Tuesday, September 11, 2012

666 Detective Story

This article is only for those who have read Cobra's Little Red Pill, Reiki Doc's 'Don't Slip you a Mickey' (the truth about Papa Rat),  Reiki Doc's blog post about a survivor of torture in Canada, and David Wilcock's excellently researched article on Illuminati symbols at the London Olympics.

It is meant to expand your ability to assess possible Dark Hat activity, analyze it, and come to your own conclusion. If you can see it, you can take steps to protect others. 

What resonates with you? 

Would you like some facts from a specialist who prepares patients for surgery?

1) Twenty year old males are the hardest to anesthetize. They wake up swinging and violent. This victim is a twenty-one year old mixed-martial arts fighter. He is as strong as they get.

2) When patients are 'light' and not paralyzed during surgery, they move. Full paralysis is required to open the chest. A 'hallucinogen' is not enough. Victim was either held down or paralyzed with an anesthesia drug only very few have access to.

3) Expertise and special equipment is needed to work on the heart. A knife cannot go through the ribs. In the O.R. a sternal saw is used.

4) Why is the suspect naked? And the victim too? 

5) Ritual abuse often involves skinning the victim alive. Note that 'the skin on the face is missing'

6) The 'heart was found in a wood-burning stove'. Again, 'holocaust' is a very ritualistic term.

7) A trauma surgeon can cut from the midline, along the costal margin (bottom of ribs) to the gurney, reach in, and control a bleeding aorta with a cross clamp in about thirty seconds. Unless you have had lots of practice, a lay person could not slice and get access to the heart 'while the patient was still alive'.

8) People who are alive, drugged and not unconscious will bite anything that goes into the mouth. Again, deep sedation (anesthesia deep) and/or paralysis is needed to resect the tongue without injuring the attacker.

9) Someone paralyzed cannot breathe and would suffer irreversible brain damage in four minutes, faster if in pain or panic. Death would soon follow. To keep someone alive, someone else has to breathe for them. The extent of injuries in this attack would take expert surgeons a lot longer than four minutes to do this much to a human body.

This article got me thinking in a big way. It just didn't add up. There is either denial or lack of knowledge on the part of the investigating and prosecuting team. There is more to this story, there has to be. Someone is taking the rap but there have to have been more individuals as accessory to the crime. It does not make sense from a medical standpoint. It just totally does not make sense. 

Ritual abuse is something we don't want to acknowledge. It is too horrifying to admit it could happen. The more you watch for it, the more apparent it will be in the everyday world around you. It is hidden, but not that much. Shine your Light bright to drive away Darkness. Just one candle can show the way in an entire cave that once was black as night.


Reiki Doc