Tuesday, March 6, 2018


On Sunday morning I called in my guides while I was in the shower. It's the best place I know for me to talk to them, and I was getting ready to go leave the house soon anyway.

My question was about Ascension.

It's a total three-ring circus out there...I had been reading It Rings True...it doesn't look like anyone really knows how it's going to come down.

But my first question was, 'I'm naked, I hope you can't see me?'

They showed me they blurred my body like they do on TV.

I saw them like this.

What I saw next shocked me!

A HUGE rock came out of the sky and smashed all of them to smithereens!

I was like, 'OH!?!'

And in a nanosecond, they started to come back.

Next thing I knew, they were just like before, as if nothing had happened.

It kind of reminded me of this creature in the movie Men In Black:

I was supposed to give this message yesterday.

There's something supernatural going on.

Our teams are not going to go down.

They see the big picture.

They aren't insane.

They have connections to Divine Creator--Divine Father and Divine Mother.

They've been through this lots of times before and are not giving away any ground.

They are gaining.

I 'sensed' this. Nobody said a word. I could tell how they made it a point to act like everything was normal after they regenerated from that rock. And there was no anger or maliciousness to them. They are simply doing the job they have been trained to do.

This is new.

Videos I watched today--while they are still up:

Please note the other day Anthony needed to go into the computer store. I won't say which one--it was at the mall. I hate the energy in the store--the people who work there are super nice, it's not them. But I sat on the bench in the middle of the mall near the store. 

I was swinging my legs with boredom, and my eyes caught this huge screen of a computer right inside the front door to the store. 

It was filming ME.

That tiny eyeball on the front of the camera was super good and was taking in everything in the mall fifty feet in front of it! And it was WIDE view too. The whole store width it could watch at the same time.

That little 'dot'.

I've been at the https://www.internationalspyshop.com place in San Francisco. You can have a coke can camera. You can have a stuffed animal camera that monitors a whole room!

The technology out there is that good!

So just making sure you know.

Smile big because you might never know when you are going to be on camera!

Ross doesn't have anything to say today, but he asks me to share about my Crooked book on the Aluminum.

All the nurses in the break room KNEW about aluminum! The book was better at the first chapters. My interest is how certain stressors activate the brain stem--pain, tissue injury, and being held down--with inflammation. He says that the act of holding a baby down, giving all the injections at once, in the LEGS (the lymph to the legs drains up on the thoracic duct on the left) increase the risk of autism in male infants. Females have brains wired different. And he says that once a baby is over stressed--any of us, especially those who fought in foxholes in WWI--you get past the fight or flight and you go to the next level which is worse where you feign death as a survival tactic. 

I'm so glad when Anthony got his shots as a baby they let me hold him. He wasn't held down on that table. 

I wouldn't get more than one shot at a time, knowing what I do know, about the aluminum adjuvant they put in the doses to increase the immune response to the vaccine. 

And avoid aluminum from all other sources! I got rid of my pans because the non-stick was protective on the inside but the outside heated the aluminum and could hurt us if we breathe it.

Medical Medium is correct on his thyroid thing. I drink my celery juice every morning, and my lemon water midday and at night. I don't like the celery. But he says it will help. So I do. I must have lots of aluminum hiding in me.

Ross says that's enough.

I start my day and send you our love.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple