Sunday, March 4, 2018

Something New

These are strange times. Very, very, VERY strange times.

I look around, and I say to myself, 'man, this is not good!'.

I look at my usual sources of information. They's been sanitized at best, and outright censored at worst.

I don't like TV and Radio. I also don't like advertising. I will stop watching a video on my news feed if there is an ad. I just turn away.

I like my conscious awareness uninterrupted.

In the car, I find Sirius Coffeehouse to be a welcome alternative to the usual radio stations. No ads. I can hear the words. And it sounds like music.

What I would appreciate right now is a map to guide us through out wondrous adventures of Ascension.

Instead i feel an intense need to withdraw, to sleep (I've had some gnarly work shifts as of late), and rest.

I stumbled across something yesterday after dinner while lay on the couch and spoke with Ross.

He asked me if I want to talk?

I said, 'yes' and I had about ten different questions, things that weighed upon my heart.

He didn't answer them to my rational mind. He let me know he would talk to me while I was asleep, and would answer them.

To be honest, this morning, I don't even remember what those questions ARE! And I'm not one to let go of a good question. I'm like a bulldog with it, I won't let go. So apparently they were answered and on some level, my soul was content with the explanation.

Another thing has been I have been seeking protection and support from my teams, like an old quilt to keep out the cold.

It has been given. I feel their energy very close to me, again, like an old quilt.

My books right now are It Rings True by Ron Head, Forrest Maready, and something written by this author but apparently is pirated, sadly.

Things are coming together--and there's no rush for things to make sense at this time.

I'm good.

I'm really, really good.

Helping with my mom, going to work, being a mom, catching up with my bracelet orders...and trying to point this 'ship' in the right direction as I work at the helm. I'm not alone, I have my teams--both incarnate and in Spirit. The companionship is top-flight!

And I'm thankful for this.

In summary, as The Council said it in It Rings True, you are your energy. How you choose to direct it is entirely up to you, you have Free Will in this Realm. However, if you interpret this as to mean you may do whatever you want, please know that choices come with their consequences. Your teams are always with you, and your heart is your guide to both protect you and to show you the way. Nothing is stronger than your heart and your ability to listen to it. For those who have stopped listening, then the lessons get to be more challenging. Even still, today is a new day, and there is always opportunity to reconnect with your heart center again for your 'internal navigation'. There is no greater protection than this.

Ross just reminded me to share about work.

Here are some interactions just from Thursday and Friday:

  • scrub tech asks me if I see Spirits (implying, 'dark spirits'). I told her I can only see through a certain bandwidth, and I don't 'clear houses' if that's what she's interested in. Apparently a neighbor hung herself. My associate the scrub tech had to climb in through the window and found the body at the request of the family members who did not have the key and were checking up on her. The woman had hung herself, but taken an overdose of drugs, and had fallen since she hung herself up. The family invited the neighbor to the funeral, she chose not to go. She's been seeing this deceased neighbor in her apartment. She hired a shaman to clear it out. She was just talking to me out of presumed interest.
  • Nurse receiving my patient in PACU has on a beautiful tree of life pendant with a rainbow of crystals for leaves. It is about three inches across, a large, low hanging pendant on a cord that was given to her by her daughter in law. I admire it.
  • A surgeon is running late. The surgeon following has his case moved to my room to avoid a delay. A very financially-motivated anesthesiologist had been assigned to that case coming to me. The director of the facility says the anesthesiologist 'thinks he can do it' and is getting resistance for the move. I am asked to go talk to him. I do. He agrees only if he can 'relieve me' .  So I 'started the case for him' when in fact it was mine. NOBODY at the surgery center 'relieves someone'. I felt sad, but didn't let it get to me.
  • My Boss asks me what part of the case I was relieved?  It was at incision.  I told him I was surprised to be relieved like that. He explained it was the other person's choice. And that most people would have just let me have the case. His face showed concern over the behavior of this partner of his. 
  • This same partner calls me yesterday morning. I was at the hospital post-call because of an early morning case on my shift. Someone had stolen a good lineup from him. Usually backup call gets GI, because it's shorter. But first call has the choice what lineup to take. And someone else put him in the main O.R. to go for the more lucrative cases in GI. I am wondering how blind a person can be, to take from me, not expect me to complain, and then seek sympathy for someone else having taken from him? There was a group text including my boss seeking opinions for what is the right choice in this situation. Weird, isn't it?
  • I met a patient in pre-op and said, cheerfully, 'you are having procedure S?'  He said, 'no it's procedure B'. I checked on the consent, yes, it was B. And both S and B are within the same scope of practice, just variations on this surgical specialty. Well, in the O.R., B was surgically impossible. The case had to be aborted. Why? There was no consent for S just in case. Weird, isn't it? 

I hope this doesn't bore you to tears.

My patients have been good, I've appreciated it. And they've been thankful to the point of saying, 'you made my day!' to me from their beds in recovery room. I'm glad the patient care is going well.


I love to fly.

Anthony is flying back to the area today. With his father, Jared.  He was invited to go visit his grandparents for his father's birthday for a long weekend. Jared is thirty six years old.

This has given Carla and I the opportunity to spend some time together. I feel close to her, as close as we ever were, and this brings us both great delight. 

Carla trusts in me. 

That last book on her list, has a lot of 'triggers' in it. I have counseled her, after reading the first two chapters, to let it rest and to read the other two books first. 

Carla is resilient.

Although Carla is human.

And to learn what happened to her in her previous life is devastating. Not because of her--but to realize the extent of the suffering at the hands of those who meticulously plan the mind control since before birth while the child is in utero. 

There are ways to interpret the brain waves of the infant, and to determine what kind of person it is going to be. What better way to plan the programming? (he's being sarcastic as by his tone you can tell Ross doesn't like any of these things at all.--ed)

I want you to know three things, three very important things:
  1. All this will come to a stop.
  2. There will be justice to everyone involved.
  3. Divine Creator has guaranteed nothing like this will ever happen again.
When it comes to life, you are given your own volition.

What these dastardly souls have done, is to usurp the Free Will of another.

As you can see by the 'information sources' which are now compromised, the random taking of the Free Will of the victims isn't enough for this cult. Now they are working on the masses! Trying to take away the freedom of thought from them too.

Remember we are as strong as our weakest link. 

Carla has been taking the time to rest and to renew herself. I advise this also to you. If you are concerned with the channels of communication, disconnect. Better to avoid it at all costs than to open yourself to 'further programming' from those who do not have our best interest at heart. If it's the weather you seek, in order to prepare yourselves for giant storms, there are websites and ways to look only at that.  The same is true for information on traffic.

I recommend you take your 'tried and true' and give it a holiday, if it appears to be contaminated.

There are other ways to work around it. In fact, many of the channels on the station 'ewe tooooobe' are leading the way and guiding the viewer to alternate sites. 

When it is time to jump ship I highly recommend you getting out of the boat! 

But (points to his watch) it is not time, there is still time to think about it. My point is, try to look around, go outside, take in the view, and find what spirit presents as something new--ways to find your way out of your current situation. It is healthy to feel there is a way out. Always, mental health liberating, to feel you are in control of the situation. Even when you aren't, there is always your reaction to it that you have the ability to control. 

And that in fact is your quantity of Free Will.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple