Friday, May 31, 2013

Angel Devil

I saw a sticker on the back window of a pickup before me that looked like this on before I got to work. The devil was on the left, and both looked hotter than even this image.

I never understood the appeal of having horns and  a tail...


My friend Lola, who ran the willed body donation and also participated in a group to help others cross to the Light (souls 'stuck'), confided to me when I was a med student: she had never been faithful to any man her whole life.  Furthermore, her father had been a cheater, and she thought she must have inherited the 'cheating gene' from him...


Dr. Jetson was the 'cute ski instructor and chef' a friend in high school met on a ski lift. I was surprised at the suddenness of it all, but she was happy. Ten years later I was surprised to learn I was Dr. Jetson's attending. He was the father of three kids! He had done something outrageous to get into the program--he cut a deal as a medical student to go outside the match. After pulling off THAT, he 'changed his mind' after the match and did a year on obstetrics, with the plan to become an OB-GYN. After internship, he changed his mind AGAIN, and went BACK into the anesthesia program.

After graduating as Chief Resident and starting work in the community, it turned out he had helped himself to the anesthesia narcotics the whole residency and had a serious problem. He was sent to rehab by his new anesthesia group.

His wife stood by him. Only to have him leave her for an x-ray tech at the new hospital he worked at after he graduated from the rehabilitation program.


Dr. Fang was also a student of mine. However, he switched from anesthesia to general surgery. He liked livers, and was very involved in the liver transplant program.

We ended up at the same hospital after I left academics. He was devastated. His wife (a mutual friend and doc) was coming home late. She was cheating. With a real estate agent.

It was hard for me to hear. He used to work all hours, and she used to complain when I was with her that she was lonely and the kids needed a father. 'Why be married when I am like I am single?' she would ask.  Her parents lived with her, and that is how she was able to find someone else.

I didn't like it, how she hurt him, but I understood enough about the situation to remain friendly with both.

It wasn't until three years later, I learned the truth: he had been involved with the liver transplant coordinator while they were in residency (they had married in medical school). 

She kept confronting him. He kept denying it. She got anonymous letters and emails about his cheating--OFTEN--and finally she confronted him with 'there people don't care and feel the need to say something--is this cheating TRUE?'.  It was, and he swore to change, but he never did, so she left.


Is doctor Fang a devil? I thought he was an angel when 'he was wronged'?

Guess what he shared today in the O.R.?

The Best Answer to the question Does Vegan Diet Heal Cirrhosis and Hepatitis C?

  • The liver makes albumin, a protein, which helps with fluid balance
  • If not enough albumin, then fluid collects in the gut, which is called 'ascites' (ass-sigh-tees)
  • Liver makes antibodies and immune proteins
  • Liver makes clotting factors
  • Liver makes glycogen, a sugar storehouse of energy that lasts twenty-four hours
  • Liver metabolizes drugs and proteins.
  • When liver is cirrhotic, it can't process amino acids with a benzene ring structure--these are false neurotransmitters. They build up, and cause hepatic encephalopathy (mental deterioration). In vegetarians there are none of these proteins that are found in meat, and the encephalopathy does not occur.
  • Without meat, the diseased liver does not make albumin. The patient is malnourished, and develops ascites. Therefore vegan and vegetarian diet makes poor health with respect to albumin and immunoglobulins and clotting factors and drug metabolism.
  • The liver needs to eat. The digested nutrients that are absorbed in the gut go through the portal vein straight into the liver. Patients who are on long-term TPN (i.v. or 'parenteral' nutrition) have the liver eventually 'go bad' on them.
Is doctor Fang an angel now for answering the question?

How about this: the patient is an HMO. He gets paid for every six months the patient sees him, whether it is for an office visit, a hospital stay, or more. The surgery that he did when he was with me recently, a risky one on a cirrhotic, was FREE.

He took on all that risk because 'he never bases his clinical decisions on the patient insurance'.

It was elective surgery.

I wonder if I got compensated for my work too?

There are no cheaters in Heaven. There are no cheaters in Heaven-On-Earth, which is about to happen after the Event.


Because our auras interact. We pick up a 'vibe' of someone's 'intent'. Cheaters are so 'stinky' in their cheatin' hearts that everyone can 'smell a rat' from a long ways off.

No one will get hurt by cheaters.

And everyone will be angels. Whether they like it or not! LOL

Angel romantic adventure is incredible!  The energy is amazing and totally new. 

Or so I hear ; ) 

(coughs to change the subject--AWKWARD!)

How about a little Sublime? I grew up in the LBC. This video is the story of my neighborhood...I did all of that and more...LOL ; )


Reiki Doc

Onstage--Behind The Curtain

Are you a dancer?

If you are, you will understand the energy I am trying to share.

I feel it.

We are behind the curtain.

You can hear the audience in their seats. There is a 'buzz' of energy in the room.

With the other dancers I had just laced up my points, the special ones for performance that are right out of the box, the clean ones that are a little too stiff and need to break in.

I put the make up on. I laugh when I think to myself, 'How much blush is enough?' and my teacher once said, 'Just before you get to think it's too much!' and I smile.

We are in our places.

We have rehearsed for weeks.

And the curtain comes up.

The music that we know in our very cells begins.

And we dance as one to the music.

I have my part and I know it well.

There is a sense of 'connection' with my audience, and I dance only for them. I see faces of my family and friends in the darkness, and I shine with all my light, right from my heart, to the room.

The stage is below our feet. It's Gaia.

The Event is the curtain going up.

The Audience is everyone with a pulse on this beautiful blue life-filled planet...

And I know what to do.

I was born for this.

And so were you.

Everyone will know their part. No matter how much they think they have still to practice!

To all the Healers who signed up, Mahalo.

To all who read this blog, making for ten-thousand hits in ONE MONTH! The graph is curved straight up over time--the Collective Consciousness is on the rise!

Ascension is happening. And as we get closer to the Event, I thank you and if I had wings I would wrap you in them with Love and Light from Heaven.

Aloha and Mahalos,


Reiki Doc

P.S. Never forget how I learned to dance in these shoes. I fell a lot while learning. And my 'Other', I am not upset about anything. Falling for you was one more example. I got back up and no harm no foul. I am okay with it. No, you Go and do your Thing. You are the best at what you do. And I'll do mine.
Watch me shine honey. Watch me reach for the Heavens. I am going to dance my heart out for God and for Light.  Namaste.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sirian 101

The moment the wave hits, the energy resets everything.

When I was a child, when I would arrange my 'treasures' on my dresser, I arranged them by 'what felt right'. If I moved an object 'here' and it gave a funny 'sensation' to my energy, I would 'feel' and 'adjust' the position until 'everything felt right'.

I thought everyone was like this.

I also, as a child, could 'read' adults and know if they were speaking the truth or lying.

I thought everyone was like this, too.

In every other way I thought myself the same as others. Except perhaps for one strange thing: it bothered me to see the suffering of worms in the puddles that were left in the rain. I would take the time to save as many as I could from death by drowning in the puddles. Gently, I would fish them out and carry them to higher ground and place them on the dirt. My friends would laugh and make fun of me. I knew it was wrong what they said; I kept at it. I didn't care.

Once I got on roller skates, there was no stopping me. I loved to go fast! On a bike. On the back of a motorcycle. At takeoff in a jet. In dance at the end when we did leaps across the floor I could fly! I loved it so. Even now, I could ride the roller coasters all day, just to feel the 'rush' of all that energy! Body boarding is a favorite, too.

When I meet someone, I 'take a hit' of their energy. To me, it is much like smelling a fragrance professionally--the 'notes' make a 'chord' that is 'recognizable' as that particular 'scent'.  The same happens when I encounter someone's aura, only it is faster and I really can't 'describe' the berry and fruity and oak 'notes' like I would a fine wine or a fragrance.

When I do mediumship, that is how I 'know' who they 'are' without having to ask. I just 'sense' and I 'know' by the Vibration of who is 'contacting' me.

I thought everyone was like this, without even stopping to question.

I thought everyone loved the arts, dance, dolphins, whales, the environment, and Nature just as much as I do.

That is not the case.

Recently I had the opportunity of listening to a lecture by Lady Isis at the Cobra Conference.

Six months ago I had the opportunity to have a one-on-one class and attunement to a certain kind of energy with her.

It was there that she noticed my joy, my easy laugh, and my delight in Spirit and Dolphins.

She looked at me, surprised, and blurted out, 'You are from Sirius!'.

I was shocked. Because of my love for the constellation The Pleiades, I thought for sure I was Pleiadian! But I am not as 'mind-focused' as a Pleiadian. I like to have fun. I like to play with energy. I live with my heart center always OPEN.

That was the subject of Lady Isis' talk: how she likes to play with energy. Energy is all around us. It is in everything; everything is alive. The rocks. The trees, the earth, the water, the clouds, the sky, the sun and the moon and the stars...everything has Consciousness.

I smiled. I had felt that too. All of my life. It wasn't until 2009 in New Orleans at the Voodoo Museum reading the display on Marie Laveau that I learned that others think this too. In Voodoo, everything is alive (It is not sticking pins in dolls, not in any way at all. Voodoo is working with the energies and spirits.).

So if you have a 'pull' to energy, and you seek it out with joyful delight, you might be from Sirius.

This is not your 'body' in this life, it is the origin of the soul that we are talking about.

Soon everyone will know their 'point of origin'.

This is just to get you thinking about this very important fact.

Sirians lived in Lemuria. If you feel alive near the ocean, in the water, in Hawaii, or are full of joyful Light everywhere you go, those are signs you are from Sirius. If you feel Spirit moving you when you talk, when you dance, when you write, when you select gifts and give them with no expectation of anything in return, chances are you are from Sirius, too.

My Reiki three guide is Eric from Sirius. He doesn't talk much. I can barely see him. I know who he is, and that he is there. He is not the feminine form of Sirius. He is, well, mostly very 'to the point' when I experience his presence. But he is just as much the same as the other 'Earthly' Ascended Master guides I have in Reiki. He is wise, helpful, considerate, and puts me at ease the minute I am with him.

One day we will learn more about the planet and the star from which Sirians come.

Until then, how about a wonderful song?

Official Video, IZ, Somewhere Over The Rainbow

If IZ's music 'resonates' with you, Lemuria and Sirius is your HOME from where your soul was made.

Just between us--so glad to know we have the same 'origin'.

Blessings, Love and Light,


Reiki Doc

Releasing The Floodgate

Wear Sandalwood.

Spirit urged me to wear my Miracle Botanicals Sandalwood oil as fragrance for today.

I should have looked it up...


On the way in to work, I did my Divine Peace Healing. When it comes to the part about my immediate concerns (myself, my son, and one other) I generally am excited to do that healing. Today I didn't want to, not at all.

I was surprised at what came out. Healing for me. You see, this is the time the other's Higher Self and mine 'talk'. I felt anger that surprised me. Some was anger at this soul for 'talking me into reincarnating'. There is a lot of 'I hate it here!' type of horror over experiences lived in this lifetime, as well as others, that my soul needs to say to his. And it does! There is a lot of 'promise me it's finished, the horrors' I want to hear. And I discovered I hate certain life choices this other has made. There is a tattoo that means very much to him, like an oath or a vow. I spit on it. My hatred of his breaking the laws of Spirit--in Heaven there are no vows--rankled me THAT MUCH! Next I took my 'soul mate of the sixth vibration' papers and waved them in front of his face, saying I had certain rights as a soul mate. He saw my point but made no motion to change. No promises. Nothing.

But I saw how judging I was, and how that was not right on my part to have such strong feelings. He had every right to live as his choice, independent of me. The rest of the healing went better. But, um, between us? The Thrill Is Gone...


At work I did five cases before noon. They were quick. Everyone did well. I was delighted that my favorite gastroenterologist was there, and further, he asked me how my blog was doing? He is very proud of my accomplishments, even though he does not know how to 'find me' online, he understands the importance of this work.

He shared how his asthma was so bad that he had to go to Colorado for specialist treatment a few years back. The expert told him 'you have end-stage incurable asthma, and there is nothing that can be done.'.

His wife said, 'I don't believe him. We will find something to work for you.'

The only thing left was an injectable monoclonal antibody for eosinophilic asthma. It cost three thousand dollars a month. Insurance did not cover it.

His wife said, 'You make good money. Without this you can't work. Why don't we buy it for you ourselves?'

It worked so well, his doctor wrote and email on his behalf to the insurance company in support of his getting the treatment.

The insurance denied it. They said, 'immunoglobilin levels are normal'.

'It was not a doctor who was saying no--it was someone with high school education. Anyone medical would know that steroid use normalizes the immunoglobulin level. I took the risk of going off the steroids to show it was high in order to get the insurance company to pay for it.'

It has been two years now, with no long-term inhalers or steroids. He goes to the doctor's office (medical benefit, not pharmacy one if he self-injected) every two weeks.

Here is a link on the treatment:


One patient was extra nervous. I had seen the pattern before. There was a lot of drama, and the partner and I had to wipe the tears. We did it because we wanted to, of course, but the patient was seriously upset. It took longer to talk the patient down than to do the procedure. It was the second time of the day I had a patient with fear of propofol. I gave Reiki and lots of it, and propofol too! At the end everyone was happy. However, I found that this panic attack took a toll on me. It didn't 'hit' until the drive home.

Never underestimate the effect on the emotional health of the caregiver from being 'on the front lines'. 

I stopped by the Reptile store to pick up some jumbo mice. But first, I went to the used bookstore to find a copy of Tao by Lao Tzu, as the tattoo patient with my father's birthday recommended. I found one, sort of a sequel. Here is the line that 'jumped out' at me:

If you have a spiritual experience and you want to keep having spiritual experiences, you must turn from that which you just completed and go on to the next thing.

It doesn't matter how wonderful or uplifting your experience was; you turn from that and go on to the next thing. To do less is to deny your growth and awareness.

As soon as you measure your present experience with a past experience, you have judged it, and your judgements will be upon you. You have then propelled yourself out of Spirit.

To get yourself back into the Spirit, you move into the present moment and love whatever is happening.

When you are not living in expectation, you can't be caught in negativity.

The book is signed by the author, John-Roger. It says 'For (almost my first name, only one letter off), Best Wishes'.

There were no mice.

I cried in the car on the drive home.

I felt lost.

I get very tearful around Dad's 'anniversary' or 'birthday in Heaven'.

I also felt the sting of rejection from my twin soul.

He has no feelings towards me.

I should have noticed.

I should have shut the F up and gone on my own way a lot sooner than I did.

I had a heart to heart with Ross, my 'guide' who is 'up there'.

'Is there no happiness for me in this life?' I asked, with my whole heart.

His answer? 'Did you Learn and Grow from it?'


'Then move on. There is no loss when one Learns and experiences Growth from it.'

At that point I realized whatever is happening in my perception may be archon-influenced--it might be half-true--but my heart knows there is no connection. Painful as it is, I accept it.

Out of all the Twin Flame, soul-mates of the sixth vibration, mine does not like me. Mine does not want anything to do with me. Mine is more interested in everything else, ANYTHING ELSE, and not me. Won't lift a finger. Won't go out of his way. Is Asian 'polite'. And that is about it.

His silence is a weapon against my heart. More like a ten-blade (this is a scalpel). It cuts to heal. God only knows what it is meant to heal? But there is not one drop of anesthesia for my soul...and in some way, I suppose, that is 'good'.

I am a two when it comes to birth years. Two's and three's are not known to 'mix'.


If it's not mine, take it away.  I prayed that. It worked enough to get me the rest of the way home.

And also Spirit sent this:

By the way, sandalwood is good for social anxiety. LOL
Here is a link:

Spirit has got me figured out. And also over half of my patients!

I think a vacation is in order. Ahhhh...where should I go?


Reiki Doc

P.S. Here is what All Is Well has to say about asthma--I might need some affirmations : )

It is safe now for me to take charge of my own life. I choose to be free.

One more 'thing sent from Source' on the subject:

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Patient That Healed Me

He was nervous. Sometimes the surgeon prepares me for the nervous or difficult patient during the case before.

This one had stacks of articles and refused to sign the anesthesia consent without talking to me.

I 'get it'. There was a really bad outcome, in his mind, once and he did not want for it to repeat. That his mental functioning would be so altered that for five days after having anesthesia he would be declared 'dementia' makes a lot of sense. I could see he was pretty sharp as he was talking to me in pre-op.

I listened.

There were a ton of things to do, and a surgeon who was waiting--but I have been in this game long enough to know when it gets like this, you rush the patient, and bad things happen. It is not good for the mojo. Es no bueno.

So in clinical situations like this, I give the illusion of time. You know how a bartender gives the illusion of more alcohol when they do a 'long pour'? It is kind of like that: I relax, I lean on the side rail of the gurney, and I look the patient in the eye. My ears are open, and I listen, with statements here and there to show I am understanding what is being said. The emotions in the patient need to settle when they are undergoing anesthesia the first time again after having had a bad experience.  I 'get that'.

After I had carefully studied the paper at the bedside--it was from 2005 and poorly written, with no help whatsoever in selection of the drugs to use for him, I thanked him for the paper and said I would keep it. The disease was pretty fascinating, and there wouldn't be much larger studies in the literature anyhow. It was okay.

The whole time we spoke which was about ten minutes, which is FOREVER in a busy O.R., I was looking at his tattoos on his right forearm.

They were like bracelets stacked up on his arm. I saw a celtic cross near the elbow, and a pentacle not far away. I asked him, 'Did you know that in the center of a celtic cross time stands still?' and touched the tattoo at its center.

He said, 'Do you know where the circle comes from on the celtic cross?'
I didn't
'It is from the 'circle of Morgane' 'and he pointed to the pentacle. 'You know, when they were making the religion before there were priests AND priestesses. Then the early church got rid of the priestesses. If you ask me they are all one big lie. Anyone who knows anything would know God is a WOMAN because of the Carrier of Life. God is a WOMAN!'

I nodded knowingly and muttered under my breath, 'Mind Control'

He laughed and was ready for the procedure.

I watched him close as the work was done. As I gave Reiki, which I always do, I noticed a comforting flow of energy coming back to me. I couldn't understand it.

And then I saw: he was born on the exact same day as my father, who has been deceased for four years next week. Same month. Same date. Same year. No wonder why he had a pisces sign on his 'bracelet'!

If you have ever been 'Daddy's Girl', and lost him, you would understand how wonderful it is to realize he would have been the same age now as this patient.  And you would feel as if God 'sent' this person to you to give you a 'sign' that 'everything is going to be okay'. You always miss him.

I miss having someone to talk to that loves me for who I am, and can hear anything I have to say and not change his love for me, no matter what.

His eyes were the same color blue. And his hair the same grey. And the skin just as weathered.

The patient woke up 'clear headed' and was extremely excited to have avoided the 'bad side effect' he had worried about.

I was excited to have had a short 'visit' with 'dad', to feel 'looked after' for a few minutes--energetically, and to make a difference in an anxious soul--dad was a worrier too.

See the car?

I saw it right after the funeral. Dad used to drive one just like it when I was growing up. I used to fall asleep in the far back behind the seat. I fit.


Reiki Doc


Hara is the seat of power in the human body/energy body.

In Martial Art, it is used to draw the Ki Yai breath--the loud DON'T MESS WITH ME! yell that is used to warn an attacker to back off.

In some people, Hara is imbalanced. Spirit is wanting me to study this. I like a puzzle, especially one that involves the body and the energy body.

Let us review medical knowledge of the healthy GI tract, the small and large intestines:

  • It is a 'second brain', due to the complex neuroendocrine tissue that ennervates the intestine.
  • It is a big immunity center in the body--a major seat of it.
  • When bowel is 'unhappy' from a health point of view, bacteria 'sneak through' the walls and into the peritoneum due to a process called 'translocation'. Ischemic bowel is known to do this.
Without dipping in to the 'Teacher's Edition'--'All Is Well' by Louise L. Hay and Mona Lisa Schulz, M.D., Ph.D. for 'the answers', let's discuss several people I know with intestine disease.

1. The Arbitrator:
This one developed life-threatening ulcerative colitis in childhood. The infection and anemia from the diseased colon would have killed them. To save a life, the entire colon was removed. A continent-ileostomy was created. This looks like an extra 'belly button' on the abdomen, and a small tube can be used to drain it of undigested food. 
The colon absorbs water and creates formed stool from gastric juices/digested food. 
Therefore someone without a colon has to release the 'waste' about six times a day. Some have the end of the small intestine, the Ileus attached directly to the rectum. Others, like The Arbitrator, have to drain it themselves.
This person also happens to enjoy trashing other people's reputations. A very negative person overall.

2. The RAW Vegan in Florida:
Some of you may know who this one is. This person 'self-healed' when 'doctors could not do anything for them'. They did 'everything that doctors say not to do' and got better. It is doubtful that this person had the severe form of Ulcerative Colitis like The Arbitrator. If it was mild, it wouldn't be troublesome. It probably was life-long medication, bleeding and diarrhea and pain, the 'moderate' form of the disease. With RAW foods, prayer, and optimism, as well as reaching out and helping others, this person has achieved 'permanent remission'. I would enjoy seeing a biopsy and a colonoscopy to prove the disease is gone forever from them. 
Because of the immune system, there may have been some 'trigger' to upset the bowel. By eating anti-inflammatory, high antioxidant RAW food, which contains its own enzymes to aid in the digestive process, the irritated bowel in his case 'calmed down'.
This person is a fast-talking New York Jew with a heart of gold and a real 'connection' to God.

3. The Business Owner:
This one has had recurrence of bowel issues with the colon. Diet, optimistic outlook, and social support along with medication achieved good 'quality of life' about three years ago. Since that time, there has been stress upon stress in the family business. The diet has changed back to baseline to allow for coping with the stress, some of which is financial. The rest is interpersonal.
This 'patient' is misery personified. The list of drugs keeps increasing, at great personal cost. The number of tests that are required to monitor the condition are expensive and keep needing 'more' to be done. Depression and poor outlook are starting to creep in. 
There is a downward spiral and this person is not 'pulling up'. Doctors orders are no lettuce, no vegetables of any kind. Only meat, cheese, and bread. 

Can you see there is some 'connection' with Hara to MORE than the digestive tract?

I do. In Medicine many of us notice that the Ulcerative Colitis and also the Crohn's patients have a certain tendency in the personality. They are highly detail-oriented, extremely focused and knowledgeable about their disease and its treatment, and in my practice seem to need a great deal of reassurance with their anesthetic because of a perceived 'loss of control'. Extra time is necessary to address their concerns. As health care workers, we are not sure if the unpleasant nature of the illness creates the personality, or the personality magnifies the effect of the illness. All that can be said is the two tend to 'go together'. It is always a pleasure for me to take care of these patients because they are nice people who have been through a lot; I enjoy the chance to 'be there for them' at their surgery and make it as pleasant an experience for them as possible.

There is a story you should know about me. I was in La Jolla for a class, sitting on a park bench, and I got to where I was so happy I just radiated love and joy for that moment there and then.

Guess what? Some old dude came up to me. His name was Myron A. Coler. He was a scientist and a writer. He said, 'you look smart.' and offered for me to have dinner with him to discuss business at the La Valencia hotel where he lived. His energy felt 'different', and I sort of wanted to run, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to hear him out.

He had come up with a new theory to cure all disease. It had to do with the molecular weights and the archimedes points of certain molecules. If the center of gravity was the same, it would cure the same disease.He called it 'hydropathy', which I just googled and there is nothing about it.  He hired me to do his calculations, since a woman who had been doing them for him was getting 'unreliable'. I did them for him but was concerned because like all millionaires I have met, they seem to feel entitled to your time and talent. I had three more years of medical school to finish! So when I did a wrong calculation (I didn't look up the atomic weight of some element like I should have), I 'got fired'. He was dying of prostate cancer, and I didn't miss his dinners or his brandy.

But wasn't it funny how the Universe 'sent' him to me at that moment of sheer joy and liberation from my everyday concerns? And even further, how I learned to extricate myself from his situation?

I used my intuition a lot on that 'lesson'. My Hara was slow to kick in, but when it did, I got the heck out of there and got 'back' to my life so I could enjoy it again.

If it wasn't for the money, I never would have went at all. But I paid for med school, all of it, by myself, and I was hoping for a little easier time of it with the extra money from my extra work with him.


Are you ready?

Here are Louise's affirmations for this second chakra illness:

  • I trust the process of life.
  • I know that Life always supports me and takes care of me.
  • I am lovable and loved
I think we got some good insights on that one together, didn't we?


Reiki Doc

P.S. This is medicine for your healing, above. Enjoy!

Healing Portal--Prepare for Change

This is the next step in the Call For Healers.

Here is a link to the new website describing the worldwide network of healers who are stepping up to help others who are badly shaken and upset when the truth comes out about everything. They are going to feel like the King's New Clothes and discover quite suddenly that everything about what has been told to them is a lie.

Here is the link:

Please do not take the call for donations as part of your participation. Everything about this group is free. It is going to take some time for the organizers to set up everything, and they need to eat and pay rent. The time they are spending on this could otherwise be spent earning income, does that make sense?

The information you provide is needed in this format:

Company Name
Personal Name
Description of your service(s) or product(s)
Phone (best way to reach you)

Simply send this information as an email to

Those of you who have already responded to my request in comments section of Facebook, Twitter, the Blog, or my email will have what information you gave me forwarded to Alexandra.

We ARE the Healers Group. <3

The Healers is one category of the overall Emergency Response Plan. There are volunteers for Finance, Governmental Leadership, New Renaissance (arts and music), Free Energy Technology, and Media.

The next website that oversees ALL of the six groups is due to go live later this week. Here is the link--

Cobra is making an announcement later this week about the whole plan.

Here are the basics:

  • The Galactic Central Sun is going to have a HUGE pulse of energy hit the planet.
  • This will not affect lives, it will raise the consciousness of the general population.
  • Some are going to take this better than others.
  • For the ones that feel betrayed and angry, who best but the Healers to reach out to them with a message of hope, of support, and general tending to the needs of those suffering?
  • This pulse is going to be a big surprise for us all. No one knows when it will happen. But when it does, it will be obvious. Plan to stay in your center, and do what your intuition guides you to do. Believe it or not, you will KNOW what to do when it is Time.
  • After the pulse, the team will send a message out to all healers. It will contain further instructions.

Thank you for making a difference in other people's lives.


Reiki Doc

P.S. Here is the link to Cobra's description of the entire grass-roots infrastructure for additional support during The Event.

Booty Call

The phone rang in the middle of the night.
I reached for the phone, and mumbled, 'Hello?'
I recognized the voice and said, 'You're not going to let me sleep tonight, are you?'

The voice said, 'It's not me who is going to keep you up all night. It's our know...'doctor'...' paused a delicious pause at making an inside joke only the two of us understood, and gave a big sigh as I smiled back as I held the phone.

I weighed my options. 'I'll be there.' I said, and I hung up.

In the car as I drove over, I felt the same wave of guilt that I always feel when answering a call like this. Part of me looks forward to what unexpected things will happen. And part of me regrets having to live like this, and is wondering how after all of this night I am going to get through my day tomorrow?

I pulled into the hospital at midnight.

The patient had sick bowel.

My 'booty call' was my colorectal surgeon. Without anesthesia, there can be no life-saving surgery.

The patient was going to die if we didn't operate in the middle of the night.

Sick bowel is the sickest 'sick gets' at a hospital besides trauma.

Well, that and the ruptured triple A (abdominal aortic aneurysm).

Everything went well.

The patient did fine.

I slept overnight on a gurney in the recovery room.

I slept poorly.

I also had a full assignment of cases to do in the day.

The French have a phrase for the messed up hair and disheveled clothing look after a night of romance: the walk of shame. It's what they call it when you walk back to your apartment to get ready for work the next day. It's not really shameful. There is a certain 'coolness' about it, and everybody knows what went on the night before, and is happy for them.

I sort of fit the part--worn-out make up, bed-head, and wrinkled scrubs.

That's the booty call I get.

At two o'clock in the morning, it just feels like two o'clock in the morning.

It doesn't feel like 'saving lives' until you round the next day, and see the patient and their family.

Then it feels great.


Reiki Doc

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Feels So Good--California Soul

When I was five mother and dad took me to the local Y to learn how to swim. There was no explanation of what to expect. All I knew was that I liked to be in the water so I could play. I had enjoyed my time with mother and dad in the shallow end playing and swimming under the water just a little bit. Dad could really swing me around on the surface of the water in a huge circle, making even BIGGER waves, much to my delight.

All there was in this pool was me, and some lady. She smiled a lot. She showed me how to move my arms.

But the lesson I will never forget is how she kept telling me to swim to her.

I would go the distance and somehow I couldn't reach her.

I didn't understand it at the time, but now I do: she kept stepping back.

I saw the other side of the pool behind her, and she made me swim to it.

'Oh! Look! You did it! Wow! You swam all the way across all by yourself!' she said, making a big fuss.

That was bullshit.

I hated it then. I hate it now.

Say yes when you mean yes, say no when you mean no, and don't give me a load of B.S. like that again.

I was so upset I didn't even want the candy from the vending machine mother and dad offered to 'celebrate' with.

It was a lie, pure and simple.

I don't work like that.

Why do I bring this up?

Spirit is trying to get me to 'swim across the pool', more or less. I am working on new levels of development. I am getting the hang of it.

I am also letting go of a lot of 'misconceptions', with 'misconception' being a polite way of describing a 'comfortable way of being that was also part of the cabal's means of control over me'. As my consciousness keeps rising, I see through the lies. I have changed the way I eat (almost all the way raw vegan), the way I look at my work (I see big pharma behind it), the dream of 'happily ever after' (just look at the wedding industry, and the divorce industry not far behind it), holidays (mithraic ritual PLUS deception that 'all is well'), religion (huge eye opener for this former Catholic), news/magazines/movies/TV/entertainment/video games (I know what the point of those are, and I don't like it!)...

It is a very long list. On my 'heart's desire', I even gave that up. I argued at first. I said, 'God, I have changed SO much why don't you let me have my one stupid dream I have left?! Love is real. So what if I think of it in three-dimensional terms for now? It gives me something to smile about!'

But on walking to pre-op holding, under the beautiful skylight by the automatic double-doors, I gave up.

Okay God, if in this lifetime I am meant to never have an 'other', I am okay with it. I really am. I accept. I won't fight you any more. I am done. There are other ways to be happy. I know that I am loved. As much as a disappointment as it is for me, if it is for the Higher Good, I give it up, right now, for You, no questions asked. If it is my fate to have a twin soul, and to never get to know him, I accept it. I will do the best I can and go on.

You see, my 'twin' is very BIG on getting rid of attachments.  I don't think he wants me to even have my shoes attached to my feet! Who cares if I can walk? Attachments are no bueno! Get rid of them!

Yet to my soul, an old soul, and yet, a very California soul--I gave up. Just like in the pool when I was five. I can't win. It's not fair. There is no equal say spirit-wise. I just don't want to swim. Not in this pool.

So I gave up. To myself. To God. To my Twin.

Sometimes when Spirit crosses the line, Spirit backpedals a bit.

Next I heard: You Will Be Happy. I PROMISE you will be happy. 

That got my attention. But not for long. Prove it! I say back to the Universe.

Then on the way home, I got a song:

This one means a lot to me. But could it have been a fluke? Then came this immediately after--at ten p.m. on the long road home post-call...

Yes. That's me. Educated up and down the coast, I have lived in L.A. county, Orange County, The Bay Area, AND San Diego.

I am not upset at Spirit any more.

But sometimes, as a growing Soul, when the lesson is too hard or you have had enough, say it!

Even in martial art you get to tap out when you have had enough.

In Spirit you have that right too.

I might get called back in to the O.R. before my regular assignment in the morning. Buona notte and ciao (that means good night and see you later in Italian).


Reiki Doc

You Are Loveable!!! : )))

I am Loveable.
You ARE Loveable.
We are Loveable.

I am Loving.
You ARE Loving.
We are Loving.

I am a Miracle!
You ARE a Miracle!
We are Miracles!

My earthly needs are being met.
Your earthly needs ARE being met.
Our earthly needs are being met.

I have abundance.
You HAVE abundance!
We have abundance.

I am sharing with you.
You are sharing with me.
We are sharing.

I am healing.
You ARE healing.
We are healing.

I am free from all contracts and agreements with Darkness, that I know I made, and that I didn't know.
You ARE free from all contracts and agreements with Darkness, that you knew and didn't know.
We are free from all contracts and agreements with Darkness, that might have been 'tricks'.

We are LIGHT.

I am Victory for the Light.
You ARE Victory for the Light.
We are Victory for the Light.


Reiki Doc

Monday, May 27, 2013

Preparing For Change

Are you a Healer?

I am calling YOU!

It doesn't matter from what healing training you are from--energy healers, shamans, pagans, doctors, nurses, respiratory techs, acupuncture, chiropractic, herbalists, homeopaths, naturopaths, medical intuitions, behavioral medicine specialists, psychiatrists, psychologists, sound therapists, light therapists, crystal specialists, Reiki practitioners, healing Touch, Qi Gong, Huna, Massage therapy, Speech Therapists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and anybody else that I might not be able to think of...Including mediums, psychics, clairvoyants, tarot card readers, and more...

We are going to unite!

We are going to TAKE THE BEST AND LEAVE THE REST--Together!

The Event is coming.

Nobody knows when, how, what or who about it.

Not even Cobra. It is going to be a surprise for everyone--no one knows for sure when it will 'hit'.

But Healers are going to be needed in the immediate short-term AFTER the event.

Let me explain about the EVENT: it is a cosmic pulse of energy from the Galactic Central Sun.

You know how the Emperor wore his new clothes--but really was naked? Remember how he 'woke up' and realized the Truth???

The energy pulse of the Event is going to be a lot like that. For everybody. Only some are going to be able to handle it, and some are not. They are going to be angry and upset for having been betrayed for so long by those in power who have been responsible for their well-being.

An international network of Healers who are interested to volunteer and help others in the immediate aftermath of the EVENT is being assembled. The information you provide to sign up will be confidential and only available on a need-to-know basis. Simply send your name, specialty, address, email, phone and contact information to

I will personally compile the list and forward it to the group who is making the main list.

We are assembling a web page, actually, one just for healers and also one for the six areas of expertise--new technology, finance, self-governance, new renaissance, media, and healers.

More will follow.


Reiki Doc

Here is the link to Cobra's Page describing how the whole thing around The Event is to work:

Paying Bills and Reflexes

There are subtle signs that Ascension really is happening:

  • Nature is growing more beautiful and serene
  • People in general are nicer (yesterday my boy was hungry at Cobra. All I had was chocolate. He ate it. A famous Czech actress noticed, called his name, and offered him a freshly-baked bread stick, which he gobbled up.)
  • I used to be very prompt on my bills. Now I just want to go outside, or DO things to help others. I dislike 'the system' and 'feeding into it'. This is very unlike me.
  • A zucchini was rolling off the cutting board as I was making lunch today. I caught it the second before after it left the edge of the board. I used to have terrible reflexes and was uncoordinated growing up. This is something new.
  • There is energy 'attachments' or 'extensions' coming out of my back, around each shoulder blade, and I can 'direct' this energy with my consciousness. I got this at the end of April. A friend of mine got it last December.
  • I can sent Reiki now out of my heart as well as my hands. It happened spontaneously in the O.R.
  • Yesterday Lady Isis shared about how to 'Surrender' to 'The Highest Good'. A lot of this is going by 'what feels right'. Sometimes she leaves the dishes in the sink for three days, until she feels the 'love to do the dishes'. Ironically, I have been experimenting with this too. I find that I can do chores more efficiently when I 'feel the need to do it'. And I have stopped 'forcing myself to do things' like I used to do.  I do not panic like before--I Trust it will Work Out For The Best. The Goddess Energy works like this; I was so thankful to Isis for explaining what has been happening to me.
This is my story and I am sticking to it! I would love to hear from you if you have experienced similar 'awakenings' in your own life!


Reiki Doc

My Bald Chia Pet

The beautiful flower of Chia

My dream was to have my own chia pet. I got one when I bought a television from a local appliance store. They are known for supporting the local baseball team, the Angels, and I got a Rally Monkey Chia Pet.

A chia pet is a red ceramic 'animal' that grows 'hair' like this

I couldn't find chia seeds at the local 'conventional' grocery store. I asked the checker and she got confused. She directed me to the flax seeds.

I found Ultimate Chialife , one pound, for about twenty bucks. I figured I could have some for me and some for the chia pet. It is 'organic'. Remember, chia isn't 'accessible nutrient wise' for the fatty acids in it until it is ground up. Whole chia doesn't release as much 'good stuff', according to Chef Cherie Soria.

It made a nice paste and stuck to the head of the Rally Monkey.

But only a little of it 'sprouted'.

The rest lifted up like a bad toupee. I watched it and tended to it for two weeks.

Yesterday, it fell off!

There was moldy fuzz all under it.

How can I ever put dead chia like that in me? There is no life-force in it!

Watch your food and supplements. Be sure to only take that which is 'full of life'...

chia blossoms and California poppies in bloom

Here are some other famous 'chias':

Michelle Chia

Chia, Sardinia

Beautiful beach in Chia, Sardinia


Reiki Doc

Treatment for Severe Hypertriglyceridemia

A recent issue of The Medical Letter (Volume 55, Issue 1415, April 29, 2013, page 33) carried an article on new advances in the treatment of severe hypertriglyceridemia. Here is the link, but you will need a subscription to be able to read the main article:

There is an equally important non-pharmaceutical treatment option that has come to my attention. In this article it will be discussed as well.

Triglyceride levels are stratified into three groups:

  • mildly elevated (150-200 mg/dL)
  • moderately elevated (200-500 mg/dL)
  • severely elevated (above 500 mg/dL)
The greatest risk to health posed by hypertriglyceridemia, according to studies, is of developing pancreatitis when levels are above 1000 mg/dL. There are also few studies that demonstrate lowering triglyceride levels in a controlled manner statistically decreases the pancreatitis risk. In other words, high triglyceride level in the blood can cause pancreatitis, but lowering levels may not decrease the risk.

In medicine, there is concern about elevated triglyceride levels and risk of a heart attack. This risk may be due to the structure of some of the carrying proteins that combine with the triglycerides in the blood. That lowering triglyceride levels in the blood decreased cardiac risk is unclear. However most people in medicine consider severely elevated triglyceride levels to be a risk to the heart.

Treatment options include:
  • Fibrates  (an example is fenofibrate)--these can lower levels 30-50%
  • Niacin --can lower levels 10-50%
  • Omega 3 Polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFAs) --can lower levels by 20-50% (fasting)

  • Lovaza and Vascepa are both PUFA's. They are taken twice a day and cost about two hundred dollars a month. Side effects are similar to fish oil--bad taste, gas with fishy eructation (burping), and very high levels can inhibit platelet aggregation and lead to bleeding.

So what is the non-drug option?

One woman I know, a long-time vegan, came back from vacation in France with triglyceridemia over 1000 mg/dL. Her doctor wanted to treat her with medication. She was concerned and consulted someone she trusts, who gave her this advice and she followed it:

She ate exclusively RAW vegan for thirty days, three meals a day, and brought her levels down to 100, where they remain today. 

After thirty days, she went back to her regular vegan diet. 

No medication was required. At any time.

Dr. Richard Shulze, well-known naturopath on the internet, had both of his parents die of heart disease in their fifties. His father died in his arms because they were snowed-in when he had his heart attack, and medical help was not available. Richard was diagnosed with hereditary, incurable heart disease-a cardiomyopathy I think--and given only two years to live as a teenager. He was orphaned at fourteen, and given the 'death sentence' not much later. Instead Richard sought the help of naturopaths around the world, trained with them, and cured his heart.  His technique with others was, 'you are sentenced to die anyway. Let's get the most aggressive treatment going--what have you got to lose?' He is a little 'out there' in his marketing, but I take his super green powder every morning, and it makes a difference in my energy throughout the day. I like him. You will either love him or hate him, but here is the link to his website so you have the chance to see for yourself:

Someone is going to have to take note of the non-drug options in conventional medicine. Medicine can only moved forward once all options are equally considered in the medical literature. The only concern is that traditionally, all funding for studies comes directly from the big pharmaceutical companies, and a little from the government. The drug companies are in business, and need to pay for the research costs that were paid up-front to develop these new drugs. 

Something needs to change, I am not sure exactly how or what. But as a consumer and patient, you should know you have options.

A reasonable approach would be to set time limits, like with my friend, one month to get her triglycerides down before starting medication, according to her doctor. Try it and see, but be sure to test, and what isn't working should be abandoned and something else that might work next should be tried. 

Last night, my kid with the allergies and sinus condition the allergist says 'isn't really' but couldn't breathe all day after being all weekend at dad's with the dogs--he agreed to try the raw turmeric 'smoothie' to open his nose. He slept well all night. We'll see how he is in the morning. I might be on to something! It certainly worked for me. The strong anti-inflammatory  effect of the Turmeric is decreasing the swelling of the nasal mucosa, and allowing the tiny ostia ('holes') of the sinuses to open again like normal, to permit free drainage of the sinus cavity again.


Reiki Doc

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Try And Love Again--The New Assignment

Yesterday I got my new assignment. It came after opening the Portal. It is very much to my liking. <3

Today is an opportunity for forward steps. With only one invitation, no reminders, and a pattern of their going 'on errand' to L.A. each Sunday, changes are not great about their showing up.

As far as being able to drive to the place, and finding it, even if they wanted to go...well...

Spirit is stronger than me.

All I know is two hearts are going to wait for this person to show up, mine and my boy's. We both asked him to come.

There is so much love in the world, it is everywhere, and it doesn't have to be 'just between two people'. No matter who shows up or when, it is going to be okay. And I accept my new assignment: to take care of it to the best of my ability. It is going to be bumpy. But thank you Heaven for giving me the opportunity to help all of us to grow in love. If we are twin souls, I pray and send healing Light for the Highest Good, every day, no matter what the 'results' are to my three-d eyes. I know in some way or another it will help.


Reiki Doc

P.S. my favorite band in the world is the Eagles. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Opening The Portal

This is the last portal to open. With all of the group assembled at the Cobra Conference, we opened it together. This is a new kind of energy from the Galactic Central Sun that has never been anchored on Gaia before, ever. It contains a message of Love and Hope. It is a new color that has never before been seen on this planet. It is also accompanied by a new tone. This Light energy contains information, and Light Codes to help other Light workers awaken.

Here is a transcript of my notes:

  • They are above us right now (galactics)
  • The OM sound started to tone in a higher realm (astral or etheric plane) at noon
  • We said an ancient Atlantean Chant that means 'Light of Love'
  • I saw a very tall structure with a dark pink curtain on it. As we joined our energy, the curtain moved from right to left.
  • Light, of a color I can only describe as 'many shades of gold' started streaming in as the curtain parted.
  • The Light increased in intensity, and I had the sensation of golden water flowing through a pipe, that was the kind of energy I picked up
  • Around this time, the edges of the hole where the light was shining turned solid golden, and 'legs' of some kind 'anchored' this portal into the open position. It was permanent.
  • Then the energy increased and the Light energy flooded in. 
  • At the lower left of the light, I saw non-human shadow forms starting to flee the Light
  • This Light feels WONDERFUL! It is nicer than Karuna, and Karuna Reiki feels very Light
  • Around this time, my consciousness dropped straight down into a control room in Agartha. I saw the Agarthans in the room (they were tall!) and there was a buzz of excitement and congratulations among them.
  • Next, I popped 'up' into the craft the Galactics were inside, and I saw two, who smiled big and gave the 'thumbs up' sign.
  • Both the Agarthans and the Galactics had been doing the meditation to open the portal at the same time as us.
  • I felt Gaia say, 'I am healing'
The significance of the portal is that the Galactic Central Sun is not streaming in Light to the planet that is being modulated in intensity to 'best match' Gaia by the triangle of Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury. This energy is a Higher Aspect of Light that is being anchored for the first time in human history. There will be no cataclysm, no wars, and no violence with the coming earth changes.

Although I saw more visuals, others present 'sensed' the galactics before being told of their presence by Cobra. Some saw the Golden Light. Others got the 'gist' of it, and saw swirling light columns.

The best part was that Cobra said, 'For those of you that feel the need to share, please do.' and looked straight at ME! At first I didn't say anything. But then he said it a second time, so I shared. (At the last conference in November, I was the 'visual' sharer in the group.)

The most striking is this that was posted on my Facebook Page today. One of the readers witnessed the portal opening remotely without realizing what the significance of their vision was. Here is the text:

Does this make sense to anyone? This was really different from my other writing rituals so far. It went from I am statements to vivid visions.

Gabriel & Melchisadec please be with me now in Love & Light, Love & Light, Love & Light. Please protect me from lower energies and only let Love, Light, Joy and Abundance in. Let the words I write now only come from my Highest Self and my Heart. Let me positively attract what I want from my future now and turn it into my abundant present reality. Only higher energy and good things will be of my present and future now. I accept what is and surrender to you.


I am in a really great place right now. I have a magickal job ans surrounded by colour. Vibrant and dynamic. Melchisadec paints me with his paint brush. I am a blank canvas. My bedroom is perfect and very spiritual. I travel on all planes as directed by the Angels. I am bathed in white light every night in my dreams before I am cascaded in gold. White and gold are tied together with Gabriel’s silver ribbon of light. I am a Servant of the Divine under the tutelage of Gabriel. We have been linked together over many lifetimes. I also serve Gabriel as part of my Soul Purpose. I play with rainbows during the day and bathe in the silver light of the Moon by night. Sometimes this is enhanced by Melatron making me ascend higher and deeper into the white light. The Moon is at my Crown while the Stars illuminate the rest of me. I am being showered with gold light as I write this. Now. In My Past. In My Present. In My Future. I am Light. Connected to the Angels. In Love and bound by Light. Raphael is now wrapping me up in gold ribbons that are weaving across the silver ones Melchisadec is now bringing in the coloured light of the Rainbow. All mixing together and creating me. I have changed into golden sparkles . My skin is now gold and my wings are silver. All the rainbow colours make up my aura. Deep pink is infusing my heart. I see him as he appears in this lifetime standing before me. He holds out his hand and leads me away. It is now dark until we begin the dance again. I am not to concern myself with physical plane concerns during this ritual. This is purely for me and the Angels. The Light is pushing out the dark and I am truly free. The magick is waning. I am floating down to Earth until the dark moon. He says to me ‘We will meet again.’ Keep your heart open to receive.--Stacey Riley

How did this happen? Well, she was tapping into the Eternal Moment Now, and through the filter of perception, got a 'lot' of what was going on. The Angels were in fact present, along with the Ascended Masters at the Portal Opening.

All of us are able to 'open' and 'see' like this. It is our Divine Right at birth. Although we might have 'lost' it due to society, it can come back. For a soul it is like learning to ride a bike. One never forgets.

P.S. here is the official link from Cobra on the Portal. The Atlantean Chant is ALMA. It means 'Light of Love'.


Reiki Doc

At The Cobra Conference Irvine


We were told to be quiet, close our eyes, and feel the Lunar Eclipse.

I was taken aboard ship, into the control room. I had on a uniform that matched, and I felt like, "I am so relieved to be myself again and free to move!'.

My first thought was to most humbly and sincerely thank everyone for their healing the planet, for their dedication and service, to me, to the others at the conference, and to all the living creatures on the planet.

Everyone stared at me in silence. Their mouths hung open. I felt embarrassed as if I had made a faux pas.

I was their commander.

I usually don't talk like that to them. I tell them what to do.

A co-commander, whom I know in this life, came to me, again, in matching uniform. He tried to explain to me that at night we work together in there for the common good. And in 3D we are, well, 'two ships that pass in the night', 'so close and yet so far'. 

This was only a five minute meditation. I will add more after today.


Reiki Doc

Friday, May 24, 2013


Some people think having a tracheostomy is the worst thing that can happen. This is ironic; most times a trach is placed to 'preserve the vocal cords' from damage from contact with the breathing tube for intubations that are expected to last over three weeks.

the little circle on the right is where I put the breathing tube

Anesthesia for a patient with an indwelling trach ('in-situ') are easy. You just hook up your circuit to the special connector that is shared like an accordion, connect to the trach, dial up the gas and give i.v. paralytic. The Respiratory Therapist will have told you the vent settings already. You just dial them in to the anesthesia machine. Typically these patients come down from ICU and have a lot of monitoring lines. So most of the case I untangle the lines and make sure they are not missing any doses of medicine that are due by checking the chart. That is, if blood pressure is stable. If it isn't , I work, and I work hard.

the anesthesia breathing circuit connect to the blue plastic

Putting in a trach if someone is intubated is sort of the same thing. But once the surgeon gets close, he or she asks me to deflate the balloon cuff, and pull back about four centimeters. Then he pops the new trach in. I hand the circuit over the drapes, and we make sure the new trach passes air properly. This is demonstrated by the presence of end-tidal carbon dioxide on the monitor. When we see the waveform, I pull out the tube and throw it away. If it doesn't , I advance my old tube, reinflate the cuff, and let the surgeon try again to fix it.

Sometimes for complex head and neck cancer, the ENT will put a trach in first. They use a long armored tube that is flexible, and they sew it to the chest so it won't come out. I have to watch closely to my monitors for signs of that happening too throughout the rest of the case.

Dr. Passey invented a device that is called the Passey-Muir valve. With it, a trach patient can talk!
They sound just like themselves. I always encourage the family to ask for it later when the patient is better.

And many times, after the trach is not needed, they keep putting smaller and smaller ETT unttil it can close completely. There is also a device called a 'button' that is a little plastic plug that can hold the trach hole open in case it is needed later, but the patient can breathe on their own in the meantime.

This is a 'button'. A Passey-Muir valve looks similar.

The scary ones are the Laryngectomy patients, some people get cancer there, and it has to come out. For that procedure, the surgeon makes a hole very low in the neck, inserts an armored tube, and does the procedure. But if the patient already had that and is coming to the OR for something else, like a knee? I use a special Laryngectomy tube that is short and bent funny. Once the patient is asleep I stick it in the hole, connect to the circuit, and tape like mad. It always wants to fall out. The anesthesia gas also leaks out around it, and I get creative trying to make sure only the patient goes to sleep, and not myself by breathing that stuff! I use wet gauze or Vaseline gauze for an air tight seal. At the end of the case I take everything out.

This is a laryngectomy tube for anesthesia 

The people with a Laryngectomy talk.

I am serious. They use this device, the Electro Larynx. This short video shows the old style and the new one together. The only one I have ever heard before was the monotone one:

I am surprised at what angry people the patients tend to be. (This Tony guy is very nice by comparison!) Most of the ones I have seen always want to give you a 'piece of their mind!'

 But as they hold the device to their neck and rant away, something is 'lost in the translation'. That device is a monotone. The whole picture of patient holding thing to neck and cursing but sounding like Donald Duck gone techno just cracks me up. So I smile, take a deep breath, and do what is reasonable to soothe the patient to help them calm down.

Why am I writing about this?

Because I have a passion to share that which I know. A lot of medicine is very 'exclusive'. It takes a while to learn it, but I look at the vocal cords daily and I think it is really cool. I hope you do too.

Birds do not have a larynx. They have something similar but it is called a syrinx. The very best ones at mimicry are the African Greys. I want one.

These amazing creatures display empathy, according to their owners. They will also call over the dog to the cage, stick their tail out, and say 'Poop!'. They will mimic the microwave, the telephone, the door bell, and even the voice of your spouse just to play tricks with you. My personality is more of a cockatoo one, however. These shy and reserved African Greys do not warm up to me. I am happy enough with my pet Goffin's, Harry Bird.

Birds with voices, anesthesiologists, humans with fake voices, and everything in between. All of it is Reiki for your brain cells. Now you have something to discuss at your Memorial Day events, perhaps?

Take care, and have a wonderful holiday weekend. I will not be writing for I have a conference to attend with Cobra. It begins tonight. I have waited for months for it to arrive! I feel like this!

I can't wait to go and be Galactic for a few days with other Like-Minded People. There is a big portal we are working together to open tonight; it is the very last one to open to usher in the New Golden Age. <3

Namaste, and Blessings from my heart to you,

Reiki Doc

P.S. Can anyone figure out why this song popped into my head this morning right before I woke up? It has symbolism, but I can't understand it.

Aloha and Mahalos