lots of cash--for psychiatric help. It wasn't covered by insurance.

When she left, he had custody of all three kids. And visitation only for her. But her brother and sister in law were lawyers. They gave my cousin living hell, and ruined him financially. They did it on purpose.

So here they were at the wedding. At a table by themselves, with their matriarch grandmother putting on airs, because in her heart of hearts, she 'won'.

Yet the granddaughter who is two ate dinner on my cousins lap, she adores him, and he adores her.

He chose Love. My cousin chose Love and had love in his heart, and now he enjoys the fruits of his choices.

Love isn't for sale.

Love flows based on how you are treated.

And if you don't feel the love, you don't have to go do anything 'Christian' or 'Religious' to make it right unless your heart nudges you to do so.

It's fair.


That's it.

Some souls are very slow learners.

They take one incarnation after the next to come to the conclusion that 'we say we are sorry when we have been a jerk to others'   and 'we take full responsibility of the pain we have caused to others when we were jerks'.

Ho'oponopono is all about this.  (so is Amends in the Twelve Step programs too!)

It's four simples things that need to be said--while you are incarnate!--to the person (who may or may not be incarnate)--to make things right again between you:

  1. I'm sorry
  2. Please forgive me
  3. Thank you
  4. I love you
I know one fella who has taken over two millennia to learn this lesson with me, and guess what?

Still no progress!

So...if I can't get through to him...after all this time and incarnations?

Do I have to engage and continue in this useless attempt to build a bridge to reconnect our hearts?

To get him to respect me, a WOMAN, and get over his two millennia old disgust, anger, and disbelief over my natural spiritual gifts and relationship, my birth right! as a soul!--with Ross?

No way.

Love does not anger, love always hopes for the best, and love also means not having to re-live certain painful experiences.

So THIS gentle soul, the one who hurt me--perceives--this as people building walls to 'protect themselves'.

I'm sorry, my plate is full, and I don't like what you are serving onto my plate. I'm not going to eat it. I didn't ask for it. And I don't have to pretend it doesn't matter when it does matter.

It matters a lot.

It matters to me, this ho'oponopono thing that is still waiting to happen between us.

And the only way I can get through to you, in this dimension, is to 'take it away'.

Taking away my attention, my friendship, and my interaction with you -- still permits me to love you from a safe distance.

I have detached from you and your energy, which is a very loving and healing thing for me in MY lessons, and furthermore, a 'data point' for you in your lessons, to ponder the remote, vague, possibility, that you have been a jerk to me and maybe you might think to step up to the plate and say those four little statements in the ho'oponopono.

Whether you take another five thousand years to learn this lesson, or longer, it is plainly evident that you will learn it.

Let us now talk about us and our lessons, me and you...

Your birth right is to live in a bubble of unconditional love, and limitless ability to co-create for the Highest Good of all.

This is Heaven.

You are on Earth at the moment, to learn your life lessons that are written in your life script.

(I tap my chest on the left)  It's what's in here, in your heart, that is being tested.

This is not to say that the heart is to direct everything you do with the absence of mind--it's not driving the boat.

It's your head PLUS your heart which creates your Consciousness, and THIS is the energy/intelligence which has the cumulative sum total of all your lessons into your 'Energy Signature' which is driving your 'body' around in this incarnation.

Some of these lessons hurt.

You are not Jesus.

I am not Jesus either.

But here is a funny video about Jesus just between us:

And here is another that's even better!  It found me!  Just as I was looking for the other:

What Ross and I ask for you, is to love yourself, to love others, and to do the best you can on your assignment.

I have one horrifying incarnation, and memories of it keep coming up.

The last time it did, Archangel Michael and my others who are close to me, were whitewashing out the vision of that incarnation and it's memories. Just like Tom Sawyer, with a big roller of white paint going up and down and blocking out the memory.

Some wounds are deep, and take a very long time to heal.


Even if this incarnation on earth thing is 'only a second' and 'there is nothing but love and joy' and 'all your worries and anxieties are baseless'--even if that is true, and it probably is--Ross and I give you our love to soothe you through your difficult path of healing from all of those worries and anxieties and fears and memories.

They are a part of you now.

We take that very seriously.

And we want your HEALING to be number one, first and foremost, with gentleness, and love, and wonder and delight. 

You are going to walk your way, at your own pace, gently, to a place of nurturing, warmth, love and compassion.

If you have 'flashbacks' and they hit with all the force and intensity as the first time, of traumas you experienced in your life, be sure to process it. Your soul/your subconscious thinks you are ready to put it behind you.

Go ahead, cry your many tears.

Ask for our love, for all the angel's love, to completely surround you. 

When the pain gets to be too great, you might find yourself feeling sleepy, or a funny fuzzy numb--Ross used to do that one a lot to me. It's like, 'lesson is learned' and you get 'credit' for it--the lesson was learned 'just enough' and you get to skip over the rest of the emotional processing. It's like getting full credit once you do a partial credit's worth of 'the work'.

Do not believe others when they tell you that this is easy, this Ascension thing, and that it's like eating a piece of cake.

It takes the strongest of the strong, in order to Ascend.

Everyone likes to play basketball. You dribble and shoot the ball into the hoop. And professional players do it so well, it's fun to watch.

What I didn't know, and now I'm learning through Anthony, is that the very best players are taken through all kinds of crazy exercises in order to make them better. Can you imagine dribbling the ball while in plank position and being asked to move forward two steps at the same time in plank and dribbling?


YOU --and I mean YOU who are reading these words--are at the equivalent level of Soul Development to even incarnate here!

YOU--spiritually--are the equivalent of dribbling the ball while standing on your head and being asked to levitate four feet up into the sky!

So don't be hard on yourselves.

There is nothing to prove.

Let bygones be bygones.

And know sometimes very important things happen in the blink of an eye, that seem like nothing, but they in fact mean so very much...

Yesterday after the wedding ceremony, the couple was asked to exchange their first gift to each other, as husband and wife.

It was a single red rose they exchanged hers to him, and his to hers. There were two roses.

The pastor said this is the symbol of their love--the rose says it, it symbolizes it to them--and to always have a rose bush and a special place for the roses in their house, to celebrate their love for one another they share on this day.

He said how it didn't look like anything, or feel like anything at the moment, exchanging these roses in a simple ceremony.

Just like in the wedding, tomorrow will be like yesterday, and it won't seem like much has happened once they exchanged their vows...but in truth it was a priceless gift of self, of love, that will affect their whole lives, and their families.

Remember you are special.

You are here on Earth for a reason.

You ARE truly in the perfect place at the perfect time.

Creator blesses you, and rejoices over you--with all your imperfections, worries, and woes---just as you are--UNCONDITIONALLY.

Ross and I love you this way too.

Allow this love to strengthen you, to heal you, to flow around and in and through you.

You are healing the world.

One step at a time.

Starting with you.

It can be a struggle, it is not effortless.

But it's worth it.

Every single step of the way.


This isn't heaven.

(touches his chest--ed)  Heaven is here, in the heart.

Heaven is me and you, and both of us and Carla--all of us together, as a family.

(one finger up--ed)  Although with enough healing, we will let bygones be bygones--this is not to gloss over the very important fact that you count! your feelings are important! And every single one of you will get the healings you deserve, as a child of Creator, to help soothe you from all the pains and struggles you once had while you were incarnate, from ANY life.

Your perceptions, and also your misperceptions, are uniquely YOUR own.

And for this we adore you!

(he gestures to a path, a trail, which you are to follow--and he smiles--ed)  You are on your way.

(he points up--ed)  the trail is difficult at times, but spectacular for your endurance as well as for the view.

(he gestures to me and him--like a host at a dinner party--ed) and also for the company! The companionship! The friendship! The delight of interaction! And the love.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple