Thursday, September 13, 2012

You Are So Much More

When I was about three, I found a book in my grandmother's toy box. It was a Golden Book, and it was about A Wedding. I opened the book, and looked at it, page by page. As I got to the illustration at the end, where you see them walking down the altar, I got a strange feeling: so this is all there is? I am a girl. When I grow up I get to wear a white dress and get married. This is my purpose?!?

At the time, more than anything, I used to love the back yard at my nanna's house. I would look at all the flowers and talk to the fairies. I dreamed of being able to know everything there was to know about plants, and be a healer. The sunshine, the fresh air, and the wonders of the garden were my heart's content. Except for my very special family, of course.

There are three kind of relationships when you come right down to it. It doesn't matter if they are same-sex, or different sex pairs.

Relationship Option #1: The Karmanic Arrangement
You are here to burn off karma. The pairing was designed before birth. When the karmanic debt is paid, you go your separate ways, perhaps to 'upgrade' to a different relationship category, perhaps not.
when you are in a relationship like this, you feel it! It goes from 'heaven' to 'hades' pretty quick.

Relationship Option #2: The Business Agreement
You are in a partnership that is mutually advantageous in this Life. You might have known each other before, you might not. The pairing was arranged for the advancement of both soul's life lessons. This arrangement is an earthly one, not much 'fireworks', but comfortable for all parties involved. This matching is good for raising a family, which is an important Life Lesson in itself.

Relationship Option #3: The Soul Mates
This one is meant for two souls to work on the deeper lessons. For example, my ex cured me of my abandonment issues, once and for all, in a dramatic way. It was painful at the time, but it was a soul lesson I needed. There is a chemistry that defines the Soul Mate Arrangement, and a familiarity that is hard to describe. If you are in a Soul Mate relationship, enjoy each day you have with this person, for as long as the love may last. (only more advanced souls get this chance to grow in this manner).

***The Twin Flames***
This one blows The Soul Mate connection out of the water! This is IT, the nirvana of relationship. But is it always romance and roses? No. Jeanette Mac Donald and Nelson Eddy were Twin Flames, but their careers got in the way of their being together. Gladys, who was the scribe and record keeper for Edgar Cayce, was married to someone else, and had a family. So did he! According to the people who make The Galactic Free Press, Mother Mary and her son Jesus were Twin Flames. And so are they.
What is needed to know about Twin Flames, is that when they are together, it is special, and a great deal of Spiritual Power is generated by their being reunited in Life. More and more Twin Flames are reuniting in these times. Polona with Ascension Pioneers on YouTube is an excellent resource for more on this. And--one last thing--they tend to be about twenty-years apart in age.
For some of you, your Twin Flame has been supporting you from the 4th or higher dimension. You will meet them on Ascension. There is no Twin Flame here on Earth for you. But it will happen!

So out of all these relationship options going on at the same time on Earth, we had Matriarchy, peaceful, with the Goddess-worshipping Irish/Celts for thousands of years. These relationships and society were ended by warring factions, who supported the Patriarchy. And Patriarchy it has been, with everything from chastity belts, to female circumcision, to women being chattel to be bartered off for money (My name is Noor, and I want a Divorce--remember the young Yemeni story last year?).

The Apology to the Divine Feminine and The Apology to the Divine Masculine, also on YouTube, but by Jeff Brown, is excellent at healing the wounds of both sexes from the lifestyle we have today.

Tonight, as I drifted off to sleep, I thought about being a single mother. I recall important advice from the Master of the Court: as long as one parent is stable the child will turn out fine. YOU BE THAT PARENT.  I thought about what some of my young friends who had experienced the 'every other weekend' shared: at your mother's home you can be yourself. I thought of all the coordination single mothers do, to ensure the continuity of care for their young. I packed for the weekend for the children, in their little backpacks, so they will have clothes to wear that they like and that fit, just a few minutes ago.

Our society is turning into a Matriarchy. Whether you like it or not, it is and has always been the women keeping family in line and in touch. And that is why the impaired mother leaves such deep scars on her young... In Dear Abby today there was a letter by a remorseful adult daughter who had sided with the father who had money after the divorce, and treated her mother badly, like all of the siblings and Dad. It was touching, how she finally saw the Light after all those years of neglect and emotional abuse of the woman whose body carried her into this world. Abby's advice to seek the mother, to search for her, and tell her this face to face was wise.

Elephants, and Whales, some of the most intelligent creatures on Gaia, have a matriarchy. We are well on the way to joining them. That makes me happy in ways words cannot describe.


Reiki Doc