Wednesday, March 28, 2018

You Will Have So Much Joy and Love and Forgiveness!

Your heart knows what is true.

Nothing can dissuade it.

It's too late to close the barn door.

For those who had once been viewed by TWDNHOBIAH as 'cattle' are getting their due freedom, and there is no turning back.

May all beings on earth be happy. May they be well. May they be peaceful. May they be free.

Those of you who are a 'certain age' will remember this part of the film.  It's not just the Von Trapp singers this time. It's all of the Lightworkers, all of humanity, and everyone who was once enslaved mentally, spiritually, physically, metaphysically...

Freedom is the natural next step. 

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Founders of Doctors With Reiki

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Pushing Spirit Along

Today's blog post is going to be a bit of work to get through. The ideas are very complex, although on the surface they may appear simple.

There may be times when something written 'pushes a button'.

When this happens, whether or not it is actually going to, but supposing it does...simply pause. Follow your breath. Recognize and acknowledge the emotions. And let it pass.

If it is too much for you to digest in one sitting, let it be until you are ready to come back and look at the next portion.

All of it is good for you.

It's just we are getting to times where there is no easy truth.

Today we are going to talk about the energy signature, intuitive guidance, and what resonates as 'truth' in the heart--despite all outward appearances to the eye and what we have been conditioned to accept as 'truth'.

My mind is constantly being guided with intuition.

Today on the way home from work, for some reason, I thought about puppies.

It isn't what you think. I looked at it from a vegan perspective.

What right do we have, as humans, to take a freshly weaned baby dog away from their mother?

Why isn't it left to be with its mother, surely it needs the relationship to teach it how to be a dog?

What right do we have?

Then the answer from Spirit came:  people need something to love, and something which loves them back, it has been this way for a long time...

I never think of dogs or puppies, randomly, in the car. Especially the philosophy of the dog world. I live in a neighborhood where many people have dogs and walk them. It was my son's first job walking them as an assistant to our neighbor the dog-walker. His first word was dog.

I never question it.

Why would this pop into my head?

It turns out a close friend of mine, like a sister, who deeply loves dogs, shows them, and it's a way of life for her, is getting a new one, and excited, and looking forward to it.

Was that why?


Last night at intermission at the school play, a mother who is a friend of mind shared that the family has their second new puppy. It's four months old. And there is the puppy 'lie'. Although they are cute and adorable, in reality they are nippy and destroy things, and a lot of work.  For example, they had their first Saturday where the family could sleep in, and the dog started to howl at eight. It woke the boys up first. (The dog has a crate in the garage, and access to a puppy door to relieve himself, it wasn't the 'call of nature').  The boys didn't understand why a dog would do that? And the mom explained to them, 'the puppy was sad'.

I asked about the number of dogs in the home? Were there two? Why is there a second dog?

The first was from a breeder in Northern California.  They paid an extra one thousand dollars to have the puppy 'trained' before it was sent here. But when the puppy arrived, it 'knew a few things' but was 'scared of everything and everyone'. They were able to get the puppy to like the family after three weeks. But going outside was difficult with other dogs. And they hired a puppy trainer/specialist. After evaluating the dog, the official assessment was that 'this isn't going to be a dog that's going to be friendly and wagging its tail with other dogs at the park. Something is wrong. And it would take six to eight months at the trainer's house to fix it to get it socialized to a basic level.'

Well the family sent the dog back. The husband said, 'we didn't buy a project, we wanted a puppy' and 'the breeder must have known there was something wrong with this one.'... The breeder didn't have the money to give back, there weren't any funds. So the couple called the credit card company who is going to 'go after the breeder'.

Can you see how the intuition was working, four hours ahead of time?

Spirit knew this was coming and wanted to make sure I didn't miss the lesson.

The lesson to me, is that for people who are operating at the level of my friend the raw vegan--who is at the point where she can 'sense' the vibration of those who prepare her food and is going to only prepare her own because the people with bad thoughts/just want the money who prepare it when she goes out...well, somehow the low vibration gets in her system and makes her physically sick to the point of vomiting and having a stomach ache....these souls are going to 'get it' when I mention the vegan 'dog' viewpoint and not be upset by it at all.  They will 'get' the part about the family too. How the family isn't exactly 'there for the dog' and rather the 'dog is there for them' and a 'commodity', not a 'member of the forever family'...

What about the parents of the classmate? What are they going to see?

Absolutely nothing! This is because they are IN their lesson. And sadly for the dog, this lesson is appropriate for them. For both dogs. And it is within their rights to make these decisions--on a comfortable lifestyle.

But can you 'sense' the vibration of this choice?

I think most of you can.

Let's take a breather by looking at the three photos.

There is organic food in a wheelbarrow. This is high vibration fuel.

In the second wheelbarrow is manure. It is digested' fuel. But it is also rich fertilizer for growing the organic produce, is it not? A little smelly, a little messy, but it has it's purpose and it is put to that purpose well.

So let's go to the third wheelbarrow?  What is it? It's hay, obviously, right? But...the question to you this manure in the making?  Or it is organic food? 

It's kind of a little of both, depending on how you look at it, right?

There is no 'black and white'.

Further, everything is in the 'state' it's supposed to be, at the time, for the Highest Good. 

EVERYTHING is for the highest good.

Even if it's a little messy, smelly, and came out the back end of a horse.

This is how I see the story of the family who rejected the first dog and aren't exactly understanding the new dog's perspective--it sees the family before eight every day of the week--where is everyone? I'm lonely! Right?

There was a beautiful Chinese bride Mei who has moved in with her new husband's family. She enjoyed her new home, and being part of the family.

One day she was in the garden, and saw grandmother Tin crying very hard, hunched over the bench, her shoulders shaking with sobbing.

Mei asked dear grandmother what was wrong, and is there anything she can do to help?

Grandmother Tin explained that ever since Grandfather died, all she has been given was a tiny rice bowl to eat, and she was no longer allowed to sit at the table like she used to, at her own table in her own home! She hadn't had a good meal ever since he had died, she has been hungry! Her daughter-in-law has been very cruel to her, and she wishes she could die soon and be with her husband for she can't take this treatment any longer!

Mei was wise, and open-hearted. She paused for a moment, and said, tenderly, 'I have a plan. When you are given your food the next meal, drop the bowl in a way to make sure it breaks. Then you will never have your problem again.'

Grandmother Tin was surprised, and asked, 'how do you know I won't get in trouble worse than I already am?'

Mei gave her a hug and said not to worry. Her troubles are over.

Mealtime came, and Mei was sure to be around when Grandmother ate.  The daughter in law handed grandmother the bowl, which slipped out of grandmother's delicate hands, and crashed to the flow, shattering into many pieces.

Mei raised her voice in anger at Grandmother in front of the daughter in law, who was in fact, HER mother in law. She said, 'Grandmother how dare you be so careless as to break the traditional bowl? What is mother going to use to eat in HER old age?!'

The mother-in-law saw the truth of her ways. She changed. 

From then on, Grandmother was seated at the family table, and given meals shared with the rest of the family...

Wise girl, isn't she?  It's a classic Chinese story I read, and I shared it from memory, not word for word, as long as the story is makes a point about the dog family...what happens when the parent has a disability and becomes 'a project'? Hmmm?

The example has been set.

The Hegalian Dialect (sorry for all the ads in the article) is what makes the dark system of control work on humanity.

It's a means to control by setting up one side against the other, but in reality, both sides are controlled by the same 'team' at the higher level which the average person can't see. And in offering a 'solution' to the 'conflict' they had generated on purpose between the two opposing factions, a 'solution' which was what the 'controllers' or 'powers that be' had wanted the people to 'accept' is ushered in and accepted without any resistance at all.

Think gun control, and the gun lobby. Think of the shootings. Think of the 'solution', gun control.  This is one example.

This part here isn't to talk about guns...  It's the methods our mainstream media, and now, 'social media' have use to move the 'herd' of all humanity.

With all the stuff about FB being 'compromised', yes, it's probably been 'compromised' all along. However, there are powerful connections between souls on the media, working groups, and people who are dedicated to using this platform to help and heal others too.  Is this a threat to the powers that decide everything? Possibly. I don't know if it's the 'truth coming out' or people wanting to disempower those who know how to work social media by having people quit it.  I know on YouTube it's now mostly Patreon or Bitchute--there's less censorship. Some channels have decided to stay on YT. Others who wanted the financial support have moved to where they are no longer 'demonetized'.

Time will tell the truth on this one.

In the meantime, I watch with interest and consider the next steps.

This video is very dark information hard to even's well-prepared. The information is presented in a way that's a little better than most I have seen. I also recommend on any of these type of videos, to read the comments. You learn a LOT by reading them.

The reason I share it is because it's the first place I have seen Marina A .moving and talking.

Please note that in her description of her performance art, the audience is blindfolded. This is strange.

Second, she describes her 'performance art' which lasted for SIX hours. There is blood drinking, trauma to her, and also, simulated rape (the men were with their wives in a public setting).

At SIX minutes into this video, she explains how the energy of performance art works: " performance is mental and physical construction the performer makes in a specific time and space in front of audience and then an energy dialog will happen. The audience and the performer make a piece together. And the difference between performance and theater is HUGE. In the theater, the knife is not a knife and the blood is just ketchup. In the performance the blood is the material and the razor blade or knife is the tool."

This is high-adept SRA hidden in plain sight.

This is the mentality-concept behind the awards shows, the half-time shows, all the 'pageantry' where people Madonna described it, her, 'giving a sermon' at her performance in the Super Bowl.

And if you look to the end of the video, you can see the 'hold' she has on Jay zeeee. It's not normal. It's SRA in action.

I wrote just enough for those of you who don't watch these things to 'get the point'. But it's something to know, to understand, what we are up against with the awakening. These archaic beliefs.

(BTW, in the school play, Much Ado About Nothing, Shakespear has hooded figures, candles, a priest recommending to fake a death, political people trying to ruin a marriage, and others scheming to make a couple fall in love who hate one another. THAT's in 'theater'! LOL. Sounds like the way TWDNHOBIAH run the show, doesn't it?)

This eighteen minute video is an insider telling what's up in another secret society.

Learning points?

Deliberate deception is given to the lower-level initiates.

You can go up from 'master' (level three) to level thirty-three in one weekend, if you want.

The comments on this one are VERY telling. Very very telling. Especially if you read between the lines.

This video by a relatively 'famous' online personality is short, two minutes, and very telling. It helps to tie together the other two. And remember, I'm not so sure whose 'team' this individual is on. There's been all kinds of 'talk' in the community. What I learned from him was an article on the major 'monuments' and how they are actually part of the occult system and  highly symbolic with meaning. I'm thankful to him for decoding that for me., long time ago.

For the rest, enjoy.

And know that we are in GOOD HANDS, everything is going to be okay, and it's just the truth coming out.

Take heart.

Good things for all of us are around the corner.

So keep up the good work.

For extra credit, I am going to revisit an earlier lesson from some time back. It's the 'you put in a nickel and you get out a quarter' lesson.

Sometimes something you say, which ordinarily wouldn't make someone in the context of your relationship with them --with someone else of similar level of friendship--they wouldn't flinch.

That's when you put in a nickel and get out a nickel.

Sometimes when you put in a nickel, and there's a HUGE emotional result--a 'quarter' so to's like you struck a nerve in this individual.

When the person is going off on you, and attacking you in anger...pause, and take a deep breath.

You have come across a deep wound which needs to heal.

Hold the space for this person.

Get YOUR energy 'in balance' any way you can. These situations are very, very, tough to be in.

You do not need to 'fix' the person.

If you are intuitive, you may sense the energy signature. You may interpret what the best teacher of all, the body, is telling this individual...if you understand the energetics of imbalance, and how the body struggles to regain that balance...not for the body, but for the lessons of the soul.

Everyone signs up for their lessons.

No one gets a free lunch.

Some of my lessons these days are more on the 'teacher' end of things...And I am strengthening my ability to LOVE the one who is deep in the throes of their 'lesson'...while maintaining as healthy and healing relationships and 'space' for this person to grow.

What is clear to us (a speck in another's eye) and what isn't clear (the log in our own) is part of being alive as humans on Earth.

Forgive them for not liking--or perhaps not blasting through effortlessly--their lessons. Everyone has the right to learn in their own way, at their own pace, and this is deeply respected and protected by Creator of All That Is.

So don't force it.

Because you wouldn't like anyone to force it on YOU.

There is a huge amount of 'clean up' going on in the physical, the mental, the emotional, the astral, the etheric, and any other plane I can't remember the name.

Do your part in it.

It's very much needed at this time.

Do all things with LOVE.

Every day.

It's important.

Ross showed me this one yesterday.



I love you.

I love Carla too.

This was my special gift to her yesterday. I asked her, 'what is the rarest stone in Japan?'

Carla looked it up. 

I have good taste.

(Carla has had ONE life, one incarnation, which was a 'rest' incarnation, filled with happiness and joy. That one--to heal from me and from all her many 'lessons'--was in Japan. Carla would never have resonated so well with Reiki without this one simple life. That is why Carla thirsts for all things Japanese. It's the memories. We started them in this incarnation the first time she boarded a ship that was a store in Ports O Call --which is not closed--between Long Beach and San Pedro. Carla smelled the scents which she didn't know were of home. But on some level she did...she recognized through her nose her life as a priest--Shinto? religious--and her great happiness to have had all her needs met and be one with the Divine in her waking life. )

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
Founders of Doctors With Reiki

Sunday, March 25, 2018

To Lyle

This is my world in this incarnation. I've more or less spent my career inside places like this. You develop connections, bonds, just like family. I have one former patient who I still keep in touch with, a cancer patient who had an infection on his leg after his cancer had been removed. So a different flap was taken. He had been in ICU and it freaked him out. It wasn't for him, I explained, it's for the flap--this is the only place where they can take doppler of the pulse to it every hour. So don't worry, it's not 'for YOU'. Besides, it's an interesting place here! You might learn something.

Fortunately, he was the kind who likes to know 'what is going on' and quickly he was letting me know what was happening and 'the news' on the ICU. He had an extended stay, going to step down and then his room. He was a good person, about my age. And we'd talk. He'd share burritos his mom brought in for him. And I'd be doing readings for him with my runes...We are still friends today.

I'm also friends with some families I've known, when their loved ones I cared for succumbed to their disease. It helps us both to deal with the loss.

Lyle is a husband of a nurse who is in 'charge of departments' at my hospital. 

I met him when a simple procedure outside had gone bad, and he was coding in the ER. 

I helped with his case. He coded on me too, and fortunately we got him back. 

Lyle is a soul I will always thank for the lesson he taught me. 

I talk with souls. Whether they are in the body, temporarily outside it during surgery, or have left it permanently.  Since medical school I have had the responsibility and honor to guide lost souls up, as well as those who are making the Transition to The Other Side/The Afterlife.

Most of the time, I am able to at least 'sense' where the energy is, and what is going on with it while I am working with a patient.

But not with Lyle.

He wasn't anywhere! I couldn't find him!

I couldn't tell if he was going to stay or to go. 


A great big fat NADA!

It puzzled me.

I was called to give him Reiki in the ICU. The wife, and the wife's friend who is also my own, wanted it. And another nurse friend contacted me to get me to go.

I was guided by Spirit to attune the friend.  I sensed the wife was curious and felt left out. So I attuned her too. 

The first time I ever sensed Lyle was while I was attuning his wife Heide.  He wanted to be attuned! I felt it.

So I did.

We practiced on him, together, his wife, her friend, and me.

We all felt 'something' in his abdomen.

Less than one hour after I left, Lyle had a huge poop! He hadn't gone and had been having his BP go up, and HR. 

Problem solved!

I recommended to Heide and Terry to do Reiki every day, both for themselves and for Lyle.

Then Lyle went to long-term care. He wasn't waking up. He was caught between both worlds.

Heide has been taking it well, very calm, very courageous, very accepting of what is.

Yesterday I heard from our mutual friend that Lyle was back in ICU and needed Reiki.

More to myself, than to him, I asked myself, 'what IS it with Lyle?'

That's when he came through.

He was afraid to talk to me.

Lyle hid.

That's why I couldn't see him.

You see, on Spirit side, I don't look like Carla you see smiling in the photos.

And on Spirit side, people know me, in ways I don't understand at the present time. Brittany Murphy--who had transitioned--told me that up 'there', people buy posters of me, not her--I'm 'famous'.

I never believed it until Lyle confided in me. It rang true, it resonated. He was afraid to approach me.

I asked him, kindly, what were his plans this time, about whether to stay or to go?

He asked me to finish the certificates for him and Heide. He wants them framed, side by side in the house.

So today I made them. I also made copies of the Reiki Manuals my teacher gave me. I have nice little notebook binder/folders all set.

Then when I went to the office supply store, I came home with more manuals, and today, finally, after putting it off for a long time, even though Ross had been inviting me to do so, I cleaned the corner where my manuals are. I have a new shelf. I'm 'open for business' energetically. What is beginning with Reiki One, Two, Three and Master...will continue to Agarthan, Galactic Reiki, Gaia Sophia Reiki, Gaia Sophia Reiki Master, and two more courses I still need to name, even higher healing energies!  I have the certificates and empty binders, even a little book to give receipts. My first class was in April of 2013! So long, so very long time has passed!

I also took a trip to visit Zadkiel's temple.

I haven't been in ages, and it looks more like the building on the right, except there is a sandy beach in front of it.

I zipped across the water this time so fast I didn't know how I did it. Did I float? Did I fly? But I was playing in the seashore when Zadkiel came and escorted me up.

The place was PACKED! Absolutely packed!  I commented this to Zadkiel. He calmly mentioned under his breath how 'more people visit here now' but 'they will always make an appointment to fit me in' when I need to come.

He took me to a room, and behind a HUGE desk, was Michael, the archangel.

I remember talking with Michael, but I can't recall what was said. I spoke with him of my concerns about dark entities, how they got to be here, what is being done about unhappy I am that they did what they did.  He knew this conversation was coming. And he was prepared for it. His answers rang true to my heart.

But one thing he said I hadn't expected.

He told me how when I spoke to someone about something, he was able to sense what it is like to have partnership with someone who isn't 'faithful'. He felt it. And he wanted me to know that next time I am 'up', the part of me that is with him, he is going to make more of an effort to be a good husband--and be PROTECTIVE of me.

I spoke with him plainly, I had no complaints, I didn't expect it, and as my brother in spirit I've always had the highest regard for him and total and complete acceptance of 'his ways'. I had thought I had my apprenticeship with him through the marriage, and on some level, I must have learned what I needed to know and I was thankful. But also, to be honest, deep in my heart, that promise of protection from him, close loving protection from someone who is committed to you...meant a great deal.

Something softened.

And the others--you know who they are--approached and also gave me their promise to watch me closely and protect me--same as Michael.

Next thing I knew, I was in another room and Ross was there, and I greatly appreciated his embrace. I can barely remember what he said or did, but his presence was most soothing in a long time. I didn't want him to let me go, I wanted to keep my head on his chest in those strong arms forever. I was in the back yard at the time, and a beautiful bird I'd never heard sing before, sang. I tried to locate it. It flew and landed on the eucalyptus I've grown from a seed.  I watched it in one dimension, and I was with Ross in Spirit in the other, and it was delightful in every way.

But then it was time to go. Zadkiel escorted me to the door, and oddly enough, this time I did not get to go to the treasure box of gifts and pick anything.

I was just home.

Ross picked this image to let you know what we really look like when we are together in Spirit.

What I see, when I go to Zadkiel's temple, is just like seeing people here. They walk and talk and look entirely normal.

When I do mediumship, I don't always 'see', but I always 'sense' and 'feel' the energy vibration.  I hear them talk to me too.

Even though I 'see' this, I know things in spirit can change and change quickly--it's not like here. And although I've seen myself 'glowing' once, it might be more because what is underneath--the true 'me' in my native form--is showing.

Do I see orbs? Only in pictures. I have a sense that perhaps orbs are--like auras--really who we are.

I think these truths are going to come out hopefully sooner instead of later, and we may keep in constant contact with our loved ones who have crossed over, made the Transition, and love us just the same, if not more...


Anthony is still in his pajamas. He never changed. He has been playing the video games all day. He woke up at seven thirty--to Carla's eight thirty--and fired the game up.

Right now he is giggling and enjoying the company of his friends.

Except for a breather for breakfast and lunch--Carla has yet to make dinner--he has been immersed in this world which brings him great companionship, sense of accomplishment, and connection, as well as a breather from his everyday school life.

Sometimes we need to take breaks.

For Carla it was on the porch swing outside, and also, pulling weeds.

Sometimes what looks like doing nothing is really accomplishing much in other ways. While Carla is resting or enjoying quiet activities, I can ramp the energies up without her knowing it. I can make the adjustments to her without it causing much disturbance to her sense of self and sensibility.

This is like a Reiki attunement, only there is more technically involved and it has to do with all of the energy bodies, timelines, and the Divine Plan for everything and everyone.

Sometimes, what looks like nothing is actually a big thing!

Like with Lyle.

Lyle was star-struck to have been in such close proximity to her. It took a while for us to settle him down, and for him to realize it was okay to approach her from where he is. And also to ask for a favor from his heart.

Lyle is a good one, and Lyle won't be bored from where he is going. Lyle has his 'work cut out for him' in continuing to guide and love his family.

Just from a slightly different location.

Kind of like where I am.

The love I have for my wife and soul Twin never evaporates.

And also, where we are, the soul can split into factions--not like a 'mind split' on earth!--so one may experience parallel lives in a learning continuum. This is how Carla is 'married' so she calls it, to Michael and the rest. And unlike me, all of her other 'partners' have their soul splits and their 'others' too.

This is much for today.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Founders of Doctors With Reiki

You Will Have Happiness Which Is Beyond What You May Imagine

Yesterday we walked in a fundraiser for Stroke and Heart disease. I was overwhelmed with the outpouring of love. Both in the walkers, who wore shirts in memory of and honoring their loved ones.
And in the people who gave us high fives and cheered us on!

