Friday, September 7, 2012

Attention Lightworkers In BC!

High Vibration will clear more energetic 'pests' than this boar scare at the Butchart Garden

You know how you turn on the light in the kitchen in the middle of the night, and you see that one cockroach run across the floor? You know what that means? He has friends! There is an infestation of hundreds of them out of the light.

As a fellow Lightworker, I have to share that I saw that one cockroach by Otter Point by Sooke: a brown Jeep had a red 'horns up' pentagram sticker on the bumper.

I have never seen anything this blatant in all of my travel. For one to put it on the bumper sticker there must be a culture of it which is tolerated that is hidden.

That being said, I have found the Canadian people I have interacted with to be favorably responsive to Light. Warmth, kindness, concern, and compassion are being absorbed like water in a desert. And everyone knows that some of the most beautiful flowers on earth bloom in the desert after the rains.

Keep your Vibration as high frequency as you can. Shine your light. Even though I am protected myself with the Golden Mesh, it is imperative for me to ground and clear my aura on a daily basis, reaching deep into Nature like I am this week, to replenish and refresh and relax.

Here are some ideas for the Canadian Lightworker:
Daily sun for about ten to fifteen minutes, with no sunscreen. It will activate your upgraded DNA.
Reiki yourself twice daily (Know I send it to everyone who follows any of my sites once daily)
Follow your joy
Make your home an energetic haven. Follow what resonates on that.
Burn candles and smudge sage every now and then. Ring bells too, to clear your house.
Keep an open bowl of salt in your home, and salt pellets at work and travel (water softener ones)
Wear a crystal (I wear turquoise, phenokite, and Lemurian crystal)
Be the change you wish to see in the world: Love is The Solution For Everything.

With our combined efforts, the heart of the Canadian populace will open up! They are a wonderful people, and I enjoy every minute with them. Once we reach a tipping point,stand back! Be ready for some minor financial inconveniences, and stay up with your readings with Kauilapele, and if you want it straight up. I recommend Montague Keen, the Matthew Messages by Suzy Ward, too.


Reiki Doc