Monday, September 3, 2012

What is your Dimension Now?

A crow just landed on the window as I sat asking for a sign. I have never seen one in all of Victoria. Only seagulls up until now. Crow medicine is The Law. So here is the subject. Spirit says it is a go.

In chemistry (I have a bachelor of science degree in Chemical Engineering) we assess how the chemical reaction is going through the measurement of it. One example is The Litmus test. It is a little piece of paper, that when dipped into solution, will change color. One color shows it is acid, another shows it is base. There are titrations where drop by drop you test with phenolphthalein, where everything is clear until all the chemistries are balanced, the indicator tips, and the solution turns bright pink. I had a pH meter, an electrode made by Beckmann in my benchtop when I worked in a lab. All of these are careful observation and measurement of something that is going on that can't be seen.

There is a great metaphysical reaction that is going on in our midst. It is invisible, but the indicator is your heart center and how it makes you feel. And I am the Litmus Paper for your test.

How do you feel when you are with me, as you read the words on this page? My energy is here, and transfers through to you.

Do I make you nervous and uncomfortable? My vibration is very high. I feel more comfortable with a higher vibration; for the past two years I have done everything in my ability to raise it. Upon being exposed to my Vibration, you are interacting your vibration with mine.

Think about the polarity of a simple magnet. Like repels like. Opposites attract. In Vibration, Light attracts Light. If there are any three dimensional parts of you, and you are near a high vibration, it will make you feel uncomfortable. And if you are more five dimension than three dimension, you will feel calm, warm, fuzzy and want to feel more like that.

Your vibration is what will decide how you turn out at Ascension. Lower vibrations will not be compatible with the Ascension process. Higher ones shall make the jump.

Does it matter? Not in the long run. Everyone is able to progress at their own rate of development for eternity. But if you are sick and tired of the fighting and limited resources in third dimensional existence, in the illusion called Duality, now is the time where there are Graces present to help you make the jump.

Right now I am busy healing the scars and damage to my soul from past and present lifetimes.
That is my number one goal until December. That, and helping you UP who have an interest and a desire to heal your hearts and therefore your vibrations. My advice is to discern the emotion and reaction inside your hearts, and continue doing that which feels most naturals to you. If it feels good, go on. If it doesn't feel good, stop the activity and try something else.

Here is an example: put me in a bar with all those loud drunken people, and the density of their lowering vibrations makes my skin crawl. I am so uncomfortable I want to leave as soon as possible. On the contrary, put me in a Karuna Reiki class, and I feel like I am the ugly duckling coming home to the swans. That reaction is very rare in the world of Karuna Reiki. Only about two percent experience this 'coming home'.

I hope you make use of my vibration for your personal development. And know that YOUR vibration will set the spark for others around you, and make it possible for their hearts to awaken and help guide them Home too.


Reiki Doc