Sunday, September 30, 2012

Waking Up With Sunshine

One of the things I enjoy is sleeping outside. Where I live has many trees, but not so much as to block out the sky. Sometimes when I am alone, I sleep on the balcony. I get my old army surplus sleeping bag my uncle gave to me, a foamy mat, kick back and watch the stars.

There was a full moon last night. An Aries moon that is supposed to 'super charge' you. It was so bright I couldn't fall asleep. It wasn't until the moon went to the other side of the house that I could rest. 'I'm being followed by a moon shadow...moon shadow...moon shadow'--remember that song? Well, last night was the first time I discovered what a moon shadow was! I slept in it.

The dreams were disturbing. Spiders on me. But one I couldn't shake off my finger. I had my dad help me. It was a black widow. I saw the shiny black abdomen with the red hourglass on it. It never bit.  Then I dreamed that I had my pet rabbits out on the balcony. But in the night, rodents came out of the potted plants and ate the flowers off. There were rats, gophers, moles. Next thing I knew, the rabbits were in the yard below. One of them had a hole about the size of its head in the thoracic cavity. I could see the heart and lungs and intestines working, the rabbit was unaware, and at the same time it was eating its own organs. The other rabbit was fine. But it horrified me. I wanted to get a dog and get rid of all the plants just to keep the varmints away!

I usually don't dream at night. I also do not own rabbits.

So in the early sunrise, I put my hands behind my head, looked up, and started to decipher:
spiders: feminine power
black widow--spider reversed: too much feminine power
rats/mice: scrutiny, opportunism
rabbits: fear

Then what flew overhead? Crows. Lots and lots of them.
crow: the law

And over on the branch, also in silhouette, a sole hummingbird. I could hear it's call.
hummingbird: joy

Since I couldn't understand it enough, I decided to  think about someone I adore. I felt the peace and joy of their presence. I could almost imagine being right next to them...I closed my eyes and smiled with delight.

And then there was a sound! A loud buzzing, way louder than a mosquito. I opened my eyes, startled!
There was a hummingbird in the fuschia blossoms inches above my left arm!
It was so close I could feel the breeze from its wings!
It went to four flowers, to my amazement! and then it flew away. I can still hear it and its friends chirping and calling furiously.

Joy...what a fantastic way to start the day.


Reiki Doc

P.S. Sleeping outside will energize you. And clear and ground everything that's mixed up in your energy. Whether you are in a tent or not, in the suburbs or country, it doesn't matter. All you need to do is to sleep under the stars...