Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Help Save Orcas in B.C.

at three o'clock you can see dorsal fins and blowspouts

The Cetus Society is in imminent danger. The funds shall run out and the organization end on September 15, 2012. What this group does, is keep a watchful eye on the whalewatching tour boats and protect the whales. They have three workers left, one for each location in B.C.

I met Rachel, who works with straitwatch south, on an Eagle Wing Tours boat, called the Serengeti. She took data as we approached the whales. What is most difficult for her is that she has to ride on whale watching boats as a guest, because the straitwatch boat is too much of an expense. Consequently when some tour or boater gets in the whales way and presents danger, she can no longer intervene to protect the whale, and she can not act as warden and educate or citation the offender.

Please take a moment to explore the website, and also start with Rachel's story:http://cetussociety.org/2012/08/my-time-with-cetus-by-rachel-kobernick/

If you would let your other whale enthusiasts know about their plight, and that of straitwatch and the Cetus Society in Canada, I would appreciate it. Their grant, submitted last November, and usually responded to in March, has still not been acknowledged by the government. The organization is going to die in four days. I am going to send what I can to help. There is a donation link at the top right hand corner of this page:


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