Tuesday, May 7, 2013

There Might Be Some Turbulence vs. The Fever Broke

These are the stairs you take to get to the O.R. at my old work. Note the worn spot on the landing. Yes, you can wear out concrete.

This is my energy reading for the Month of May.

The ones I have read so far were too obscure.

Let me tell it to you straight:
  • The Last Portal is Opening before the end of this month.
  • A pulse of energy from the Galactic Central Sun is heading for the planet
  • These two events might be linked.
Energetically, we are 'going down these stairs to get ready for the trauma patient who is en route to the O.R.' 

To the bottom of the stairs and to the right is a door. To the immediate right in the area is Pre-Op Holding. Across from it, and to your Left, are the powered Double Doors that lead to the Outside--elevators, crossway, door with all the vending machines by it including the one with stamps (so when you forget and buy a card at the gift shop things are cool), the cafeteria, and the patio where I like to eat lunch. Straight ahead, directly across from the stairwell exit, is the O.R. Let's open that door.

To the left is the secret elevator entrance for taking very sick patients up to the ICU. Next to that is the crash cart which also serves as a table for pathology specimens to be sent. (A crash cart has all you need on it for a Code Blue). Then there is the Front Desk, the command center, where you learn what room is designated to have the trauma.

Trauma cases are pre-set up. All of the emergency anesthesia supplies for induction (falling asleep), blood pressure management, and fluid resuscitation are there and ready to go (your resident sets them up for you). Even airway management equipment is all set up, with MAC 3 and size 7 ETT for women and MAC 4 and size 8 ETT for men.

Try to imagine the feelings that go through you as you are woken up by a pager and a phone call from a deep sleep in the call room upstairs. You know the basics from that phone call--for example, gun shot wound to the chest. In your mind you are thinking of the plan and building it with each step.

For me, I feel the energy of the patient. And the team. I sense it around the time I reach the bottom of the steps and go through the doors. It can be dread, excitement, heaviness (dark forces), or joy (light forces). Most of the time my 'sleepy' overpowers it all. I 'sense' but do not 'act' on this psychic information.

The most common feeling I have, from MY heart at that time, is a prayer for help--Help Me God!

Why? Because this is it. One chance at saving a life that is in trouble. One chance for the surgeons, if I don't screw it up. If my resident is on it. If the wound is 'survive-able'.  If it is meant to Be.

Once the patient is in the room, everything happens and the training kicks in. Your powers of observation are heightened. You do whatever it takes to get the job that is assigned to you done.

There is a point in the case where the bleeding is controlled; you know the patient is going to make it; you are 'caught up with fluids'...and you relax along with the rest of the team.


So WHAT does this have to do with the month of May 2013?


We, our souls, whether we are aware of it or not:
  • Earned our right to be Here at This Time.
  • Have a Purpose.
  • Have Agreed as a Collective to Throw The Bums Out (the 1%, the ruling Cabal)
  • Note--there is a LOT that is going on while you sleep--your Higher Self does its thing then
  • The Cabal knows it too, and is doing everything they can to 'go down fighting'.
  • Cabal loses.
  • There are some other 'galactic' energies going on, as well as a lot of Assistance
Yes. In the skies. On the ground. Many incarnated at this time to help gain the freedom back for Earth's people. One might be you! Until it is time for your Assignment/Purpose, if you are a Galactic, you might not have a clue! The only sign before it is an Overwhelming Desire to Go Home that you can't explain.

This past weekend, I felt some MAJOR turbulence. My boy and I just could not get along--we were on each other's nerves all day. There was this energy I can't describe--confusion, irritation, difficulty to get anything done.

The last time this happened was early in the Liberation Movement. All I could do was sleep. 

It wasn't just the 'energy upgrades' that you hear about. It turns out that the Cabal have different technologies, wave and energy technologies, just like HAARP, but they affect YOU. It was pointed straight at us. For days. Weeks! All we could do was rest and to drink lots of water.

They have a technology to make couples fight.

They have the ability to give someone a stroke or heart attack and not have any evidence at all.

They have a technology to make us gain weight. 

They use news stations, news papers, and entertainment to 'program' us into doing their agenda.

They do not 'love', they cannot feel it, and they want to cull the population to gain better control.

We are like cows to them. Make it Cash Cows. 

So from an Energy view, I see two opposing Forces: The Resistance of the Light Forces for the Liberation of the Gaia  and the Dark Empire of the Cabal

Sounds kind of like Star Wars, doesn't it? Well, here is a hint: Star Wars is Real and is what is going on before us, but we can't SEE it. 

'The Force' is Love.

The fighters for the Light are you and me.

The battle is raging out there. People have died--our side--in this fight. They just don't talk about it, since the news media is 'occupied'. Once that is liberated, you will know all.

Pray for the Resistance fighters. Ask for the Light to prevail. Although Light Forces 'win', there is no set time for this to happen. It all depends on the Energies that are involved. So Raise Your Vibration UP.

Think good thoughts.
Go in Nature.
Be kind to yourself.

This liberates your heart from the grip of the Cabal. 

One point of Light can be seen in the darkness from miles away.

One point of Light can help 'spark' the light of others to Awaken.

Just by being YOU.

This is the time for it to happen.

You can anticipate any and all turbulence to be thrown into the mix by the 'outgoing party'.

But also, yesterday brought a lot more Light and less 'confusion' into the day. Even the workers in the O.R. were calm, polite, and friendly. This is not always the case!

If you ask me, the Fever Broke. The energetics are favorable for Healing the Planet. But we might still need to treat the fever if it spikes again. 

Be watchful.


Try your best to remain 'grounded'.

Enjoy the show.

Remember you are most Precious and Special to God, Goddess, Source, all the Angels (including Your Guardian Angel who is with you always!), Ascended Masters, the entire Faerie Realms, Unicorns, Whales and Dolphins (they are from Sirius), and the Galactics who are on Earth and also cheering us on from the Skies! And of course, to my heart, too. You are the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. I love each of you so very, very much...you are like beautiful 'spirit flowers' I appreciate every day. I see you by your numbers from each click, and by where you are on Gaia (this is watched world-wide), and by your referring sites. I know you and give thanks for your interest in Light and the Healing of Reiki each and every day. Throughout the day, in fact. <3 Mahalos and Aloha!

Let us all hold hands together, as friends, and take a big jump into the Golden Age!


Reiki Doc