Monday, July 31, 2017

The Dream

I've been at this a long time.

In 1985 I got my first gift of a Rosary, and I learned to pray on it. I was twenty-one. I loved it.

I enjoyed going to mass. And my boyfriend's family was very, very devout Catholic. His mother went to mass every day.

That's when I found or was given the book, the little pocket-size book which described the end of the world, the three days of darkness, where souls and demons would be outside the house, screaming like our loved ones for us to open the door, but we, who were prepared knew we couldn't. We also knew to line the windows with aluminum foil to keep us safe during those terrible, awful three days. The only thing that would light is a candle which had been blessed by a priest. When it was over and we could leave the house it would be perpetual Spring.

The other book, the one I loved, had special prayers in it, extra prayers, for different things. It was blue, and had an image of Da Vinci's pieta on the cover. There was one set of prayers of interest to me especially--how to help a soul to cross over at the end of life. When my Aunt Edna was at the end of her life, I 'sensed' she was in need and I stayed up late saying the prayer over and over, for to make it work it had to be said a number of times, and it was a complex set of prayers.

Later, in session with medium Tim Braun, Aunt Edna has said the prayers really 'helped', and she thanked me.

I thought I had everything figured out.

Then in medical school, I began having messages from Divine Mother. I would write them down in notebooks. Through my ex-husband's family--the same family--I met a visionary Barbara Matthias in Santa Maria, California. I was with Barbara during her communication session (every day at four-thirty she would go into a trance, a religious ecstasy--and had even been tested at UCSF by non-Christian scientists. She really WAS in a trance--they did ice water into her ear with a water pick, like you do a coma patient--and she wasn't 'there' or 'in there'. Two of the three scientists converted based on the evidence they found)...I was next to Barbara and on my knees like her, and I reached out with love to Divine Mother Mary with my hand. I wondered where I was touching her, I hoped it wasn't rude because I couldn't see, and for the first time, I heard her tinkling laugh like bells, one of the most beautiful sounds I've ever heard--and she said, 'on my tummy'.

Through my heartaches and trials of medical school (here's a flavor of it-- she gave me courage, and hope. I had many many problems with relationships. And she would tell me I would be in the most beautiful love story that ever happened. I kept searching for it, and having my heart broken time and again. But I trusted her and knew when the time was right good things would happen.

During that mediumship with Tim Braun, my Aunt Edna confronted me. 'Why didn't you tell me?!' (about my seeing Blessed Mother Mary).

I don't know. I told her even if I did, in Life, she wouldn't believe me--no one ever did--not even the priests I went to for help and counseling and guidance--so I just kept it to myself.

Later, when her dear friend Roy was dying of lung cancer, and he crossed over, Roy challenged me--'why didn't you tell me?' (that you can see those who have crossed over, and that you sensed I would die soon)

Again, I didn't know. I just thought earth people liked to have their earth experience untainted by otherworldly 'reminders'.

I focused on being a single mother and the best anesthesiologist I could be.

To be honest I don't know how it happened. How I got interested in spiritual things. I supposed it's when I saw Tim's face in an ad for a local crystal store--and I knew he had answers to why I was the way I am--and what I should do about it?  He's the one who sent me to his teacher, Anne Reith, PhD...where I learned Reiki...and one thing led to another, and I've been here at this post (blog, healing, etc)...ever since.

Early Saturday morning, right before I woke up, Ross took me by the hand to show me something.

I'd never seen anything like it. There was a very large--not heavy or obese but large--man in judicial wigs who said, 'As the judge and jury, by the power vested in me, you are FREE!' and I heard the gavel hitting the desk several times, and there was a finality to it.

I looked closely and it was Divine Father with the wig, and I took the wig off and hugged him. Both he and Ross had an air of celebration to them.

I smiled.

I smiled inwardly. For Divine Mother incarnate and I had been talking the day before, about how difficult it is to be in our positions. I confided I needed an end point, a target, a finish line...psychologically. I wanted a reward to work for, as it motivates me. Divine Mother said, 'you have Ross!' and I said, 'Ross is complex and has a mind of his own. In every experience I've had with him, he brings with him more lessons for me, and I'm tired of lessons. I would rather have a big, stuffed unicorn to run for as my prize, and then later, take Ross on HIS own terms...just so I would know I finished my assignment and we are truly Ascended and Free.'

As I fell asleep on Friday night, I just said to myself, 'as close as I am to this finish line, I just can't do it any more. My heart isn't in it. My soul is going to have to come in here and do it for me because I'm simply done with this whole Ascension thing.'  When I said 'soul' I meant, 'the unseen parts of me that got me here into this body in the first place'. I felt a warmth and solidness and purpose like I'd never felt before, and I am still feeling it now.

(I was told later we did indeed cross the finish line, and I was hand in hand with Divine Mother Incarnate's soul, and we both ran into Divine Father's and Ross' open arms at the finish line.)

It was a spontaneous day. Anthony was back from summer camp. I had to get a blood draw, but then after we went to Disneyland. We just felt like spending the day there together, to get our money's worth from our annual passes.

As it turned out, it was both the first day the train had been open in almost two years, and the new Fantasmic show was shown to the public (I think--not sure on first day, but it's a new one).

There was work to do at the park.

I saw this one for the first time from the back. The left hand is touching, and the entire angel itself is seated on something very phallic, like an enormous dildo. I was shocked. Not just the pedophile vibe, illuminati 'shhhh' mystery from the front, but the thing that was phallic too.

They never quit!

For the train I did what was asked of me.

For the river show, I did what was asked of me. Anthony couldn't even bear to watch the show, it was torture for him for he knew all the symbolism and ritual going on before the innocent public. I kept telling him no one wants to know, they are videotaping the show, it means so much to them...they are asleep! And I was working, don't worry.

Ross told me something important.

He said if one person watches an Illuminati ceremony (this in fact was a veiled one)l--and doesn't 'buy it' --doesn't go along or believe--all the magic won't work for all eternity--both back and forward into the future. And with Anthony and me--that 'ceremony' was neutralized.

I myself, was deeply troubled. For I understood the darkness and the deceit on another level. The story or script of the show, teaches that people can sense and identify 'evil'--and further, that they can 'use their imagination to make it go away'.

This isn't true.

All the dark ones are hidden in plain sight, and even though people 'think' they can 'detect it'--really, in the bigger picture, they can't. Just like with that angel statue they walk by without a second thought of how horrifying it is.

Even worse, I know how things 'stack up' with the dragons and the beings who are not incarnate for Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. It's a long story, if you've read the blogs from like 2014 you would know. I don't want to rehash it here.

In the script a dragon is shown very ugly and powerful (which is an Illuminati 'slant') and Mickey says, 'this is MY imagination, YOU get out of here!'

It's a form of blasphemy against the natural order of things, against Universal Law, for an incarnate being to mock those who are our natural protectors and guides.

It's a way of deepening the hypnosis of the people.

For people who are MK Ultra, Monarch--um, victims--in the 'training' they are encouraged to watch as much Disney as possible. This is because it reinforces the training. Not sure exactly how, but the themes match the 'programming' used in the MK Ultra/Monarch and reinforces it.

Anyhow, I'm free.

I was also told that everything here--that resembles 'Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart' is actually now a hologram. And for continuity of the storylines for those deeply asleep, they will be removed in ways that make sense.

I've noticed some people stepping forward to educate others--Bartholomew, and also on instagram, spiritchasrr...brave souls...

I've clarified with Divine Father and Mother that my role isn't to teach everyone. It's to teach the teachers. And I have a handful of souls who are coming along nicely. One is even mastering the art of healing timelines. On Thursday or Friday I forget when, I heard the ones assigned to her slamming shut, and when done properly it is almost as satisfying as when legos snap into place--it takes the concentration and gives the same sense of satisfaction of things falling into place.  I could feel it all the way out here in California, and I smiled. I think it was one of the last ones, and only this person could heal it.

When it comes to the asleep, hypnotized masses, they are a lot like Robert Smithdas. It's funny, how an old 'plus' from the Guideposts magazine--Feb/Mar 2009 article in my house called to me, and I read it cover to cover...

In the article it said for Robert's wife Michelle to graduate from college, another woman translated all the lectures and textbooks for her into the palm or braille.

Many of our people incarnate on Earth at this time with us, are blind and deaf to the Higher Realms. And many of you are not only holding the vibration high for them to awaken, but many of you are just as devoted and gifted teachers like the friend who translated everything for Michelle. 

On the back of the Guideposts Plus is a photo of lilies of the valley --and a quote, 'Love is like dew that falls on both nettles and lilies.'--Swedish proverb

It's true.

Here are two articles actually three that made an impression on me lately:

Somehow I manifested today off. Anthony is asleep. I am call nine. Calls ten and eleven are working but not me.

I hope to enjoy our time together.

I am bittersweet because yesterday I went to visit my mom. Her legs are all swollen, with venous stasis. She didn't have her usual energy, and she just seemed to have something on her mind. My sister is concerned about her labs, and going to take her in to the doctor. I had been given a message on 'closure'--I'm not sure if it's with her, or with Ascension. As Ross says, even though I could have spent the day cleaning the house, time with mom is better. She won't be around forever.  I trust in Ross like I did with Aunt Mercedes...and still do with Divine Mother Incarnate. There's a time when people just have to go on their way, I suppose. Ross is caring and good. He knew with my Nana Angelina I would be devastated, and I was, but he chose to introduce himself to me shortly after, as my husband and just the perfect balance where I could function in spite of it all, the loss of the one who really helped me so much in Life...

Yesterday Anthony and I watched shark week with mom--I learned why there's more great white sharks off the coast here. Too much competition at Guadalupe Island in Mexico so the younger ones come up here for sea lions...

And we watched Men In Black 2. That too is an amazing bit of work--if you are awake and can 'read between the lines', especially knowing the actors are 'in deep' with 'you know who'...entertaining and kind of like 'hidden in plain sight' at the same time. 


I want to say something.

(Clears his throat--ed--then long pause)

(he bursts into lots of applause--very loud, strong, and continues--ed)

I wish to give a hand to my awe-inspiring and very worthy Ground Crew as we enter this next phase in our Ascension process!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple