Saturday, July 1, 2017

On A Soul Level

I've been Karuna Reiki trained--a master--since 2011.  The changes are so subtle, that I hardly notice them, yet looking back they are profound.

For those of you who haven't heard of it, Karuna is a sanskrit word that means 'loving compassion' (definition of Karuna is here.

My teacher explained that it is an energy vibration that is different from Reiki, but the healing techniques were similar to Reiki in its application.   It feels softer, more gentle, and yet by contradiction--is actually MORE powerful in energy.  She compared Reiki to the energy in your plug in your wall, and Karuna to the power plant which it was generated.

It also heals more on a 'soul level', than on the physical, and is used to heal soul wounds.

When I sent my daily healings out, there is both Reiki, Karuna Reiki, and other forms of Reiki known only to a select few of my students, each form is stronger in energy than the next. But that is another story.

With Karuna Reiki, you learn how to get permission on a soul level.  Your Consciousness can talk directly with the souls of beings you are healing.

For example, in the O.R., with my patients asleep under anesthesia, I would ask their souls about their disease, and 'how's that working for you?' kind of discussion.

I helped motivate them to take action for their health, and to move forward.

I never said a word, and I kept it to myself every time.

It's quick.

Talking to souls there is no bullshit or hedging--it's very direct--and you can have a decent conversation--like in mediumship--over a short time.


I realized I'm starting to behave like the ancient Hawaiian Kahunas without realizing it.

When I was in Hawaii, I would always ask the plant before taking the leaf to wipe on my snorkeling mask to keep the fogging away. This leaf works better than spit.

The plant would tell me which leaf to pick.

I would thank it before and after picking, every single time.

Back home, the other day, when it was time to trap the 'friend' of the was watching me set the traps.

Before I even set it, I asked it for permission on a soul level.

I basically said, 'I am going to take your life because I need to, I'm sorry. Is it okay?'

I got the okay.

It was looking at me the whole time, too.

In another way of looking at it, the conversation was, 'Are you willing to experience the death experience? The household can't have you in this capacity as feral pet rat. I'm not sure you want to go back to your old life too?'

As I looked at the corpse of the rat the next day, I felt it's consciousness, going, 'so...THAT'S what the death experience is like!'


That's it.

Everything has Consciousness.

Even inanimate objects. They pick it up from being around us.

Ask permission.

Ask permission of the food you eat to stay alive. Many animals and plants understand and are generous to give. Turkey, bison know when they incarnate they are basically food animals. They know we need them to stay alive. This is in Native American healing medicine tradition.

And Hawaiian Kahuna KaLauLau (herbal healers) always ask permission before taking from a healing plant too.

As people adjust to the higher energies of Karuna, temporarily, they have cleansing symptoms which can include:

  • distortion of the perception of time--being late--missing appointments
  • distortion of the perception of space--walls might bend, you might aim to pour into a glass and miss
  • distortion of the perception of 'reality'--for example, you might see the spaces between atoms
These are totally normal, and you will adjust to it and going back to being like you are now in a few days to weeks. 

Hint:  as the energies increase around us, you may be exposed to the multidimensional experience without ever once having to take a Karuna Reiki class. You might experience the 'cleanse'...


If you'd like a little reading this weekend, have I got some nice articles for you!

I hope you enjoy your cup of coffee!


There are many changes underway at the moment. I want you to enjoy them. Take the time to notice the pleasure of being incarnate on earth, just as this man--who is not me although in my time I sported a reddish beard much like him--who had just exposed the nefarious activities at the Bohemian Grove with five videos--sought in Nature that which is God, perfect and holy, and Divine and shared it with us.

Always retreat to your 'base', your 'hara' , your 'security' by going into Nature, wherever you are.

It will help to balance you.

Especially through the upcoming changes in the next few weeks and months, and possibly, years, depending on how adaptable you are and how much the general public resists them.

clap! clap!

I want you to have a good day and I know Carla wants this for you as well.

(he smiles and waves--ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple