Friday, March 9, 2018

You Will Have A Good Experience!

We have been having good days. Things have been good at home, good at work, busy in a 'Creator is working miracles through you' kind of way.

I sleep well.

Yesterday I ate well, for the most part. I was in a rush, and my breakfast was in the car, a travel mug of tea (it's faster to make than coffee), three leftover pancakes that were a week old and cold, and one of those squishy apple sauce things you suck the applesauce out.

(As an aside, anyone ever stop to notice the shape and size of that end of the package you suck on? It's pretty close to a human nipple in size! Who the heck engineered THAT?!)

I got to work on time, which is a blessing.

And I had a good day. I had two cases. There was a two hour break between them. So I walked to the local Starbucks to get some exercise and have a 'late breakfast' because the next case would go through lunch.  Along the way I was delighted to pick some concord grapes from last season dangling on a vine right over a fence. The fence belongs to (most likely) Japanese farmers who said 'no' to selling their ranch house to urban development. An entire parking lot and strip mall surrounds their home. I'd live there in an instant.

The other thing about the walk was that I saw dandelions, and excitedly took photos of them showing up where they found themselves and blooming anyway. Even if it's in the middle of a cultivated bed of flowers.  Bloom where you are planted, right?

What was not so good was that I was misunderstood on my order. I wanted a hot mocha and a spinach feta wrap, my favorite pairing--this would have given me one hundred twenty five extra stars.

The person gave me a mocha frappuccino which I don't like.

The person at the barista thing said, 'Carla you have something left at the bar and haven't picked it up'.  I looked, and saw my name on the wrong thing. I said, 'this isn't what I ordered'.

'We will get a new one for you'.

'It's too late, I already ate my wrap. It doesn't matter.'

'Let us make the one you ordered.'

'Well then what happens to this one here? It's perfectly good. You are going to throw it in the trash? I have a problem with that.'

'You can keep both.'

'Don't trouble yourself, I'll drink this one.'

And it was awful.

I am starting to hear signs of age-ism in my daily life. It doesn't pertain to me, exactly, but since I look younger than I am, people feel more free to talk in front of me.

I hear them complaining about old people.

I also hear my peers complaining about 'millennials' which is the exact opposite--complaining about the young people.

This type of interaction has gone on since the beginning of time! It's like, in Greek stuff somewhere, I don't know how the author goes on bitterly about the young people and it's like, all of them died thousands of years ago, you know?

I saw this posted.

I saw the complaints.

I saw the 'all right!' comments because for the vast majority of social media complaints it's against the millennials.


I AM a baby boomer.

The very last year.

So I watched it. 

Let me tell you I have the ability to separate myself from what I watch, and to watch it analytically.

Richie has a valid point. Some of the people who should have been in positions to accept responsibility flaked out. And for him, those people happened to be 'baby boomers'.

I could add that perhaps with his being a male and younger, both the driving in the snow, and the helping the old lady into the car, and not being at risk of falling on the ice himself, could have factored into this 'flaking'.

But there is one important point Ross and I want to bring up and that's why this is at the top of the blog post for today.

Millennials and Baby Boomers are just different crops from the same farmer.

The same is true for the Lost Generation (Silent Generation?--my parents), Generation X...and the rest.

Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart have it down to a science.

And they take their time.

Revenge sought by one of their leaders who was defeated, will go through two generations of waiting only to have the revenge be taken.

This is how they roll.

They know the psychology, they know how to adjust the social experience--stay at home mom versus working mom--etc, they know how to tinker with the economy...not to mention the 'programming' with mass-marketing 'entertainment'.

We are their CROPS!

So if you are alfalfa and I am a timothy hay, we are BOTH being grown to be eaten by their 'horses'!!!

We are ONE.

We are all fodder for the machine of TWDNHOBIAH.

And freedom is coming.

Last night I had a chat with my internet provider about their email. It's sucky.

Apparently they had server problems and this has been going on all year. It takes forever to log on, and to load, and to empty the trash of things I've deleted. It doesn't help that I get all kinds of spam.

It's not 'spam' spam from them, it's email notifications from everyone I ever did business with online.

I got so upset. I've contacted them many times over this same issue. It's caused endless frustration.

And I asked them for some financial 'money where their mouth is'.

They said the supervisor said 'no'.

I told them five dollars would have meant the world to me, and one free movie rental isn't going to break them. I've been a good customer over fifteen years, payments always on time, never a problem.

Nope. No five dollars.

They helped fix the email.

But my business relationship with them isn't important to them at all.

So on the questionnaire I gave them zeros. And I told them to tell the supervisor and the supervisor's supervisor that I will always remember the way they made me feel, and they made me feel like shit. The first chance I can get away from them I will. (our area is zoned by providers, it's hard to switch).

Let me tell you something--that urge to feel 'righteous' and 'vindictive' feels good.

But if you are going to be serious about your being a LightWorker, you have to let it go.

Revenge is what fuels TWDNHOBIAH.

Here is an example of how they 'shame' someone instead of killing them.

The jail, even the addictions, are part of the ways of TWDNHOBIAH. Why he's still alive after telling the truth of what the 'new rappers' are doing? Perhaps because they let him look like he's crazy?

I don't know.

Times are hard.

Keep your cool.


Always expect the best or something better.

Watch for the truth.


This is where Carla makes the bracelets. 

This is where her creativity shines, and her expertise--what I wouldn't give to have one of her bracelets to wear up here!--comes to the forefront of human consciousness.

Imagine having a medium design a grief bracelet to help you recover from the loss, with YOUR DECEASED LOVED ONE helping with the design?!?

Is there anyone else on earth that can DO that?


Perhaps some can listen, and some can make, but none of them have the heart and soul and hands working together like my Carla.

None of them.

I love her.

Yesterday Carla had a wonderful surprise from which I helped her prepare. She had a Baskin-Robbins ice cream cake to celebrate poor 'forgotten' Anthony's birthday in the freezer. She had bought it on the night Anthony was at his dad's, at my suggestion. So when she asked Anthony to put his lunch bag with the insulation into the freezer, his only steady 'chore',  you can only imagine his joy when he saw in there his special cake!

After dinner--which Carla didn't go out but instead prepared a beautiful shepherd's pie for Anthony and the babysitter--they lit thirteen candles and sang to Anthony, much to his delight.

Nobody ever likes to be forgotten. And on his special birthday trip to Arizona to visit his grandparents, that's what his family did. They bought both of them tickets to fly out for their birthdays. They sent a card to Anthony (dated erroneously in March when his birthday is February) stating that the tickets were his birthday gift. But once in Arizona, the cake, the cards (the grandpa made Anthony buy his dad a card with his own money), the celebration was all about his dad. And not him!

Carla had said that the only thing that would have been worse is for his grandmother to have felt up his new perky breasts like the grandmother did in the movie Sixteen Candles (Molly Ringwald)!

Anthony laughed and laughed over that. For in fact, humor heals.

It also wounds. I want you to be very careful when you are watching electronic/mainstream entertainment. It is the humor that allows them to deliver the harshest messages in. You think it's safe and you let your guard down. That is a second point, besides the 'you are ONE' and 'don't buy into revenge' message from the blog part above my own.

Carla had in fact prepared a blog in her mind, about the people at work asking her advice for alternative treatments for diabetes, and how Carla replied. And how Stephanie at work is a total joy in her awakening. And how wonderful people stepped up with offers to help--this is very much appreciated by our two readers who offered to take the burden off of her.

Last night Carla was able to purchase her needs at the grocery store with the funds that had been sent to her by a new order for a Ross Bondo Healing. 

The burden of having to provide for herself and Anthony and all this 'work in the public eye for the greater good'--was in fact a little less.  Carla was able to buy her celery, her strawberries, some blueberries, two pairs of yoga mat slippers (flip flops) to replace her pair she got in Hawaii in 2012 that was her favorite and is worn out--on special for less than half the original price!, all in all it was good. There was more but both of us forget...Two club store size jars of salsa, and beef jerky for Anthony.

Thank you.

 I  thank you. I am not incarnate for Earth, and I cannot provide for Carla myself in material ways, although I would like to. 

Thank you for being my hands on earth.

Thank you for helping with those who are suffering in your midst.

Thank you for keeping a cool head around you when TWDNHOBIAH are making the tempo go up!

Thank you for clearing through your own work, expeditiously, and thereby lightening the 'drag' or 'heaviness' for the common collective energy.

And thank you for being YOU.

Yesterday we sent out free gift bracelets both to Canada, and to South Africa.

Carla's babysitter, who is from Liberia, was impressed!

She also wants a Sirius bracelet. Carla will make one for her. Carla with delight explained how one can tell if one is from Sirius star system as a soul...and it was true. The bracelet had called to the sitter! 

Three of them are going out in the mail. 

They aren't for sale.

They aren't for sale until I tell Carla it is time for her to sell them.

They are VERY high energy and only to be worn by the few at this present time.

Everything is going according to plan and to destiny.

Please do not approach Carla about the Sirius bracelet as I am directing it--send all your questions about it to me--and do not be concerned if you do not receive one and you are in our inner circle--because there is a Pleiadian one to follow at a later time and THAT one might be the right vibrational frequency for you. Or another star system for that matter...try not to take it personal. 

We are who we are, and where we are from, takes time to remember and sort out when we are incarnate.

clap! clap!

We -- both of us-- hope you go out and have a truly awesome day!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple