Friday, March 16, 2018


I'm seeing a little bit of signs of movement.

They bring me great reassurance that things are moving ahead.

From yesterday, I forgot to mention in the pig farmers--how the people in the room--nurses, techs, also included references to the inbreeding. In some parts of the country cousins marry. The point was that inbreeding 'dumbs down' the individuals who come from such unions.  It's not genetically healthy.

Please think about this.

Please think about 'bloodlines' and 'royalty' and how they plan for souls and people to be born.  I've heard how Barbara Bush's mom went with a friend to spend time with Cro-ow-lee in Europe, even though she was married. They did rituals. And they were sex ones, for I guess in the article they were the ones to 'level him up' and she came back pregnant with Barbara.  I have seen photos of her and George as teenagers with Dr. Mengele, black and white photos.

Here is a chapter from the Catholic Bible spirit guided me to--I saw a license plate that said, WISDOM 47--so I looked it up.  The end of the chapter is the part I'd like to call your attention to.

I saw this one yesterday. Wow.

And the following one really was creepy. I've known this logo for a car since I was a baby. Who would have known it was 'magic'?

And as far as censorship goes, this one, my friend and mentor brought to my attention. It happened so quickly it went viral in China. Yes, in censored China! Check it out.

Please note the colors. There appear to be color codes in effect, with the blue and the red too. 

I will provide you with three videos I highly recommend. One of them explains color codes a little more:

Yesterday afternoon Ross kissed me in the halls at work. I just felt him, it was a wonderful kiss, totally caught me off guard.

I'm glad the did though. I had a really 'roller coaster hemodynamics' kind of patient the next case. It was difficult. Sometimes when people are on a lot of antidepressant-type meds, it's difficult to control the changes in blood pressure. Cymbalta is the worst. It can drop crazy low and not go up when under anesthesia. This one case I had to give epinephrine, something I do maybe twice a year. Fortunately once anesthesia was gone everything went okay.

Anthony told me he had good news.

He was on the playground and went up to Ross' ship!

He was sitting, and his consciousness, next thing he knew, was up on the bridge with Ross. And he SAW it! I asked questions, and I've been there, and Anthony answered correctly.

We haven't discussed what it looks like. He said the bridge is elevated up above the rest, there are four chairs big, and Ashtar sits next to Ross. Ross wore blue and yellow, with a little golden logo emblem over the heart.

They flew to Camp Pendleton. It went 'so fast it took his breath away'.  There wasn't much to 'catch' there but they were looking (dark ones?).

Ryan started talking to him back on the playground, so he 'had to come back'.

He had been breathing a little fast and a teacher asked him if he was okay too.

The whole thing took about two minutes.

He was VERY excited to be with Ross. And there were four chairs up there, not the three I usually see (Ashtar, Ross, me). I'm so glad Anthony has a place up to sit!

I totally didn't hear my alarm today.

I'm not sure how it happened.

I thought I set my two. So I have a little later start. I'll be okay. But I better get a move on it.

Please enjoy the 'trickle' of truth as it comes out.

Some things are unstoppable.

clap! clap!

Ross smiles and waves and gestures for me to hurry with my work.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple