Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Surfing and the Ocean are in the blood of people all over Gaia. But what about the keiki? The little surfers? They are the Groms.

As I looked at this video today, from the First Annual Stoke-O-Rama Surfing Championship near my home town, I thought, our Galactic Family  is the Kelly Slaters and the Gudauskas Brothers (the best surfers, the professionals)...and we are the Groms!

" You pretty much can't spend a day with the Gudauskas and not have fun." Kelly Slater, 11-time world champ

"It's the coolest event I've ever been in."-- 11-year old Grom

"The vibe was as positive as you could get. All the locals were really kind to let us have T-Street today." Dane Gudauskas, ASP pro

"It was kind of less about the event and more about surfing all day, being psyched...just ripping, and feeling the flow." Patrick Gudauskas, third-year world tour veteran

"The kids are so lucky and fortunate to have this happen." Ashley Pinkerton, Surf mom

"Is T-Street always this fun?" Damien Hoghood, 13-year world tour veteran

"It taught me you should never grow up. The youngest kids are having the most fun. It keeps you stoked." Tanner Gudauskas, globe-trotting ASP pro.

"What a great sense of community. This is awesome." Cathy Melanson, Surf mom

Ascension, First Contact, Disclosure with our Galactic Family is awesome! Surf's up! Let's spend all our days having a blast out there in the waves of energy, love and Light!

P.S. when I do reiki, when I do anesthesia and the healing is making a difference-traditional or reiki-enhanced, when I am in Nature, I just feel the flow and ride the waves. I am at home there, and I love it very much. You are part of the Galactic Family! That makes me STOKED! : D


Reiki Doc