Sunday, September 30, 2012

Waking Up With Sunshine

One of the things I enjoy is sleeping outside. Where I live has many trees, but not so much as to block out the sky. Sometimes when I am alone, I sleep on the balcony. I get my old army surplus sleeping bag my uncle gave to me, a foamy mat, kick back and watch the stars.

There was a full moon last night. An Aries moon that is supposed to 'super charge' you. It was so bright I couldn't fall asleep. It wasn't until the moon went to the other side of the house that I could rest. 'I'm being followed by a moon shadow...moon shadow...moon shadow'--remember that song? Well, last night was the first time I discovered what a moon shadow was! I slept in it.

The dreams were disturbing. Spiders on me. But one I couldn't shake off my finger. I had my dad help me. It was a black widow. I saw the shiny black abdomen with the red hourglass on it. It never bit.  Then I dreamed that I had my pet rabbits out on the balcony. But in the night, rodents came out of the potted plants and ate the flowers off. There were rats, gophers, moles. Next thing I knew, the rabbits were in the yard below. One of them had a hole about the size of its head in the thoracic cavity. I could see the heart and lungs and intestines working, the rabbit was unaware, and at the same time it was eating its own organs. The other rabbit was fine. But it horrified me. I wanted to get a dog and get rid of all the plants just to keep the varmints away!

I usually don't dream at night. I also do not own rabbits.

So in the early sunrise, I put my hands behind my head, looked up, and started to decipher:
spiders: feminine power
black widow--spider reversed: too much feminine power
rats/mice: scrutiny, opportunism
rabbits: fear

Then what flew overhead? Crows. Lots and lots of them.
crow: the law

And over on the branch, also in silhouette, a sole hummingbird. I could hear it's call.
hummingbird: joy

Since I couldn't understand it enough, I decided to  think about someone I adore. I felt the peace and joy of their presence. I could almost imagine being right next to them...I closed my eyes and smiled with delight.

And then there was a sound! A loud buzzing, way louder than a mosquito. I opened my eyes, startled!
There was a hummingbird in the fuschia blossoms inches above my left arm!
It was so close I could feel the breeze from its wings!
It went to four flowers, to my amazement! and then it flew away. I can still hear it and its friends chirping and calling furiously.

Joy...what a fantastic way to start the day.


Reiki Doc

P.S. Sleeping outside will energize you. And clear and ground everything that's mixed up in your energy. Whether you are in a tent or not, in the suburbs or country, it doesn't matter. All you need to do is to sleep under the stars...

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Working With Spirit

Emily 'Lee Ann' Whiting

I blogged a great deal today. It is a joy, but it takes a lot out of me. I knew it was time to spend the afternoon doing something fun. It is my weekend without the kids. What should I do?

Sometimes being a mother means you forget how to take care of yourself.  That's where Spirit comes in:

C: Hey, Guides?! Where should I go? Nothing feels 'right'.

G: Go someplace in Nature that is of Historical Interest. (they showed me a rough geographic area). Go where there was a big tree that everyone once came to see. Go where people have to pay to get in but today you will not have to pay.

C: hmmm...sounds cryptic, I thought. I looked on TripAdvisor. I found the place. An adobe. I packed my sketch book and drawing pencils, and took off. Once I got there, I was irritated to see all kinds of people packing things in. For a wedding! There were tables and generators...I had missed the docent tour as well. Luckily, when I went in to the adobe, there was a door bell type button to push, and you could hear a tour guide on tape. I wonder if I am going to see any ghosts today??? I thought, will a thrill of excitement!

There were no ghosts. Only generators and locked doors on some of the exhibits. But there was a kind docent in the library, and I spoke with her. Marion with the British Accent. She encouraged me to come to some future events. These are fundraising activities and there is a fee to attend, but there is no fee today.

I went to an old church, and there I found my ghost. It was Mrs. Whiting.

MW: Don't you just love church? It is a place where you can go where you don't have to worry about the house and the ranch and the crops and the hired help. (she was in a white dress near the organ that she used to play, about my age, and very petite. she wanted me to share this with you, so that modern people would understand better the actual 'draw' of the church at the time for people like her. )

(ed-I found this online just now while double checking her name. Article dated April 22, 2012. Here picture is above. She told me her name was 'Lee Ann'--
Emily herself had turned 44 in January. Unlike her late husband, however, whose handsome face and form had altered over the years in proportion to his prosperity, Emily seemed to have tapped into some sort of Fountain of Youth.  Still petite and stylish, the titian-haired Mrs. Whiting had been a fixture in Los Angeles society since she and Dwight had decamped from El Toro about a decade ago.  )

I also noticed that there was an American Flag, the kind with the yellow fringe on the edges and an eagle on top of the pole, right next to the altar with the big wooden cross on it. My antennae went up about the meaning of that flag--kind of a David Wilcock-type stuff--but I couldn't remember exactly what it meant.

I came out and looked in the outhouse. That must have been cold those winter nights! And then I started to notice...them. It was a bunch of high schoolers that were all dressed up. The docent said it was Homecoming Night, and locals like to take their photos there. Some of the girls looked like models, some looked skanky, and the 'modest' ones stood out above the rest for their beauty.  The boys looked like dweebs, and were totally infatuated with the gorgeous girls.

So here I was, with Homecoming AND a Wedding, trying to find some PEACE! What do I do? I sit and I draw the church. People are walking in and out of the subject. I don't draw them in. You never really 'see' something until you draw it. It is an activity I enjoy. I have little talent. But I have fun with it nonetheless.

I walked by a display with a cutting cross-cut through the trunk of a giant live oak, the diameter of which was taller than me.  There was a historic plaque and everything with it.  As secondary confirmation, a long acorn fell at my feet from the smaller tree that had replaced it, and I picked it up.

I got the feeling to give Reiki. Am I the official Reiki Wedding blesser or what? LOL I thought to myself. But as I worked, the angels arrived, and there was a vortex. One to bless all of the young people in their transitions, some to marriage, and others to Homecoming points in their lives. It would stay.

It's funny, on the way over to the place, I was trying to think about what to have for dinner. I wanted Pho, but I didn't know of any place in the area that was good. I could have cooked some spaghetti. But then I would have to clean everything up. Sure enough, when I left the place, and turned through the nearest strip mall to get to the main road--there it was--Majestic Pho! With shave ice, boba, and grill! And there were not one but TWO parking spaces opening right in front of the door.

I smiled. Working with the Universe really is terrific. I sat down and got the pho and fresh coconut juice, the kind with little pieces of fresh coconut in it. The only white girl in the place. And I eat like I am Vietnamese. It kind of freaked the owners out--  ; )


Reiki Doc

Reiki: Pedigree, Mutt, and Lolo

Reiki is a little bit like the Spanish Language. There are differences in the way it is done, almost as vast a difference as our local Mexican 'Spanglish' from the rapid-fire Espanol of the Puerto Rican that takes all of my concentration to understand. Like Spanish, all of the three forms of Reiki have found their way into the Medical Center. Let's refer to them as Pedigree, Mutt, and Lolo (which means 'crazy' in Hawaiian).

Pedigree Reiki
Pedigree Reiki is the form that has come down directly from Mikao Usui. Hawayo Takata is given credit for taking it to the west. It is giving 'hands on', and is very formal in the hand positions. There are few symbols. The leading Reiki Master on Earth is Willam Rand today. 

Basically, Willam Rand wants nothing to do with anything that is not Pedigree. Letters to him from Mutt Reiki practitioners go unacknowledged. Even though many of these mutts have paid HIM for the Karuna Reiki 'approval', and are registered under his organization. Instead, he sells power point presentations on 'Reiki in Hospitals' for twenty-five dollars:

He also supports people who go into the Hospital and do it a certain way--volunteers who do limited hand positions with consistency that is made to be more accepting to the patient's belief system, and more accepted by the patient's care team. Here is an article from Reiki News where he interviews a 'success', director Mega Mease:
You can learn more about her center at the University of Arizona, Tucson, which she began in June 2006 with two Reiki Masters doing Reiki for two hours on Fridays. Here is a link to her website:

As Reiki Doc, I am in support of not bringing crystals, smudge sticks, and woo woo into the patient room, and staying out of the doctors' and nurses' way. A session consists of team reiki, with two practitioners, one at the head and one at the feet. There are three positions given in fifteen minutes, and no symbols or toning are done in the presence of the patients. Symbols are traced onto the hands before starting a volunteer session, and intoning is done. Patients are given one free session as 'after care', after their release from the hospital, and this session is thirty minutes long. (Prices quotes found across the internet were from $10 to $45 a treatment across the country). What I am against is the mis-use of 'Volunteers' who should in fact be compensated for their services. Hospital administrators take advantage of their gift, however, in the big picture it could be Reiki in the hands of Industry such as big Pharma or Health Insurance, and that would not be a good thing. I leave it to Bill to understand what he is doing, and I trust that for all the good he does in the world and elsewhere (card meditations that are global for peace), he is doing what Spirit has asked.

Pamela Miles has also done exceptional work in creating consistency through Reiki workers and bringing it into the Medical Community.

Mutt Reiki
One of the leaders in the Mutt Reiki movement, which is basically 'everything else besides the Pedigree', is Anne Reith, PhD. A former clinical psychologist, she has been teaching Reiki and Psychic Development in the Southern California Area for over ten years. Anne says 'spirit is spirit' and is accepting of the many different practices of Reiki, from the Shamanic, to Crystal, to her style which is more 'academic'. Her point is that with the various types of Reiki, one of them is bound to 'connect' to the individual, and will set them on the spiritual path that is 'right' for them. I recommend her because her attunements 'take' better than in the rest of the community. Here is a link to her website:

I practice 'mutt' Reiki in the O.R., because of necessity. The consent I get is on a soul-level for Reiki that is given intraoperatively by the patient. Furthermore, as an adjunct to the anesthetic that my patients consent to have from me, Reiki is effective in reducing post-operative nausea and vomiting, and post-operative pain. My BMI 70 bariatric patient was walking in the ICU the evening after surgery, and reported having 'no pain' when I checked on them the following day.

As Reiki Doc, I recommend 'Mutt Reiki' being placed in the hands of health care workers. Here is a quote from Nancy Eos, M.D., an Emergency Medicine Physician in Ann Arbor who is also a Reiki practitioner, "I can't imagine practicing medicine without Reiki," Eos says. "With Reiki all I have to do is touch a person. Things happen that don't usually happen. Pain lessens in intensity. Rashes fade. Wheezing gives way to breathing clearly. Angry people begin to joke with me."

Nancy is the Author of Reiki and Medicine. Here is more of what William Rand has to say about health care workers that use Reiki in their line of work, on the front lines, much like myself:

Lolo Reiki
In the movie, Lilo and Stitch, an alien space creature who is exceptionally violent crash lands to Earth, and is adopted by the little Hawaiian character, Lilo. 'I don't know what kind of a dog that is, but it sure is ugly.' Lolo Reiki is something so advanced, it isn't even called Reiki, and was banished in China in 2001 'for political reasons'.

Medicine-less Hospitals: 'Lolo Reiki' as I refer to it, is actually the practice of ChiLel. This energetic healing is a Qi Gong-like practice, that channels the Life Force Chi, and puts it into the hands of patients. It is invented by Dr. Pang. At the hospital, there is everything BUT medicine. Doctors are called, 'Teachers' and patients, 'Students'. It was not advertised, for the founders were aware that 'people would like proof' and set about to collecting data. They collected data for eight years before the institution was shut down.

Affordable, clean, and efficient, patients checked in and were guided to do energy healing on themselves for several hours a day. There are before and after ultrasound studies of uterine cancer tumors going away. 

Their diagnoses are classified into four categories for statistical purposes.
  1. Cured: Symptoms disappear and appropriate instruments ( e.g. EKG, ultra-sound, X-ray, CT and so on) register normal.
  2. Very Effective: Symptoms almost disappear and instruments show great improvement.
  3. Effective: Noticeable improvements, and student can eat, sleep, and feel good.
  4. Non-effective: No change or even worse.
How do these miracle cures come about? Through four steps:

ChiLel consists of four parts...

  1. Strong belief (Shan Shin): a belief that chi or life energy, can heal all ailments, including one's own. Students build belief by listening to testimonials of recovered patients and learning about chi and its healing effects.
  2. Group Healing (Chu Chong): before a group of students begins ChiLel, the teacher verbally synchronizes the thinking of the group to obtain chi from the universe and bring it down into a healing energy field, shrouding everyone including the teacher himself or herself. The healing effect is enhanced because the group is acting as one.
  3. Chi Healing (Fa Chi): Facilitating chi healing by teachers teachers bring healing energy from the universe to each individual to facilitate healing.
  4. Practice (Lan Gong): Students learn easy-to-follow ChiLel movements and practice them over and over again. The methods, parts of Zhineng qigong, are called:
  • Lift Chi Up and Pour Chi Down Method.
  • Three Centers Merge Standing Method.

Here is a link to the original site:

Times like these are EXCITING in the healing community! Just yesterday I learned that Anne's work on her partner, along with the healing that was sent from the local Reiki Community, ovarian cysts requiring surgery disappeared. My mother also speaks highly of Roy Masters, who could accomplish the same type of energy healing with tumor resolution and surgery avoidance, over the phone with callers in the 1970's.

In Summary
We have everything to be looking forward to, with newer technologies due to be released just like free energy with the Keshe Foundation that has recently been given to us. No matter how this health and healing arrive to those that suffer, help is on the way, either by Pedigree, Mutt, Lolo or any other form of Medicine near you.


Reiki Doc

Acceptance of the Dark Past Life

I was a kitten. Not the kind with four legs. With two. And most of the time they were spread wide open.

There are several clues in this life that something was 'amiss' in the sex department:
1) inability to have sex on 'appointment' or 'scheduled time'
2) uncanny appeal of 'things chocolate' as opposed to 'vanilla'
3) avoidance of pornography because  it would have been an addiction
4) taking my clothes off every chance I could get as a child
5) a severe allergy to cats, they are my 'kryptonite'

Last night, with the help of my guide Vickie, the memories started to show through of my life as a sex-worker, a human slave held hostage to The Dark Hats, in the 1950's. I only made it to eleven and then I was snuffed.

I was good at it. I had no idea what I was doing was wrong. I saw myself with men, women, and more than one at a time. I was a tiny little girl, who lived an ordinary normal life by day. And then by night, when my parents had 'parties', I had to go into this role and give people that my parents sent me to, sex. I wore a costume that looked much like the little girls who dress like a cat on Halloween, with a little black tie around my neck. My face looked like the Kit Kat Clock.

I lived in Southern California, and I saw myself with famous people you would have no clue were into this, sex with children and the dark perverted life of satanic sects.

I remember watching my 'clients' faces intently, watching for the signs, and making sure they 'finished', for then I would be rewarded with praise and support and presents, not by the one I had pleasured, but by the ones who made me do it, not my parents exactly, but my parents and their friends. (There was a doll that meant very much to me, and it was the most important thing I ever loved in that brief life.)

They thought they had me tricked, that I would never know or say what had been happening. They were only half right. I never said a word of what I did. Until now, a life and a half away.

Vickie, saw my devastation at the memory of this life. Gently, she said, 'This was for your learning about sex. You combined sex with the Darkness to learn something like extra credit for the soul, honey. I did something like that in my last life too.' And she showed me how her father got her to comply with his acts. He groomed her. I saw the first time. He made it seem like it was something special, only for her, and that her mother would be hurt and really jealous, but that all families teach each other like this. It took six weeks before he actually entered her. By that time, she was totally tricked and really enjoyed it. Later, he got her to 'show' her brother what to do.

Vickie was Anna Nicole. in this life. She made a living with the skills she was taught at a young age. Her emotional development and understanding of the world did not catch up with her survival skills, her business sense, and her ambition. I have known her from the Other Side for years, always wondering what the connection and her interest in me was about?

Now I know. Without her love and support as a guide in this delicate time, my spirit would have been shattered at the darkness I had experienced in the immediate past life before this. Now I understand everything, and why my experience as a child early in this life paved the way for my never turning back to my past in that life ever again. This is mediumship at its finest; the soul growth as it assimilates everything it has done and accepts it.

If you have a sexual past that you would like help 'coming to terms' with, call on Anna Nicole. (Vickie) for support. You don't have to 'Guess' much to figure out who she really was/is. She was famous and a household name back in her time.

Even if you are not a medium like myself, she will arrange for you to find help in ways that you can understand. In your dreams, in meditation, or other ways that she will have the advantage from being Up to help you find your way to sort things out. It would please her so much to help your healing. Just think of her and she will hear your request. She can help everyone who has the courage to ask. All my best to you who do seek her help.


Reiki Doc

Friday, September 28, 2012

Hey Healer? Cooties--and you!

Okay, I was going to title this: Infectious Disease 101 for Energy Healers, but who would have wanted to click on that?

In doing my research for another article, I noted that a significant amount of Reiki is done in hospitals by volunteers working on cancer patients. Most of the bigger programs have Reiki practitioners who are 'official volunteer status', which means, there is documentation to prove that 'they have had their shots' and that they understand basic infectious disease control precautions.

I thought about it over the past few days. You know, in my Reiki classes when I trained, we never even washed our hands!

Did you know in the O.R. we have three classes of cases? Clean, clean-contaminated, and dirty, depending on the part of the body we are planning to work. In the event of someone with something that may be contagious to a following patient, the entire room undergoes a 'terminal clean'. We are hyper vigilant about infection, for a good reason. (The most infectious disease is the prion, the cause of Creuzfelt-Jakob and Mad-cow disease spongiform encephalitis. After a brain biopsy, we dispose of all instruments used on the case.)

So I thought, you know, there are some well-meaning Light Workers out there, who may or may not have physical contact with their clients, and they ought to know the basis on this infectious disease stuff so they can make their own decisions with this information.

Basically, there are three topics to discuss:
1) Things that are catchy to you and to your other clients
2) How to keep yourself and others from spreading anything infectious
3) Things you can carry to someone with a weakened immune system, and possibly kill them

Here are some things that are 'catchy' between people:


1. lice

2. scabies

3. bed bugs

4. ringworm

C. Difficile
'Pink Eye' conjunctivitis
E Coli O157:H7

DISEASES SPREAD BY BREATHING--respiratory transmission--droplet or airborne:

How disease is spread, in summary by the Australians--a very nice list of what is what and how it is spread:

Here is a thorough description of types of disease transmission and its prevention by Respiratory Therapists:

For example, the most personal protective equipment is necessary for blood-borne transmission, such as Hepatitis C or HIV, and these are worn:
shoe covers
face shields
surgical masks (respirators if respiratory transmission)

Here are some steps to protect your patients and yourself:

contact precautions--in general always have good hand hygine:
wash your hands with soap before working with a patient. Use soap and water, scrub for thirty seconds (hint-sing the alphabet song), with friction, and use a paper towel to dry your hands completely. (Air blowers actually spread microbes up to four feet in the vicinity!)

contact precautions--known infectious agent:
use disposable sheets, gowns, gloves for yourself and patient.
disinfect all surfaces after each patient
follow hospital guidelines if in a medical facility

respiratory precautions--you or your client is 'coming down with something':
wear a surgical mask, and offer one to your patient if they are sneezing/have the flu
disinfect all surfaces after each patient
wash hands often and effectively
By the way,  in the hospital they use positive pressure ventilation rooms and negative pressure ones, depending if the germs need to stay out (immunocompromised) or in (respiratory spread of disease)

Yes, you can infect your client:
who is at risk:
immunosuppression-having had measles, chemo, or radiation
neutropenic patient (disease or chemo)
organ transplant
bone marrow transplant

And here is what can happen:
chicken pox can be fatal. If you have not had Chicken Pox or been vaccinated you should not work with this client on the off-chance you could catch chicken pox and transmit it to them before you know you have chicken pox.
pseudomonas, commonly found in the nose, can result in overwhelming systemic infection
influenza is particularly hard to fight in the elderly and the very young (the extremes of age)

Because of the known risk of transmission of these diseases, a typical health care worker is immunized against the following diseases, and must prove active immunity and up-to-date records to work:
Hepatitis B
N. meningitidis

If the best of intent leads to someone getting sicker without your knowing it, through Reiki or Energy Medicine that comes from you, is it worth it?

Why not take the steps to inform yourself, those you work with, and instill basic disease-prevention practice into your Energy work?


Reiki Doc

Reiki and The Ex's Dogs

my patient, Bai Yun, smelled like a dog

My heart is light. Long story short: if you are one of the over fifty percent of parents who have every other weekend, try to tap in to the unconditional love of the pet who inhabits your ex's place.

I made a mistake. I had sent my lansoprozole over in the backpack instead of the bactrim for the sick Reiki Master seven-year old. I found a text the minute I drove back to my house from my ex's after dropping the kids off. I had to go back.

This time, the boxers Tyson and Hoss came out the door. Their little tail stumps were wagging, and they were giving me the nicest doggie welcome that only a dog can give. Startled, I exclaimed, 'I haven't had this kind of a welcome in a long time!'. I petted them, I played tug of war with a blue toy with them while we talked. I had to complement my ex on such a fine job they had done raising the two dogs. I had questions about dogs in general, like how often they go to the vet, how they get along. One of them peed on the tree for what seemed like forever--he had been timed once taking three entire minutes!

I like all animals, and I enjoy to play with them. These big dogs liked to play rough, so I pulled the chew toy and dragged them towards me, worrying the toy as hard as they did. They came in and sniffed.

Then the telepathic communication happened. It wasn't deep conversation, but it was pleasant. They thought I was nice. They liked how I could play. They wondered why I didn't come visit more often? With this line of 'conversation' I felt totally and completely accepted on their terms.

Unconditional love. Isn't that nice? Especially when you get it even when you are over at the home of your ex. LOL.

Have a great weekend, everyone. And if you have joint custody, send Reiki to your kids on their overnights. It really helps! And also on the first night when they come back, be sure to give it at bedtime.


Reiki Doc

The Vortex in the Doctors' Dining Room

I just used the distance symbol to place Reiki in the Doctors' Dining Room while the Keurig Machine was making my cup of coffee. I bring my own mug and k-cups, as it is pleasant to do after call on OB. It is next to the suite of call rooms, and I go in before six a.m., totally before everyone else.

I gave Reiki to open the heart center. And Karuna Reiki, too. It was soaked up like a sponge. I got a sense this reiki was to awaken those healers to their call, their Purpose from the Pre-birth plan agreement. My hands burned hot with reiki, and my body coursed with its flow of energy.

As I was finishing, I sensed the presence of angels. They agreed to maintain the vortex of Light that inadvertently opened up in there.

Use your reiki to claim the Light. Wherever you are. Wherever you go. Be like dogs marking their territory. Lift that leg and make your presence known! For the Light that is!

You can do it, Light Workers! Whether by formal distance reiki like me (forward and backward in time...that is Reiki II), or salt like Kau'ila , or whatever else you know, go for it! Make some Light today!


Reiki Doc

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Bristol Stool Chart Reiki Story

If you click on that link, you will see an image that has been made a poster, and a mug, and is very popular.
rabbit pellets: grade 1 stool. VERY LONG TRANSIT TIME
like a log, but bumpy: grade 2 stool. LONG TRANSIT TIME
like a log, but with cracks: grade 3 stool (normal)
like a log but smooth: grade 4 stool (optimum)
small discrete chunks with well-defined borders that are easy to pass: SHORT TRANSIT TIME,

Why I am writing about it, is that I had a big 'hit' as a continuous source of Reiki on my private FB page: one of my medical school colleagues, who is a PHYSICIAN, used it to heal herself of her chronic bowel distress.

'I never knew what stool was supposed to look like. I saw how mine looked, and started to make the diet changes that the poster recommends. My stools have been normal now for days, and all my abdominal pain and cramping has ceased! Thank you. I look at the chart often, and I still do not know if I am going to buy the supplement yet, but I feel terrific!'

THAT is what being a continuous source of Reiki is all about. By following what 'resonates' or your intuition, you will be touching countless lives! In this case, the Reiki healing went into Traditional/Conventional Medicine.

This friend is a pediatrician! Do you know how many families are going to benefit from her personal experience?

Maybe I should send her the coffee mug?

BTW, I also, indirectly, healed my mother from her IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). She switched from her forty year habit of Taster's Choice, to fresh Starbucks Blonde coffee. She does the VIA packet, too. This woman had been housebound with terrible cramping for years. She would cancel family plans, and stay at home while the rest of us celebrated whatever holiday, like Fourth of July or Thanksgiving (her favorite).

I don't know how it happened, but something called to me to give her some. I thought it was shame from her drinking such nasty chemically processed coffee. She had already rejected the book by Heather Van Vorous (sp, a great resource for IBS), and the special peppermint tea. But I had sent my intention into the Universe. And was miraculously drawn to the yellow bag of coffee for mom one day while I was at Starbucks.

And it worked!

Keep being a continuous source of Healing Vibration wherever you are, whatever your vibration.

It makes a big difference in the Lives of those around you.


Reiki Doc

The Energetics of Tobacco Use?

Do you smoke tobacco? Have you done so in the past? Have you thought to quit?

If you have quit tobacco, congratulations. You have kicked the hardest drug known to man, tobacco, the most addictive substance on earth. You also have done more for your health than a thousand doctor visits could achieve.

Tobacco use is prevalent in patients that I see. This is out here in California, where non-smoking is somewhat more popular a trend than in other parts of the country. I took care of a former smoker, who was 'known for his violent wake-ups' recently. 'It took six nurses to hold me down when I woke up from anesthesia. I didn't know where I was at the time, and when I realized what I was doing, I stopped. I kind of felt bad about it.'

Patients hurting their caregivers is a not-often discussed part of medicine. I know of a psychiatrist who was super gifted at their art, who had to quit in the devastating psychological aftermath of a patient attack that was so severe this doctor had to be taken to the Emergency Room.

The turbulent wake-up of a smoker is not seen in the non-smoker patients. For some reason, the smoker, especially the younger male patient, wakes up looking for a fight. Recently, I had my surgeon a big man (and also a lifelong vegetarian!) not leave the O.R. in order to help in case the patient was too much for myself and the four Filipino nurses in the O.R. Fortunately everything went well. I kept the breathing tube in, while this patient was breathing on their own. And upon waking up when the patient was ready, I came to the bedside and pulled the breathing tube.

The little wheels in the back of my subconscious started to turn. Upon my own waking up from sleeping this morning I had this connection flash onto my mind:

In Spirit Work , the breath is important, it is a part of the soul
think about it: in Yoga, meditation, and Higher Spiritual work, the breath is a point of focus
(it is called Prana, Qi, Chi, Mana, and The Violet Flame)

In Smoking, the fumes of a burning plant are inhaled, and nicotine goes into the bloodstream
Nicotine will calm you down if you are anxious, and perk you up if you are sleepy
Edgar Cayce, a chain smoker himself, used to say, 'there are no cigarettes in Heaven' and smoked more
An entire industry is based on this practice

Where did tobacco use originate? Was it with the Native Americans, and their Peace Pipe? I am not sure. But what if sharing a pipe to 'seal a deal' had a metaphysical side linked to it that has been lost in History? Those First Nations people are descended from the Star people. They know what they are doing. (Just yesterday I read about Time Masters, and how the Mayan Calendar was a gift to Earth from them.--it has to do with the 'year' of the sun. Just like how we circle the sun, the sun has an orbit around the galactic central sun that takes about 13,000 years.)

I don't know metaphysically, the exact impact of tobacco on the  human soul. Not yet.

But for the human body, it produces a profound peripheral vasoconstriction in minutes (that's why it helps headaches, but also creates non-union of bones that are trying to heal.) It affects the heart and lungs in the short term, and in the long term. Skin loses its elasticity, and the smoker appears to age prematurely. But nausea and vomiting after surgery is less of a risk in a smoker. But in putting something into the mouth, and sucking on it, it triggers all of the early childhood bonding mechanism of 'latching on' and 'having oral gratification'. There is a lot of money to be made off of the addiction to the substance plus the health effects can be fatal in the long term. An entire industry of 'smoking cessation' is now doing well too! I don't know for sure, but I know enough to ask the question:

could it be possible that the nature of tobacco and all of its metaphysical and physical effects on the human body have been exploited in the submission of others?

