Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Good Things Are On The Way

I just woke up with a glimmer of hope. Yesterday, the energy had been quite strange. I was feeling like something was 'off', like something was 'jamming the antennas', and was surprised to have seen two to three fire trucks and emergency ambulances on the road. We hardly ever have that. Now this morning, it is calm, here--calm, peaceful,  with new and fresh energy.

To write and to get to work on time, I wake up at o'dark thirty. I never am glad to have to get out of bed. I hit the snooze button sometimes a lot. But today, I was ready and full of energy.

Our planet Earth is a school. It is all about Overcoming Resistance. You get your challenges, and then you get to rest for a while. It is called time to assimilate. Then the newer lessons start up again.

With Gaia, she has been going through similar stages. They keep Her energy going up in phases too. And I can sense it sometimes.  When there are new energy shifts, I enjoy them. I am going more toward my natural vibration. It feels 'right'.

We live in a sea of electricity. Of mental thought and Gaia's natural electromagnetism, combined with communications of every sort in the radio, microwave, and television frequencies. We 'pick it up' when there is 'something out there that is going on'.

This latest 'something' gives our thoughts the ability to 'manifest' fast. You are walking around with 'a loaded gun, a thinking machine'. The Universe does not care if you think about happy things or sad ones, either way, whatever you think has a way of turning up. So pluck your thoughts out of your mind, like a Buddhist Master in meditation, if they are not in alignment with your goals.

Think the best and then the best will happen.

When you see others having a hard time, send them love but energetically do not allow yourself to 'get sucked in'. Hold your Vibration. Raise your Vibration. Think with your Heart together with your Mind; only the Heart can see Truth. There is a lot of disinformation out there these days. And it is not in any way an accident to have disinfo on the rise.

A mighty battle is taking place that can't be seen. It can be felt with the heart. It has to do with the predominant 'tone' of the electromagnetic sea that covers Gaia. Another name for this electromagnetic sea is the ether. Send your best thoughts into the ether, no matter what you hear or see going on (especially in the conventional news media).  Keep a picture of your energy field interacting with the 'energy currents' or the 'energy swell' if you surf, and do your best to keep the immediate sphere around you calm like a post card from Hawaii with a gorgeous beach on it.

Love is the Solution for Everything.

Good things are going to happen, I can sense it, and the more we combine Heart Energy and anticipation for something great, the sooner it will arrive. Imagine a world where everybody gets what they want, all of the time; there are no restrictions on your right to happiness.

There is enough for everyone.  No need to hoard or to protect the self-interest; all of us look out for each other in Light. Everyone can 'win', and Duality is a memory from a distant past...

You can do it! I know you can! Does this stir your heart? Do you long for an end to all of the fighting and disharmony? I long for a world where there is no violence--where Life is a sacred gift and something to be enjoyed.

I felt my first bit of it today. This one is going to be wonderful! Watch for an energy shift like this near you, right around the corner, ready to arrive, like a pizza that you are waiting to have delivered...


Reiki Doc