Monday, May 6, 2013

Go Ahead and Watch Me Do My Thing

I was in the O.R. on a routine case.

There was a lot of stuff going on with the patient. We were scheduled to 'fix it'.

However, I chose to take a 'look' inside the energy field of the patient to 'get at the root source' of the problem.

As the patient was stable, and I was doing Reiki, I sensed my guides urging me to take a deeper look. I had suspicion there were Dark Entities, due to the nature of the disease and where it was located.

I was given a 'Go!'. I had 'back up'.

So I called to the Dark Entity, and said, 'I know you are in there. It is time. You can either go with me, take my hand, and go to the Light.'

'Or?' I could 'hear' it ask.

'Or you can be without an energy source. This person is not going to host you any more. You know what that is like. (instant destruction).'

'Okay. I'll do it your way. What do I do?'

'Here, take my hand.' There was a gathering of my back up around me.

He came out shielding his eyes, and looking down, but grabbed my hand. I gently placed it in the hands of those waiting. He said, surprised, 'That was IT?!'. I smiled.

I also stuck my hand out again for the Minor. I had the Major already. They always come in pairs.  I handed him off to the team too. (I work with the Guides of Compassionate Healing.)

And then I 'saw' it: you know how someone is looking at you and you just look up? This happens in Spirit, too. Over between the door and the robot, I saw, feet on the ground, my Twin Flame looking at me. He was totally focused on what I had just done. I felt his energy signature, and 'saw' his image in this life, very faintly. I saw him close enough to see there was no hat, and the hands were clasped behind the back.

I got the impression that he thought what I do at work is cool.

I was like, watch if you wish, I am okay with it. I have lots of work to do though. No time to visit. I did appreciate the interest in my work--especially on Spirit side. It's fun!

Later, when I was at the bedside of another patient, a Reiki Friend of mine, giving Reiki until the case started, I blurted out, 'All this anesthesia thing is just an excuse. I like working with auras. Anesthesia lets me in to lots of them! I don't have to put up a shingle and say, My Reiki Business. I just do.'

We all laughed.

It's the truth!


Reiki Doc