Monday, July 31, 2017

The Dream

I've been at this a long time.

In 1985 I got my first gift of a Rosary, and I learned to pray on it. I was twenty-one. I loved it.

I enjoyed going to mass. And my boyfriend's family was very, very devout Catholic. His mother went to mass every day.

That's when I found or was given the book, the little pocket-size book which described the end of the world, the three days of darkness, where souls and demons would be outside the house, screaming like our loved ones for us to open the door, but we, who were prepared knew we couldn't. We also knew to line the windows with aluminum foil to keep us safe during those terrible, awful three days. The only thing that would light is a candle which had been blessed by a priest. When it was over and we could leave the house it would be perpetual Spring.

The other book, the one I loved, had special prayers in it, extra prayers, for different things. It was blue, and had an image of Da Vinci's pieta on the cover. There was one set of prayers of interest to me especially--how to help a soul to cross over at the end of life. When my Aunt Edna was at the end of her life, I 'sensed' she was in need and I stayed up late saying the prayer over and over, for to make it work it had to be said a number of times, and it was a complex set of prayers.

Later, in session with medium Tim Braun, Aunt Edna has said the prayers really 'helped', and she thanked me.

I thought I had everything figured out.

Then in medical school, I began having messages from Divine Mother. I would write them down in notebooks. Through my ex-husband's family--the same family--I met a visionary Barbara Matthias in Santa Maria, California. I was with Barbara during her communication session (every day at four-thirty she would go into a trance, a religious ecstasy--and had even been tested at UCSF by non-Christian scientists. She really WAS in a trance--they did ice water into her ear with a water pick, like you do a coma patient--and she wasn't 'there' or 'in there'. Two of the three scientists converted based on the evidence they found)...I was next to Barbara and on my knees like her, and I reached out with love to Divine Mother Mary with my hand. I wondered where I was touching her, I hoped it wasn't rude because I couldn't see, and for the first time, I heard her tinkling laugh like bells, one of the most beautiful sounds I've ever heard--and she said, 'on my tummy'.

Through my heartaches and trials of medical school (here's a flavor of it-- she gave me courage, and hope. I had many many problems with relationships. And she would tell me I would be in the most beautiful love story that ever happened. I kept searching for it, and having my heart broken time and again. But I trusted her and knew when the time was right good things would happen.

During that mediumship with Tim Braun, my Aunt Edna confronted me. 'Why didn't you tell me?!' (about my seeing Blessed Mother Mary).

I don't know. I told her even if I did, in Life, she wouldn't believe me--no one ever did--not even the priests I went to for help and counseling and guidance--so I just kept it to myself.

Later, when her dear friend Roy was dying of lung cancer, and he crossed over, Roy challenged me--'why didn't you tell me?' (that you can see those who have crossed over, and that you sensed I would die soon)

Again, I didn't know. I just thought earth people liked to have their earth experience untainted by otherworldly 'reminders'.

I focused on being a single mother and the best anesthesiologist I could be.

To be honest I don't know how it happened. How I got interested in spiritual things. I supposed it's when I saw Tim's face in an ad for a local crystal store--and I knew he had answers to why I was the way I am--and what I should do about it?  He's the one who sent me to his teacher, Anne Reith, PhD...where I learned Reiki...and one thing led to another, and I've been here at this post (blog, healing, etc)...ever since.

Early Saturday morning, right before I woke up, Ross took me by the hand to show me something.

I'd never seen anything like it. There was a very large--not heavy or obese but large--man in judicial wigs who said, 'As the judge and jury, by the power vested in me, you are FREE!' and I heard the gavel hitting the desk several times, and there was a finality to it.

I looked closely and it was Divine Father with the wig, and I took the wig off and hugged him. Both he and Ross had an air of celebration to them.

I smiled.

I smiled inwardly. For Divine Mother incarnate and I had been talking the day before, about how difficult it is to be in our positions. I confided I needed an end point, a target, a finish line...psychologically. I wanted a reward to work for, as it motivates me. Divine Mother said, 'you have Ross!' and I said, 'Ross is complex and has a mind of his own. In every experience I've had with him, he brings with him more lessons for me, and I'm tired of lessons. I would rather have a big, stuffed unicorn to run for as my prize, and then later, take Ross on HIS own terms...just so I would know I finished my assignment and we are truly Ascended and Free.'

As I fell asleep on Friday night, I just said to myself, 'as close as I am to this finish line, I just can't do it any more. My heart isn't in it. My soul is going to have to come in here and do it for me because I'm simply done with this whole Ascension thing.'  When I said 'soul' I meant, 'the unseen parts of me that got me here into this body in the first place'. I felt a warmth and solidness and purpose like I'd never felt before, and I am still feeling it now.

(I was told later we did indeed cross the finish line, and I was hand in hand with Divine Mother Incarnate's soul, and we both ran into Divine Father's and Ross' open arms at the finish line.)

It was a spontaneous day. Anthony was back from summer camp. I had to get a blood draw, but then after we went to Disneyland. We just felt like spending the day there together, to get our money's worth from our annual passes.

As it turned out, it was both the first day the train had been open in almost two years, and the new Fantasmic show was shown to the public (I think--not sure on first day, but it's a new one).

There was work to do at the park.

I saw this one for the first time from the back. The left hand is touching, and the entire angel itself is seated on something very phallic, like an enormous dildo. I was shocked. Not just the pedophile vibe, illuminati 'shhhh' mystery from the front, but the thing that was phallic too.

They never quit!

For the train I did what was asked of me.

For the river show, I did what was asked of me. Anthony couldn't even bear to watch the show, it was torture for him for he knew all the symbolism and ritual going on before the innocent public. I kept telling him no one wants to know, they are videotaping the show, it means so much to them...they are asleep! And I was working, don't worry.

Ross told me something important.

He said if one person watches an Illuminati ceremony (this in fact was a veiled one)l--and doesn't 'buy it' --doesn't go along or believe--all the magic won't work for all eternity--both back and forward into the future. And with Anthony and me--that 'ceremony' was neutralized.

I myself, was deeply troubled. For I understood the darkness and the deceit on another level. The story or script of the show, teaches that people can sense and identify 'evil'--and further, that they can 'use their imagination to make it go away'.

This isn't true.

All the dark ones are hidden in plain sight, and even though people 'think' they can 'detect it'--really, in the bigger picture, they can't. Just like with that angel statue they walk by without a second thought of how horrifying it is.

Even worse, I know how things 'stack up' with the dragons and the beings who are not incarnate for Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. It's a long story, if you've read the blogs from like 2014 you would know. I don't want to rehash it here.

In the script a dragon is shown very ugly and powerful (which is an Illuminati 'slant') and Mickey says, 'this is MY imagination, YOU get out of here!'

It's a form of blasphemy against the natural order of things, against Universal Law, for an incarnate being to mock those who are our natural protectors and guides.

It's a way of deepening the hypnosis of the people.

For people who are MK Ultra, Monarch--um, victims--in the 'training' they are encouraged to watch as much Disney as possible. This is because it reinforces the training. Not sure exactly how, but the themes match the 'programming' used in the MK Ultra/Monarch and reinforces it.

Anyhow, I'm free.

I was also told that everything here--that resembles 'Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart' is actually now a hologram. And for continuity of the storylines for those deeply asleep, they will be removed in ways that make sense.

I've noticed some people stepping forward to educate others--Bartholomew, and also on instagram, spiritchasrr...brave souls...

I've clarified with Divine Father and Mother that my role isn't to teach everyone. It's to teach the teachers. And I have a handful of souls who are coming along nicely. One is even mastering the art of healing timelines. On Thursday or Friday I forget when, I heard the ones assigned to her slamming shut, and when done properly it is almost as satisfying as when legos snap into place--it takes the concentration and gives the same sense of satisfaction of things falling into place.  I could feel it all the way out here in California, and I smiled. I think it was one of the last ones, and only this person could heal it.

When it comes to the asleep, hypnotized masses, they are a lot like Robert Smithdas. It's funny, how an old 'plus' from the Guideposts magazine--Feb/Mar 2009 article in my house called to me, and I read it cover to cover...

In the article it said for Robert's wife Michelle to graduate from college, another woman translated all the lectures and textbooks for her into the palm or braille.

Many of our people incarnate on Earth at this time with us, are blind and deaf to the Higher Realms. And many of you are not only holding the vibration high for them to awaken, but many of you are just as devoted and gifted teachers like the friend who translated everything for Michelle. 

On the back of the Guideposts Plus is a photo of lilies of the valley --and a quote, 'Love is like dew that falls on both nettles and lilies.'--Swedish proverb

It's true.

Here are two articles actually three that made an impression on me lately:

Somehow I manifested today off. Anthony is asleep. I am call nine. Calls ten and eleven are working but not me.

I hope to enjoy our time together.

I am bittersweet because yesterday I went to visit my mom. Her legs are all swollen, with venous stasis. She didn't have her usual energy, and she just seemed to have something on her mind. My sister is concerned about her labs, and going to take her in to the doctor. I had been given a message on 'closure'--I'm not sure if it's with her, or with Ascension. As Ross says, even though I could have spent the day cleaning the house, time with mom is better. She won't be around forever.  I trust in Ross like I did with Aunt Mercedes...and still do with Divine Mother Incarnate. There's a time when people just have to go on their way, I suppose. Ross is caring and good. He knew with my Nana Angelina I would be devastated, and I was, but he chose to introduce himself to me shortly after, as my husband and just the perfect balance where I could function in spite of it all, the loss of the one who really helped me so much in Life...

Yesterday Anthony and I watched shark week with mom--I learned why there's more great white sharks off the coast here. Too much competition at Guadalupe Island in Mexico so the younger ones come up here for sea lions...

And we watched Men In Black 2. That too is an amazing bit of work--if you are awake and can 'read between the lines', especially knowing the actors are 'in deep' with 'you know who'...entertaining and kind of like 'hidden in plain sight' at the same time. 


I want to say something.

(Clears his throat--ed--then long pause)

(he bursts into lots of applause--very loud, strong, and continues--ed)

I wish to give a hand to my awe-inspiring and very worthy Ground Crew as we enter this next phase in our Ascension process!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Friday, July 28, 2017

Our Daily Blessings

This morning when I first woke up, Ross asked me 'what are your favorite miracles?'

I've had so many! I quickly reviewed them in my mind.

My answer was this:

It was right in the next room, and it works...which, at the moment was what I needed more than anything else!

It was a miracle I did not have to experience this:

As I came to more, because I went back to bed and realized it's daylight, I gave thanks because, my default, I had not been called in while I was taking call from home. It was a good night's sleep, a complete one, and there were no demands on me to awaken.

I rolled over, looked at my room, and gave thanks for the many beautiful memories and photos and reminders of Ross' love for me--as well as my family's love for me.  In the warmth of the blankets, I gave thanks for God's love for me, the love of Divine Creator of All That Is--gave me another day with my body, and 'everything works'...and the freedom to decide what to do with it.

I am going to do a favor for a friend who has done many favors for me, and cover for her at work from twelve to two so she can be at an appointment with her daughter's counselor.

Then I get to pick up Anthony from camp--he's been away all week, and enjoying himself thoroughly.

I'm also going to avoid sugar today, as I have blood tests tomorrow mid-morning, and I want to make sure I don't throw off the's a blessing I actually had my first physical examination in over five years, and with the insurance I can have the tests to make sure everything is okay.

My hospital is battling with my insurance--I'm self-insured, I buy a policy on my own because that's how it is with my anesthesia group.  It extended two more weeks past the deadline and I hope I will continue to be able to go to my own hospital as a 'provider' within my insurance network. Another two hospitals closed me out, and don't accept my insurance any more. And even mine, if I choose to keep it, requires I have a primary care.

For seven hundred dollars a month, you'd think Anthony and I deserve better...but even though it's super expensive for me, I am fortunate to have it, sky-high deductibles and out of pockets and all. (when I first bought the policy in 2009, the deductibles were less than half what they are now, and the premiums were only three hundred dollars a month).

My latest pleasure, my inner gratitude and satisfaction, is that my dental insurance (three hundred dollars a month) finally started to pay for Anthony's braces. They gave us the runaround, citing that Anthony's dental is 'covered' under his medical plan. But he didn't need braces for 'medical reasons'. He just had some crowding. The braces went on in October of last year! I had to make phone calls and email a message to the insurance--both the medical and the dental--that this was not cool!

The orthodontist is a personal friend, the husband of my mentor when I was an anesthesia resident. And I was embarrassed about my insurance!

Are they paying that much? Not really. But it helps that they pay 'some'--everything helps. And this is one of the biggest blessings I've had all month! Not to have to keep calling and struggling with the 'system'!

I do so look forward to having Anthony home.

It's been a good experience for me, too. So much less stress with work--I don't need to arrange child care. I don't have to make breakfast.  I'm enjoying the breather.

Like Ross says, we are two thirds done with Anthony's childhood--0-6, then 6-12, now I look forward to 12-18.

He is a good kid, and it's always been an adventure.

I'm so glad I don't have to do laundry like this!

I can do my own, and offer to help Anthony with his (I'm trying not to baby him and to give him life skills) in our laundry room!

I'm also grateful I can go for a walk. It really really helps my outlook to have time in the day to exercise.

My only goals are today--to pay the tax man for his services and finish that 'to do' list, to make plans to visit my mom this weekend (so lucky she is alive!), and to give thanks I'm not on call and Jared is moving and letting me keep Anthony instead of him.

I would love to do something awesome this 'bonus weekend', like go to Disneyland (I always maintain the energy work I have done there) or a ball game or the beach.

Even if I just garden and tend to the house, it's nice to feel like I am getting back into my routine after so much disruption through the year.

This is another huge's multi-factorial.

First of all, I know what a pulse oximeter is, and I know how to use it; Anesthesia is so much safer now because I don't have to wait until a patient turns blue to know they are in trouble and I have extra time to fix whatever is going on.

Second of all, just for today, I am not a patient. It's really hard to be sick, and it's nice to be in a position as a healer to make things better for someone else.

Third, is that I got to do something nice for my friend Dr. Dao. I made matching bracelets for him and his wife--he doesn't know they are healing or anything--but yesterday I worked with him, and the first thing he asked was for me to 'airplane the table' a little bit for him.  He was thankful for the kindness. I told him to open it with his wife at home, not here. I sense his time is soon, and he's just starting to face it by wanting to travel...

Theirs are iolite and tiger eye, in a faceted bead. They always embrace each other. I didn't tell him that, or that at the crystal shop last week spirit told me the stones were for him.

Tiger Eye:  this mineral brings together the vibrations of sand and sunlight, synthesizing the energies of the Sun and the Earth. It combines sharpness and grounding, and is quite practical in its sphere of concern. It resonates to the frequencies of the earth, encouraging stability with dynamic beauty. The vibration is conducive to peacefulness and stimulates the actions required to advance the encounters with others during the meditative state.

It can help one to become practical and of discrete mind, as well as more grounded. It can eliminate the 'blues' and bring brightness and optimism to the user. It also assists in providing insight to those issues which induce internal mental battles, delivering one from the 'horns of a dilemma' and the conflicts associated with willful pride. It further prompts the admiration for the pure and beautiful, allowing one's life, and one's passion for life, to open and blossom.

Iolite:  Iolite is called 'the violet stone'. It is one of the major stones for use in the third eye-crown chakra area during healing, during guided meditations and during astral travel adventures.  This mineral helps one to change 'painlessly', the change being toward spiritual growth and enhanced 'illusion'.   

It produces an electrical charge when in contact with ones auric field and can both strengthen and align this field with the subtle bodies.

It balances male/female aspects of ones character, bringing harmony to within the self and eliminating dissonance and disruption in relationships. The energy of polite helps to release discord from ones life, allowing for progression toward the perfection which may be obtained in this world and the next.

(I use Melody as a reference, her book 'Love is in the Earth a Kaleidoscope of crystals'--it's my favorite source.)

Below are two bracelets I made for a friend of Tim Braun--I think her name was Amanda--who I met by accident in the endoscopy suite where she was my patient. She had on a purple chakra bracelet. She liked purple. The one at the bottom is the poor execution of the one I pictured so beautifully in my mind for her. It's my first one like that. And the top two are matching, one for me (citrine) and one for her (amethyst) because she likes purple.

After she passed, she came through in two of my readings with Tim. She learned a lot while here, she's glad the pain stopped, and she really is a being of Light. She's helped me to open, too.

It gives me great pleasure when I see these bracelets.  I'm glad for the comfort they gave to her.

We are on the 'Home Stretch'. The finish line to Ascension is in sight. We aren't 'super close' but it's time for 'the kick'--where you pour out all your efforts towards the goal.

This article by John Smallman caught my attention.  I too had been feeling somewhat blasé about the whole thing. It's been a long time. And when I read an article like this  I was like 'oh's no great big magical utopia coming out of the sky in a blink of an eye?' and trying to hide my disappointment.

It's a blessing to be able to watch YouTube and write--I don't think in North Korea you have the freedoms I enjoy here, you know?--but this video about being weary helped. I skimmed most of it. I liked the part with the lady and the judge being kind to her. But the energies helped me to 'snap out of it' this funk.

I don't know what to say about the Bible thumpers. I love them. They mean well. I totally understand what is mentioned in the John Smallman, about there not being any place to 'go and burn after you die'...But I appreciated the following videos just to see the magnitude and scope of the problem:

For me, it's a huge huge HUGE blessing to be able to see the news for what it is--brainwashing carefully contrived by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. It's not so much what they show, but it's how they say it, what they wear, how they repeat it over and over--that makes me know it's not for my Highest Good.

I just don't watch TV. Only perhaps a ballgame with Anthony. I saw one Netflix on Alaska that was nice while he was gone, on the first night. 

Everywhere you look, if you look mindfully, you will see a blessing.  

You will see the hands that made it, and the people who brought it to market and sponsored it. 

You will see the inventor who came up with the recipe or patent or idea to make your life better for you now.

And the more you realize how wonderful it is to have your Guardian Angel always with you no matter what your lessons happen to be for the day, the more you realize death isn't the end but a whole new way of life--and that those who have crossed to the other side always are Conscious and that they love you (even some of the meanest ones in life--will LOVE you after they die)...

And the FREEDOM to experience everything! To share with your friends and loved ones!  To see the same people at work every day...the a blessing!

The hopes and dreams you have in your heart are a GIFT to you from Creator of All that IS!  You know, the one who wants you to experience nurturing, warmth, love and compassion???

This is Ascension.

This is knowing that the lies society tells you aren't true.

This is knowing everything is going to be okay, one way or another.

And that, like the near death experiences--there's so much MORE and so much WONDERFUL--'out there'...and it's not really that far away.


You are at 'summer camp' when you are incarnate.

You are away from 'Home' and 'Divine Father and Divine Mother' in order to build some independence and some skills.

Some of you are here to help with Ascension--so you are 'on a mission' --if you will--WHILE you are away at 'summer camp'.

Many of you will learn great things.

Many of you will do the bare minimum, only to endure the great homesickness that no one would have predicted would have befell you, the great warrior you are! Off to summer camp!

And that is okay.

Both extremes and everything in between is okay.

Carla wanted me to talk about the John Smallman article. She had concerns about all of it.  'Ross, is John Smallman coming through? It doesn't sound like the rest of the messages.'

John Smallman is coming through a little bit. It's because like Carla and everyone else, John has been at this for a long time, even longer than Carla, and like her his soul has become a little antsy.

But the MESSAGE in the words he channeled is GOOD! It is just Carla picking up on the energy of John, as she is quite sensitive to these things and able to pick up on it.

And YES we will heal poverty! We will heal pollution! We will heal homelessness!

(he kneels downs and looks me in the eye--ed) We will do it without taking away from hard-working people like you, Carla.  The hard-working ones who master the responsibility of taking care for themselves, and are shouldering the world for others who cannot, for some reason of their own, figure it out for themselves...just like the woman in the court in the video where the judge excuses her. 

That woman, not unlike some others, simply does not know how to manifest anything but tragedy!

She is like a little girl that keeps falling on her skates and can't seem to get the hang of it!

There are MANY of them out there, and they need to be taken by the hand of the 'Expert Manifesters' and shown the way. 

A lot of them are only like kindergarten as souls--when incarnate--but when disincarnate soar the highest realms with ease!

So, Carla, don't get all bent out of shape about those who tried the experiment on earth and 'failed' in the process. It can be changed so everyone can have their basic material needs met.

No one will go hungry.  No one will go without a bed at night. And no one will be ruining the environment in the solutions for number one and number two--the food and shelter.

Just like you are 'putting yourself out of a job' by promoting self-healing and Reiki in the day we will --together--be putting homelessness and hunger and trauma out the door for good. 

It's not going to take anything away from you or make more work, for we know you are working as hard as you possibly can, with lack of sleep and no personal time to exercise or cook or tidy your house. 

That's why I said, 'the technology' honey.  (he taps his chest--ed)  It's me. It's me and my teams are going to be intervening--but through our Ground Crew workers, and the ideas and purpose that is in their souls!  That way it won't be traceable, and the experience on Earth with all the people with many levels of Higher Soul Development--can engage in the process of Healing the Earth--while incarnate.

And  the experience of being incarnate--don't get us wrong by the messages from the Masters!--is an entirely WONDERFUL thing.

Many of us are glad we have experienced it.

And you are right about the flaw in the John Smallman--where it is said, 'pain is an illusion'--those of us who are NOT incarnate can't feel it, and those of us who once did, hardly remember it (just like you mothers out there who have experienced childbirth, with or without anesthesia)...while those of you, our specialists, who ARE currently in a body and living their life--are the best positioned to be of service to those who are really having a hard time and suffering. Because those in a body KNOW what it is like to be both hungry and tired and not able to sleep and having to hold their pee until the next break at work...

The Stockholm effect is real, too. Don't be surprised once the truth comes out how many defend their captors! 

That will go away in time too.

And yes, Carla, the energies are building for the full moon and you can feel it, and it's only going to keep on getting stronger from here on through the rest of the changes.

I love you.

And I love everyone who reads our work here online, and takes the messages to heart.

(he blows us a kiss--ed)

You are special to me.

All of you.

You are my team/Ground Crew.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Heaven and Earth

I see two worlds.

I suppose I could call myself a medium and make some money by charging a fee?

Rather, I choose instead to talk about it with you, in the hopes of your seeing it is perfectly normal and healthy, and perhaps, one day your ability to see things of a higher frequency than ours here and now, will reawaken.

Everyone on the Other Side has the ability to see both them and us. It's only us who can't see them, over where they are...and as the surrounding vibrations increase... <3 : ) <3

Let me tell you a story about Aunt Mercedes.

I spent a lot of time with her, telling her how precious she was, and how she is the tie between all of us here are her party to celebrate her turning one hundred years old.

What I didn't tell anyone, was that at her party--the backyard barbecue with the rented tent and all the music and the fun--was that I could see UP above our party, that all of her relatives were getting ready to welcome her home, and they were preparing her a second party!

She was going to go from one party to the next.

At the end of the day, at her nephew's back yard, she looked tired. I sat with her as they made arrangements for her to go home. It was five o'clock, and she'd had a long day.

Poor Aunt Merce wanted to go home but she 'didn't want to be rude!'...

I put on my best bedside manner, looker her in the eye, then off into the distance and said casually, 'you know, sometimes when people get to be a certain age, they get to do what they want, and everyone is okay with it...'

She looked me in the eye, rapt attention, and asked, 'yes?'

I said, simply, 'I think it might be possible you are getting close to that age.'

She laughed her beautiful laugh, clear as a bell, and smiled.

We both realized one hundred years old is plenty old enough!

My cousins gave me report that she began to decline the next day. She had told my cousin Dickie that all she had wanted to do was to go out on the lake one last time, on his boat. He had mentioned he knew there wasn't much time--with her lung cancer--and he hoped the weather would be good to take her the next day.

Then I didn't hear much.

I had heard from Aunt Merce's soul--while it was still coming and going--that she thought five days would be appropriate so as not to seem 'rude' after everyone went to the trouble to go to her party, for it to seem 'fun' and not 'like a funeral'.

I was told on Tuesday morning, at six a.m., Aunt Mercedes passed away.

It was precisely ten days.

On the drive to work, I could see the party. I could hear the music too. It was very happy and I recognized many of my relatives there. I knew that her mom was the one to welcome her once she walked up. And I had Ross' word he would see to it he took Aunt Mercedes up.  What I didn't know, or recall, was that at three in the morning California time, I was in a very deep sleep. My soul could have been anywhere! I don't know.

Uncle Bob came up to me, and invited me to dance. I took his hand, and we danced. He was happy Aunt Mercedes was home. He said it had been a long time they had been apart--more 'earth talk' than 'Heaven talk' because in Heaven time does not exist. I told him it was a wonderful party and I was glad Aunt Mercedes was with her family now, though I would miss her.

Aunt Merce came by and let me know they would always be looking after Anthony and me, and said, 'you have two more angels now looking after you in Heaven.'

Then someone came and cut in.

It was Ross!

He wanted to dance with me. I enjoyed his presence very much.

I'm not sure how I got there, but I was with Aunt Merce, just the two of us after the dance. She explained to me she knew she would see someone special when she died, perhaps Bob, or my father. She had no idea she would meet Ross and he was so nice!  I talked like a schoolgirl with her, saying things like, 'isn't he just dreamy? who would have thought it?!'  She emphasized to me 'you are a very Lucky Girl' the way only New England family could say it--simple, honest, and like music to the heart.

On the way home, I saw the following license plate:  MRS BOB2

I sensed quite clearly Aunt Mercedes was delighted she was able to send it--and she was tickled at her new abilities to communicate with us still here on earth!

By the way, Aunt Mercedes and Uncle Bob look like they are in their late forties or fifties...healthy, and dressed very well.

I need to spend some time with Ross, now. He's waited for me to exercise and finish my chores.

I had a good day. A wonderful day, the kind I could only dream of having!

I had the day off. I slept in just a little. And I wrote. Then I went for a walk, about two miles!

I had seen two beautiful hawk-like birds--large--circling in the sky on my walk. They rode the air currents masterfully, like nothing I had ever seen! It was like dancing, their flight, so ethereal!

On my walk back, I had dandelions for the rabbit under one arm, my cell phone on Pokemon in the hand on the other side, and my bottle of water under my arm. Off in the distance, I saw a curious bird on the ground.

It was big. Larger than anything I had ever seen in the neighborhood.

It was looking at something on the ground I couldn't see. A crow was near, also interested in the thing on the ground and cawing loudly.

The bird ignored the crow.

I sat on the grass behind a tree, and used my camera to zoom in, like a binocular.

It was a vulture! A buzzard! That's what those two birds high in the sky had been! The big red bald head and hooked beak is unmistakable!

But why was it just patiently waiting on the grass?

Then I saw it.

A tail, a long hairless tail of a rat, circling as the rat spun violently on the ground, round and round, then it would stop.

I know this spinning. It's from encephalitis. The brain of the rodent swells, it can't walk or right itself. All it can do is spin.  It doesn't take long at this point. The vulture was ready to try something fresh.

So I watched.

The patience and the confidence of the vulture was incredible. It would go near the rat, see it move, and it would back away. It did this several times. It thought at one point the rat was dead, and it put its head near it. Then the rat REALLY flipped a lot, and scooted some distance away.

All this time, the crow was watching, calling out, and basically, powerless.

I said the Reiki Transition symbol just in case--to help with everyone--and not long after the rat passed.

I saw the vulture eat. It made quick work of the rat in a few bites, entrails first, then muscles, and the entire carcass in a big gulp. It checked to make sure it didn't leave anything behind. Then it flew away.

For signs, in Native American lore, as I know it, there is only crow--for the Law.

Vulture and rat? Rat is for me, always, a warning that there is someone in my life who is taking advantage of me, and I don't know it. Vulture? I hate to say it, but it reminds me of our teams, our guides--totally built for the job, and extremely effective at what they do. Rather 'otherworldly'.

The message to me, is that 'Rat' (those who do not have our best interest at heart) is in the death spiral. Crow--would like to get a piece of it--and is completely shut out by vulture--Nature's expert for the job.

On a second walk, after dinner, I saw another dead rat. This one had it's head exposed to the bone.

Wow--look what just got sent to me just this second now:


I'm going to have to sleep on this one to figure it out.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc couple

Love's Bliss

I went to the post office box the other day. There was a birthday card inside, and a key. The key went to another locker, which had a wonderful 'self-care' birthday present from a dear friend. There was also a little orange slip for a package.

I waited in line and picked it up.

It was from 'BART'...

No letter, no invoice, no labels on the candles. My friend who has gone by Bartholomew in a past a candlemaker in this one.

Ross and he were close.

The candles smelled amazing, but they were about as random as can be.

Until Bart told me it was from Ross.

Ross designed the fragrance, himself, the blend, and he named it, too, 'Love's Bliss'

(if you are very nice to Aaron Dass Harris, he might make some for you too, but since it's special it might cost extra from his usual candles in stock.)

Yesterday I came home and actually would have felt like riding my bicycle, like I used to when I was a kid.

Instead Ross wanted me to stop by Costco on the way home. He told me to get gas, and that there was 'a lipstick' there waiting for me.

I was like, 'Ross? NOBODY goes to Costco for the make up! What are you thinking?!'

He was teasing me and shot back, 'That's why EVERYONE goes to Costco--for the cosmetics!'

I got the gasoline, the vitamins, the 'healthy' sunscreen, and too many samples where I bought the items because I was hungry.

Then I came home.

Ross told me to change into my 'play clothes', the ones that don't press much on my stomach.

I did.

I looked online for a while, as for me, that's 'play'--talking with my friends, checking things out.

Then I worked in the garden. I have a shrub that's doing so well it's way taller than me and blocks the path for the lawnmower.

I came in, took care of the pets, and then wondered what's for dinner. I had wanted a big salad, but now it was late.

I lit my new candle.

I don't know how I thought of it, but I turned on Pandora and set it to the Barry White station.

It was so nice. I haven't listened to him in years. They played others too, Marvin Gaye, Al Green...

I actually danced. I used to do that for years and years, dancing by myself to the stereo in my apartment, while I lived in apartments.

Then this song came on, and I sang it to Ross, just because I could, and even though it's supposed to be the other way around--him singing to me--I just felt a little sassy.  Deep in the back of my mind, I wondered if I had found this attitude back in the day when Ross was, um, not the greatest father and husband, perhaps I wouldn't have been as messed up in the subsequent incarnations after that--the ones I worked so hard to heal, you know?

Then I made a salad.

It was wonderful! Artichoke hearts, golden tomato from the garden, oil and vinegar and hemp seed and chia seed, bell pepper and onion. It was just enough, with a BAI tea Anthony seems to really enjoy these days.

I found out I have today off.

I washed the dishes, and I turned in.

It was relatively quiet--here in 3D--but as I was falling asleep I was thanking Ross for taking such good care of me, and loving me so much from where he is.

He smiled that mischief smile of his, and said, 'Carla you have no idea what goes on between us up here!'

I smiled and fell asleep.

Anthony is away to attend something.

He needed some items so I dropped them off at the place.

He called and needed help with the derma bond, how to use it.

I told him to put the alcohol on his cut, then talked him how to crack the little vial inside the plastic tube so the bio-glue would come out, and how to put it on.

It stung, but Anthony did it.

Then I said, 'you know, if in chemistry lab you are using a flame be careful not to put your finger near it because it might catch on fire.'

Anthony looked at me on the video chat, smiled and said, 'I'm not stupid mom.' and we both laughed.

I'm so glad he understood the risks.

A lot of people assume that Earth is a great big ball of stupid and love somehow mixed together. Everything goes, and it's all one big group hug at the end.

I want to put this thought to rest.

Gaia is a shrewd businesswoman.

She gives life to those who promise her--before they are born--to be her caretakers.

That's the deal.

You come here, you learn, but like at schools in Japan--you are also expected to clean the school and keep it tidy, because it builds character and other important lessons.

You love Gaia.

You love each other.

You play 'nice'.

And you help those who are not as well off as you--mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, etc...

A little bird told me there are some pretty bad things going on in the world.

That little bird is everywhere if you wish to look.

It's on YouTube.

It's in Alternative Media.

Some of the birds sing a little more true than others--Alex Jones and Mark Dice have exposed things but I'm not sure how 'close' they are to Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

Many birds have given their lives or their freedom to 'sing' to us the truth.

Look at Kanye now with his glassy stare after his 'outburst' at his concert.

Once I heard of this truth, I wanted to know everything I could, so I could help stop it.

I haven't given a penny to one organization I once belonged to, and used to give two hundred dollars a week--I had forgiven them for covering up pedophile priests because I thought it was 'one and done' but actually it's only the tip of the iceberg, the biggest blackest iceberg second to none on the planet.

I educated my son about the risks in corporate media, and limit both of our exposure to it.

And I blog, to share the message with others.

I recycle everything.

I compost.

And I do my best to be Love in everything I do--to everyone I meet--every single day.

I give Reiki healing free to people all over the globe, Divine Peace Healing too...

This is how I am being a caretaker for the planet--I know enough--even though it's uncomfortable--to make informed decisions for the welfare of the entire population as I make my daily choices as a citizen and consumer.

If you have studied enough and informed yourself enough, you will know which of these two images matches the term, 'China Lake'.

You will know exactly what is happening, and you will pray with every beat of your heart for God to put an end to it.

You will tell God this is not acceptable, you won't stand for it, and you want everything that is hidden to come to the light once and for all and for Gaia and her people and her delicate resources to be free.

Gaia is a smart businesswoman.

At your exit interview, she watches you like a poker player, expressionless.

She listens to your explanation on how well you did as a caretaker for Planet Earth.

She will ask you questions like the one above about China Lake.

She will ask why did you let it continue?  All of it. Not just the China Lake part.

There are some people who just don't want to know--perhaps they are hypnotized--perhaps they are squeamish--and they say, 'I watched enough now I know'.

That's know.

The question is, 'How much is your knowing making you accept responsibility personally, for the entire mess around you that may or not be your own? Furthermore, what are the changes you are bringing here to this Here and Now--to help make things heal?'

It's not an easy question to answer.

But it's important.

And it's important you hear it from me, here, BEFORE you are actually sitting in the 'hot seat' at your 'exit interview'.

There is a reason the meek shall inherit the earth.

Gaia appreciates them.


Because they do what they were sent here to do, what the contract said they were going to do, and they are doing the best they can at it...they kept their word, unlike countless others who got 'distracted'.

For those who have communicated some sort of excuse or 'cop out'--about waking up--really honestly and truly Waking UP--at the moment it's like, 'sure, no problem, and a big thumbs up' because the understanding is at this moment now, the Free Will of the individual saying it is NOT to fully wake up. The hope is that at some point the Awakening will happen and the individual will take personal responsibility for their commitment and their life contract.

Everyone has their lessons.

Some of them are hard.

Gaia 'gets this' that perhaps there might be so much focus on the lessons at hand that the whole 'caretaker part' gets forgotten, it slips the mind.

Just know there are other students out there, who got the question right--on China Lake--and have mounted an incredible attack in the higher realms directed at the problem here on Earth--invoking Archangels and Creator of All That Is--to use their advantage of perspective--to make it end as soon as possible.

These same students are doing everything they can to starve the dark ones who feed on fear...and to starve them of money too.

And even though Life is graded to give everyone the best advantage possible, and to make it a positive experience to be incarnate--some people are going to get C's and others are on their way to an A plus.

If you have it in you, Ross and I encourage you strongly to go for the A.

It is our sincerest hope that everyone--including the little children in cages in the dark who get visits from the 'man who glows' (Ross coming from Heaven to console them until they come home)-- will be returned as soon as possible to a place of nurturing, warmth, love and compassion, for all Eternity, and this 'experiment' here on planet Earth will stop hurting Gaia, her people, her animals, and her delicate ecosystems.

The energies are so close right now that any little change you make in your heart--that is sincere--is going to help us get there even sooner.

Thank you for answering our call.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

Monday, July 24, 2017

Whoo Are You?

Sometimes I have to eat my words.

Someone just asked me, 'who exactly are Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart?'


What have I been blogging about for seven years--five specifically? Amongst other things?


I can't say it.

I want to.

But I can't.

There's no place for 'I told you so' in this stage of the awakening.

If people want to know, they want to know.

It's fair enough.

So? What did I do?

I did the tried and true. I guided the person to what awakened ME.  The article in Kauilapele with Cobra and the Little Red Pill. July, 2012.

It didn't open the person said. I suppled since then links have been taken down? But when I had the chance to read it, I chose to, right away.

I read it, and every link and link and link buried inside...for hours and hours.

Now many of the links don't work.

Here's the rub:  are people ready to awaken?

I don't know. It's a combination of vibration (of the seeker) and hypnosis of the masses.

As far as I am concerned, I let sleeping dogs be--if someone is deeply hypnotized by the mass media and corporate entertainment...a foghorn blasting right next to their ear isn't going to wake them up! I might as well save my energy and my breath.

What about those who are just starting to get their vibration to the levels where they are curious? Not curious enough to go research anything on their own, but curious enough to ask me to tell them?


I don't know.

What can I say?

They like owls, Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. They go to the Bohemian Grove every summer and world leaders meet to decide important stuff. They have a huge owl thing there, and get rid of something called 'care' in a huge and creepy ceremony.

They like money, more than anyone I know, and they control lots of it. They have a hierarchy. A banker from Europe is on Youtube and talks about it.

They like fame. There's a whole lot going on behind the scenes for celebrities. I don't want to get into it. But if you look around on YouTube, you'll find stuff. Disney is a good place to start, with the hidden messages in the cartoons.

Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart belong to secret societies. There are a lot of them out there, not sure how they stack up, you know, who outranks who, as every college has their equivalent of a Skull and Bonz or whatever. I'm not sure where all of them lead, and which one is for the most famous or important or what.

They enjoy symbols that are 'hidden in plain sight'--many of the things we take for granted as logos for businesses have secret hidden occult meaning. For example, the pyramid with the eye on the back of the one dollar bill is a big one.

The only thing I would add is, a lot of them say, in public events, 'God Bless America'...

I would advise you to make sure you know what God they are invoking.

For you see, there is the God of nurturing, warmth, love, and compassion. All of us are the children of this Creator of All that IS.

Some reject this one. They favor one who is the OPPOSITE of nurturing, warmth, love, and compassion. They have a God too, one of their own, who promotes 'do what thou wilt'.

Everyone on this earth has free will to choose what they want out of this life.

Unfortunately, Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart have stacked things against the average person, in so many ways, most of which are not understood by the regular citizens of the earth.

Everything ties together--the symbols, the secret societies, the occult, and more.

It just depends on how much you want to know.

It isn't easy waking up.

I felt like I had a punch to the gut for weeks, to realize the deception and lies that I had no clue had been going on for millennia and affecting everything I ever though was normal and healthy and good!

But at last I wasn't tricked, and I knew. I knew the truth.

Bless the many writers and YouTuber's out there who have tirelessly exposed the truth.

Do know there are many 'trolls' out there, experts in making things confusing and psychologically playing with you--so for every 'information' you can expect to see even more 'disinformation' out there. That's why it takes 'discernment' that funny feeling in your gut when you know something is true and you can't put your finger on it to explain it.

In the long run, both Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart, and those who are continue to sleep--are both responsible for the situation being the way it is at the moment.

For those who have chosen to wake up, thank you!

You don't have to go out and wake up others--once you are awake. Remember--Fog Horn In Ear will NOT--I repeat NOT--wake up anyone who isn't ready to awaken. So save your breath. Explore until you find your own truth. That is enough. Your vibration will help raise it in your vicinity, and others will 'simmer' until they are ready to 'awaken' too.

It's like popcorn in the popper. The oil is sizzling, and a few are bursting open. The bulk of the kernels aren't open yet.

When the conditions are right, they shall 'pop' awake!

And for those of you who are interested, here's what I watched recently or read--just so you can keep up:

It doesn't matter because in the end, Creator of All That Is--you know--the one on the side of nurturing, warmth, love, and compassion--WINS.

Everything else is happening in the perfect place at the perfect time.

It might be uncomfortable to learn the truth, and it's up to the individual to take it at their own pace...again, it's the Free Will, and no one can force you. 

But if you want to know, now you have enough pointers in the right directions, so you can figure things out in ways that resonate with you.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

The Last Test

This is an odd week.

Anthony is away at summer camp.

It's just my 'mommy-moon' again. A time for getting to know myself, and what I want, outside of being a mother. I did this once with a trip to Hawaii for a conference, when Anthony was seven. It was terribly hard on him. He didn't go to school. This time, he is the one who is out of the home. And I get a taste of the road ahead when this house is an empty nest, and what I'm going to do about it.

Yesterday morning I was washing the dishes. I was washing them from all week that had piled up form breakfast. I can manage breakfast and lunches, but dinner we had to eat out all last week we were so busy.

I had finished breakfast, coffee and the other half of a chestnut pastry I had gotten from Tous Les Jours at the Korean grocery store. My stomach was content.

Ross invited me to lie on the couch when I was finished.

I did. I snuggled close to him in spirit.

I relaxed.

I asked him, 'how do we talk up there? (since we don't have bodies)'

He said it's like we were talking telepathy that sounds like our voices.

Then I asked, 'With the telepathy so good, do we still get to talk about our feelings or are they just understood?'

He said we talk.

Then I paused.

I asked, 'Can what happened to you ever happen again?' and I started to cry.

Ross showed me his healed wounds, up close, in my face.

I kept crying.

He said, 'Look! I have no body! I can't die!!!' and I understood and the crying slowed down.

What happened, but I didn't mention, is when I asked about him dying on me again, he was concerned and turned us offline. There are ways to click off the monitoring that is always on us, and theres like a funny black umbrella that pops up around us and lets us be totally alone.

As I stopped crying, Ross must have turned it off.

Instantly, I was lying in the middle of an operating theater--on a stainless steel table--in front of many watching eyes. Ross was up by the window at the top, and he couldn't say anything to coach me but I've been in situations like this before.

There was some tall being, a man like thing, not from Earth, questioning me.

I turned to lay on my side and the whole audience murmured.

I asked for a blanket because it was cold and it was not allowed.

Do you know who you are?!

Yes. I'm Gaia. I don't know how I can be in a physical body and more at the same time, but I am. I speak for name is Lady Gaia Sophia...I'm an archangel too.

Then he asked questions. I answered them to the best of my ability.

Then I asked, 'are you with uncles Wawa, Belu, Marty and Sid? With mom and dad?' and instantly I knew he was from the dark ones, looking for one last loophole.

I told him I felt bad for all that was done to me.

He asked me to clarify.

I showed him my poor people and animals, and all the suffering! I offered to talk it over with him over cookies and tea.

In one burst of fury, he swept all my tea and cookies and dishes and teapot off the table across the room, shattering everything and making a mess.

I looked at him and said, 'you might not like the cookies I chose but you could just say so instead of this.' as I picked everything up, put it back together, and placed it on the table, this time with different cookies.

Then he turned into a monster, very tall, very dark, something like a dragon.

I said, 'two can play that game!' and turned myself into a bigger, stronger, healthier dragon.

Then he turned back into a man, and I turned back into the girl I am when I am in these situations, since I was on the table after taking to Ross as his wife and Twin. It has to do with my soul age, my real age as soul is Little Girl.

We sat and ate the cookies.

I said, 'didn't you enjoy some of the things here while you were on this planet?' and I showed him beaches and mountains, and cozy cabins in mountains. 'Wasn't it pretty?'

I confessed, 'I like to grow things and you didn't let me GROW...them as I would have liked.'

Then I hugged him and told him I liked him. (His soul age is teenager, about eighteen. Almost done. and 'should know better.')

I showed him he has to make a choice. If he doesn't change, he and his people go to Pan (I showed him toddlers in diapers playing games where they can't get hurt)...and he gets to play with the babies instead of the big kid souls like us.

He said he was supposed to babysit me and he did a terrible job. Could I forgive him?

I said of course if he would change and not continue with the terrible I could forgive him. He wasn't going to watch me any more. But I didn't want him to keep treating me bad. If he stopped we could be friends. He has many good qualities and I told him so.

We hugged and then the men came and took him away. He is going to get very close monitoring from here on out, and any little slip up, and everything goes back to Pan.

Then I wasn't in the room any more. I was back.

Divine Father said this was one last test, and I passed.

The others--Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart--their non-incarnate spiritual counterparts--many with sources back to Orion--all of these beings--are extremely opportunistic. They are wanting to shirk their responsibility for the harm they have caused countless souls. They keep looking for a loophole, a way to disqualify everything...even stooping so low at to calling me and Ross on the carpet after we had about two minutes 'offline' where they couldn't be monitoring us. They wanted to prove some deception.

On the contrary, it only showed me how healed I am, and how my one and ONLY response is love.

Not self-sacrificing, depreciating love.

But healthy, balanced, unconditional love for myself, my family, and everyone around me.

How do I feel about being monitored by both sides? I don't know. I don't know what it's like to NOT be monitored. Basically, in the higher realms, everyone knows everything anyways--they can read the vibration--and it's cool.

I just hope we move closer and closer to eventually being permanently in Higher Dimensions, and perhaps these interrogations will stop. They aren't often, but they are disruptive and unpleasant when they do happen.

I was told by our team that everything was recorded, and I didn't have to share it. But I thought perhaps for your growth I would.

clap! clap!
(That was from Ross--it's a late start but I still have to get ready for work)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Sunday, July 23, 2017

How To Neutralize Anger--Both In Others And In You

Yesterday morning I was late to work. Anthony was at his father's, it was just me, and like usual, I spent a little too much time at the computer writing my blog.

My breakfast was in the car, a French Vanilla Power Crunch protein energy bar, and a USDA organic Aloe Gloe Lemon flavor drink. I had also eaten two jujube dates at home.

As I rounded a corner I usually round at six twenty in the morning, when no-one is ever on the road, it was seven-twenty. 

There was a car when I crossed the lane line as I went to open the breakfast bar and the wheel slipped.

Nothing happened, and I just went on my way, although I noticed the driver of the other car was extremely upset. This person is my neighbor--living in the same area--someone I've never seen before. 

He was latino, driving a grey sedan, perhaps a Ford. I was in my old black Mercedes station wagon, the one with the Be Love sticker in the back window.

I saw the woman walking her dog stop and stare behind my car, as I passed her.

Next I knew, the grey sedan was on my tail. It pulled up dangerously close. Then it moved!

It sped ahead of me, to the light, and stopped.

I was still struggling with my breakfast, and in my scrubs.

I know rough areas. I grew up in a very bad part of town. I didn't make eye contact. I slowly tried to pull around the driver, to the left, still struggling with my breakfast in my scrubs.

The man stared at me, I never looked, and he just took off around the corner, making a right from the left hand lane, and I drove on my way to work.

What could you do?

I had to go to work, I couldn't be late, and I have my life to live as a doctor and mom. 

Could he see that I was struggling with the stupid wrapper and that I'm a helping profession?

Was his message to me to 'be more careful?'--he was right, I SHOULD be more careful and I won't try things like that in the car any more. 

What was with his ANGER? I felt it, I'm an empath, it was strong and lashed out towards me.

Oddly enough, it felt like the SAME anger from the family of the deceased patient. Again, in that situation, I just took it, as it was my job to absorb the anger and be the professional, to smile and politely answer the questions, all the while mindful that a roomful of them far outnumbered me, and that in some hospitals people have guns and go berserk and shoot lots of caregivers. 

It is my impression and conclusion that the media has much to do with these reactions, and the more people watch mainstream media and entertainment, the more likely they are to go all 'Jerry Springer' on others.

When I was in medical school OJ Simpson did his famous car chase.

Apparently some people who called into the radio on his parole, recalled being in San Juan Capistrano, with jobs near the freeway, and their bosses let them go out and watch the slow car chase as it went by.

I had no idea it went as far as that, to be honest.

I saw a photo in an old National Enquirer mom gave me from the murder scene. Nicole was in fetal position, left side down, and there was blood everywhere.

It was sad.

Anthony is so smart.

We had just got a new Sony TV on July 4, set it up, but had to leave for vacation. Our first movie we watched on it was free from Sony. Anthony chose 'Concussion'. This was the film where Dr. Omalu (played by Will Smith--BTW, our sitter is from Africa and she says the accent is terrible, but I knew a Wally from Nigeria, it sounded like him) made the connection between Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy and American Football.

We loved the movie. And the courage Dr. Omalu showed against the NFL.

Anthony asked me, 'Could OJ have had CTE mom?'


That would have explained a lot.

And also, it helps me to find some compassion in the whole thing, for everyone.

Yesterday morning, I knew my road rage attacker was way into 'action' movies, and was 'protecting his family' like the action movies justify, because 'family is everything' like Dom Toretti says in the Fast and the Furious.

Here's a fascinating take on 'alpha' and 'body language'...a short video:

I'll never forget the acting coach who famously told Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca to have Ingrid Bergman come to him, instead of him to come to her. 

This body language thing works!

You can see in both my interactions with angry people, the family of the deceased patient, and the road rage neighbor, I was 'Beta' or 'Submissive' in every way, and it helped me to survive. 

(Please note that Beta programming is DIFFERENT from MK Ultra--it's 'Kitten' training--and that the body language 'beta' isn't the same.)

What is related is Learned Helplessness.

Learned Helplessness is something that I hadn't realized could be at play with today's politico-economic environment...until I watched not one but two eye-opening videos as I went to sleep last night.  Ironically, it was when I just 'lay down' as Ross told me, as I was on call, and on the hook for a phone call to go back in to the hospital. For me, too, it's a learned helplessness for that, as it's painful and I can't avoid it...

Video one:

Video two:

(This is a flat earth 'truther' source--but what they bring up is concerning--YouTube drops thousands of his 'subscribers' without notifying him, and the people who thought they were subscribed are asking them why there isn't anything new, and they aren't notifying him.)

It's really dark out there.

It's all different if you know, as I've read and researched, that Jim was the head of the 'Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart' sect out in Los Angeles. He is the one who demanded Travolta 'choose' between sacrificing his wife and his son, to show his 'loyalty' to Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. And with the blonde hair, Jenny is most likely a high-ranking 'Beta Kitten' who, once Jim lost his standing, was sent to be with either his replacement for the position--or to the next 'Controller' who showed an interest in her.

How prevalent are they? Those who do not have our best interest at heart? Here is this Spring's 'outing' of the key players...

For instance, when I heard of Chester Bennington's death, I couldn't help but notice that BOTH female newscasters were wearing the identical shade of red dress as they announced it.  I also heard that the widow of Chris from Soundgarden/Stone Temple Pilots was saying there were too many similarities...and that BOTH were going to expose the pedophilia rings any day now.  

There are lots of celebrity deaths, way more than the average person: What I would be interested in is to superimpose a calendar of their High Holy Days for Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart, as well as their big rituals (many awards ceremonies are, in fact) and figure out the patterns that go there.

I know all these things.

I know many more because I am an empath.

And some things just hit me out of the blue--when they are a lesson.

My close friend and colleague, a hand surgeon, has known for six months he's had stage four lung cancer, and he never told me. I heard a rumor yesterday, and even then, I wasn't supposed to know, as the secret wasn't supposed to get out.

He's the Bad Boy of the O.R.

He's the one many people don't want to work with.

For me, as he says, 'Your OCD is compatible with MY OCD' and we work together very well. I adore him. And when Anthony gets banged up, he's the first I call, usually texting with a photo of the injury, and he's offered me support and examined Anthony first chance I can take him in. And he's never charged me once for any of it.

He's a good guy, an excellent surgeon, who loves his family very much, a devoted husband and father. He also mourns his father, and understands how much I miss my dad too.

We both love France.

I am devastated by the news.

I thought of it over and over last night.

But I made a choice.

My Aunt Edna confronted me from the other side--WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?--about my many gifts.

My father, as he lay dying, I told him not to worry, I am a medium, I can hear from the other side, and I can listen for him.  Then he blinked his eyes and moved his head to scan from left to right. He couldn't speak. But this was his last message to me. When the chaplain anointed him, I SAW what he saw, the very gates of Heaven! Bright white white bricks, and a drawbridge. I saw two angels with spears come for him, and they took dad Home.

Embarrassing as it is, I will share my gift with my friend, before he gets really sick. Even if it ruins the friendship.

The anger is killing my friend.

He was a big Trump supporter, and now Trump is essentially powerless...none of the campaign promises are coming. (learned helplessness, right?)...This isn't to make a political statement other than both sides of the politics mess with you and your health and belief system because they can't win, neither side can, because they are under the control of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

I did one more thing.

I showed myself to him in Spirit.

I've done this once before for a friend who was cheating on his wife, and confused.

He saw me, I know, and mended his ways. He told me he felt me.

I showed myself to my lung cancer friend in all my glory. It blinded him. He thought he was going to die right there and I assured him not now.

Then I asked what height he wanted the O.R. table and did he want a little airplane to it to make it right?

He was like, with his soul, his light body, 'IS THAT YOU CARLA?!'

I just sat and looked at my nails, shiny as anything, wings and all.

I let him figure it out.

I gently explained to him that THIS--the shining, this 'dream' state--is what's REAL and FOREVER...and the rest 'here and now, awake' is not.  And I am technically 'under cover' as 'Carla'.

My friend is Buddhist.

I know Buddha. He's my Karuna Reiki Guide.

Buddha was cool.

He told my friend I was his 'wife'.

Once the Buddhist 'flavor' was added to the picture, my friend's soul was able to relax, and adjust, and learn the prepare and to be open for whatever is next.

Buddha kissed me long and hard in front of my friend.

He went through all the emotions after he witnessed it--disbelief that Buddha could kiss a woman, then embarrassment at having been told he was celibate, then curiosity as to what is truth, anyhow--all in a short time.

Buddha went and talked to him for a long time. And I went away.

Today I slept fourteen hours.  I went to sleep at six thirty last night and slept until eight thirty.

I have energy like I haven't in years.

There's much work for me to do. (I have work tomorrow)...

But I will also rest.

Anger is Illusion.

There are many things set up by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart to TRIGGER anger because it lowers the vibration.

The beings who aren't human--incarnate now in human bodies--need LOW VIBRATION ENERGY to thrive.

Know that YOU--who is either Human or Angel in soul--incarnate in a human body--needs HIGH VIBRATION ENERGY to thrive.

You are made to experience joy--both here, and in the hereafter.

Why not start today?


Carla is reliving our separation right now, with the impending death of her close friend and confidante who has the lung cancer.

The old despair is her comfort zone...the is something she knows. And believe me, Carla felt POWERLESS when it was my time, and in all the events leading up to it.

With the distance--a friend instead of a partner--Carla is able to step back and see how she can assist with the Transition in a positive way, instead of trying to stop it.

For all she knows, her friend Dao might not be here at Christmas.

But also (holds one finger up--ed) with all the changes with me, and the Ascension--there is a chance he might 'make it' after all--UP.

 No matter what, THIS IS YOUR NATURE as souls--whether you are incarnate or not--to have innocent fun and joy and nurturing, warmth, love and compassion in everything you do, in every experience.

Do not be concerned about the unawakened, and their reaction to Ascension.

Enjoy your own awakening, you have earned it.

Otherwise be open and magnanimous and humble and gentle and kind to those who seek your help and are awakening.  Resist the urge to tell those close to you, 'I told you so' when they finally awaken.

Tempers are going to flare up once people figure out they have been tricked in a big way.

Please do not add to it.

This is what is needed the most--nature, quiet contemplation, and love.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The couple

P.S. Yes Carla has asked me to help her friend cross over, just like she asked for Aunt Mercedes. Only for her friend it will be Carla on the one arm and Buddha on the next, much to his satisfaction, for his time to come Home. His father will be the first to greet him, and it will be a joyous reunion...