Thursday, May 9, 2013

Good Morning! How Was Your Sleep?

Good morning,

I am one of the most fortunate women on Earth: I work with Spirit.

It is like dancing with a partner out on the Dance Floor. Things happen between you when you are together that nobody else will ever know, or see.

When I was in med school, many of us enjoyed learning to ballroom dance. There were events on campus, clubs, and we would go as a group. During morning breaks we would practice in the lounge. And on Wednesday nights, all of us would go and dance at a Salsa club called Pechanga (not the casino, it was on 6th street).

I would just drink water and dance the night away. At eight and at ten were the 'lessons'. The women would form a circle, and men also forming a circle inside the women's circle, and we would randomly match up and dance, then every few minutes, change partners and work on the steps together with them.

I'll never forget the guys that smelled like beer and would tell me what to do and who were clueless about what is going on. I just waited for that part of the lesson to be over. They felt like I was  dancing with lead, dead weight, always going the wrong way.

But because I was good, sometimes the really good dancers noticed. And later, on the dance floor, they would come ask ME to dance with THEM.

What a treat! They not only knew what to do, they had fun with it! And as we moved effortlessly on the dance floor, guess what we would talk about? They would give me tips on how to dance even BETTER! Most of these guys were older, but they had a way about them that was so nice to be around. I even learned that in dance, you don't want to move too much, especially your hips. It's 'sexier'.

Salsa is fun, it's a three-count beat. But my favorite is merengues. I am not sure how to spell it, but it is a two-step that goes really fast. I always crack up when I dance it; I love it so!

Life with me and Spirit is very much like dancing with the 'excellent dancer'. There is a lot more that is going on than meets the eye. All of it for my improvement, to help make me a better Light Worker, and just for my fun.

I am always telling you about things, not the personal things, but the in-general things, to spark your own enthusiasm for your spiritual development. The more you 'connect', the better life gets! It is as simple as that.

This morning, when I woke up, just a few minutes before, I was 'sent' this song by Jason Mraz.

My strongest 'messages' come in the morning like that.

There is one who 'talks to me' in songs. It is my Twin Flame? I am not sure. It doesn't feel like it, but I hope it might. The song is romantic, and romance is an awesome way to start my day.

And if it isn't, then something might 'turn up' today?  Sometimes my messages are 'prophetic'. But then only after the fact I discover it.

Guess what I wrote about, the last blog post before I met my Twin Flame? On January 10 or 11 this year, I posted 'Double Kokopelies'! How random is that? We are both going to teach each other by laughter? Is it all 'trickster' god between us? I have no clue! But that is a prophecy in itself, the timing of that message that was triggered by a gift from a seven-year old classmate of my son that night.

Look at the words in this song. That is why I chose this version.

Aren't they wonderful?

So I start my day with that--absolute WONDERFUL, from Spirit, or my Twin Flame, or just from the Universe.

As I get ready for my day--and it is going to be a big one--two different O.R.'s, the first with my favorite vegetarian plastic surgeon. I always look forward to working with him. Even if I have to call his patients the night before surgery, and drop my son off extra early the minute the doors open at school. Sometimes to make the horrible early hours better on us, we go get donuts. Our favorite is the Cinnamon Bun. No it is not RAW but it is vegetarian, and every once in a while we work so hard we just deserve a treat. (I can say I eat a lot LESS donuts at one sitting though because of my lifestyle changes. They are 'too sweet'.)

When I learn what the song 'means', I will come back and share it with you. Until then, time to get ready wiki wiki. Pack lunches, feed animals, dress myself, dress my son, and go!

BTW, yesterday I got rid of the mice. I took them all back to the pet store where they take them no questions asked.

Why? Not only was the snake not eating them--I need to get new ones that 'smell better' for him from the store, he is 'picky'. Guess what nasty thing I learned that mice do? They cannibalize. Yesterday morning I saw another half-dead mouse I gently scooped out and gave Reiki and let him die in peace. Another mouse was chewing on him! This is the third one I have seen die at the 'hands' of the others in two weeks! No more. I am sick of it. Much as I love them, I am throwing them out. I don't need to be taking care of cannibal mice any more. I give them plenty of food and water, so they are not hungry. But for some reason, this batch seems to want to eat everybody up. Not in my house! No way. Even the snake wouldn't do anything like that.

I have an extra betta tank I had bought when the betta died about one year ago. I think I will set that up to keep the bird company. I like having fish. There is a white one at the pet store I like. We have had the red and the blue. I think I will get the white one and name him 'Ghost'...


Reiki Doc