Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Salusa and the Chippewa

Salusa has a very enlightening update today. When you go to the link, scroll down a little bit. There is a YouTube about Free Energy I posted a while back, and also a sneak peek at the new gold-backed money system that is ready to come into place when the old Fiat currency system eventually does collapse. It's on its last days now, as the loan/borrowing/debt balance is really out of control, according to people who study this in the 'alternative news'. Here is the link:

The other day the word 'Chippewa' came to me in my sleep. I looked it up on wiki. The group is Chippewa in the US and Ojibwe in Canada. Here is an excerpt of what I found:

According to their tradition, and from recordings in birch bark scrolls, many Ojibwe came from the eastern areas of North America, which they called Turtle Island, and from along the east coast. They traded widely across the continent for thousands of years and knew of the canoe routes west and a land route to the west coast. The identification of the Ojibwe as a culture or people may have occurred in response to contact with Europeans. The Europeans preferred to deal with bounded groups and tried to identify those they encountered.[7]
According to the oral history, seven great miigis (radiant/iridescent) beings appeared to the peoples in the Waabanakiing (Land of the Dawn, i.e., Eastern Land) to teach them the mide way of life. One of the seven great miigis beings was too spiritually powerful and killed the peoples in the Waabanakiing when they were in its presence. The six great miigis beings remained to teach, while the one returned into the ocean. The six great miigis beings established doodem (clans) for the peoples in the east, symbolized by animal, fish or bird species. The five original Anishinaabe doodem were the Wawaazisii (Bullhead), Baswenaazhi (Echo-maker, i.e., Crane),Aan'aawenh (Pintail Duck), Nooke (Tender, i.e., Bear) and Moozoonsii (Little Moose), then these six miigis beings returned into the ocean as well. If the seventh miigis being stayed, it would have established the Thunderbird doodem.
At a later time, one of these miigis appeared in a vision to relate a prophecy. It said that if the Anishinaabeg did not move further west, they would not be able to keep their traditional ways alive because of the many new settlements and European immigrants who would arrive soon in the east. Their migration path would be symbolized by a series of smaller Turtle Islands, which was confirmed with miigisshells (i.e., cowry shells). After receiving assurance from the their "Allied Brothers" (i.e., Mi'kmaq) and "Father" (i.e., Abnaki) of their safety to move inland, the Anishinaabeg gradually migrated along the St. Lawrence River to the Ottawa River to Lake Nipissing, and then to the Great Lakes.
The second paragraph is the most important: Seven great miigis (radiant/iridescent) beings appeared to the peoples in the Waabanakiing to teach them the mide way of life. One of the seven great miigis beings was too spiritually powerful and killed the peoples in the Waabanakiing when they were in its presence.

Here is the rest of the link:

Reiki Doc says: this is in agreement with what I have studied about higher vibrational/dimensional beings. They have to tone it down to contact us, we just can't match, our vibration and theirs. That is what the entire Ascension process is, getting out bodies and vibration ready to hold the Light. Ariel de Angeles, on the Discerning Angel blog, is experiencing dizziness by day and vibration when she sleeps, like a 'magic fingers bed in an economy hotel'. You can look up her blog and read her long post if you want to know more.

So what do I think about this? The message came through loud and clear while my boy was getting a haircut and I looked at the trimmed hair on the floor. Nobody ever cares about that. It is something you don't want, your hair is too long, and you pay money for someone to trim it. What lies on the floor is totally not useful to you, for your appearance. Left unchecked, long hair would be a liability--gets caught in your eyes, matted, unruly. It is just not the way of things.

After that, I took him new clothes shopping. The glee that child had in finding new clothes to wear! So excited! With no thought whatsoever for the old clothes that were too small or worn out. I thought to myself, I should take note of this, and apply it to my Spiritual life!

You, as energy workers, are going to be some of the first to notice the new changes. No matter what other people say, you are awakened enough to trust 'that little voice in your heart' and to step back and ask yourself what you think about it? How it makes you feel? The changes may be monumental, but I trust in what our Miigi are saying to us through people like Mike Quinsey. It is going to be better than what we are experiencing now. Look forward to it. It is going to be better than a new haircut, and new clothes for school!


Reiki Doc

P.S. Papa Rat, my pet, is on his last breaths. He is immobile now and fighting for each breath. Please offer him the transition symbol. 'My life was a short one but it was happy' he said when I saw him struggling at the bottom of his cage.