Wednesday, May 30, 2018

How to Be On Track for Ascension

This is from Ross and me to you with so very much love:

  1. LOVE WHAT IS  your Life Experience has been especially designed for your fulfillment. There are bigger things at stake than what meets the eye or what one first perceives. Life is meant to be a joyful experience! (For help on this topic, we refer you to the work of Byron Katie or Hope Johnson, both are excellent leaders in making a 'break' with expectations and meeting life head on.)
  2. CLEANSE AND PROTECT YOUR ENERGY DAILY and ALSO CONNECT WITH SOURCE ENERGY  Imagine your aura as an egg. Daily, take the time to invite the whiter than white light from Heaven into your aura. It will come in through the top of the head. I have seen it, and it's blinding and beautiful at the same time. Ross says to ask for it from The Guides of Compassionate Healing, from Ross and his teams, or from Creator Divine of All That Is. You will feel it. There must be a commitment on your part to be working towards The Highest Good. Otherwise without this commitment the maximum protection and energy transfer will not be possible--you will get some energy protection but a little less than what is possible or desired. We also recommend that you also breathe in this energy, and blow it to reinforce the inner layer energy of your shell. This shows your commitment and effort. Do these two steps as often as needed, preferably twice a day.  For the cleansing, ask Ross and his teams to go through your energy with a fine tooth comb, with the same loving energy that a mother would or teacher would use to check her child's hair for be that thorough. Anything you may have picked up will be removed from your energy system. Do this once or twice a day, preferably at waking and sleeping.  (source, Kerth Barker, his book on Psychic Development)
  3. KNOW THAT SPIRIT AND LIFE AS WE KNOW IT ARE ONE Fundamentally, there is no difference between beings here on Earth, and elsewhere in the Heavens. All Life is a gift from Creator Divine. We might not be able to detect the realm of Spirit while incarnate on Earth, however, we are not alone, we are cared for tenderly by Divine Mother and Divine Father, and will be welcomed Home by loving beings who know us and care for us when we die. Some go so far as to say that over There, which is Forever, on The Other Side, is what is Real...and here is just a dream. Either way, with Ascension, this Welcoming will happen and we will know in our hearts with no doubt whatsoever that we are uniquely loved for who we are, and cherished--by the unseen family who is cheering us on in our race towards Home.

clap! clap!

Ross also says that the more time you can spend in quiet meditation, the better--a little is good, a little more is better, and setting the intention as you go throughout your day to be as connected to Source as much as possible in addition to your quiet moments--will help you off to a good stride.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Founders of Doctors With Reiki

The Healing Power of Community

Everything happens for the best. When you are on a roll in partnership with Spirit, everything, even the things you think are set up to work against you, work out.

I have been dealing with my own shit. 


I had originally been angry and upset to have only two days to work on the schedule this week. What am I, a placeholder for the money-makers in the group to keep things going for them when they are on vacation? Huh?

I needed those days! Anthony and I have been sick, very very sick, and even now my body is exhausted.  We appear to have contracted giardiasis. I think it came from Japan, to be honest, because suddenly after Spring Break I developed a terrible gas problem and diarrhea. It went away and came back. Anthony says he only had it this once. 

I'd like to give an example of our this community has helped us to heal. This one, and our Spirit one. This is not to say that our community is the only healing community there is. I bring it up for you to see patterns.

Number one, when I'm sick, all my 'doctor' training goes out the window. I feel sick and miserable and don't know what hit me and is slowing me down.

People close to us, online, cared.

J and A hit the nail on the head--we think you need a parasite cleanse Carla. (It's funny how when I dropped Anthony off for the weekend, I had wanted to do a juice cleanse, my inner knowing sensed it might help).

Many offered remedies that helped them, including colloidal silver. (I think if we still used proper silverware perhaps people wouldn't get so sick). 

C also did remote healing, and sent supplements like probiotics and oregano oil to help us. She is a physician who does it all--Reiki too.

My symptoms were headache, dizziness (almost passed out twice on Friday), epic burping and farting--super embarrassing, chills/sweats/fever, foggy brain, and horrible diarrhea.

I basically curled up in bed and let the house go, thinking that rest would cure it.

Please ignore the bitcoin in this photo.

Thank you.

Ross healed me twice. The first time I lay on the couch and he put his hands over my tummy, soothing it. He didn't touch me. He just gave a form of Reiki. I felt the energy flow.

The second time I was half-awake and half-asleep.

He asked, 'may I enter you?'

It's not what you think. Spirit beings don't follow the physical like we do. He went, all of his soul, inside my chest, and looked around.  He had on these big red gloves like in the picture. I could see him moving his arms like QiGong or Tai Chi, in my abdomen. Then he would bring the hands out, and all these hard tiny black things like BB gun shot would fall off the gloves and hit the floor. I could hear the noise of the particles falling.

He did it several times, then came out of my chest and talked to me normally again.

Spirit is real.

I know that if you get the feeling a deceased loved one is in the room with you, like you get a vibe, the common perception is that you are going crazy.

If you can't see it, taste it, hear it, touch it, or smell it, especially in a scientific reproducible way--it didn't happen, right?

That's what's 'out there' for us to believe.

I beg to differ.

Those nudges, those feelings in your gut, that fragrance of your aunt you noticed out of the blue even though she's passed years ago...are just as real, as things your eyes see, your ears hear, your skin touches, your tongue tastes, and your nose smells in your ordinary 'experiences'.

Spirit is always with us.

However, Spirit communicates in symbols, just like in dreams.

What Ross was telling me, is that 'something was there' in my small intestine that needed to come out.

Lots of it.

So I contacted our doctors through the computer. No response. No openings.

I knew by researching online that a single two gram dose of tinidazole taken once will kill it, and that metronidazole is 'off formulary' but commonly used, and unlike tinidazole, has only a seventy-percent success rate.

I also knew that tinidazole isn't good for the liver.

I knew that the disease comes and goes at two week intervals. It comes and goes and isn't easy to get rid of.

In the best of all situations, we would start treatment with a prescription. Since we both needed treatment, perhaps we should go to the new Urgent Care in the neighborhood? I checked the reviews--lots of stars, except for a simple one star review that said the doctor 'didn't care'.

I have been reading Confessions of a Medical Heretic by Robert S. Mendelsohn, MD. I highly, highly recommend it. I haven't finished it yet, but he wrote it in 1979 and it's right on the mark for today.  There's a term in there called, 'iatrogenicide'...and that's exactly what has been going on without our being aware of it for decades. Did you know in some places when doctors went on strike the death rates plummeted? Then when they came back to work, the death rates returned to their usual levels? He talks about the importance of family, about how 'science is a religion', and how hospitals are virtual temples of doom. He brings up a good point how poor families have strength (someone to remain with the loved one who is ill) and rich ones are weak (everyone is working and can't stay)...his point being that a loved one must be present and WATCH over the sick one and ask lots of questions. Even his own brother was taken to the OR by mistake, too early for his hernia surgery. There had been a mix-up and the only reason he didn't get the wrong operation is that the operation was a hysterectomy and he was male!

So at the Urgent Care, the place is new, and spotless. The workers--why is it that the one who takes your money/copay is always the one who is the most on-the-ball? Everyone else moves at sloth speed except the one who takes the cash? There were five pages of forms, two sided, many signatures--for each of us making ten.

We got weighed in and our complaints/history taken by an unnamed medical tech.

Then our physician came in, and announced his name--that of a president who has been dead like, one hundred years! We were taken by surprise. He seemed to understand the problem, did exams...I noticed he had Dupuytren's contracture of the right index finger. That part of being a physician never turns off in my brain. Always watching and noticing what's what.

He wanted stool samples. And THAT took a long time for the office, who had apparently never given these out to people--kits--to put together. They did a fine job, I had all the supplies. I double-checked and made sure I understood what was asked by looking at lab websites too.

We couldn't start our prescription until after three days of specimens!

This is where Dr. Robert would have said, 'I prove my point'--we couldn't start treatment for three days (by the book, but when I had campylobacter in the ER, it started right away--I've just done three sets of specimens)...Dr. Robert says that the more you stay away from standard healthcare, the less you are exposed to iatrogenocide, mistakes, attitude, and worse...

As Anthony said, 'there goes one hour of your life you will never get back' as we got back into the car, exhausted.

One hour, seventy dollars in copays, and who knows what prices for the tests and the rest of the visit that took five minutes of the doctor's time?

These little 'doc in the boxes' make a killing on pharmacy they sell you for 'convenience' at the site. Many times it is generic, low-cost medications. Always decline and say you'd rather go to your pharmacy and have them write the prescription for you on their computer. You will save a ton of money this way, and it's not that much more time.

We came back, Anthony needed the toilet, and it was time for the first sample.

Total liquid stool.


The little popsicle stick wasn't going to do the trick, and the 'hat' they had given us wasn't good to pour. I needed a spoon.

DON'T USE ONE OF OUR SPOONS MOM! Anthony shrieked while sitting on the toilet.

Fortunately I had disposable plastic ones I'd saved from other restaurants, to put in lunches or I set to work.

Once Anthony saw me sitting on the floor scooping his poop with a spoon into a specimen cup, and gagging, he gagged really hard, stood up, and threw up all his breakfast into the bathtub. Our breakfast had been red jello and peaches over six hours ago. He kept saying, 'I'm sorry mom, I'm so sorry, I'm sorry you have to do this'. Then I started to throw up and quick ran to the other sink so he wouldn't see me.

I finished.

When I told the people at the pharmacy about our experience, they said, 'now THAT'S Love!'

It is.

This is the power of the Divine Feminine in action.

The ability to endure illness, vomit, stink, and care for her others.

The ability to take the mess of this world and make it better to inhabit for all.

The ability to give hope and encouragement to those who need it, with a smile.

And to treat everyone the same, no matter if they are newborn and vulnerable, near death and vulnerable, or something in-between.

At 5:34 in the second one, you will see Aula Arthur say, 'we SHOULD do it better' from her heart. It's so worth it to listen to it and feel her energy. It will resonate with you, because, she's right. In every way.

Right now the cleaning team is in our house. I kind of didn't want them to come, I'm in my pajamas, we've been sick. I also have stuff everywhere. Cleaning services don't fix your mess, and I've had a chronic mess for five years we've had a business relationship. So It gets to this loop where it's negative feedback to me--I need to clean so they don't know how messy I am. It's embarrassing. 

I'm different now. Number one, it will get fixed when I can. I make tiny progresses. It's not easy. And we've been very sick.

I've been dealing with all of this shit--and it's going to get better--but not in one day.

The second is to value their help. And to support their work. Because it's a valuable service to the community. I love to come home after they've cleaned. It makes me feel love. A nice hit of the Divine Feminine. And it's important, important be valued, not the first cost-cutting to save on the budget. This week has been slow--everyone finished at two p.m. last week--it's not enough to keep the business running. But it is community, in a different way, a long-standing business relationship. 

Try to see the Divine Feminine and honor it in the community where you live, and where you spend your time, even if it's online. Thank you.

Then try to see the Divine Masculine, and honor it in the community where you live, and where you spend your time, even if it's online. Thank you.

I'll never forget the kindness shown to us by Marc and his family when we were in Switzerland. The boys were like brothers. Marika and I were like sisters! Marc showed us with pride his new home. We shared his joy. We felt so blessed to have love from our souls who knew one another, clearly, and jumped with joyful recognition, even though with our story lines now, we were just picking up where we had left off lifetimes ago...

All of these connections make for community.

And community heals.

I've been at this for ages. I thought I had seen everything. But there was a piece of disinformation out there recently that was so expertly crafted, I had to smile and shrug my shoulders at the nerve it took to put that one 'out there'.

It had this recipe--'fear/disclosing a secret followed by a half-truth that was palatable, followed by a pushing of one of the most mainstream-media knee-jerk, instant vibe-lowering buttons around--with adamant NO COMMENTS ALLOWED'.

When we are Galactic, the truth speaks for itself.

Fear doesn't exist. Only Love. 24/7, 360 degrees around you--actually, inside a sphere around you--it's just LOVE.

When we are Galactic, energy signatures speak for themselves and everyone knows everything instantly about everyone else. There IS no 'disclosure of secrets'. Nothing can hide.

I am a medium too. Not only that, but I've administered anesthesia to the person in question--they paid me for my services--as well as to their husband, and to one of their writers on staff, Dee, two times.   I saw what happened when that soul transitioned. I know what it was (nothing is hidden). I know where it went--in other words, who received it. I keep this information to myself.  The author of the piece insinuates truth--but then disconnects this individual from the rest of the system of TWDNHOBIAH.

Then like a card-carrying member of TWDNHOBIAH, the tone changes, and the vibration plummets with the next topic.


This is not the solution.

I know.

Because my group isn't in it.

Everyone is the same age.

Tricky, isn't it?

Looks good. Easy to give it a 'I'm in!'

THIS is all of the human spectrum of diversity. AGE and ethnicity. The Divine Feminine knows it. So does the Divine Masculine. So does Creator of all that is, Divine Mother and Divine Father.

Don't be tricked.

And oh, how they want to trick you, as they are on the way out--TWDNHOBIAH.

Don't forget to close the door on your way out, TWDNHOBIAH! Thank you so much!

Right? or wrong?

This is a FAMILY.

This is the fundamental unit of human existence. Mother, father, kids, spouses.

They are going to look alike! They can't help it.

See all the smiles?

Look for the smiles.

This is what is see when I look up at the Spiritual Realms--lots of loving faces who are in some way related to my soul, smiling and wanting to help this existence I'm in get a lot better.

Look for the smiles.

Everything else, it is what it is, and like it was said at the beginning, it works out for the highest good, Spirit's on top of things.

Take care of your own shit, and people in your community are going to be more willing to help you.

That's what family and the extended family of community is all about.

Anthony went to get his hair cut yesterday. It's the one thing on my 'to do' list I accomplished.

I watched Tina washing his hair, and even though her little studio was busy--another stylist shared the rent and had three people in various stages of being done--I asked her gently, 'how is your health?'

She had been off work before China, and couldn't help Anthony. She was recovering from surgery.

A plastics procedure had gone wrong. She had an open wound under her shirt. And the hole was where the areola had died. The blood supply had been compromised. She was in pain. She showed me the photo, it was awful.

I sent her to Mark, the plastics guy I knew who reconstructed them for cancer patients. I've seen him do it lots of times.

I told her this doesn't happen, ever, I've never seen it--it's super rare, and to talk to a lawyer.

Her face was in shock--that not only could I know her condition but also give expert guidance on what to do because she had been stuck. The guy who did it said 'it was an accident, I'm sorry, I can fix it for free' and she had already paid him a lot of money. She didn't want to cause trouble.

Dr. Robert would say, 'cause trouble'.

She didn't know her procedure to reduce was often covered by insurance. And that fixing botched things is covered by insurance too.

She said, 'I'm SO GLAD you came today!'

She had five weeks without work, from this.

Community heals.

Spirit places the right people in the right place at the right time. And if for some reason you don't 'get it', don't worry, Spirit will place more right people in the right places at the right times...again!

Tina is from Iran. She went here because her step mom was cruel to her, her dad, and her stepbrother.

Her stepbrother looks just like Anthony.

That's why she knows how to cut his hair so he looks extra handsome, and why we have gone to her for years, in three different places of work.

It doesn't matter who you are, or where you are from...we are One.

The energy of the soul behind the smile--it's forever.

And that's the energy signature I see when I work with Spirit.

One more thing...Ross wants you to Celebrate life. Not 'celebrate a life' that has passed. Celebrate Life--this day--the little movie upon your screen of consciousness. It's made for YOU.

You see, you hear, you sense, you smell, you taste, you love....that's LIFE, in a 'nutshell'.

And he says 'my favorite nut case is my example here, my wife and soul twin, Carla' <3

(I love it when he teases me! That means I get to tease him back. He tells me that was for the 'gold lamé')

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Founders of Doctors With Reiki

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

No Go

Sometimes, your life just won't let you skate by your lessons.  It's like Spirit is pointing your nose into your 'mess', and making certain you make the connection before you move on.

Not only myself, but Anthony has been brought to a halt by the bug. Nausea. Burping and farting. Chills/sweats. Diarrhea. It's a beautiful day, perfect day for the beach, and there's no energy to go.

I've always been a high energy person. So going down to a standstill like this really makes me wonder...

A dear friend and her son in Arizona suffered from this type of ailment for about six weeks, no energy, hardly could eat.

Part of me is wondering if perhaps five Jee-Pers was fired up? Right?

Part of me is wondering if perhaps our bodies are being given last minute modifications to be able to be compatible with the vibrations of the Heavenly realms?

My friend Hope helped me through this one. Just by random posts.

Number one, money is an illusion, it's not happiness, just a way inside this illusion to get things along with 'the rules' but there's always ways to manifest them. (she just had her house burn up by a river of lava, no insurance--she's walking the walk and talking the talk, mind you).

Number two, real joy is enjoying whatever is popping up on your screen of your consciousness, on your perception--even if it's anger--because Life is a Gift, and that's where true happiness is in really participating with that 'movie'.  The 'movie' is truly yours.

I was like, in horror--how come MY movie sucks? China. Jared. Alexa. Diarrhea?

I've been totally missing my family, my friends, support--being able to just make plans like I did long ago, being able to invite people over...

My house is mess on top of mess on top of mess, I'm so embarrassed.

To help my digestion reawaken and reorganize itself, I've been going on slow, easy walks with Anthony after meals. The other night he put his arm around me and said, 'remember how my dad said he might never talk to Alexa again, well, they are talking.'

I was glad to hear it from my son.

Not from seeing it.

Part of what bothered me is I had it coming in on all sensory channels. Intuition. Memories of when Jared was interested in me (his 'moves'--were on display). Some vague past life thing that made me experience horror when dealing with Alexa over seemingly innocuous things like taking Anthony to a theme park with her family...

Somehow everything kept turning up WRONG and I felt powerless to stop it.

The worst was seeing loud and clear Jared's complete and total disrespect for me and for our son in his school setting.

During our walks I found out Jared told Anthony things to 'never tell anyone'. I didn't pump for information. But I did hear him volunteer that Alexa already brought up living together (my intuition was right on that one). And a lie. Alexa had told me that she was thinking of leaving Freddy, but he was sick. She felt bad to leave him. And Alexa told Jared that Freddy threw them out of the house in February and they were just living as roommates. I saw Freddy pick Alexa up from China at the school. That was not just roommates.

So I paused. I had all this data, all this emotion, all this stuff going up on my 'viewfinder', and I asked myself, 'WHY AM I SEEING THIS?'

Then it came to me:  if she will cheat with you she will cheat on you.

Jared is being set up.  I can see it from the Spirit side. Both Alexa and Jared are of 'compatible vibration'.

And further, Johnny just threw Lisa out of their brand new house and is going to move back to an apartment because she just cheated on him for the second time. Lisa was another one of these teachers with a kid who latched onto a divorced dad from the school. So now Mason, Anthony's friend, has to go to a totally different high school in September. They had only been in the new house two months!

When I said, 'if she will cheat with you she will cheat on you' to myself, I saw Ross, loud and clear, pointing to his nose.

My lesson was learned.

Did I cheat?

Once. For about two weeks. I had been very unhappy in my marriage, I didn't know what to do--stay or go. I realized perhaps, 'go' is the only option. I didn't stay with the person I had met. I just took from that relationship a data point.

Was I clearing out karma from that?

Was I working out some relationship stuff from Ross?

It's been really hard lately, clearing those last few sore spots from between our hearts. I'd experienced trauma, lots of it, as his woman, in all of our incarnations.

I realized yesterday, for the first time, it's okay to go to the market each day to buy food, you can rely on it, it's safe, you don't have to stock up like crazy for armageddon...even canned food won't stay fresh forever.

That was a big 'aha!' moment for me.

Another one is using what you have, and being humble. Our dinner was homemade corn bread, tortillas, and beans with salsa and cheese in them. And water. Our stomachs were needing something gentle.

I was tired and coughing but had just enough energy to clean the rabbit cage. I wasn't sure if she wanted to be cleaned too. Then I felt it. She was waiting for me to clean her bottom! It was much easier as now I basically soak and wash her rump through several rinses in the sink. Her top part is dry. I sensed she appreciates it. She communicated to me telepathically.

So after our dinner, we had a late night walk around the neighborhood.

Anthony told me he's been seeing a house on a hill, one with a view. He's ready to move even though we have 'lived here forever'. I agreed. Our neighborhood isn't exactly the Ritz, it's 'diverse' as he puts it, and it's like to have neighbors who aren't in bathrobes, squatting and smoking, or wearing wife beaters and getting drunk where everyone can see.

Marvin came to me in my dreams.

I curled up next to him. I told him my tummy is all messed up.

I've been blowing the Flame of Creation all over the place, literally. There isn't one place on Earth that isn't in need of some good cleansing.

Marvin showed me a new one. He blew a little sparkler bubble! He said, 'watch this!' and blew it and I saw the was delightful and made me smile!

There is another one that's like a soap bubble.

And the last one he calls 'sugar'--it's like marshmallows that are gooey. You blow them and when they hit they make you feel really loved and appreciated. It's like a compliment on steroids.

I remember the feeling when Ross sends me that 'CALM!' vibe, it's a lot like these marshmallows. And I asked is this the same?

Just as I was starting to cozy up and drift off, Marvin took me by the hand to this giant, golden dragon that was huge.

I couldn't see the face. I was to lie next to it.

I asked, 'can this thing roll over and squish me in its sleep?'

Marvin said no.

There was something ceremonial, like important about my meeting this dragon that was so big . It's like people were watching from somewhere.

Then I asked the golden dragon, why are you gold? Are you solid? Worth money? He smiled, and said 'no'. I knocked on its side, and instead of 'clunk clunk', it was soft and warm. I teased the dragon and said, 'it's gold lamé!'

I relaxed and rested, soaking in the wonderful energy of this golden dragon. It made everything better in ways I couldn't explain.

Just as I was starting to drift off, Marvin told me to go to the griffin. It looked like the creature on the left, but it was upright like the one on the right. The head was very much like this. It towered over me.

It was kind, and powerful. I was trying to recognize it, to place the energy frequency--have we met?

I turned and walked to it.

I hadn't gotten many steps than when it gestured to me to turn around and look behind me.

There, in all his splendor, glowing and in his flight suit, was Ross!

The look on his face was that he had planned it, he was watching for my reaction. And the golden dragon was gone but Ross had that same soothing energy.

In a heartbeat I was in his arm, my head under his chin, and I was soaking it in. Am I really here? I get to stay?

He held me close, and he held me tight. I could feel his breath on me, I could feel his chest moving as he breathed, and I knew he was in perfect health.

Then he turned, and brought me by the hand to a pair of big white chairs, on the edge of a patio, like this:

It was our day, and we were starting it. Our new day, with our new responsibilities, in our new life together.

This vision helped me very much. With everything.

As I woke up, I asked Ross to put his hands over my belly to heal it.

I think he's going to need to do that more often today--it's still churning.

P.S.  I just got a phone call from Lorion T. Her husband had just passed from bowel obstruction and perforation/sepsis. She is sixty-six and a widow. Virgil had asked her three times to marry him, the first two she had said no. Lorion grew up the daughter of a high-ranking Ell-Dee-Essss named Orion. He was also an astronomer. He molested her. She grew up to drink--full on alcoholism to the point where she said that New Year's revelers are 'amateurs'. And many people--she said--if a guy was looking at her with a smile, she might not know who he is, but she probably slept with him.  She went clean, found her faith, got married, and worked with me at my old hospital. I used to let her stay at my house between her night shifts for fifty dollars a month. Lots of me screaming at Anthony to be quiet so 'Lorion could sleep'. I tried to get her to go--even keeping the air conditioning off in summer. Nothing worked. She saw me as the daughter she never had, and didn't see anything wrong with the arrangement. She even sent the missionaries to my house to turn me to her faith. I went total INFJ on her--changed the locks after five years of it I couldn't take it. This was the first time we've spoken. She called me from Tennessee. I kept it short, and said I'm sorry for her loss. These really must be end times.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Founders of Doctors With Reiki

Sunday, May 27, 2018

No Turning Back

Ross picked the title for this one.

I've had to cut way back on my activity as of late. I had thought once the jet lag was over I'd be okay to resume normal activities.

I get these funny chills. And I sweat.

I also have nausea and don't want to eat.

I realized yesterday my body is still trying to 'shake something', but I don't know what. I asked a friend to check into my health and energy remotely. Already I had been craving Buddha Wood aromatherapy, and a warm bath.

My lungs are still struggling with the air pollution I was exposed to. After my epsom salt bath, I went to chant/meditate as Ross guided me to do.

I was asked by my Council what is getting me down?

I blurted out, 'people are MEAN!'

The examples I gave are of TWDNHOBIAH taking over so much, planets even.

My Council clarified, and asked me to explain.

I said, 'It's the SHOCK of seeing it all, that they would do it. It's horrifying. Nothing like this ever could happen in Heaven!'

They understood.

I saw an image like this, grown up alone in a bumper car ride made for kids.

Perhaps this image is better?

What I understood instantly is that Earth was made for a certain age of souls, to enjoy and to grow, and basically someone like a teenager 'crashed the party'.

I also understood was that changes were put in place to ensure that children (all people designated for Earth experience) are going to be free from such intruders in a short time.

When I first woke up today, I also heard, 'they are NOT human'.

I interpreted this to mean that a lot of the actions seen by 'mean people' are actually influenced by not-nice spiritual beings/attachments. And a friend said too that they could be reptile souls too.

It is a virtual free-for-all online right now.

Sources on YouTube and elsewhere are just all over the map.

I don't know who to trust.

There's profound psychological operatives against LightWorkers right now. Some have gone so far as to say Q is a psy-op called 'Pied Piper' to take people away from their movement.

I saw one by Robert Sepehr about Wiffleball. How there's goat origins back to antiquity. How the eyeball represents union between Divine Feminine And Divine Masculine. They went so far as to say how Wiffleball means Sophia.  I was crushed.

The comments made me see how many are ready to openly embrace the Wiffleball.

But I knew that Truth will win out. Heaven is real. And everything else is Illusion.

Here's an example of something David Icke on Shapeshifting. Perhaps truth will come out when everyone can see in any paradigm.

I don't know.

What I do know is to follow your path, your joy is of highest importance at this time.

I also went outside, lay on the ground and got some sunshine. I don't know why I have this nausea, this tiredness, and these chills.  I don't want to expose my family to it.

And even though the house sure could use a good cleaning, it's important at this time to take care of our health first.


Carla is having a hard time.

Those she loves up here in Heaven, for example, her sister Catherine, have been assaulted very much by TWDNHOBIAH. Catherine told her that she has made the dark ones go away, she is fine, and loves Carla very much.

Today Carla's brother Aaron, and my 'brother in arms', told Carla he is very proud of her.

Another, Van, a radiology technician, when alone in the operating room, said that she greatly admires Carla for putting the patients first every time. She said that Dr. Z did her epidural--he's very gregarious and 'easy to work with'--but the first one didn't work. He promised her 'we'll see' and that he would change it for her, but he never did. Van was unhappy with her care. But she had wanted to tell Carla for a long time, that even though she is not as 'gregarious' like the others, her patients are 'lucky to have her' as she always puts their needs above her own. Every time.

She even gave Carla a hug.

And a total stranger, somewhere, on the recent trip or return to the hospital, told Carla she has 'perfect eyebrows'. This one made her smile, as she'd never put any thought to it. When the fashion was thin ones, Carla remembered her next-door-neighbor Ruthie Croson growing up. Ruthie complained she had over tweezed hers and had to draw them with crayon. Ruthie warned Carla not to do it, and Carla listened, maintaining her own 'fashion' as the trends changed back and forth. Who would have thought anyone would notice? But they did.

Carla had a hard time yesterday with paying her bills. She didn't feel like it, but she knew she must. One was due today, and another in her automatic bill-paying was on 'insufficient funds'. She had thought there was overdraft protection on that account, apparently not, and wasn't able to use her bill-paying function.

So she wrote checks.

Wistfully, Carla longed for the days where bills and checks were by hand, people used stamps, and everything was a little slower than they are.

She also noted that her income is much less than it once was, and that her being assigned the shortest calls which on the one hand are improving her quality of life and sleep--are taking its toll in the finances.  The 'No Turning Back' on the title is how Carla is realizing that her days of taking lots of overnight call are coming to an end, and that something has to 'give' in the future.

Carla is calm.

And Carla has an upset stomach from China still. Indigestion, last, nausea...

The worst is that the government started taking money out of her bank account, and she doesn't know why--did her tax man authorize it? She has to check.

Carla is at the lowest of low about her appearance, about her health, about her age, about her housekeeping...and in this Carla has become more beautiful to me.

I asked her this morning what she loves best about me?

She said 'your lips! They are so kissable!'

Carla knows that with time, and with effort, her nausea will resolve. First things first! And it doesn't do any good to take care of the house and force it until her chills and sweats go away.

With time, and with effort,  the weight will drop and she will have more energy and feel better about her appearance.

And with age, well, acceptance is a must. In a short time Carla will be fifty-four. She is no Spring Chicken but she is not ninety and done yet either.

Menopause was probably the worst thing that ever could have happened to Carla. The loss of her fertility shook her to her very core. It also changed her body and her energy. Fortunately, in Spirit, our bodies are different, and never age.

Why have I written about Carla like I have done?

I see everything.

All of us here see the ups and downs in you, very clear. So for all of your shortcomings for which you berate yourselves and wish it would pass, it makes you all the more lovable to those of us up here in the higher realms.

We love you for everything!

And thank you for taking the call of service.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Founders of Doctors With Reiki

Friday, May 25, 2018

As The World Turns!

Is YOUSUCK a word? I asked my son with a laugh late last night as we were playing Scrabble.  I noticed that SUCK had been on the board, I had a Y, and I wanted to get rid of it.

I am happy to announce that we are back on California Time. The first night where Anthony has slept normally in a week.

We were a little giddy and overtired as we played the game. I commented on how I was so slow my movements reminded me of a sloth as I reached for the letter tiles on my row and placed them on the board.  Anthony said he had noticed too. Without skipping a beat, I said, 'it's psychomotor retardation. That's the medical term.'

This in itself is an answer to prayers. A gentle reader had guided me to a method to anchor my meridians (acupuncture energy flow).  I did it and it worked.

Yesterday I worked with a surgeon who says I am the only friend she has. She is a  mother of three boys, and she's busy taking care of them.

I had asked to work in her room. I could have taken higher-paying assignments. But yesterday, I needed my friends.

I shared with her about Jared and Alexa, my humiliation, the horror, and the inability to leave the tour.

Both she and the scrub tech were deeply moved.  The scrub tech wanted to hit Jared. Both said he was a jerk. They told me they are sorry this happened, and gave me hugs at the end of the case.

Another scrub tech I call my brother, Ken, yesterday when I told him, later told me at the end of the day, he was upset about it and had thought about it all day. He hugged me and told me I deserve better. Then he made a 'wrong side of the tracks' joke/support and said, 'If you ever need his tires slashed I know who to call. Just let me know.'

As we spoke more in the O.R. yesterday, it turned out that Danny, the scrub tech, had lost his son to opiate addiction. He had his phone ringing and ringing one day at work. He normally doesn't pick up, but it was his son's phone. His girlfriend was calling to tell his father that he had died and they didn't have money for the funeral. Danny, shocked, sat on the floor in the O.R. and started to cry. That's how he was given the news he had lost his son. We need money for his funeral.  His son had been in Desert Storm or Iraq or one of those military assignments. He had a back injury. He was sent to the government hospital here in the states, Walter Reed. And according to Danny, they handed out narcotics like tic tac candies. His son got hooked.

We all gave him our loving support. It was a big share, none of us had known his loss.

Later, in the recovery room, I was on the one and only computer that links up from the surgery center to the main hospital computer system. I looked at the O.R. schedule. My colleague who is a mother of two young children just smiled and said hello over the counter. She was on OB but was visiting.

It turns out her son had a 103F fever, and she had been crying the night before because she had missed too much work, no one would take her OB overnight call assignment, and she had to sweet talk her sister into watching the sick boy for her. She told me a little bit of the family dynamics, and said she doesn't know how I've done it with Anthony, being a single mom with all this responsibility. I told her it's survival mode 24/7,  and I do whatever I can to get by. We've had parents of friends keeping him one night a week--with his classmates--his grandparents--aunties--neighbors...I shared how before my mom got her dementia, she used to say, 'there's always me to watch him as a last resort'. I felt supported. But my friend, her mom has passed, and mine isn't up to watching, and we feel alone.

Our work is hard. It's not like we can take our ovaries out and cut off all responsibility like a man when we work. There's no wife at home to keep things running.

What if the reason our painful lessons get more and more painful all the time is that we are sent here to learn the LESSON that we are here to soothe and assist and guide one another?

I had two crucial people 'reach out' to me in my crisis--my sister Vanessa checking on me how I was doing after the Jared thing...and Marc who offered compassion and support.

I don't think either one knew how close I was to losing it, and how their actions helped me to my core.

This is how I came up with the theory that perhaps, that's what the point of being incarnate has originally been about. In a world where things are tough, and we aren't given access to our natural gifts from Heaven, will we help one another or fall apart emotionally?

I know 'brothers in battle' creates a unique, very strong bond among soldiers.

I know 'peer counseling' is often more effective than 'professional counseling' because the 'peer' has experienced the same situation as the person who is in need of healing.

I don't know.

But for some reason, it 'clicked' and resonates with me as Truth.

We are here to help each other, without letting ourselves be taken advantage of as in co-dependency.

We are here to walk that edge in balance for the highest good, and to make the love of Divine Creator available to those who are in our midst.

Charity begins at home.

I really, really had a dark night of the soul on Wednesday night.

Anthony couldn't sleep.

He came in and poked my foot to see if it was my foot sticking off the bed, and woke me up.

I couldn't sleep. I tossed and turned the whole night.

My guides were trying to reach me. 'Where do you want to go next? If you could travel anywhere?'

I don't know.

Actually, I didn't care.

I was that miserable!

What is your happiest memory?

I don't know.  I couldn't even think of it.

They go through a series of questions to try to orient me, ground me, get me back going on my thing, after the next...nothing working at all.

The only thing I could think about was the suffering, suffering in the form of lessons I can't understand...suffering that doesn't end from one incarnation to the next...and the doom I feel being at the hands of:  'The Builders' or TWDNHOBIAH

Am I just a mere plaything for evil?

A lightworker had recently gone on about a 'Fast Tailor' concert she had attended. How the entertainer had gone through the audience to 'connect' to everyone there.

She is preaching for a different God than Creator of All That Is--the one perhaps we should describe as 'Destroyer and desecrator of all that is'--and apparently winning over a convert in my friend who was supposed to be 'awake'. 

Another friend's son had gotten married the same weekend as 'nobility' in the UK, so she was going on and on about how wonderful the 'nobles' are...and I'm thinking to myself, doesn't she KNOW they are pedophiles and cannibals and heads of the church of 'Satin' (misspelling).

Why are people content to worship 'Baffle-Met' (I'll call him/her--'wiffleball') through the mainstream media shoving it down our throats 24/7?

I couldn't take it.

I went so far as to accuse my teams that our team had lost, they weren't telling us, and we were going to be doomed to suffer at the hands of TWDNHOBIAH for all eternity.

This 'battle' had been done in so much secrecy how am I to know the outcome and why should I fight any more for our team as clearly it wasn't making any progress I could see?

Why can't I go live a 'normal' life--why must I carry so much responsibility to awaken those who obviously are quite content with the status quo, and call themselves 'Lightworkers' to boot, and furthermore say they are 'so and so'--everyone wants to be 'Divine Mother Incarnate' etc...?  (the real one is actually a little worn out from being it, to be honest, and would love to be 'normal' too).

There is a dragon I know.

He came to visit me.

He might as well because I wasn't talking with my teams.

He slit my up the middle (in Spirit these things don't hurt, it's all energy) and placed five to seven glowing red rocks like they use to make one of these 'earth ovens' cook. Then he closed me up.

They felt wonderful, soothing, and helped me not want to die as a soul.

He told me they are the 'Fire of Creation'.

I had been walking with the Void inside since China.

Then he taught me how to blow fire.

It's not hot flames like on earth.  He said to blow like you blow a candle, at first. There's actually different breaths and I practiced them.

It's pretty obvious from this perspective who is working for our team, and who isn't.

There are entire regions of the planet which if Gaia had her way, wouldn't exist.

She has a 'list', a 'shit list' if you will.

One region is currently being 'remodeled' as we speak.

The Fire of Creation doesn't destroy anything. It simply designates something Gaia would like to 're do' or 'make again'.  The way it's going isn't within her design plan. It needs to be remodeled to suit her.

So...Gaia blew!

A lot.

Gaia was so upset she started to blow herself out of existence if possible--if the Fire of Creation was a way OUT then by all means she was going to take it.

That's when I found myself suddenly with Ashtar and Ross at the helm. It was a different helm, one I've never seen.

I was screaming at them at the top of my lungs that we had lost, they didn't care, they were hiding the truth from all of us, and I was doomed forever.

They were startled and surprised I would think that.

Evidence is overwhelming to the contrary, we HAD won, it's been some time now, and it's only a matter of implementing 'protocol' for lack of a better word.

I screamed at them about all the babies who were being born to die in ritual, why are they dragging their feet, and to get ON WITH IT to STOP THE SUFFERING!!! Of all the places I blew, anything related to 'wiffleball' is going off the planet first! All of it. Every layer, every microbe, every shadow...I want GONE.

That's when they showed me the instruments. Dials. Monitors/meters. Switches. Buttons. Along the front walls, like pilot's controls. And they glowed in blue. Blue glow against black darkness of the cockpit.

They started to activate them. Both men at the same time, Ashtar on his side and Ross on his.

Then Ross showed me a large glowing switch you throw like in a Frankenstein movie when you throw it and all the sparks fly. It was horizontal and between their two seats. Ross told me to throw it. To pull towards me.

I did. Screaming and with everything I had to get rid of the evil that had ever taken place on Earth, everything that had ever once not been of Heaven, every abomination of Divine Creation, every suffering, every pollution, every disease, every screaming in sorrow and grief, EVERYTHING.  I pulled that switch with all my might, every muscle, from my core energy my 'hara', from everything I had ever witnessed in every incarnation.

Then this weird blue light started to move through the system.  I don't know what it is. I haven't seen anything like it.

There had been 'times' given to me, very indirectly, in the past few weeks pointing towards next month as a time of 'changes'...but I was miserable and at my soul's darkest night I've ever had.

I think it's a week early--even though 'time' doesn't exist--these changes.

This new Gaia Portal  confirms it.

Now I am going to share a story from Alexandra Meadors.

There was to be a 'portal opening' in Los Angeles. Some people we knew in the Coh-Brah organization had asked other Lightworkers to come to downtown L.A. for 'backup'.

These people were double agents but nobody knew. They had been 'interested' in the metaphysical. It was 'cool'. But the 'spirit' that was instructing them apparently wasn't from 'our team'...nobody yet knew it.

They went down to the bus station, about ten people including the two, in a really icky part of town.

They did their thing to 'open the portal'.

All kinds of demons started flying into them, one after the next, super fast, and super scary, wounding the Lightworkers in the process, and attaching to them too.

There had been a 'stopper' in place to keep them 'in' and the unwitting 'couple' had been talked into letting the trapped ones 'out'!

There is a Lightworker in Hawaii who goes by two initials.

I've felt his 'work'.

It's dark, heavy, and makes me feel like I can't breathe.

Every time I go to Hawaii, I undo his 'missions'.

It would be better if he stuck to blogging and coffee, in my opinion. I like the energy light, airy, filled with Nature and super high vibration.

I don't know what team he's on.

I do know how our team works. Gaia gets asked by her Guides of Compassionate Healing at the very last nanosecond when they have her in place for some geographic position (she could be on an airplane taxi-ing through the tarmac for instance). And they--she knows who they are by their faces and true identities mind you, not just as a group but she knows all the team players face to face too--tell her WHEN. And she does it.

Vortex work is very tricky. If Gaia hasn't asked you--for example, as a planet with your energy needed to assist her--in's important to think twice and make absolutely certain you aren't like Alexandra's situation. Because these dark spirits can trick you, and there isn't anything they would like more than to screw things up for our team.

This is a happiness ball. It is jade. There are concentric, freely moving balls inside, carved from the same piece of stone. Only a master carver can make them.

Gaia and her surface work with vortexes would be the innermost layer. Agartha would be below. A lot of work was done in China below the surface of the Great Wall and other 'sites'. Rumor is that now Agartha is actively connected to Gaia's grid system.

This is an example of Gaia and her teams directing her to work with Agartha without her knowing it.

IF you are guided to 'open vortexes' and it's for, example, the sphere/layer of Consciousness--which is your 'domain'--then that's cool.

But if it has to do with Gaia's surface--or her energy system 'ley lines' (Gaia hates this term, as the 'builders' used them to subdue and hijack her unique divine energy)--remember Alexandra and make sure you are not being fooled, tricked, or used by something that's pretending to be from Heaven.

Thank you.

It's a big project.

One day all of us are going to see it, how things working together accomplished much.

And from what I've seen in the cockpit, it's done.

Already there is news of arrest for a certain 'producer' and someone who is a high-ranking TWDNHOBIAH in the media has eight women accusing him of 'wrongdoing'.

(where are the charges for pedophilia and cannibalism? Hmmmm? Please--cleanse everything and don't be shy! It needs to be OFF and AWAY forever, STAT!)

On 'accidental' manifestation.

I got a workshop and free dinner on 'blocks'...on Wednesday night.

I also got dried fruit I had wanted after breakfast two days ago, yesterday morning. A birthday gift was shared--a tray of dried fruit and nuts.

There was one other thing I had wanted that 'turned up' suddenly too.

The energies are better.

People are being more 'nice' and this loving support is really appreciated.

So whatever is going on in a larger scale, 'grids', 'vortexes', 'whatever'--at the moment now the balance is very good.

Let's keep it that way!


Right on schedule!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Founders of Doctors With Reiki

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Putting It Together

Early this morning I noticed a text from a colleague. It was an invitation to a dinner for using long-term blocks with a special device that instills local anesthesia over time by itself. 

Just last week I saw that Exparel (a liposomal, long-acting and VERY EXPENSIVE form of local anesthetic used for hemorrhoid surgery) was approved for inter scalene blocks (for shoulder surgery). 

The invitation said, 'in this day of opioid crisis we need options'.

You can say that again.

I'm doing outpatient cholecystectomies and all I have in my arsenal is fentanyl, demerol, iv tylenol, and percocet. Everything else is backordered or not on formulary. (we used to have dilaudid, a long-acting narcotic which is useful for post-op pain). In the hospital, we have dilaudid and morphine, but in limited supply. We are encouraged to avoid fentanyl because for them it's in short supply and backordered.

In my training, pain was introduced as the fifth vital sign. We had to treat it. 

Later, reimbursements were tied to customer satisfaction scores.

And to get high scores, we needed to make sure there was plenty of opioid out there for our patients.

Some 'safe', 'long-acting' drugs like oxycontin had recently gone on the market shortly around the time of the 'fifth vital sign' campaign by the Joint Commission. 

It was a perfect storm waiting to happen.

I almost titled this blog post 'art speaks'.

I recently went to China as a chaperone on my son's school field trip.

The looks in the faces of the people in the Opium Wars in Shanghai were haunting.

Everyone was affected.

If you don't know what they are, I'll tell you.

In Asia, there is a culture that is highly different from the West. And I will use Buddhism as a means to describe it. Although Buddhism isn't the only religion/belief system in Asia, okay? There is Shinto, Tao, and more...

In Buddhism, meditation is promoted as a way to achieve success in this 'Earth Walk' experience.

Attachments are deemed 'unnecessary' and emotional attachments to 'things' or 'people' or 'places' or 'events' will detract from the likelihood of 'success' in the 'goal' of 'enlightenment'.

These people are highly mental, very adept at what they do, and have explored the powers of the mind well.

Some can even stop their heartbeat and make it come back again, at will. Literally leave their bodies.

And come back.

Life of a monk is lonely, regimented, and long.

With very little frills or perks.

They are poor and take a vow of poverty.

Chinese nobility does not.

This is the fifth generation from the Qing dynasty.

They were the ones with the Silk Road. (I think...lots of history taught us in Xian--I think perhaps it was the Tang dynasty, and the Qing was the ones who built up Beijing.)

Confucius here is wise and very well-respected.

But he is not an emperor.

This is the palace of Heaven.

Emperors linked Heaven and Earth.

Please note the top is very very rare--blue sky--and NO TOURISTS!  It really looks more like the bottom photo.

So with all this power, both 'spiritual' and 'earthly'...Emperors had a lot on their plate. Their days were long--four thirty a.m. until like eleven p.m.--hearing things, making decisions...and eating one hundred course meals. Entertaining their many wives and concubines...

The trouble is they weren't always fighting.

And it was easy to grow 'soft', like the left lower corner figure.

And they had great wealth, lots of gold...lots and lots of it. What if others caught wind of the wealth and wanted it for themselves? How would they get it?

This is an opium den. It is smoked. And the men would gamble or have visions or spend time away from their responsibilities.

This is the inverse of the Buddhist-training, or Confucius rigor of mind.

It gives you a 'head trip', the easy way.

So in a way, 'everyone' can have 'visions'.

It's like the weakness to be exploiting that was unique for this culture.

Soon the emperors and the ruling class were all tied up in this.

Who introduced the opium?

The West.

Britain I think the tour guide said.

And then the East said, 'we don't want this opium, shove it up your arse!' They blocked all imports.

Guess what?

Britain invaded and easily overtook the East. All the leaders were hooked on opium and weak.

Shanghai remembers it. Many died. And many are still hurting from this. You can feel it in the art.

And in the architecture? OMG! The Bund has lots of not only 'western' architecture, but all the 'signs of the Builders' put into it too. TWDNHTBIAH.

Who else had they recently overtaken? In a coup that was no 'accident' but something generations in planning? Through the US, Hawaii, was similarly taken over for her resources.

It's their way of doing things.

This is Green Tara. She is in Tibetan Buddhism, and represents Healing. She was my inspiration all through medical school.

I love her.

And it seems to me, that my culture, in medicine, was recently in the cross-hairs of TWDNHOBIAH, and through the 'shortages' and 'crisis' (read--'problem'--which was artificially created and promoted through news outlets)--there is now a 'solution' (like the dinner event with the expensive devices and local anesthesia forms --status quo narcotics and local anesthetics are dirt cheap)...


I'm just going to leave you with one article, and two videos.

My point is, three fold:
  1. If there is gold, resources to be taken, the team TWDNHOBIAH probably have a long-range plan to acquire it, one that lasts longer than one generation so it goes 'under the radar'.
  2. TWDNHOBIAH are very good at it, and have been successful at working in the shadows for a long time. The reason is, that once the shadow is gone, and everything is out in the open, their methods won't work. A secret isn't a secret if everyone knows about it. Right?
  3. There are secret groups who DO have our best interest at heart that exist. I'm talking about the White Dragon Society and other secret groups in Asia, who are good--and I suspect with the Opium Wars they have a grudge to settle with TWDNHOBIAH.  Also on our side, there are Positive Military forces who through psychic development in the CIA programs discovered the hidden truth in our own 'back yard', and have organized and made great strides to expose the hidden evils.

Did I meet any White Dragons when I was in China?

Not that I knew. 

Did I meet any in Japan?

Not that I knew. 

Did they notice me, and Anthony?

I don't know.

Are the 'White Dragons' Coh-brah speaks about REALLY good?

I don't know. I wish I did.  I do know the positive military Q said Trump is working with are good, and have ties--very very slim and now have been broken--to Kerth Barker, who is good.

It is all being settled out as we speak?


Everything goes on behind the scenes before it is commonly known. 

Do I have today off?

Thankfully, yes. I've had bad asthma, and Anthony too. As well as the 'gift that keeps on giving', Anthony's trouble with the time change, his inability to get off China time, his waking me up in the middle of the night, and missing school.

Yesterday, I kept falling asleep during the day, and napped between two cases for thirty minutes. I couldn't' function. Normally three chocolate covered espresso beans keep me up about two hours. I needed ten. 

So please send healing to us. We aren't doing so good. He's still sleeping and could sleep all day.

I have to get him to exercise in the sun, but it's been overcast here.

We caught something in China, I don't know what--diarrhea, cough, misery--and I can't separate the jet lag from the illness. 

I've asked Ross for help, and he isn't really guiding much. It's a little of a lesson, and a lot of 'you're doing the right things' when this is his response.

Do I know anything from him about the Big Picture?

Not on your life. Secrecy is huge for his success, and I've grown used to it over many, many incarnations with him. There is lots he doesn't tell me.

I like the part about mediums having abilities others do not have.

It has to do with the Veil (this is the 'filter' Marc describes). I'm not sure who made it--or who enforces it--but apparently the Veil is a big deal. And it's breaking apart. If it were to burst and disappear all at once, perhaps people would go crazy knowing everything all at once? It appears to be highly controlled, whatever it is doing. But for life as we know it, today?

Mediums are supposed to be mediums, to have these gifts, and it was built into their Life Contract. 

You have your own gifts. And these were built into your Life Contract. Perhaps it was even to be strong of body, and healthy, to be able to help others who were weak--protecting them, nourishing them, working to support them. 

Marc didn't go so far as to say it, but I will:  Enjoy your Gifts!

Enjoy any new Gifts that come along--perhaps signs of expanded consciousness!

For all we know, the discovery of new gifts could be written into our Life Contracts too, for this special time.

The system works. It's for the Highest Good. And your contribution is greatly valued. For example, Marc writes and thinks and is a consciousness philosopher!  

Ross and I work as a team. We each have our roles. I let him do his, and he lets me do mine. I don't think he's like to be assigned my role's tasks any more than I'd want to do his work (which involves talking to lots of people and diplomacy--something he does much, much better than me). Ross says, 'I don't like to write'--that's for sure, he doesn't. Never has, and never did.

Do your part.

Enjoy life as best as you can while you are incarnate.

Know there are 'tricks' and 'tricky people' for lack of a better word--I suspect the 'tricksters' are only partially human as demonic entities control them--and don't let them hide. Certainly don't let them trick you. Not any more. They may have tricked you in the past, but you are no fool.  Stop it in its tracks.

That is enough.

Our love is with you, and I have a sick child to attend.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The founders of Doctors With Reiki