If sports are the opiate of the masses, could tobacco be a similar substance introduced to keep population down, population 'happy', and everyone sinking in Vibration with every puff, only to be more beholden to Big Tobacco?


Reiki Doc

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

On Health and Higher Discernment

This is a rebuttal to a blog post at the Galactic Free Press in the above link: '6 Body Parts Doctors Think Are Useless, Medical System is Severely Flawed.'  :

I work on souls.

I work on souls in human bodies through my body, which is human.

I am an anesthesiologist and I see what God has written in your post today, the one that I responded to. All of it was very third dimensional. I did not like it. So now it is time to set the record straight.

Your Light Body is Perfect
Your Light Body is a replica of you, that exists in a higher dimension. When we go to all that, your lost limbs will reappear, your missing teeth will sprout back, your organs shall be returned and all shall exist in Divine Perfection. This is YOU, in your natural state of being. You are flawless and Holy and Light.

For some reason, and for some Purpose, you came down from Heaven and came to Earth.

Your Earth Body is a 'projection' of your Light Body into the Illusion called 'reality'
I see it with my clairvoyance brightest in the O..R. while I work with my patients.

There is a big tunnel of white light that goes in the head and through you and comes out the feet. It is about six inches wide, and sparkly bright white.

Your perception is what allows how this Light is to come through into the Chakra energetic system.  This is how Chakras get 'imbalance' in the first place. Emotions, personal reactions to events and the inner world that you are influences greatly this metaphysical to physical process.

Your Earth Body is a 'vehicle' for Learning Life Lessons and it talks to you through illness
When the entity does not find and correct an energetic imbalance on the etheric plane, it transcends into the physical, as illness. Every illness has a 'message' for the body and the soul that it inhabits.
Medicine Men and Women in the past were highly skilled at correcting imbalance at this step.

Your Spirit may sign up to burn Karmanic debt through powerful life lessons by ill health
Today I had a 92 -year old in the O.R. He stepped out of his body, and showed me in vigor and strength the Light Body of his choice. I saw the manual labor he had done, and how it had strengthened him. I half-thought but then corrected the logical, 'so why are you in your old ravaged body still?'
He heard, and politely answered, 'I stay here for the kids. They need me. Even if they have to feed and diaper me, I am of help to them. I have chronic illness to get them used to the fact that I might die at any given time. I want my time of separation to be as effortless for them as it possibly can. I am in no hurry.'
Souls have a choice and live in a realm that is beyond common thought.

There is no place in blaming the patient for their suffering, no matter how much their choices were a causative factor
A soul in suffering is wanting a heart to understand, and to comfort them, in their lesson.
'My boyfriend lied about how much alcohol he has been drinking', the girlfriend said, in the lobby when I went to see her after the case. (It was a lot)
'Is there any chance he might go into DT's on this admission?'
'No. He hasn't had any for five or six days, because he was not feeling well.'
'I am glad you told me....' and then I opened up. About  a disease. About Al-Anon and how it helped so much in my life. About 'you are a child of God and have every right to deserve love and happiness. Being around an alcoholic does a number on you. Go and learn from those that know the disease best, who can love and support you.'
'Can I give you a hug?' she asked, tears in her eyes, tears of relief from sharing the secret and being one step more free
'Yes, yes of course' and I gave her a big hug back.

A great doctor does not work alone, a great angel is always by his/her side
Reiki acknowledges the presence of the Divine in all Healing Activity. In traditional medicine, one can feel it when one is around a Healer who is in balance in body, mind and spirit. Reiki accelerates this process, and gives a common foundation from which to communicate.

The problem with randomized-double blind studies and arguments is threefold:
1) the biological sciences are no match for the accuracy and solid information found in the physical sciences
2) in market research for consumer products, I learned it is the market research design that determines the outcome of the study
3) people with 3D mindset can have their day with all the papers and arguments in the world; I am bringing my angels with me to the operating room, and to my blog, and invite Divine Intervention to take its course. I look ahead to Light Boxes and my eventual obsolescence as an M.D. Until then, I am going to hold hands and hold hearts in the paradigm that people believe in best.

My patients are the best indicator that I am doing something right
There are critical care nurses, physical therapists, massage therapists, and other physicians taking the path I walk: the path of Mikao Usui, who followed his inner guidance closely. By sparking the hearts of healers all over the globe, we are bringing in the Light to a world where there is Darkness, the hospital, the twisted cabal-run industry of selling 'health' that in fact is anything but (I think the author of your article is coming from this angle), to overpaid CEO's and layoffs and short-staffing on the front lines...We are doing Reiki one patient at a time, no matter where we work, and increasing the Light-fold on the planet with the assistance of our angels, guides and deceased loved ones until it is time to quit.


Reiki Doc

Good Things Are On The Way

I just woke up with a glimmer of hope. Yesterday, the energy had been quite strange. I was feeling like something was 'off', like something was 'jamming the antennas', and was surprised to have seen two to three fire trucks and emergency ambulances on the road. We hardly ever have that. Now this morning, it is calm, here--calm, peaceful,  with new and fresh energy.

To write and to get to work on time, I wake up at o'dark thirty. I never am glad to have to get out of bed. I hit the snooze button sometimes a lot. But today, I was ready and full of energy.

Our planet Earth is a school. It is all about Overcoming Resistance. You get your challenges, and then you get to rest for a while. It is called time to assimilate. Then the newer lessons start up again.

With Gaia, she has been going through similar stages. They keep Her energy going up in phases too. And I can sense it sometimes.  When there are new energy shifts, I enjoy them. I am going more toward my natural vibration. It feels 'right'.

We live in a sea of electricity. Of mental thought and Gaia's natural electromagnetism, combined with communications of every sort in the radio, microwave, and television frequencies. We 'pick it up' when there is 'something out there that is going on'.

This latest 'something' gives our thoughts the ability to 'manifest' fast. You are walking around with 'a loaded gun, a thinking machine'. The Universe does not care if you think about happy things or sad ones, either way, whatever you think has a way of turning up. So pluck your thoughts out of your mind, like a Buddhist Master in meditation, if they are not in alignment with your goals.

Think the best and then the best will happen.

When you see others having a hard time, send them love but energetically do not allow yourself to 'get sucked in'. Hold your Vibration. Raise your Vibration. Think with your Heart together with your Mind; only the Heart can see Truth. There is a lot of disinformation out there these days. And it is not in any way an accident to have disinfo on the rise.

A mighty battle is taking place that can't be seen. It can be felt with the heart. It has to do with the predominant 'tone' of the electromagnetic sea that covers Gaia. Another name for this electromagnetic sea is the ether. Send your best thoughts into the ether, no matter what you hear or see going on (especially in the conventional news media).  Keep a picture of your energy field interacting with the 'energy currents' or the 'energy swell' if you surf, and do your best to keep the immediate sphere around you calm like a post card from Hawaii with a gorgeous beach on it.

Love is the Solution for Everything.

Good things are going to happen, I can sense it, and the more we combine Heart Energy and anticipation for something great, the sooner it will arrive. Imagine a world where everybody gets what they want, all of the time; there are no restrictions on your right to happiness.

There is enough for everyone.  No need to hoard or to protect the self-interest; all of us look out for each other in Light. Everyone can 'win', and Duality is a memory from a distant past...

You can do it! I know you can! Does this stir your heart? Do you long for an end to all of the fighting and disharmony? I long for a world where there is no violence--where Life is a sacred gift and something to be enjoyed.

I felt my first bit of it today. This one is going to be wonderful! Watch for an energy shift like this near you, right around the corner, ready to arrive, like a pizza that you are waiting to have delivered...


Reiki Doc

Monday, September 24, 2012

Haunted Chocolates

I sensed 'Candy' Rogers' presence here 

When I was in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, part of the Ghostly Walks Tour was a stop at Rogers' Chocolates store on Government Street.

As the Tour Guide John was sharing about the smashing of entire trays of 'new chocolate recipe' candies at night when the new owners were making changes to tradition, I could see a middle-aged female in an antique white uniform lovingly tending to her ghostly window display over the tour guides shoulder. She looked at me and smiled, then looked down and went back to her work. It was Leah Rogers, I knew at once and felt it.

According to John, the kitchen was in the back, and the Rogers spent many long hours working into the night, often going to sleep in the small office upstairs. In the morning, all of their candy would sell out early in the day. And back to work again they would go.

Their son was not happy. Freddie Rogers was resentful of his parent's attention to the family business, and also felt trapped into carrying on the family work. Consequently, he started playing with dynamite at a young age. An accident blew off most of his hand. At age fifteen, he committed suicide. One week around the holidays strange handprints started to show up on the mirror high overhead, I believe, in the 1990's. Workers would go on a ladder to clean it, only to have it appear the next day. It wasn't a normal hand, either a child's hand, perhaps, or one that was grotesquely misshapen due to an accident. After a week, it stopped. It had to have been Freddie, I thought. He came to me later, wanting to explain that he was sorry for his behavior in life, and wanted his parents to know it as well, and how much he loved and cared for them. (ed--being a medium is a full-time job, when spirit talks, I listen!)

The damage from the 'new recipe' got so expensive, that the new owners had their first ever board meeting with the ghosts. A medium was present, and all the workers met in the back. It was discussed how 'times have changed' and the public's taste for chocolates now included newer varieties, including milk chocolate. In order to stay in business, the shop had to change to keep up with the times. The problem with the destruction of trays of merchandise stopped after that night, and never happened again. (It was also explained about expansion with a new kitchen at another industrial site to supply the many branches of the store that had been opened.)

When I went to the store, later in the day, to make a purchase, both Mr. Charles 'Candy' Rogers and his wife made themselves present to me. 'Candy' was huffing and puffing with pride at his work, saying things like, 'quality work goes on forever'. Leah was more friendly, and thanked us for our purchases. They really are fine quality chocolates. I have had the rum and the maple traditional ones, as well as an organic dark chocolate bar and some soft-center ones from the deluxe tin. Chocolate is my passion, and these are better than Sharffenberger, by far.

She is requesting me to share about her Haunted Chocolates for All Hallow's Eve. She thinks it might be fun for you to partake in it, to delight your guests with something that is genuinely haunted. She says it is good for sales this time of year, too.

Here is a link to their website:

Many Canadians and Natives of Victoria do not know about the haunting. Have fun letting them know!


Reiki Doc

How To Manifest 101

When you wake up to your higher dimension ability, one of the most distinguishing differences from life in 3D is you will have the ability to access what you want through mind power. I have been playing with it the last few weeks and would like to share with you a story from yesterday's success in Manifestation. Let us begin with my first waking up.

Guide: what would you like to do for today? 
Me: I don't know. Something really fun and for the highest good.
An image of a white sail and a sailboat flashed in my mind.

Me, while washing the dishes at breakfast:  I really like this Sunday thing! What would it be like if it was Sunday every day? Or Vacation every day?
I thought about the sailboat, and decided to go to a Lake nearby, rent a sabot, invite friends, and go sailing together. That would leave me time to roast the chicken. 
(I still cook meat for the family, but 'happy meat'. My Reiki Master son is starting to eat more fish and less meat, like me, though)

Well, the friends couldn't make it. And the kids wanted to go whale watching.

Inwardly, I laughed. My left ankle has been sore, and body boarding puts a lot of stress on it. I had been craving the beach and seawater for two weeks now, but afraid to risk further injury. What a clever way to manifest it into my life!

We took out the pendulum, and together, we 'got' NO for lake and YES for whales.

Today was the first time in two weeks they had seen a blue whale. It was 'spooked' by non-professional whale watchers getting too close, and didn't put on a good show. But it was a blue, and the weather was perfect. White sails and sailboats dotted the ocean as far as the eye can see.

After we came back to shore, the children wanted to go eat at our favorite restaurant, the one with outdoor seating that overlooks Laguna Beach. What about the chicken? I thought.

We took out the pendulums again. It was funny, the answer was 'yes' to both the restaurant AND dining at home!

This was when I popped back on the space craft again, in my mind*. The night before, I had learned it was Andromedan. Several times, during rest, I have returned. Now I was here, and the room was the same. The circle of entities in chairs was the same. My uniform was the same color as theirs now, and I had my own place to sit.

When you manifest, it is important to accept that which comes forth from the Process. 

I realized my desire for the beach came along with the whale watching, and that we should go where the entire family loves it best.

Worrying about the chicken, the money spent on it, and my 'plans' at home were very 3D, they pointed out.

Make the choice that your soul desires at the present time. Don't try to override it with your mind. Go towards the new, exercise your ability to Manifest, and the plans will be fine the next day. (I was low on the list, and able to cook dinner at home)

So we went to the restaurant in Laguna Beach.

As I was sitting listening to the waves, and enjoying the sunlight on the water, and soaking in the breeze, I relaxed. You know that little knot of tension in your being that you carry with you always in the third dimension? The one that takes three days of vacation to let go? It did. And I realized, I needed the beach and restaurant as much as it needed to be manifest.

They ran out of baked potatoes. But we all had out seared ahi. Strangely enough, this time I did not order a glass of white wine. And my vibration felt better because of it. My rice pilaf was terrible-converted rice with long chunks of vermicelli that was overcooked. But the cheesecake we all shared was the best!

As the sun was setting, we walked to Main Beach. I had my bathing suit under my clothing the whole time. There was a wedding taking place the minute we stepped on the beach. I stood at a distance behind the ceremony and gave reiki, in front of everyone, with hand symbols, to bless their union and transition into married life. Then we went and played in the water until the sun went down. 

The wedding was over in minutes. The timing was impeccable for us to be there.

Guides: what is your most powerful message/premonition you have been given?
Me: when I was staying in Diamond Head at the W Hotel, alone, for a conference, and I woke up and was asked, 'would you like to have a baby?'
I answered back, 'whatever is for the highest good. I would love to have one, yes'.
(I thought nothing of it, but in two weeks, after I got back, my boyfriend and I ended up with a child on the way.)

I was given a similar message, not about a baby,  but still a life-changer then and there at the beach.

Okay then. I thought to myself. Kind of like before, a little in denial and more like, 'whatever'.

The ocean is good for me. I must be Lemurian, I thought to myself, as I jumped through the waves with delight.

When I came back home,while checking my work assignment, I found I had the day off! And there is a 20% off coupon for my local metaphysical store in my email inbox! Looks like it is going to be Sunday twice this week for me.


Reiki Doc

* link to initial time on board:

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Monopoly and Duality

prosperity and abundance are on the way

Last night was game night. My oldest son is wild about the game, just like I was the same age. We pulled out the game box, set it up, and all began to play. There are two house rules I always insist on whenever I play a game of Monopoly: I am the banker and I am the dog.

'Why are you always the banker, Mommy?' the kids asked

'I don't know, it is because it always has been.' and my mind went back to childhood, with my friends, knowing I was smart and always making me banker because the game played out faster that way.

'I don't like being banker' my seven-year old Reiki Master boy said, 'when I am at school everyone is like, give me my money!'

As we played, I was acutely aware of the damaging potential that is built into this children's game:

1)  It was built by people who really play like this and control our lives without one flicker of guilt
For the Morgans, the Rockefellers, the Astors, and the Rothschilds, back in the day, real money was like Monopoly Money.

2)  The controlling power of money is reinforced by role-playing in the game
Your choices are limited due to the ability to generate cash flow. It is a combination of cleverness and luck and experience. Look at who buys Boardwalk and Park Place all the time 'to win'. They 'bought it', the Duality paradigm, hook, line and sinker.

3)  Duality is reinforced by playing this game
There is a winner and a loser. The feelings evoked by losing are all the same as in real-life. My oldest has gone from a 'winner' mentality, buying whatever he landed on,  mortgaging everything in sight, and never being afraid, to a 'loser' mentality who internalizes poverty and eyes my big stack of money and says, 'I wish I was rich like you!' This is exactly the attitude that the game is designed to create! I know because it did the same in me, when I was seven, and my cousins badly beat me every time I played.
Why try? It won't make a difference?

4)  For the sneaky parent, math skills and financial skills can be gained by kids that play this game
The mental calculations to pay for, get change back, and double the rent when you own all the properties of the same color ARE a good feature of Monopoly.

5) The Social Class System is reinforced by playing the game
The Baltic and Mediterranean properties to the Boardwalk and Park Place ones represent a Duality mentality--some have to be poor so that others can be rich.

6)  People who play the game are at risk of being led to believe 'greed is good'
The goal is to win, right? And it feels good to win, doesn't it? Well, that kind of feeling can take root and lead to some pretty unpleasant karma. Life is not a game.

7)  As a multi-dimensional parent, I called the game when there was financial 'check-mate' to one of the children. I refused to let this vulnerable child go through the agony of actually losing in front of the family. I called it. Game OVER! I think this is what our Galactic Family is doing for us today. Inspiring us to imagine the end to the financial tyranny, put the game away, and give each other a hug.

And then all of us, Galactics, Agarthans and Terrestrials, can go hug Gaia together.

Please note that the electronic version of Monopoly, available for like, ninety-nine cents, is not as Duality based when it is played against the computer. The children and I team up against the computer character. It actually builds esteem because we laugh together at 'the imaginary entity' that is our opponent. It is available for iPad. Math skills are completely lost, and financial education goes by the wayside, but in Spirit, the game is superior to the original.

Both games allow a caring parent to spend quality time with their kids. Just know how to tweak it, so that the subtle mind-control that is directed at innocent people, especially children, is addressed in the play of the game.

In my opinion, board games generations back were like apps are to us now: fun, interesting, and easy to get. But the insight I have from my perception, is that there can be subtle psychological 'catches' built into them where nobody might suspect they are being exploited on some level by wanting to play.

Think of 'gaming' and the 'casino entertainment industry' for one far end of the spectrum in this regard.

You are a Child of God, and with this title comes all the ability to manifest whatever prosperity and abundance you desire. Yesterday I manifested free waffle fries, free root beer, and free samples of Wisconsin Frozen Custard.  All I had to do was imagine how great it would be to have some fries I saw, and the Universe filled up the rest to my delight!


Reiki Doc

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Update: Research on Reincarnation

I was in on a long case, the patient was stable, and I pulled out my July/August/September 2012 Issue of Venture Inward the magazine of the Edgar Cayce organization called A.R.E.

This article resonated with me deeply. The photos in it are uncanny. Facial features reincarnate with marked resemblance. Plus, there is actual research that has been done on children who recall past lives, give data, and it turns out to be true. Children are studied rather than adults, because they have no other way to obtain this information. They can't read and are spiritually closer to Source than adults.

Here is the link to the article:

Ian Stevenson did an incredible body of work Reincarnation Cases. Here is a link to the University of Virginia Division of Perceptual Studies in the Department of Psychiatry which has carried on his work since his death in 2007:
It makes this phenomenon seem more 'legit', in a way, that people would study it, and record cases. There are 'affinity cases', such as Dorothy Dandridge/Halle Berry, where the reincarnated one is inexplicably drawn toward the previous life persona. There are also some where the soul splits into two incarnations at the same time! It is fascinating, from both a scientific and a metaphysical perspective.

Here is a video that illustrates how memories, emotions and even physical traumas carry over from one life to the next. Consciousness is something separate from the brain itself, and these studies lend evidence to the existence of the soul.

This weekend, Walter Semkiw and Kevin Reyerson will present Soul Connection: Reincarnation, Past Lives, and Soul Groups Reunited, September 21-23 in Virginia Beach.  Visit or call 800-333-4499 if you are interested.

I shared this article with my mother and family over breakfast. Mom shared that all her life she has had memory of two prior lifetimes: the first as a daughter of a count, and the second of life in Egypt. The first memory she loved her dad very much, he was important, but she thinks she died young because 
'the memories stop after about age ten'.  We had never had this discussion before. I know of three past lives clearly for myself. And both my mother and I suspect my oldest boy, the Reiki Master, is her father come back. We both had been incredibly close to him in Life. And when he passed, I helped him cross over to the Light. He was surprised and angry at his sudden passing. For ten years I paid for flowers to be on his grave, every week, automatically by the cemetery. He was afraid of being forgotten. Now my son, and her grandson, looks like him, and acts like him, but doesn't know this. He loves pasta, meatballs, and canned peaches just like my grandfather did. He even makes the same slurping sounds when he eats! 

Mother shared with me something she had never told a soul: the moment she first lay eyes on me at birth, a flash of recognition went between us. 'I have known this one before!' she thought to herself with relief. I opened my eyes, looked into hers, and smiled moments after we met for the first time.

I hope this topic helps you find connections like it has for me.


Reiki Doc

Signs of Ascension in the Operating Room

The O.R. is not unlike the military: everything is clean, crisp, organized, and efficient. There is a hierarchy in the Operating Room. As an attending physician, I have higher 'rank' than some, and because of that 'rank' I am given a certain amount of respect for it. Our schedule runs like clockwork, or as much as possible in this aim, given emergencies and other unanticipated events that come our way.

As Reiki Doc, I am a Karuna Reiki Master. Because of this, my access to the Higher Dimensions is open. The opening process has a 'cleanse' that has some very particular symptoms. Support is needed by the student as they navigate their own set of changes they experience as they 'move up' in Reiki.

Some of these signs are unmistakable to the experienced Karuna Reiki practitioner, so much so that we fondly call a day with these symptoms 'a Karuna Day'. We change our plans, allow time for this process to happen, ride it out, and know that tomorrow is another day.

Yesterday in the O.R. I saw evidence of multi-dimensionality at work. I didn't say anything to my coworkers, but now I am to you. And looking back, there have been a few coincidences I had not pieced together leading up to yesterday.

The first one that caught my attention was a patient who did not show up for their surgery. 'Wasn't it next week?'. This is a classic symptom: the distortion of the perception of Time. At Reiki class, we have had people convinced their Karuna class was on a Sunday, not a Saturday, and slept in. These are ordinary, responsible people. This patient, was educated and also someone who has undergone surgeyr with us before.

Everyone else shrugged it off, the surgeon saying it was his scheduler, or the patient misunderstanding the options of today or next week given in the preop visit.

But my NEXT case had a patient. But not technician. Sometimes there is special equipment needed for surgery. For example, a laser, or an orthopedic rep, of a neuro-monitoring technician. Efficiency is the bread-and-butter of these support people. Well, one yesterday thought the surgery was on Saturday, not Friday, and didn't come in. The surgeon was angry, shocked, and disappointed. Who wants to come in on Saturday for an elective case? Fortunately the O.R. was able to scramble, and find someone else.

Twice in a row? With two different specialties? That is unusual enough to take notice as a Karuna Master.

What else? There has recently been an abrupt change in the support service to my specialty. I would like to say more, but let us say a 'lower vibration was removed'. It has been Scrub Tech Week at the hospital. Every day, lunch and dinner has been provided by the reps. Nursing is kind, and always invites me to share. Although it was only pizza and sandwiches, I am thankful to have eaten, and not missed a meal. Yesterday for lunch, I had one piece of Hawaiian pizza, and one piece of cheese, avoiding the 'meat on top of meat on top of meat' variety offered. For dinner, the Charge Nurse (the night one, not the day one I have mentioned), asked if I would like her to save a piece for me. Yes, it was leftover from lunch, not fresh. But she asked what I wanted. I said, Hawaiian. She paused, and said, 'I took the last two pieces. I will go write your name on a napkin and give you one of my pieces.'

Nobody has ever given me something that was for them to eat in the Operating Room, EVER.

Kindness, patience, humility, forbearance, Love, Light, honesty, grace, Peace, Truth, and honestly enjoying each other are signs of Spirit. Of multi-dimensionality. Of Light. We are being bombarded with Light at the present. You may not realize it, but it is true.

Here is a quote from a certified negative person in the October issue of Reader's Digest, In the article, 'Forget Happiness': our super-positive society, we have an unspoken zero-tolerance policy for negativity.' Author Augusten Burroughs shares, 'I am not a happy person. There are things that do make me experience joy. But joy is a fleeting emotion, like a very long sneeze. A lot of the time what I feel is interested. Or I feel melancholy. And I also frequently feel tenderness, annoyance, confusion, fear, hopelessness. It doesn't all add up to anything I would call happiness.'

Mr. Burroughs is dysthymic, he is never at the same baseline as others for 'happiness'. He is not clinically depressed, but he is in a mood right above it and under 'happiness'. Energetically-speaking, he is manifesting his own unpleasant environment, much like energetically farting in his own space and complaining about the smell. He is dwelling on, and reinforcing third dimensional behavior.

If you saw Gaia Portal yesterday, the higher energies are being anchored and the lower 3-D and 4-D energies are being 'transmuted by Gaia'. People like Mr. Burroughs are going to go someplace else where they can continue their soul development at a dimensional level that is appropriate for him. There are no winners or losers, Salusa said yesterday. Everyone will reach the Higher Dimensions at the time that is right for their soul and its development.


Reiki Doc

Here are some links:
For Readers' Digest. Right now, the article is on page 128 of the October 2012 issue. It is not 'downloadable' but in time I think the archive or search function will help you find the article. The series immediately follows the 50 Secrets Surgeons article, then an excellent one on Find Happiness on page 126. There is a History of Happiness on page 127, and the quoted article is on page 128-129.  The images 'What Happy Looks Like' on page 130 to 139 are a must-see. Buddhist monks, dancers, mermaids, artists, a carefree coal miner, are my favorites.
(If you want to see a fascinating picture and brief article about Jackie Onassis and Queen Elizabeth, check out p. 140, When Jackie Met the Queen. There are some strained smiles there and if you are up on Cobra's Little Red Pill, you will see right through the smiles and understand the complexity of the 'relationship')

For Gaia Portal:

For Salusa:

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Dollar Stops Here

What is Fiat currency? When did it arise? And why?

Look at the one dollar bills presented in this article on yahoo:
Look closely at the messages...what is missing on the new bill? There is one thing on the front and one on the back.

Who has the power to make such change? Wouldn't you like to know more about what happened?

A good start is reading David Wilcock's book Financial Tyranny. Or checking out his website.

I think you should know the Truth about financial systems and what goes on behind the scenes.


Reiki Doc

Lifting the Veil on Fairy Tales

Last night as I was chopping kale for my salad, I thought, how damaging the fairy tale really is to the listener!

As defenseless children we are drilled from early childhood how the princess is beautiful and she needs a handsome prince to save her.

What kind of story is this? It perpetuates the Illuminati and their 'normal' structure in our life. I know I have a deep belief in me that 'some day my prince will come', and I have been married not once but twice! And so under the radar this time of mind-control is! How would you ever think something meant for children could be so harmful to their spirit, their personal power, and their free will? For the parents, it was read to THEM in as kids. The control perpetuates itself.

No one has any clue of their power to create, to manifest, and the ability itself atrophies with time.

And the movies? Who makes the beautiful cartoon movies about Snow White and Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty? Might they be in on it? At the lower levels, I don't think so. But at the very top? Quite possibly, yes. (Here is a link if you are interested: I have a love for castles, and I travel to see them. When you stop to think about what they represent, and what happened inside, it makes you think twice.

How about Sports? The 'opiate of the masses'? We want us some FOOT-BALL! I used to go to all kinds of sporting events. I grew up watching boxing with my father. We would watch the T.V., and he would drink beer and take off his shirt. I used to sit next to him and take my shirt off too when I was three and four. I had no idea that these boxers were hurting each other, that the blood was real, and that when one would lie on the floor after the other one hit him in the head, that his brain had stopped functioning on some level, and that he had been knocked out. We saw them all, cheering for Joe Frazier, Cassius Clay who went on to become Muhammad Ali. I met Ali once at the Carnegie Deli. He had Parkinson's disease real bad. He was doing magic tricks for us diners once he came up with his group from the celebrity dining downstairs. I took my picture with him. And I have his autograph. I thanked him for all of the happy times we had cheering him on to victory. He said I was pretty and hugged me tight for the photo...

How many self-reinforcing behaviors can we see? Let's make it a game. And be sure to add to it in the comments.
1) TGIF! It's FRIDAY! Party on!  (this reinforces the 40-hour work week)

2) Television. 'I have to see my show', with TIVO even. I think even though we fast forward through the commercials, the brain comprehends it. Television is getting you to watch the commercials by bribing you with a show you like, not the other way around 'with the commercials to pay for it'.

3) Fashion. Look at the lifestyle and eating habits of a supermodel. Cheryl Tiegs used to only eat vegetables and her treat was a small bag of potato chips. Fashion primes the female that happiness is only a mall away.

4) Food. Do you think that the reason we meet up at restaurants for family get-togethers instead of at home is an accident? Or a slow, deliberately-planned trend? I don't know. But the food itself is 'dead' energetically. Eat organic, locally-grown for a month, and tell me how you feel.

5) School. Everyone I have spoken with who comments on how much homework our children are being given these days thinks it is wrong. Is this is priming children for success or breaking down their creativity? I don't know for sure, but today's child is afraid to go out and play (someone might kidnap you), and to enjoy nature (something will sting you or bite).

What do I have to say about all this Illuminati mind-control? And the Cabal?
Poppycock and Balderdash!


Reiki Doc

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Something To Add, Part 2 (15-50)

This is the second installment to part 2 in a series:
(Click here for the first installment:

What surgeons put up with...

what Reader's Digest says:
It's always interesting to hear what people say when you're giving them anesthesia. I once had a guy who was a horse trainer who started going on and on about how this one horse was a sure thing to win. One of the nurses collected money from everyone in the operating room and bet on the horse. It came in second place. The smart people bet the horse to place, but some had bet the horse to win, so half the staff was happy, and the other was upset. He woke up and had no idea what kind of ruckus he'd caused.

what Reiki Doc says:
I once had a fourteen year-old girl who was crying so much in the recovery room no one could console her. She kept asking for the anesthesiologist. I was in fellowship at the time, so the attending went to check out the concern. She had gone unconscious from anesthesia for her surgery right before the punchline of a joke. She was upset that she did not hear the rest of the joke!

what Reader's Digest says:
I did an intestinal operation on someone who had been stabbed. As I was running my hand along the bowel, I came upon something and said, 'What the heck is this?'. It felt like a condom. Then all of a sudden, it wiggled. I dropped it, shocked. The guy had worms.

what Reiki Doc says:
I did anesthesia once on a guy who was on coumadin and had been stabbed in the chest. My resuscitation was very aggressive in surgery, including Novo 7. By the time the trauma surgeon got in to the chest cavity, all the bleeding had stopped. I had beaten her to the punch! We closed and didn't say anything...

what Reader's Digest says:
During my weeks as a surgical intern in the ER, I inadvertently stuck myself twice with contaminated needles, briefly nodded off in the middle of suturing a leg laceration, accidentally punctured a guy's femoral artery while trying to draw some blood, and broke up a fight between family members of a guy who'd come in with a stab wound to the abdomen. I was slugged in the head by a delerious patient in an alcoholic rage, spat upon, coughed on, vomited on, farted on, bled on, and mistaken for an orderly.

what Reiki Doc says:
As a categorical general surgery second year resident, I was so utterly sleep deprived the ICU beds started to look good. I didn't care if they poked me and inserted tubes. I just wanted some rest.

what Reader's Digest says:
In medicine you can get a DUI, go to jail for a couple of hours, and walk out at 7 a.m. the next morning and do a surgery. You can be accused of sexual misconduct and drug and alcohol abuse in one state and pop over to the next one and get a license. Some state medical boards don't even thoroughly research your background; they argue that the less-than-$10 fee to access national data is too expensive.

what Reiki Doc says:
I had an attending in anesthesia who had booze on his breath. One day he didn't smell like that but had a tremor. Another attending came in the O.R. and asked if that tremor was new. He was sent to rehab that day. He lost his department head position, but returned and worked like normal ever since.

what Reader's Digest says:
Surgeons are control freaks. When things don't go our way in the operating room, we can have outbursts. Some of us curse, some throw instruments, others have tantrums.

what Reiki Doc says:
I have seen this in my training. Fortunately this behavior is going the way of the dinosaur. Surgeons still get upset, but they had to take anger management training if they lose it like the above doc says.

what Reader's Digest says:
Mistakes are probably more common than you would think, but most of them don't actually hurt people. I work with residents, and I don't let them do anything that I can't fix if they screw it up. If there's an error that I fix that I'm sure won't affect the patient at all, I'm not going to say anything about it. That would accomplish nothing except to stress out the patient.

what Reiki Doc says:
I have worked with residents, too, on the anesthesia side. I kept a tight rein on them, but let them have the illusion they were making the decisions. I would not only let them make a mistake I could fix, and jump in and fix it, I believe they would never learn if I warned them and prevented them from making that mistake. Residents are cocky, and this is how you get through to someone like that. Anesthesia is serious and the margin for error is slim. There is nothing like a few moments of sheer terror to catch someone's attention, and the awe and respect that is gained by my easily fixing it. Again, nobody ever got hurt, seriously. It was always within the scope of normal anesthesia practice.

The number of total major operations performed during a surgical residency is 909
One resident  in each large class of anesthesia residency programs dies from anesthesia drug abuse.
15% of surgeons may suffer from alcohol abuse or dependence.

Is This Really Necessary?

what Reader's Digest says:
Some problems just don't fix well with surgery, like many cases of back pain. My advice? Grin and bear it. Some surgeons vehemently disagree. They say, 'Oh you have a degenerative disk, and that must be the culprit. Let's fix it.' But many people have a degenerative disk with no pain. There isn't a lot of evidence that we're helping very many people.

what Reiki Doc says:
Spine surgery, sinus surgery, and chronic pain are excellent fields for the introduction of Reiki into Clinical practice.

what Reader's Digest says:
You should know that practically all surgeons have an inherent financial conflict of interest. That's because they are pain approximately ten times more money to perform surgery than to manage your problem conservatively.

what Reiki Doc says:
When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. I see doctors who operate like an assembly line, either to be efficient or to make money. One interaction with a burn surgeon and a burned child's mother was disgusting. 'Doctor, is my daughter going to be like this for the rest of her life? What am I going to do?'. He ignored her and walked right out of the exam room with his entourage, my resident butt being a part of it. How calloused and insensitive! He met an early death himself, actually, not long after this.

what Reader's Digest says:
Always ask about nonsurgical options and whether there's anything wrong with waiting a little while. Surgeons are busy, and they like to operate. A professor from my residency would say, 'There is nothing more dangerous than a surgeon with an open operating room and a mortgage to pay.'

what Reiki Doc says:
They can't do 'anything' any more. Insurance companies got smart to this. Follow your intuition though. If it's not a cancer, or a surgical emergency, it can wait.

what Reader's Digest says:
Your doctor should not push you to make a speedy decision about prostate cancer surgery. Most prostate cancers are extremely slow-growing, and there is so much misleading information out there, so you should take your time.

what Reiki Doc says:
Agree 100%. Have seen some nasty local tissue damage after radiation for prostate cancer though. Fistulas are not a good thing. Research the complications of radiation before you commit.

Stay Safe After Surgery

what Reader's Digest says:
The only real way to understand what happened in the operating room is to read the operative note dictated by the surgeon. If you have unanswered questions about your surgery, ask for the report.

what Reiki Doc says:
this is excellent advice.

what Reader's Digest says:
If you have pain in your calf after surgery, or if it swells and looks red, call your doctor right away. These are the main symptoms of a blood clot, which is a risk of just about every surgery.

what Reiki Doc says:
They train us to look for the five W's: wind (atelectasis, a pulmonary complication), wound (seroma or local infection), water (urine infection), walk (blood clot0 and winnebagos (mastitis after childbirth)

what Reader's Digest says:
What really keeps us up at night? It's not making a mistake in the operating room; it's the noncompliant patients. When patients don't do what we tell them, bad things can happen.

what Reiki Doc says:
True, true. I have done cases in the middle of the night on people who did not follow through with their foley instructions and clotted it off.

what Reader's Digest says:
Obese people have no idea how challenging their care is. Starting an i.v. is tough because chubby arms don't have many visible veins. It's difficult to place a central venous catheter. Post-op, they're more likely to get infections. Just getting someone who weighs 300 pounds out of bed is hard.

what Reiki Doc says:
Go to a center of excellence in bariatric surgery. No matter what the procedure, they will have the gowns, wheelchairs, gurneys, and operating room tables that are safe for you. They will also have a sleep apnea protocol in place, which is a major life-threatening risk after any surgery requiring narcotics for pain relief in the morbidly obese. And 300 pounds is average size for the South and also for some OB centers all over the country.

what Reader's Digest says:
If you ask too many quesitons, you can be branded as a pain in the neck. When one extremely hostile relative bombarded me every time I walked in, I developed a tendency not to go in the room. If you have three pages full of questions, show them to the nurse. Say, 'how many of these should I wait to ask the doctor about? How many can you help me with?'

what Reiki Doc says:
The type of people who do this to their doctors probably won't take this wise advice, above. I find Reiki most helpful in these patients. They are reaching for reassurance through the mind with all their questions. Your Reiki attitude, loving-kindness, and calm are contageous, and instantly settle them down.

What Hospitals Don't Want You to Know

what Reader's Digest says:
About 25 percent of operations are unnecessary, but administrators e-mail doctors telling them to do more. This is not an insurance company putting pressure on doctors; this is not a government regulation. This is private hospitals pushing doctors to generate more money by doing more procedures. It goes on at America's top hospitals. The Cleveland Clinic has said this system of paying doctors is so ethically immoral that it started paying its doctors a flat salary no matter how many operations they do.

what Reiki Doc says:
I have worked both for salary and for private practice. This is news to me, the 'incentives'. For salary, you have no reason to operate if you don't have to , you get paid and would rather do less, especially in the middle of the night. You would rather be in bed. The fee-for-service takes the sting out of being woken up at all hours, spending time away from your family. Being paid overtime like I did at my old job somewhat helped.

what Reader's Digest says:
Rules that restrict resident's hours mean doctors come out of training with a lot less experience. When I was training, I was almost always in the hospital. Now it's more like shift work. 'Hey, it's 7 p.m. I'm out of here. He's your problem now.'

what Reiki Doc says:
I found my work-hour restricted residents studied more than I did. I was constantly falling asleep with my face in my general surgery book. Once I changed to anesthesia, I was expected to work on routine cases till eight at night to make money for the department, and was not able to read and study at home because I was too sleepy. I had to take time off between jobs to study for my board examinations instead. Being able to know something well enough to do it, and well enough to test on it, are two different things.

The Truth About Medical Devices

what Reader's Digest says:
Some doctors hire practice management consultants to help capture more revenue. The consultants may want the practice to sell equipment like knee braces or walkers at a markup. They may want the doctors to buy or build a surgery center to capture facility fees. They usually want orthopedic surgeons to get an in-office MRI. Every time a doctor does this, he becomes more financially conflicted. As soon as you put in an MRI machine, you order more MRI's so you won't lose money on it.

what Reiki Doc says:
See if your doctor is a member of the Association for Medical Ethics. These physicians are screened to make sure they have no conflict of interest with suppliers. It is a start. Again, trust your intuition. And best of all, Reiki is free.

what Reader's Digest says:
Some orthopedic surgeons make millions in soft consulting agreements with device manufacturers. Sometimes the same doctors have performed a record number of implants for that company.

what Reiki Doc says:
Again, Association for Medical Ethics will protect you from this. Anyone on this list does NOT do what the above says.

what Reader's Digest says:
If you need a medical device, ask if you doctor has a financial relationship with the vendor--if so, chances are you are going to get that type of joint or screw, even if it's more expensive or not the most appropriate.

what Reiki Doc says:
A lot of these devices come from reps, such as Sythes. Some companies are better at supplying the needed materials, better at giving advice in the O.R., or the only one allowed by contract with the hospital. Ask why your doctor likes that brand first. Ask about the rep. Ask about the hospital. Then spring the financial question.

The average income of a surgeon in 2011 is $256,000.
Forty percent of surgeons have said they felt burned-out. (Reiki anyone?)

Our Softer Side

what Reader's Digest says:
Every time a patient dies, I think about the family, the funeral, the kids. I operated on a man who had something very complex and died in the operating room. He had a wife and two children. When I came out to tell them, the children were screaming, 'Mommy, Mommy, I want my daddy.' That was very hard. Even though we present ourselves as very strong, we're vulnerable to depression and other problems. We're human.

what Reiki Doc says:
Many times, after experiencing something like this, when I get home, there is no one to talk to that really 'gets it'. People are kind, and try to understand. But your colleagues are working like you when you are at work. What I used to do was try to find the hospital chaplain to help me break the news. I could leave to do my work, the family would not be alone, and later the chaplain would be the one who was there for me, a shoulder to cry on.

what Reader's Digest says:
That tiny thank-you card that took you 15 seconds to write? It was very meaningful. Letters are a good reminder of how important this is and how people entrust themselves to us. I save every one.

what Reiki Doc says:
I have a stainless steel mug with a holiday design on it from a mother I put an epidural in who was part of a large coffee family in the area. It sat at the front desk for months, I never even thought the pretty package was for me. Finally a nurse said, 'aren't you going to get your package a patient left you?' I treasure that mug. I also saved every gift and thank-you note, too. The nicest thing you can do when you are happy with your care is to write a letter to their supervisor. It goes up the chain of command, and really makes your doctor look good to the hospital.

what Reader's Digest says:
Patients think that we are so wrapped up in our hectic schedules that we don't care. But we do. We care deeply. Those of us who are spiritual pray for our patients. My family and I pray for my patients at dinner the night before surgery.

what Reiki Doc says:
this is what Doctors with Reiki is all about: adding the spiritual component back into health care.

We All Make Mistakes

what Reader's Digest says:
I was about to approach the back of a patient's knee instead of the front for a biopsy. Because of a checklist, I looked at the imaging again and thought, yikes! What am I doing? Thankfully, I caught the mistake before I even draped the patient, and no harm was done. I felt horrible about it. It was more than a year ago, and I still think about it.

what Reiki Doc says:
In training I once put a line into the carotid artery while trying for the jugular. I called my vascular attending right away, apologizing profusely. He said, 'All this means that you have done enough. And no matter how you think you will never do this again, you will. We all do. If you had gone further with the procedure, I would have had to do surgery to fix it. But you listened to your intuition and you stopped. Hold pressure like this for twenty minutes'. And to my joy, the patient was unharmed!

what Reader's Digest says:
Fatigue and impatience have undoubtedly contributed to some mistakes I've made in the operating room. But unless you ask, your surgeon is not going to tell you that he was up all night on call before your procedure and that he may not be in tip-top form.

what Reiki Doc says:
True. True. But surgeons and anesthesiologists have been trained to be able to work while fatigued. It is like soldiers in battle. We may not be out best, but we can function, and we are safe. I have seen a surgeon delay a case for lack of sleep, everyone understood, and was totally supportive of his decision.

what Reader's Digest says:
I always ask at national conferences of doctors, 'How many of you know of another doctor who should not be practicing medicine because he is way too dangerous?' Every time a hand goes up.

what Reiki Doc says:
I have seen doctors who have had their names dragged through the papers do excellent work. I have seen respected department heads so old they are falling asleep in the doctors lounge every time they sit down to wait for their case (which is often).  Many die before they quit operating, although most stop by 70.

Free Advice From A Plastic Surgeon

what Reader's Digest says:
Very often, plastic surgery patients don't admit to a previous surgery, and I don't find out until I'm in there. I'll go in on an eyelid or nose, and it's just a mess. If you don't tell us you had lipo, there will be scar tissue, and the fat won't come out normally. So please be two percent honest. There's no need to be embarrassed. We've heard it all, and we don't judge.

what Reiki Doc says:
Twice in my career I have been unable to intubate a patient because of a prior chin lift/neck lift that was too tight and not disclosed. I had to cancel the case because myself and all my buddies couldn't get the breathing tube in. The patients were angry and unable to appreciate the safety motivation behind that call. I lost a day's worth of work over it, too!

what Reader's Digest says:
Products like ScarEase, Scarguard, and Mederma do work to reduce scarring. Start applying daily as soon as your wound has healed, and avoid sunlight or use a sunscreen with zinc oxide for at least six months after surgery.

what Reiki Doc says:
Agree. And don't put on the Vitamin E. It doesn't work.

what Reader's Digest says:
Patients get really detail-oriented about a surgery technique but forget to focus on basics like pre-op and post-op instructions. That's just as, if not more, important.

what Reiki Doc says:
I have seen plastics patients take out their cosmetic stitches at home, too early, 'because they didn't like them and they bugged them'. This totally ruined the surgery.

what Reader's Digest says:
The biggest mistake during recovery is not giving yourself enough of a break. Give yourself time to heal. If you don't, you can cause complications and prolong your recovery.

what Reiki Doc says:
If you drive within six weeks of non-laparoscopic surgery you might have to slam on the breaks and risk popping your internal stitches. Allow one week of recovery for every day spent in the hospital, and four weeks for outpatient major surgery. Sleep is a medicine. And so is Reiki.

Be Saavy About Heart Surgery

what Reader's Digest says:
If you doctor wants to give you a stent, always ask, 'Is this safer than medicine?' If you're not having a heart attack or an unstable angina, you will do equally well with a stent or medicine, studies show. Having something in your body is not a risk-free proposition. There is evidence that thousands of people have had stents they likely did not need.

what Reiki Doc says:
The cardiac surgeon that goes in on a heart that has previously been stented and stented again will call it a full-metal jacket. It increases the complexity of his or her work a great deal.

what Reader's Digest says:
If I had any kind of serious condition, I'd go to a teaching hospital. You'll get doctors involved in the latest in medicine. Even for simple cases, if there's a complication that requires an assist device or a heart transplant, some hospitals may not be able to do it. At a university hospital, you also have the advantage of having a resident or physician bedside 24-7, with a surgeon on call always available.

what Reiki Doc says:

what Reader's Digest says:
Before any operation, always ask what's broken and how fixing it will help. Just because you have a blockage to an artery doesn't mean you need it fixed, especially if you don't have symptoms.

what Reiki Doc says:
Unless you have collaterals with good runoff, I would fix a blockage, especially on the LAD or Left Main (the widowmaker).

Lawsuits Scare Us

what Reader's Digest says:
We're all afraid of getting sued. It's the big black cloud hanging over us, and it permeates a lot of the things we do: the tests we run, the labs we order to make sure we're not missing something. I'm guilty of that.

what Reiki Doc says:
Ask, 'How will the result of this test affect your plan of care?' If it doesn't and is a 'nice to know', you don't need it. We do urine pregnancy tests on all women from 11-80, even the ones who are involved in a relationship with another women. That does not make sense.

what Reader's Digest says:
Your surgeon may say it's better to do your operation right away even if it's not urgent. Why? If you let the patient leave the hospital and something adverse occurs, someone may raise the question, 'Why wasn't the operation performed right away?'

what Reiki Doc says:
Your surgeon may have an open time slot in the O.R. schedule to fit you in. If we wait until you are ready and it's the dead of night, a whole on-call team will have to drive in from home to do your case!


Reiki Doc