Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Soul Mate 101

It is as easy as, well, simple!

All relationships are in one of three categories:
1) Karma based
2) Contractual/Convenience
3) Soul based

You will know the first--Heaven turns Sour real quick!
This is because both of you have some Karma paying to do--and when it's spent--you part.
(I think MANY of Hollywood 'relationships' are of this kind, don't you?)

The second is a 'platform' upon which 'Higher Learning' can take place:
You marry your college sweetheart, it's True Love the entire relationship, but your child has a terrible disease and the relationship is 'tested', etc. 
(This is very 'Worldly').

I think that's why I am an 'Unmarried Woman'--LOL--I just signed documents with a notary today, and had to describe myself at that. Doesn't that sound hokey? But anyhow, I have burnt through my Karma and am on a hopefully more pleasant path!

The last category can be for business partners, romantic relationships, and friendships--you simply KNOW each other from before...another life, another planet, your 'Soul Pod'...it all works.

What you will pick up is a certain 'chemistry' that makes you feel like you have 'always known each other'. Because you HAVE.

One late-incarnation, after MANY MANY incarnations, is the opportunity to meet your Twin Soul.

I have.

It is not scary.

It is not magical either.

I looked at this person and felt like it was my long-lost brother. They felt 'safe', and 'close'. I also felt tremendous admiration and 'got' the extent of their accomplishments.

But having MANY MANY lifetimes leaves scars.

So, if you meet your Twin Flame, don't expect a magic carpet to fly you two with the song  'A Whole New World' like Jasmine and Aladdin.

It's more like Spirit is your Magic Genie and keeps popping up 'lessons' for you to 'learn and grow'.

Mine right now is Accept and Allow. I also know that the thing that was 'holding me back' is now 'resolved' on an energy level--I can allow in a Higher Dimension of Consciousness the natural pattern of energy flow between the Twin Souls to pass through me. I can heal my own scars with this energy, and it's not uncomfortable being blocked because it is made to pass between both.

That feels 'Normal Enough'.

Everything else, it doesn't matter. There is no 'Prize'. There is no 'Deadline'. It is all in the Eternal Moment 'Now'.  I am happy by myself. And I am not 'holding my breath'. I will live my life and enjoy it, every single day, for the rest of my life, No Matter What.

That's it.

I know, I thought it would be 'More' but as the Rolling Stones say,

Yes, I didn't get the four-hundred dollar tickets to that either!

Love and Light and Honesty,


Reiki Doc