Sunday, May 5, 2013

The 'Spiritual' Conference

This is a vector illustration of the South Pole.

My spiritual studies have lead me to expect something different from this image. There is a hole into the center of the earth at the South Pole. There is a big temperate valley. It is not frozen.

It is hidden, both from us in our education, and by the powers that be.

There is a movie of it in the blog post about 'what mother hides' or something similar, from about two years ago. Here it is: (YouTube link is directly at the end of this post, too.)

In Spirituality, there are a lot of 'theories' out there. Discernment, or the ability to tell Truth from Lies, or more often Truths from Half-Truths, is key. It must be practiced daily, some days more than others.

Internal 'RESONANCE' with the Heart Center, or your 'gut', is the indication that something is indeed TRUE.

I was invited to go to a 'conference' on a eight different 'spiritual' things. I had seen the flyer, thought it was the typical wednesday crowd, and not made plans to go.

'It's good, you should go' my friend said, on Thursday, the day of the event. I wanted to stay home.

I pendulum-ed.

Go. Take your son. Go.

So we went.

You know what?

The aromatherapy they were 'selling' was terrible. My Princess Nose from the Clorox Company saw right through that. The oils were CHEAP inside, and they smelled like Turpentine, very 'pine-y', and also I smelled a lot of the carrier oil. They were not pure essences, but blends.

And that was the BETTER SPEAKER! The one with the Power Point presentation.

The first was an herbalist. He was a stoner/musician who cleaned up. Or shall we say, upgraded from 'herb' to 'mugwort'? He is a nice guy, I have met him at the restaurant. And then, energetically, I felt like something in him was unable to 'connect', was 'not quite there'. Bob Marley and the Rasta's have incredible presence. It is all in the Heart. I do not enjoy 'fatties', but I enjoy people who do.

That this speaker would heal from incredible egoistic, self-centeredness and want to connect to plant energy to 'help others' is important. Chanting healed one woman from addiction to crack. Subtantial Spiritual practice can do this.

But toastmasters' skill was vastly needed--so many fillers 'ah, um, like'--that the message was lost.

This 'conference' was different. It had a much lower Vibration. The people were organic 'grunge' in the audience, if you ask me. And a combination of 'ego/chemical' was felt in the group energy.

I sat next to a friend who is awesome and wants to be my reiki student. When the speaker started talking about how 'this' and 'that' help to meditate, I looked at her, puzzled, and said, 'I can meditate in a busy bus station!'. And when the aromatherapy crew talked about hospitals healing burn patients with these oils, I shared with her, 'In Reiki, if you burn yourself in the kitchen, you just put your hand on it, and BOOM, it's gone!'. She laughed and got back to the lecture.

My son couldn't stand it.  We left. By some strange twist of fate we ended up eating at the same table with the owners.

So THAT was what Spirit had in mind. Our laughter and joy was unlimited!

I had placed a 'bubble' of energy shield for that event in advance--to only let the Highest Vibration In. I think the bubble was just for the restaurant side! And it worked.

Yesterday, I went in the bathroom again at the restaurant. We had gone fruit picking and my boy wanted to share it with Auntie and Chef. (Watching my boy enjoy fresh fruit right off the tree, in the sunshine together like I did when I was growing up, was the best post-call therapy for me. Ahhhhh. Better than a mani-pedi. My feet tickle way too much for the pedi part to be relaxing. LOL)

Archangel Michael was there. In the bathroom. While I was on the loo.
I was surprised! I asked him why He was there?!

He knelt down on one knee, and looked at the ground. (Angels do this when they are deeply touched and moved by our Spiritual work. It is their way, It gets me all choked up when they get choked up.)

Because you have done MORE...than...

Good things, compliments, make me uncomfortable. I don't know why, but they do. I interrupted him before he could finish. I said, 'Michael! It is okay! Get up! Get up!'

Then He gave me more 'Work'. That always makes me feel more comfortable--to do Spiritual Work. He asked me to put Reiki symbols into the pumps for the lotion and soap. It was a big night for the place, a lot of Cinco de Mayo celebrating going on with herbal 'Margaritas'. It was going to be packed. I put in CKR, SHK, and Om (Karuna). Then he went away.

When I came home, I have a journal of 'messages'. It is always somewhere in the house. This time I noticed it was opened to my last message from Michael.  I read it with interest. One day I will blog about that message. But not today. It is of a personal nature. There are just some things I like to keep to myself. <3


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