Saturday, September 29, 2012

Working With Spirit

Emily 'Lee Ann' Whiting

I blogged a great deal today. It is a joy, but it takes a lot out of me. I knew it was time to spend the afternoon doing something fun. It is my weekend without the kids. What should I do?

Sometimes being a mother means you forget how to take care of yourself.  That's where Spirit comes in:

C: Hey, Guides?! Where should I go? Nothing feels 'right'.

G: Go someplace in Nature that is of Historical Interest. (they showed me a rough geographic area). Go where there was a big tree that everyone once came to see. Go where people have to pay to get in but today you will not have to pay.

C: hmmm...sounds cryptic, I thought. I looked on TripAdvisor. I found the place. An adobe. I packed my sketch book and drawing pencils, and took off. Once I got there, I was irritated to see all kinds of people packing things in. For a wedding! There were tables and generators...I had missed the docent tour as well. Luckily, when I went in to the adobe, there was a door bell type button to push, and you could hear a tour guide on tape. I wonder if I am going to see any ghosts today??? I thought, will a thrill of excitement!

There were no ghosts. Only generators and locked doors on some of the exhibits. But there was a kind docent in the library, and I spoke with her. Marion with the British Accent. She encouraged me to come to some future events. These are fundraising activities and there is a fee to attend, but there is no fee today.

I went to an old church, and there I found my ghost. It was Mrs. Whiting.

MW: Don't you just love church? It is a place where you can go where you don't have to worry about the house and the ranch and the crops and the hired help. (she was in a white dress near the organ that she used to play, about my age, and very petite. she wanted me to share this with you, so that modern people would understand better the actual 'draw' of the church at the time for people like her. )

(ed-I found this online just now while double checking her name. Article dated April 22, 2012. Here picture is above. She told me her name was 'Lee Ann'--
Emily herself had turned 44 in January. Unlike her late husband, however, whose handsome face and form had altered over the years in proportion to his prosperity, Emily seemed to have tapped into some sort of Fountain of Youth.  Still petite and stylish, the titian-haired Mrs. Whiting had been a fixture in Los Angeles society since she and Dwight had decamped from El Toro about a decade ago.  )

I also noticed that there was an American Flag, the kind with the yellow fringe on the edges and an eagle on top of the pole, right next to the altar with the big wooden cross on it. My antennae went up about the meaning of that flag--kind of a David Wilcock-type stuff--but I couldn't remember exactly what it meant.

I came out and looked in the outhouse. That must have been cold those winter nights! And then I started to notice...them. It was a bunch of high schoolers that were all dressed up. The docent said it was Homecoming Night, and locals like to take their photos there. Some of the girls looked like models, some looked skanky, and the 'modest' ones stood out above the rest for their beauty.  The boys looked like dweebs, and were totally infatuated with the gorgeous girls.

So here I was, with Homecoming AND a Wedding, trying to find some PEACE! What do I do? I sit and I draw the church. People are walking in and out of the subject. I don't draw them in. You never really 'see' something until you draw it. It is an activity I enjoy. I have little talent. But I have fun with it nonetheless.

I walked by a display with a cutting cross-cut through the trunk of a giant live oak, the diameter of which was taller than me.  There was a historic plaque and everything with it.  As secondary confirmation, a long acorn fell at my feet from the smaller tree that had replaced it, and I picked it up.

I got the feeling to give Reiki. Am I the official Reiki Wedding blesser or what? LOL I thought to myself. But as I worked, the angels arrived, and there was a vortex. One to bless all of the young people in their transitions, some to marriage, and others to Homecoming points in their lives. It would stay.

It's funny, on the way over to the place, I was trying to think about what to have for dinner. I wanted Pho, but I didn't know of any place in the area that was good. I could have cooked some spaghetti. But then I would have to clean everything up. Sure enough, when I left the place, and turned through the nearest strip mall to get to the main road--there it was--Majestic Pho! With shave ice, boba, and grill! And there were not one but TWO parking spaces opening right in front of the door.

I smiled. Working with the Universe really is terrific. I sat down and got the pho and fresh coconut juice, the kind with little pieces of fresh coconut in it. The only white girl in the place. And I eat like I am Vietnamese. It kind of freaked the owners out--  ; )


Reiki Doc