Monday, September 3, 2012

Ghostly Walk Victoria, BC

Today I went to the Empress Hotel with my newly-attuned Reiki Master boy. At the statue of some writer named Emily, as we headed for the garden a marvelous old Lady in Victorian dress welcomed us to the gardens. "come in! Come in! Do walk around and see the place!"

She was a ghost. Someone who had loved the place very much, and eagerly welcomed us in. The Veranda was not the main entrance. My son wanted to enter the courtyard between the main building and the one on the left. Once in, we felt death there, and wanted to go. He could not look at the front desk, but the spiral staircase invited us up. I asked him if he wanted to see the boat model in the case. "I hope it isn't the Titanic, mom. This whole place feels like the Titanic to me." It was another boat, the Princess Margaret.

We rode the elevators to the sixth floor. Upon sitting in the two chairs, and enjoying the view, I sensed a maid in uniform, with white stockings. She was kind, and liked it there. Smiling she was. My boy saw her too. "Mom! I see a cleaning lady over there!" Soon I was laughing.

"Who are you talking to, mom?"
"A man!" I giggled. He was comical in appearance, almost like a partying penguin.
"carry on!" he said to me with a wave of his hand and a drink in the other. "carry on! Carry on!"

We decided to walk the entire hall from end to end. I met a manager along the way, deceased of course. He explained to me he had wanted the hotel to succeed, but in fact under his charge it failed. He was helping to bring it back to prosperity again. A very mild mannered, humble, plain-looking man.

We walked back to the two chairs. "Let's clear this place! Want to help?" I asked my kid.
He was up for it. We held hands and sat in the chairs, him on the left and me on the right. If you have read my post about helping the deceased cross over and the Vortex, you will have a better idea of what we did. They went up like popcorn. The process is still continuing now.

I felt a tremendous relaxation of energy in the hotel. And great joy, like a Thank You from The Universe, afterward. "It isn't creepy any more here, mom." he said, and I agreed.

We lined up for the ghost tour, and chose to keep mum, letting the ghost walk guides feel like the stars.

"Does anyone believe in ghosts?" guide John Adams asked. Our hands went up.
"Does anyone here see auras?" Mine was the only one up at this point.
"How can you see them, how do they look?"
'I can see them if I concentrate." I answered.
"But can anybody feel a presence, an energy from someone in Spirit? It is easier, isn't it? More people can sense something in this way." John said.

" You have two bodies, a dense physical one, and an energetic one that sometimes you can see but can feel, superimposed. We are going to have you feel your energy body. Rub your hands. Now play the accordion slowly, inching back and forth, until you feel something. For some it is a heat, for others a pressure. That is your energy body being picked up by the strong sensors for energy in your hands." I stood ther in amazement at the simple elegance of the arguments and the physical proof presented by this man. He was right on, perfect, speaking for that which we can't see, the metaphysical.

So his buddy Martin took us across the street. He told us about Lizzie, the catholic maid who spent evenings in devotional prayer on the fire escape. One day, in preparation for the addition of a new wing, the fire escape was removed by a builder. No warning was posted. The door was not nailed shut for safety. Lizzie fell to her death, landing right by the courtyard that felt of death. She was seen by a couple where she told them what whale watching boat to take in the harbor. They wrote a feedback note to the hotel, commenting on how helpful Lizzie was. The hotel worker gave it to John and Martin, who called the family. They did not think she was a ghost!

After, my son and I told Martin we had seen Lizzie. And the party man in the tuxedo, and the manager, and the nice old lady. I shared she had been my son's first ghost, and he takes after his mama. We caught up with the group in the rose garden as John told the next stories.

The first? An old lady who booked the same room every year, and even died there. Guests did not like to stay in that room because they felt her presence. Then they tore out the room and put in an elevator to the seventh floor. I shot a look to Martin.

Next was the man, in formal dress, who was to be described at the next stop, the Parliament Building. I shot Martin another look.

Martin had the groups it in an arbor. He spoke about ghosts, and what they are like. He pointed to us and said, "here we have two extremely clairvoyant people." I was flattered.

The party gentleman was the architect who designed both the Parliament Building and The Empress Hotel. Francis Rathenberg. He broke his wife Flora's heart by moving his mistress Alma into the house and divorcing her. Flora died. But the town shunned the newly married couple. They had to move to England. Boredom drove him to drink. She was half his ahem and started an affair with the chauffeur, who was half her age. He murdered Francis with a croquet mallet blow to the head. A scandalous trial took place. Lover George was sentenced to hang. alma committed suicide. George's sentence was changed to life, and he was let out to serve in the war. He died only recently.

So there you have it. Three for three ghosts on the tour at the Empress Hotel, plus one extra. And a lot of healing for many ready to make the transition.

It was a good day! John gave me permission to post his company's website and mention him on this page. One of the tour guides is a Reiki Master, too.


Reiki Doc

The old lady who stayed in the same room every year