Tuesday, October 18, 2016

More Special?

This is my new spiritual tool.

I had been assigned by Tim Braun to do meditation twice a day. Once a day? I don't recall. Tim is huge on meditation.

I would go into my space with my little buckwheat filled meditation pillow, my wonderful crochet and knit blue and green shawls, and just let go.

Then I stopped.

I stopped because I was so sleep deprived I would fall asleep sitting up before bed, and also, in the morning when I first got up. It was dangerous to go so cozy right after the alarm.

I come from the belief that ANYTHING is meditation if you just get away from the electronic devices.  You can knit, cook, work on a puzzle, walk, even almost take a nap.  Your brain just calms down.  For me, driving is a meditation. And also, most of my waking state through my day, my mind is focused and calm, my heart open, and I am connected to source.

When I feel the need to lie down and connect to Spirit, I do. This is when some of my visions take place.

So, what gives?

I'm not sure, exactly,

Ross was very chipper yesterday. He was in one of the best moods I've ever seen him. And I was told that my session with Tim was going to be 'very special'.

I gave thanks for that in advance, for the preparation on behalf of my teams for this experience.

It was a very different session!

Gone were the 'he said, she said' relaying of messages from the deceased to me.  Time said, 'you father is coming in strong and clear and I'm going to get right to the point'...

I feel better for the information given. It was given in such a way as to give me new perspective, a way to see what the pattern is in my life at the moment.

But the part that was difficult was being told to meditate, twice a day, for twenty minutes, sitting in a chair, with palms up resting on my legs.

There is a breathing pattern to do, also.

When he told me about the breathing, I knew it was Spirit. Ross works with me on my breathing a lot <3

Tim told me it would energize me.

He told me to meditate before I blog. It would make it better.

I just did.

It's different.

I used to just feel the nudge, know what was important while it was happening and 'save' it like for 'notes in class' to share with you, during the day. A word would pop out on something I'd see, and I would sense it's to be the title or the theme.

I wrote from my heart.

At the moment, it's like, listening to smooth singing from the sixties, like Marvin Gaye's voice--the energy is deeper, it's more constant, and it's just flowing through me, through my Consciousness, through my fingers and my heart, to you.

Do you feel a difference?

I wouldn't know.  I don't understand it. But it's like I'm sitting in this chair and I'm not going to be able to finish until the message is complete. There is a weight to it, not a lowering the vibration weight, but a 'formality'.

Fortunately, as a doctor I am also a terrible patient!

I didn't even do my meditations as prescribed.  For last night, I went to my cozy place.  And this morning, I just lay in bed. I didn't want to get out of bed.

The strangest thing was, last night, Anthony asked me 'why do you go to Tim?'

He knows it's expensive.  He knows I connect to Source, and can do it on my own.

I explained gently how in 2009 I was at the end of my rope, 'how come God made me like this, a psychic PLUS a doctor?'   I saw Tim's face on an email from a local crystal shop for an upcoming event. And I knew in my heart this was the answer, and I was going to be okay.

I explained how I haven't been in all these years, and I wanted to pre-purchase five sessions at the discount rate last year (Tim does this every December) to use to check my spiritual development this year.

Well guess what?

Anthony meditates!

He does the breathing. He knows how to do it just like Tim. And no one ever taught it to him!!!

He does this at his father's house sometimes too.

So I did my first meditation next to Anthony as I was tucking him into bed for the night! Then I felt him elbow me to say, 'meditation time is over!'

It was so precious.

Tim says two important things--our bodies were made to exercise ('it is better for your health to exercise every day and eat Taco Bell than to be a total vegan/healthy and never exercise!')--and to meditate.  To quiet the mind and let the mind know who's boss, basically.

He doesn't understand how tight my schedule is.

How I am running on fumes.

How these forty minutes (an hour really if you add the exercise) are going to take away from my sleep (I get six hours a night).

But I'm willing to try it.

If he's right, I will be more connected and more energized through my day.

I'm thankful for my nine o'clock start on my case today. This is why I am writing to you after my usual 'time'.

I will also add something as a P.S., an answer to a question from a reader who wasn't exactly thankful for the gift of the clearings Ross and I (they never even once thanked me for any of my work, sigh...) give.

Ross says it will ruin the flow.


Carla is looking up rupees.  The exchange rate. One dollar right now is almost sixty-seven rupees.

Rupees are in India.

Is Carla going to India?

Not yet.

Carla has been buying lots of stones from this country.

They are the best at getting them to her very promptly, by DHL.  Carla saw on a packing slip the freight was nine hundred rupees.

Carla was concerned that perhaps most of the price went for the 'free shipping'?

So Carla looked.

Carla didn't want to take advantage of the fine persons who are doing business with  her, and delighting her with their wares, in India.

Carla has respect for the people who are sending her stones to her.

And the vibration!  The gyrolite (before the name of this stone was autocorrected) is tiny, but of very high energy, a total delight! At an affordable price too.

Carla loves to open boxes from all over the world, especially from India. They wrap it unconventionally, with lots of tape so Carla requires scissors to open it.

This shows Carla into the mind and the life of the person who sent it, through psychrometry, and Carla enjoys this 'reading' very much.

It's learning about her world.

On the last package, Carla thought, 'my! this air in this box must be from India!' and took a great big sniff of it, with a smile, much to my delight as I was watching her reconnect to our happier place and time.

And Carla took out the packing, which was newspaper, and she marveled at the writing she could not read, the lines and lines and lines of it.

Carla calls it 'squiggly writing'--and (raises one finger and wags it from side to side)--unlike others who remark on it and pass on to the next thing--Carla has a natural curiosity, an interest and a desire to learn how to read it.

Carla is making great progress with both the Cyrillic and the hiragana and katakana alphabets. And also the Hebrew one.  Carla passes the time with the app Tiny Cards during cases, wanting to learn, wanting to grow, wanting to explore her world on THEIR turf!  At the Japanese market, yesterday, for her late lunch, Carla was surprised and content to be able to read some of the letters and know what they were. 'Mo, ma, ho, n, ri,' are some examples. And Carla now looks for the Japanese letters on the things she knows the name for, for example, sake and sushi, trying to reverse engineer the ability to read the name on the product label.

Carla is an active learner!

And she should, because this is her nature.  It's the energy of Gaia Sophia which makes her go.

Which brings me to a more important point--YOU.

How are you in your Earth walk?

Are you busy clearing?

Or are you having fun?

The fun part is what's next.

Your world will open, just like Carla with her languages she has always wanted to learn, and now, the technology is available to her. All she has to do is (points to his head with both index fingers on either side--ed) apply it.

Nothing will be given to you on a silver platter without your having to work for it.

Even when it's fun.

Earth is not that kind of place, where there are servants to cater to you, and wash your dishes.

Earth is like the family kitchen, HOME, where everyone pitches in, and enjoys each other, and in a short time, the dishes are washed and dried, and everyone can enjoy the evening.

(he interlaces his fingers--ed)  We work TOGETHER.

With each one doing their part.

'I'll wash and you'll dry?'  (he says this with a smile, to tease you and make a point, and tosses you a dish towel--ed)

Now let's get to work!

Clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple


  1. Q: ( on the Why I left my parent's house blogpost)
    I don't understand Ross's message about the healing. One part says he is capable of removing the attachment and then says that Margaret will say that the attachment is still there. Please explain. It a little odd.
    A:  Margaret and Isabel do a fine service to humanity. They need to eat, right?
    Ross will remove your attachments.
    But you will never know what they were. How many, and when they attached. In what order they were removed. 
    Ross removes them as a gift to you from now until you go Home. This shield will help you be protected only through the rest of this incarnation. After that, your soul is just like everybody else. On any future incarnation, you may have parasitic attachments.
    Margaret will tell you what they were, how many, where they attach, what kind of attachment (DE or NE or implant).  
    Ross is in Spirit. He can do amazing things. Margaret doesn't know about Ross, or his healing because Ross can let her view how you were before the 'aluminum foil' shield was placed. This way you will know everything that was done on you, only Margaret will do it and say it to you exactly what is happening and what is done.
    Ross' shield is temporary, and will help you grow in spirit without interference from your attachments. This is a huge gift from Source, from Creator, to remove them so they won't bother you.
    Margaret's gold shield, and Isabel's diamond shields are forever. They remain on the soul from one incarnation to the next.
    I hope this answers your question.