Wednesday, September 5, 2012

YYJ Bastion Street Embezzler

She was at the base of a Thomas Hooper building*. She had been caught embezzling at the Imperial Banking Building across the street. The police were in hot pursuit.

She fled the scene and ran across the street to the Hooper building. By the time the police caught up, they found her slumped over at the bottom of the stairs, gun in hand, dead by a single bullet wound.

The Ghostly Tour Guide had taken us there on purpose. She is a easy to feel ghost. He wondered aloud why she was so much less present tonight.

I rubbed my hands as he said. But instead of using the chakras in my hands to feel my own aura, as we had all done at the beginning of the walk, I turned them out like a mime, feeling for her energy.

She was in deep soul trouble and I knew it. I knew what to do.

I found her in a full fetal position hiding from the light at the bottom of the stairwell, just inside the door that was closed. 
"why are you here?" I asked, in Spirit.
"I took a lot of money when I was alive", she said with deep regret and shame.
I smiled, and with all the warmth of my heart said in Spirit,"Didn't you know that all is forgiven from what happens when we live?"
She was startled by the thought, reflected on it, and looked straight at me.
"You don't have to be here like this any more. It is finished. Take my hand."
I caught her hand, physically, and held it. She felt sparkly, warm, with a very small hand. I gave her hand to the nearby waiting angel. 
Zip! Spiritual silence. She was gone.

On our next stop, the Guide took us down an alley in Bastion Square. There was a powerful negative vortex there. It would push you. "Did any on you feel anything as we walked by?"
It was a big fat nada, which means nothing in Spanish.
"I wonder why it was so weak this time?" he blurted out.

I smiled sweetly and didn't say a thing. I had sent my angels ahead to make the passage safe for me and my family.

What to you require to do work like this?

You need Margaret. She does this. I asked her to let me do what she does. I strongly desired it. Margaret clears the spaces of prisons, and other Haunted places. She only gave me the tools she is willing to teach. I sort of invented it along the way.

Read Gunter, her channelled guide. She has one book on Kindle, but the older one in print is the one for you. (

Go to psychic development class, at least four times, preferably one to two years

Learn Reiki.

Learn DPH from Margaret.

By then you will be vibrating at a frequency where there is no risk of physical, emotional or psychic harm to you. You will have a golden mesh of protection in our aura. (this mesh is the $150) thing I mentioned. Anyone healing others should make this investment.)

Do not engage a ghost unless your vibration is one with strength in Light. Ghosts vibrate very low. But once you are a Lightworker, you can help them cross over safely.

Ghost walks, in,y opinion, are a good thing for the metaphysical community. With the draw of entertainment and history, it gets a taboo subject out in the open. People can talk about it. People can learn ghosts are energy that has been left behind. And one day we shall be energy like that too.

It is a message of hope, for the most part. But for the tortured souls like the embezzler, who has suffered greatly over one hundred years, it was time to step in, and do what I do to help this poor soul.

I helped Gaia by getting rid of a flea that had been bothering her: a negative imprint.

There are plenty of nasty ghosts unwilling to make the jump. The creepy will remain in the ghost tour.


Reiki Doc

*--Thomas Hooper, an architect in Victoria. Every one of his buildings is haunted. Including the Roberts Chocolates Candy Store.

Go to psychic development classes, at least four, but preferably about one to two years.

Learn Reiki.

Get Margaret's healing, clearing and protection.