Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Bizarre Interview

It was the summer after my first or second year away to college at Berkeley. I came home, and the very next day, on the table where I eat breakfast, daddy had put the classified ads and circled some jobs for me.

It was a hint.

And not a very subtle one.

There was one that said, 'Great Travel Opportunity' or 'SALES' or something.   It wasn't very clear what it was about, but they said I could interview, so I went.

This was in 1984.

It was the strangest thing. The place didn't look like a regular business office. It was just some room with some guy in a business area. There was no receptionist, no company name on anything.

So he starts asking me 'do you want to be a success?'

I asked him to explain in what?  exactly? I like science...

'Do you like sales?'

Well, it depends, selling what?

'You get to travel'

(He was very evasive, didn't look me in the eye, and never answered my questions directly. What I asked I thought were very reasonable questions.)

But where? When? Why? And for how long? When do I come back? My parents aren't going to like it.

That's when he cut the interview short.  He literally pushed himself back from the table, and said, 'You aren't going to be a good fit here. I won't waste our time.'

I felt dirty.

Everything about the place felt really creepy and I was happy to go.

Fast forward to 2016, and yesterday, I saw this:

THAT was one of those 'jobs'!

I wonder how many kids are put into this because of their well-intended parents who want them to work?

I'm so thankful for my inner guidance, that told me something wasn't right about this whole 'deal' when I interviewed back in the day.

What did I do for the rest of that summer?

I worked for National Car Rental. Someone there was out the whole summer for gallbladder surgery. So I filled in until she was healed, I think for eight weeks.

They even got me a cake on my last day, and had a little party.  It was like family there. And it WAS a huge company. With a boss and coworkers and all kinds of training at the beginning.

It was a really nice place to work. I got six dollars an hour, which was more than my four dollars an hour selling fast food in Disneyland I did the summer before.


It is my wish that all people who are involved in any kind of human trafficking may be free, healed, and this terrible crime may never happen again.

It's hidden in plain sight.

See it for what it is.

Don't let them get away with it.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc