Saturday, March 24, 2018

On Saying 'No'

This one is being written today with assistance from Divine Father.

Everyone who is incarnate has the right to say 'No'!

It is true that in some parts of society, this saying of 'No'!, for example, will bring only more trauma and further programming.

This is an exceptional case, and is not part of the Design Plan.  That one will be left to another blog post.

Absolutely everyone, especially those who are incarnate, have the right to experience the  'No!' phenomenon.

On both sides of the exchange.

Yesterday my entire body and soul was in harmony in interaction with another. Everything, every cell in my body said, 'NO!' to un-forgiveness, negativity, harsh judgement, and ways of the old.


At that same moment, in a completely different state of the US from me, my friend's daughter's iPad, which was unattended on the floor, suddenly lit up and said, 'NOW!' with a charming musical tone.

That very same moment!

She texted me to let me know, and she in turn had no idea of the very strong energy that was going through my system at the time.

Strong energy is for me, by nature, my duty and solemn responsibility in my assignment while I am on Earth. This is what I work with. The second strongest energy there is, only one works with stronger.

And this was my very soul aflame with the decision where I said, 'NO!' to everything that was not of love, kindness, joy, beauty, and the Divine. I had the choice to drop my vibration in an interaction. I said no.

My soul literally IS 'Open For Business' in the gifts of the Higher Vibrations.

Yesterday I manifested Jackfruit.

I didn't think anything about it, it wasn't exactly intentional.

I hadn't realized I had done it.

But the day before yesterday, there had been a fruit salad on the table in the break room at the Surgery Center. It had little yellow pieces of fruit on it. I thought they were Jackfruit and was excited. But I was told they were Mango. I looked closer, I sniffed, and yes, it was Mango so I did not eat.

I was not in the mood for Mango at the time, especially Mango mixed with other fruits local to here.

But the enthusiasm, the welcome, the anticipation of the Jackfruit, the joyful surprise?

It must have registered something in the manifesting department...for yesterday, after being in a case that went all the way through lunch, finishing close to two p.m. and I was absolutely STARVING...on the table in the break room of the Main O.R. was a package of genuine, Vietnamese, fried Jackfruit I ate.  I didn't even know it was Jackfruit when I started eating. I just knew I couldn't read the package and I liked it. But the little sticker in English on the package caught my attention.

Again I didn't think anything of it at the time, I was hungry, and glad to eat. I had missed the pho Friday in the doctor's lounge, it closes at two. I had been disappointed.   (by the way, the name of the soup, pho--pronounced FHO--actually comes from the French word feu from the dish, 'pot au feu'! Fascinating, isn't it?)...

It was only on the drive home that I put two and two together, that I actually was able to somehow draw the Jackfruit to my life experience--typically this takes about a day for me--and I realized I am living in the NEW.

The work I did on the love and gratitude with the Kerth Barker guide to increasing psychic gifts is working.

Basically what he says is the opposite of what is said in Star Wars. The Life Force--and working with it--is ultimately stronger than the energy of darkness. And this makes complete and total sense because you are aligned with the energy of the Universe instead of the energy which is not of the Divine Creator.

(Divine Father says, 'what parent wouldn't give a cookie to a child who asked for it nicely with all lovingkindness?')

This was not easy to learn how to ride. It takes a smaller bicycle. A lot of coaching. Some practice. And some falls. But everyone who wants to experience it, can learn how to ride. Even if you have to start with the training wheels!

Here is another activity which is enjoyable to most, but takes coordination and effort (and some falls!) to learn how to do. Being able to skate is a certain the bicycle...

This is a hobby which takes practice and discipline to learn. I can only make a boat consistently, and a whale with a little guide to follow.  But many people learn it, and one family sent me the gift of one thousand cranes, something I will always treasure!  Because it was something I couldn't do, and I had wanted to make them, and they sent it from their heart. It took a year for all the family members to make it.

This is a skill that was taught to me in the fourth grade.  We made our own chopsticks  (and geta shoes!) as part of our social studies project.

I wanted to learn this skill, and I am able to eat with them.  It took practice!

All over the world, there are cultures who use this instead of the fork, spoon and knife I grew up with. For these cultures, it doesn't even require thinking, as children grow up with the skill.

It has taken determination and a lot of encouragement to get my son basic skills to use them. He hasn't wanted to learn. At the beginning he preferred to just stab the morsel of food with it like a spear and bite it off the chopstick! I had to be patient, to validate his efforts, and to guide him gently over time to something similar to proper use.

It took me years! But I accomplished it.

Given the choice Anthony will always take fork over chopstick.

But if there is no choice my boy will not starve.

The bird, the masters of flight, even are pushed out of the nest to learn how to fly. The parents teach them.

Not every bird can fly, but those who do, had to work hard to master this skill!

Yesterday I saw a short video--I apologize I can't find the link here--on a woman who made a friend with a queen bumblebee who had no wings due to the deformed wing virus.  She made a home for it with flowers, and fed it sugar water. The bee was tame and actually looked forward to the company from the woman.  It was a delightful video on FB...the point is that even in the most desperate of situations--a bee without wings would not live!--love and kindness found the way for both the woman and the bee, whom she named, Bee, to live her complete life.

When you are consistently vibrating with these emotions on a regular basis...

Life becomes sweeter and there is some 'wiggle room' within each of your Life Contracts.

The lessons do not magically disappear.

However, such as in the case of the Bee, there are 'unanticipated solutions' which arrive for the benefit of all!

Anything is possible!


Even the unthinkable, becomes an 'adventure' all on its own, because with the Divine Assistance you can get through anything--one way or another--and there is nothing to fear.

Like attracts Like.

We are here to turn this concept around.

When the red piece begins it's frequency strong enough and is vibrating high enough, all of the pieces are going to turn red.

All of them.

This is because although it looks like red is outnumbered, with what you can see, red is actually strongly connected to Source, and therefore, to All That Is, which is in complete and total alignment with Divine Creator, All the Heavenly Angels, and the Star Family which claims him, the red piece--all of which are unseen!

And THIS 'unseen' vastly outnumbers any of the pieces! No matter what their connection is--by their thought processes, life experiences, or 'faith'--because the strongest energy that exists is this combination of Love and Gratitude which fuels the Universe...And those green and blue pieces--even if they deny the presence of the Divine--are made of up energy which is Divine. So they actually deny themselves in denying Creator of All That Is--which is preposterous!

There is no where to go if you deny the energy and Love of Divine Creator. This is because that is all there is.

Love is the ONLY thing that exists.

Once you say 'NO' to fear, to conflict, to un-forgiveness, to jealousy, to anger, to hate, to all these dark emotions which are -- to be honest-- sort of a  'habit' that has been learned while being incarnate...

You will get Jackfruit when you long for it.

It will just appear, as if out of the sky...but will arrive through the work of the Divine...with it's gentle system of 'hints' and 'nudges' that like the woman who adopted 'Bee' who had no wings...the heart of people will open and work together...without holding back...and Heaven on Earth will appear for you.

Just like the Jackfruit did for me.

Someone bought it.

Someone thought to share it.

Someone who had no idea I had my heart sing for Jackfruit a day before...

But they heard it somehow in ways I can't understand and Divine Creator DOES understand!

So I got to eat.

I didn't manifest it out of thin air.

Ross can do that.

I can't.

I still have to practice, like with the chopsticks for Anthony.

One day I will master that skill too.

I want to learn.

P.S.  A woman told me yesterday how spirits had been coming to her saying that they 'do not want to become angels'.   We can pretty much guess who/how those Spirits  are. They have enjoyed the 'status quo' which is unsustainable here on surface Gaia. The only reason I share it is because as Ascension continues its process, the soul is offered the choice, 'heal or merge'.  "Healing" is intensive therapy to return to the original state these souls once had before the 'fall'. There is no judgement, no question, and only the opportunity to turn from the old ways.  This was the first time I saw it from 'their eyes', the one being offered the 'choice'.  I hope this helps one to understand the vast quantities of souls who are choosing to merge instead of accept the healing which is being offered to them. In their 'religion' the 'ultimate' of a series of incarnations lived 'doing what thy wilt' is to go into oblivion and merge with the Galactic Central Sun. This is how the Illusion has been twisted to the point of Divine Children of Creator--made the same way as me and you and everything you can see which is formed from 'Divine Stuff' of 'Divine Energy' --would make this very sad choice.

Truly, everything DOES have a right to say 'No'.

Everything and everyone.

Divine Father and Divine Mother always respect that choice.   Because we are loved and given freedom as souls.

We didn't cause it. We can't cure it. We can only move forward and leave the rest to the experts in these healings.

Ascension, and Life Itself, is yours to is a gift...cherish it!

(Ross is doing well, he sends you his love. He had to step back as Divine Father participated in this blog post.)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
Founders of Doctors With Reiki