Friday, September 14, 2012

Disclosure! OMG!

We have a gift for you. Come and see!

I had a long day at work. Someone I care about most likely got fired. My anesthesia tech. (you can see a blog about who they are and what they do, and how they help patients). I am incredibly saddened.
The kids are with their dad. I work on Sunday. But an emergency meeting got called at work at 0800 tomorrow, Saturday. My one day off! Shot to heck. I had just spend two hours on the phone with a close friend, catching up, wishing them a happy birthday. The pets are hungry. Even I have skipped dinner. I wondered what it could be that is so great? I felt excitement at the words. I sensed to come here to the computer.

Frankly, I was excited to see the stats for this blog. It was a good day. Then I came across this on my blogroll:

Paydirt! It was Disclosure. And it wasn't what I ever thought it would be.

Remember what I blogged about recently? Not to trust the news? You are so much more when it comes to relationships? My three-dimensional self had been looking at the front page of the paper daily, hoping for 'proof'. Here it was, people from all over the world, with key leaders in the alternative news, sharing this simple message of Light:

I know my Galactic Family is here. Do you?

I am not a first-contact junkie. I never have been willing to put my hopes on a future when I have work, very necessary work, in front of me today. I help people. I help them every way I can. In the O.R. a family member of someone who had been murdered in a brutal way was my patient. Spirit sent her to me, and this person sucked up reiki like they were starving. It was no accident this soul in pain ended up in my care.  I blog. I am on Facebook. I am on Twitter. Someone today at the nurses' lounge shared they added the reiki feature for twenty bucks to their spa treatment at Glen Ivy tomorrow--they know about me. And today, at their request,  I gave salt pellets in pretty sheer drawstring bags to the Charge Nurse and the Nurse Educator to Feng Shui their office. (and to suck up negativity!) The night scrub tech who knows I am 'highly clairvoyant' is waiting to hear about my experience with the ghosts of Victoria, BC!

Life is good! I am incredibly blessed with my work in Spirit, which I do in partnership with my Reiki Guides who are from my Galactic Family, although I have always thought of them as guides and nothing else. With their guidance, I have been in a Light Box. I have healed from it. And as soon as anything wonderful of Spirit and Light takes place, I come and share it with you!

Seeing the craft in the skies, in these video clips strung together into the main presentation, brought up feelings I did not ever expect to have at this moment: familiarity. Like that, 'what is that word, I am trying to think of it, it is just right on the tip of my tongue' feeling. I knew it. In some way, in some time, but I don't know. I have seen them with my own eyes, and felt their presence, but never thought of that to share, except with my children...with my family. <3 I guess we are all Family now, aren't we?

Try to see what feelings come up inside of you when you watch it. But only if you are ready.

Here is the direct link, if you do not wish to click over to KP and what he has to say. And share it!

Here is the link to YouTube if it doesn't pop up:

As ever, Love and Light to you. My heart soars like an eagle!


Reiki Doc