This to me, represents more of our role as Ground Crew...and the Spiritual beings who cheer us on from the sidelines...and I was delighted to see this, all the way to my core.

I was honored because the woman who organized our team from work IS a stroke survivor who had to teach herself how to do everything over again. 

I also was thrilled to see this:

I saw this RIGHT when I was praying to my beloved, to join us in our three mile, five kilometer walk.

We finished and we went to Dizknee resort. The walk site and the resort are on the same street. 

It was very crowded but a beautiful weather day. We tired and left early before dinner. 

Good things are happening in the awakening department.

I can watch a little from he sidelines here to see what the Galactics are up to. It looks good.

It is our hope that some of the 'truth' community will be experiencing more wind of the changes and disseminating this information to us all.

I have been reading about things, looking for ways to assist Ross and his teams as they tackle head-on the cancer which has invaded our Spiritual Realms here on surface Gaia.

I learned that the Cabahlah (spelling so under the radar)...IS Hermetic magic.  They are one and the same.

For those of you who follow things, do know that all ties to Saturn have been untied by Saturn herself.  A powerful source of energy for dark magic has been cut off at the source. Saturn has consciousness and Free Will, same as everything else which is sentient. And Saturn said 'no!' to this siphoning off of her energy for nefarious purposes.

Furthermore, Hermetic magic is deeply tied in to the Cahh-bahhhl-ah, however, Hermes himself has said, 'no' and severed all ties with this entire framework of negative energy and corruption.

There are three legs to the sitting stool, and two of them have been removed. There is no balance. It is an unsustainable situation.

For those of you who are wondering, how did it ever happened that dark forces could exist? And never mind, exert as much apparent control as they have in our reality of the third dimension?

How could angels fall?

I asked this of Ross last night as I was falling asleep. Because in Heaven, there are no dark aliens, no dark entities, no demonic anything.  Why are they here when they are not anywhere else in the Cosmos? Or this quadrant of the Universe?

Basically, although it seems like forever to us who are incarnate, according to Ross, all of this is like one huge Cosmic Burp--which is coming up to be released once and forever, and it is to be of no further effects than a burp.

We will feel better.

I asked him about the layers and layers of demonic entities which are trapped into hidden cahbawhlas inside victims of mind control who are bloodline?  I've been reading, and I know. And it seems to me that someone somewhere figured out how to hotwire a human and to steal the vehicle for their own sick and twisted means. What about all that? It's horrifying!

He said to remember the stories of Near Death Experiences, as THIS is the Truth.  This is what to anticipate. And to know there, in those realities, demonic anything does not exist.  And that is where we are heading.

(I will add, as a side note, that our vibration can be adjusted by us, by choosing our habitual thinking which in turn creates our character. There is a lot 'out there' to sway us to the negative. example written by a Christian mom. Remember to acknowledge your feelings--they are important--but when they are of a darker, lower vibration, to simply acknowledge them and move on, to return to your natural state of equilibrium.  Some individuals might not like our vibration. Our natural state of looking at the good, of being content with what we have, and working our spiritual life experience and lessons...this is because there is a gap between vibrational levels which can become uncomfortable. At this point, one senses the energy of separation, which itself is a good emotion/energy to pick up and act upon. Sometimes it is better to listen to it than to force something which is not meant to be.)

Peace and freedom of the spiritual realms are ours for the taking, even here in this earthly environment.

Be sure to choose them.

Life is a gift, a blessing, in all ways, even the lessons. 

Love is the only thing that exists. 

Love opens doors.

Love opens hearts.

Love is the way of the future.

Where there is Love, nothing can falter.

Everything and everyone shall thrive with Divine Intention!

clap! clap!

Ross is waving, and asking if you liked his 'sign?'. He is teasing as he knows it wasn't for 'him' but he was grateful.

He also reminds me to talk about how little the 'resort' of the 'Land' I visited yesterday is decorated for Easter. For Christmas and Halloween it's over the top. Here they just had large eggs with character faces on them 'hidden' through the park. That and balloons with a certain character bunny on them. 

It was kind of a data point, what was 'missing'.

I actually made the sign of the cross on Main Street, on myself, and asked for all which is Divine--the correct order of 'things'--to be here in this place too. And Easter is a nod to All That Is and Divine matter how distorted the story may have been passed along to us over the ages since none of us were there at the time in this incarnation anyhow...

I asked for the Spiritual 'norm' to be spread across the globe, whatever it is back it is for the people who have the near death experiences....where nobody needs glasses and joy is palpable and health is everywhere...<3

Aloha and Mahalos,
Peace, (Ross is smiling and nodding 'yes' slowly)

Ross and Carla
The Founders of Doctors With Reiki

Saturday, March 24, 2018

On Saying 'No'

This one is being written today with assistance from Divine Father.

Everyone who is incarnate has the right to say 'No'!

It is true that in some parts of society, this saying of 'No'!, for example, will bring only more trauma and further programming.

This is an exceptional case, and is not part of the Design Plan.  That one will be left to another blog post.

Absolutely everyone, especially those who are incarnate, have the right to experience the  'No!' phenomenon.

On both sides of the exchange.

Yesterday my entire body and soul was in harmony in interaction with another. Everything, every cell in my body said, 'NO!' to un-forgiveness, negativity, harsh judgement, and ways of the old.


At that same moment, in a completely different state of the US from me, my friend's daughter's iPad, which was unattended on the floor, suddenly lit up and said, 'NOW!' with a charming musical tone.

That very same moment!

She texted me to let me know, and she in turn had no idea of the very strong energy that was going through my system at the time.

Strong energy is for me, by nature, my duty and solemn responsibility in my assignment while I am on Earth. This is what I work with. The second strongest energy there is, only one works with stronger.

And this was my very soul aflame with the decision where I said, 'NO!' to everything that was not of love, kindness, joy, beauty, and the Divine. I had the choice to drop my vibration in an interaction. I said no.

My soul literally IS 'Open For Business' in the gifts of the Higher Vibrations.

Yesterday I manifested Jackfruit.

I didn't think anything about it, it wasn't exactly intentional.

I hadn't realized I had done it.

But the day before yesterday, there had been a fruit salad on the table in the break room at the Surgery Center. It had little yellow pieces of fruit on it. I thought they were Jackfruit and was excited. But I was told they were Mango. I looked closer, I sniffed, and yes, it was Mango so I did not eat.

I was not in the mood for Mango at the time, especially Mango mixed with other fruits local to here.

But the enthusiasm, the welcome, the anticipation of the Jackfruit, the joyful surprise?

It must have registered something in the manifesting department...for yesterday, after being in a case that went all the way through lunch, finishing close to two p.m. and I was absolutely STARVING...on the table in the break room of the Main O.R. was a package of genuine, Vietnamese, fried Jackfruit I ate.  I didn't even know it was Jackfruit when I started eating. I just knew I couldn't read the package and I liked it. But the little sticker in English on the package caught my attention.

Again I didn't think anything of it at the time, I was hungry, and glad to eat. I had missed the pho Friday in the doctor's lounge, it closes at two. I had been disappointed.   (by the way, the name of the soup, pho--pronounced FHO--actually comes from the French word feu from the dish, 'pot au feu'! Fascinating, isn't it?)...

It was only on the drive home that I put two and two together, that I actually was able to somehow draw the Jackfruit to my life experience--typically this takes about a day for me--and I realized I am living in the NEW.

The work I did on the love and gratitude with the Kerth Barker guide to increasing psychic gifts is working.

Basically what he says is the opposite of what is said in Star Wars. The Life Force--and working with it--is ultimately stronger than the energy of darkness. And this makes complete and total sense because you are aligned with the energy of the Universe instead of the energy which is not of the Divine Creator.

(Divine Father says, 'what parent wouldn't give a cookie to a child who asked for it nicely with all lovingkindness?')

This was not easy to learn how to ride. It takes a smaller bicycle. A lot of coaching. Some practice. And some falls. But everyone who wants to experience it, can learn how to ride. Even if you have to start with the training wheels!

Here is another activity which is enjoyable to most, but takes coordination and effort (and some falls!) to learn how to do. Being able to skate is a certain the bicycle...

This is a hobby which takes practice and discipline to learn. I can only make a boat consistently, and a whale with a little guide to follow.  But many people learn it, and one family sent me the gift of one thousand cranes, something I will always treasure!  Because it was something I couldn't do, and I had wanted to make them, and they sent it from their heart. It took a year for all the family members to make it.

This is a skill that was taught to me in the fourth grade.  We made our own chopsticks  (and geta shoes!) as part of our social studies project.

I wanted to learn this skill, and I am able to eat with them.  It took practice!

All over the world, there are cultures who use this instead of the fork, spoon and knife I grew up with. For these cultures, it doesn't even require thinking, as children grow up with the skill.

It has taken determination and a lot of encouragement to get my son basic skills to use them. He hasn't wanted to learn. At the beginning he preferred to just stab the morsel of food with it like a spear and bite it off the chopstick! I had to be patient, to validate his efforts, and to guide him gently over time to something similar to proper use.

It took me years! But I accomplished it.

Given the choice Anthony will always take fork over chopstick.

But if there is no choice my boy will not starve.

The bird, the masters of flight, even are pushed out of the nest to learn how to fly. The parents teach them.

Not every bird can fly, but those who do, had to work hard to master this skill!

Yesterday I saw a short video--I apologize I can't find the link here--on a woman who made a friend with a queen bumblebee who had no wings due to the deformed wing virus.  She made a home for it with flowers, and fed it sugar water. The bee was tame and actually looked forward to the company from the woman.  It was a delightful video on FB...the point is that even in the most desperate of situations--a bee without wings would not live!--love and kindness found the way for both the woman and the bee, whom she named, Bee, to live her complete life.

When you are consistently vibrating with these emotions on a regular basis...

Life becomes sweeter and there is some 'wiggle room' within each of your Life Contracts.

The lessons do not magically disappear.

However, such as in the case of the Bee, there are 'unanticipated solutions' which arrive for the benefit of all!

Anything is possible!


Even the unthinkable, becomes an 'adventure' all on its own, because with the Divine Assistance you can get through anything--one way or another--and there is nothing to fear.

Like attracts Like.

We are here to turn this concept around.

When the red piece begins it's frequency strong enough and is vibrating high enough, all of the pieces are going to turn red.

All of them.

This is because although it looks like red is outnumbered, with what you can see, red is actually strongly connected to Source, and therefore, to All That Is, which is in complete and total alignment with Divine Creator, All the Heavenly Angels, and the Star Family which claims him, the red piece--all of which are unseen!

And THIS 'unseen' vastly outnumbers any of the pieces! No matter what their connection is--by their thought processes, life experiences, or 'faith'--because the strongest energy that exists is this combination of Love and Gratitude which fuels the Universe...And those green and blue pieces--even if they deny the presence of the Divine--are made of up energy which is Divine. So they actually deny themselves in denying Creator of All That Is--which is preposterous!

There is no where to go if you deny the energy and Love of Divine Creator. This is because that is all there is.

Love is the ONLY thing that exists.

Once you say 'NO' to fear, to conflict, to un-forgiveness, to jealousy, to anger, to hate, to all these dark emotions which are -- to be honest-- sort of a  'habit' that has been learned while being incarnate...

You will get Jackfruit when you long for it.

It will just appear, as if out of the sky...but will arrive through the work of the Divine...with it's gentle system of 'hints' and 'nudges' that like the woman who adopted 'Bee' who had no wings...the heart of people will open and work together...without holding back...and Heaven on Earth will appear for you.

Just like the Jackfruit did for me.

Someone bought it.

Someone thought to share it.

Someone who had no idea I had my heart sing for Jackfruit a day before...

But they heard it somehow in ways I can't understand and Divine Creator DOES understand!

So I got to eat.

I didn't manifest it out of thin air.

Ross can do that.

I can't.

I still have to practice, like with the chopsticks for Anthony.

One day I will master that skill too.

I want to learn.

P.S.  A woman told me yesterday how spirits had been coming to her saying that they 'do not want to become angels'.   We can pretty much guess who/how those Spirits  are. They have enjoyed the 'status quo' which is unsustainable here on surface Gaia. The only reason I share it is because as Ascension continues its process, the soul is offered the choice, 'heal or merge'.  "Healing" is intensive therapy to return to the original state these souls once had before the 'fall'. There is no judgement, no question, and only the opportunity to turn from the old ways.  This was the first time I saw it from 'their eyes', the one being offered the 'choice'.  I hope this helps one to understand the vast quantities of souls who are choosing to merge instead of accept the healing which is being offered to them. In their 'religion' the 'ultimate' of a series of incarnations lived 'doing what thy wilt' is to go into oblivion and merge with the Galactic Central Sun. This is how the Illusion has been twisted to the point of Divine Children of Creator--made the same way as me and you and everything you can see which is formed from 'Divine Stuff' of 'Divine Energy' --would make this very sad choice.

Truly, everything DOES have a right to say 'No'.

Everything and everyone.

Divine Father and Divine Mother always respect that choice.   Because we are loved and given freedom as souls.

We didn't cause it. We can't cure it. We can only move forward and leave the rest to the experts in these healings.

Ascension, and Life Itself, is yours to is a gift...cherish it!

(Ross is doing well, he sends you his love. He had to step back as Divine Father participated in this blog post.)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
Founders of Doctors With Reiki