Friday, September 28, 2012

Reiki and The Ex's Dogs

my patient, Bai Yun, smelled like a dog

My heart is light. Long story short: if you are one of the over fifty percent of parents who have every other weekend, try to tap in to the unconditional love of the pet who inhabits your ex's place.

I made a mistake. I had sent my lansoprozole over in the backpack instead of the bactrim for the sick Reiki Master seven-year old. I found a text the minute I drove back to my house from my ex's after dropping the kids off. I had to go back.

This time, the boxers Tyson and Hoss came out the door. Their little tail stumps were wagging, and they were giving me the nicest doggie welcome that only a dog can give. Startled, I exclaimed, 'I haven't had this kind of a welcome in a long time!'. I petted them, I played tug of war with a blue toy with them while we talked. I had to complement my ex on such a fine job they had done raising the two dogs. I had questions about dogs in general, like how often they go to the vet, how they get along. One of them peed on the tree for what seemed like forever--he had been timed once taking three entire minutes!

I like all animals, and I enjoy to play with them. These big dogs liked to play rough, so I pulled the chew toy and dragged them towards me, worrying the toy as hard as they did. They came in and sniffed.

Then the telepathic communication happened. It wasn't deep conversation, but it was pleasant. They thought I was nice. They liked how I could play. They wondered why I didn't come visit more often? With this line of 'conversation' I felt totally and completely accepted on their terms.

Unconditional love. Isn't that nice? Especially when you get it even when you are over at the home of your ex. LOL.

Have a great weekend, everyone. And if you have joint custody, send Reiki to your kids on their overnights. It really helps! And also on the first night when they come back, be sure to give it at bedtime.


Reiki Doc