Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Karuna Voice at the Taco Shop

My son wanted bean and cheese burrito from the local fish taco place. Remember last week where we had the terrible service? That was near the martial art place across town. This time I took him to our 'local' one.

He placed his order. It was busy. He politely asked to substitute guacamole for the churro in the kids' meal.

'I can't do that for you. How about another side order?' the cashier said, with a very rude tone in her voice.

My son looked at me bewildered.

Then Karuna came out. I am a Karuna Reiki Master. I felt Spirit with me as I spoke to the cashier. I have never had this happen in this situation:
'NO churro!'

'But what about another side order?'

'NO side order. NO churro. No anything else if you can't do the guacamole.'

I took a breath, someone surprised at what was going on. I had been looking at the menu, for anything remotely healthy for me to order for myself, and I just couldn't find it. And the churro is a nail in the coffin as far as 'RAW' vegan goes. It was like that same part of me that told the produce guy, 'I don't want that conventional pesticide crap going to my liver!'.

'I will PAY for the guacamole. Give him what he wants. I don't understand how at this place, and all other of this chain we go, they substitute the guacamole without a problem, but not today.'

I was firm and polite but concerned about the food options they are making available for our children!

'They usually give the small container, and we upgrade--I pay--for the next larger one.'

We both knew my boy is 'husky' and had no business eating churros. How DARE she try to push one on him. Or extra rice or beans. For God's sakes I wasn't even letting him take soda. Just milk. Plain milk.

'What are you going to order, for yourself, ma'am?'

'Nothing. I am eating at home.' There was no way I was going to make a food choice based on 'what is the lesser evil' under the vibration of this conflict at the cash register.

I got my way. She gave us the next size bigger one. For free. I sat and watched him inhale his food, knowing I had organic homemade beans in the fridge, organic cheese, and tortillas. I had that for lunch--not exactly vegan or raw, but it was leftover from Cinco de Mayo.

My dinner last night was RAW: lettuce, parsley, hemp seed, jalapeƱo, radish, golden beet, carrot, raw onion. With rice vinegar, salt, pepper, and olive oil. I had avocado available but I passed on it.

We had organic strawberries together for dessert. And I had a cup of gypsy tea, my boy had water.

Sometimes you have to take a stand. And sometimes, when you do, Spirit backs you up.

A Karuna Voice is when Spirit comes through you as your use your voice to heal others. It is called Toning.

Toning is fun. This was, um, 'different'.


Reiki Doc