Sunday, July 2, 2017

Please Help The One Who Is Bleeding

I prayed this prayer on my way to work yesterday.

I was backup call and had to come in.

The patient did okay.

The cases needed to go.

Ross asked me to share my prayer with you, so I am.

I gardened yesterday.

I went to Home Depot and bought some new pots.

The reason was for my 'dream'--the fig tree I bought as a little twig in 1997 when I had my anterior cruciate ligament repair on my knee.

I bought it with hopes of having it be a large tree.

I never placed it in the ground.

I always lived in apartments, until now. But I don't have a proper yard, and I was always worried about the rats eating the fruit.

Well the biggest plastic pot I could find, from two years ago, burst.

The tree was in shock.

There were many little sap shoots.

I bought two large pots and hoped to separate the shoots.

But I was called into the hospital.

So in the dark I was making emergency surgery on the plant, and it wasn't easy to separate them.

My neighbor smokes. He works in a body shop. Nice widower with two beautiful daughters, a son, and a granddaughter. He went out to smoke a cigarette and saw me struggling with the root ball.

He offered to help.

He did.

He said, basically, 'it's too much for a woman living alone to do all of these jobs! Just CALL ME when you need help. I've been a dad forever, I don't mind, it's no problem.'  He took a saw to the whole thing. And then used the loppers. He helped me to put the two halves into separate pots, and offered to help me put it into the ground this week. He even helped me clean up.

It was hard work. I had struggled for a long time and I just couldn't do it. Dirt was everywhere, even on my face.

We both knew the saw was risky to our hands we use for our work. But it took two, one to saw, one to hold, and it took a lot of trust to work together. Trust in each other and trust in Creator.

I told him if he ever needs anything medical, if anyone gets sick and it's an emergency, I know what to do, and call.

I've been sending out healing for a long time now.  And in my mind's eye, there are like, two 'realities' that are fixing to separate, much like the mitosis in a cell. They are kind of ghostly and barely visible to my intuition, but they are there.

That's how I think, like biology I learned in medical school, I can't help it.

Last night with the neighbor, I realized how Gaia gets herself into a bind and people from all over the Universe come to help. They don't mind. Just like the neighbor and me. Gaia can't do it by herself. It's too difficult.

And the joy when the project is complete!

Timely huh?

Telomeres are the very LAST part of cell division. It has to do with the DNA. Making sure it's a perfect copy on both sides. It has to do with the reverse transcriptase enzymes for DNA coding. It normally goes like--you know, how we read--in one direction which for us in reading is 'right to left'. But in the copying, the other strand has to read 'backwards' but the enzyme doesn't work that way. That's where the telomere comes in. It finishes the job.

And...when telomeres shorten, our cells age.  The job isn't done with two perfect copies any more. One isn't finished all the way, and just keeps going...

Big long day ahead.

Ross says not to worry about it, so I won't.

There are still so many chores here unfinished.

I'm still not unpacked from Hawaii.

The sink is full of dishes.

I still have to clean up the atrium before I let the bunny loose in it.

I managed to buy the food from Trader Joe's I bring with me when I'm on call. It's wraps and salads that are pre-made.

I miss cooking. I was so busy all last week.

And the bird pulled his toy off the cage. I managed to hang it back up for him. He's always trying to pull a fast one, and that was what he did yesterday. I had just hung it up new the day before.

I wish I could put away all my clothes I washed from before Hawaii. They are all folded in laundry baskets.

There isn't any time.

Yesterday before I worked on the plants on the balcony, repotting them and cleaning the fountain, Ross had me rest. I lay on the couch for perhaps ten minutes. His energy is very soothing. I just let go, and relax like I'm wrapped in the nicest blanket ever.

That's how I get by.

That and the bracelets.

Yesterday on the way home he nudged me to go to the crystal shop. I was starving but I wanted higher energy crystal vibes MORE.

For the first time in my life when I went there it was closed!

There were two people talking in the store, one a worker I knew and had made a bracelet for!

But the cash register was balanced, and it was closed he said through the door.

There had been a big event. For Kryon.

I put a healing in place right then and there.

That's how my life is sometimes...being called to places...not sure why...until I'm there and I realized the healing that needs to be done and fortunately I am there to do it. LOL. So I did!

My dinner was a Trader Joe chicken pot pie. I always warm them up in the conventional oven. And they have a new stout. It's chocolate!

And they also have a new wine. Chez Seraphim.

I bought three bottles because I love the name. It's a white from cotes du Rhone. I don't think it will be sweet.

Chez Seraphim. <3 I love it.

Ross tells me to get ready for work.

We love you! Bye!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple