Friday, May 10, 2013

A Message From Our Lady: May 10, 2013

My beautiful Children,

There is a happiness that will arrive into your world in the next few days and weeks. It is wonderfully elegant. You will be surprised with it by how it descends upon the earth with happiness that has not been felt since you were very small kids.

In growing up, all of that heartache and 'lessons' that you have accumulated shall be like this: learning stays, painful experience leaves.

Mark my words to this effect. Nothing else matters. Nothing else ever did. You are the same Unconditionally-Loved children of the Creator that is Source. Although you might like to call it 'God The Father' there is also a Creator God that is Feminine. You are walking on Her with the souls of your feet. That is okay, that is intended, you are grounding 'Her' in each step. Both of you, the Feminine Goddess that is Spirit of Gaia, and your Hearts are Divinely Connected. Both between your heart and the heart of Gaia, and between all of the animals, the plants, the spirits that make them, and the longing that you have inside the heart of you who can read these messages in your native languages.

Note that there is a Translation box to the top and on the right of this page: it is for you to receive the message in the most powerful form there is--in Your Native Language. Try it, next time you 'get' this message or another. Alter it to your first 'tongue'. And see what that does to increase your understanding both in Spirit and in Light.

I will come to you from time to time where all of you are gathered, both in the body and the flesh but mostly through this electronic medium into the heart and mind and Spirit. I am really talking to you, and know how much I care for you. How is it possible for you to 'forget' this Love that is deep inside of you? The love of Gaia. The love for your brothers and sisters? The love for the animals who are your partners and friends? And also for the plants and for the insects and the faeries who are hidden in your midst?

All of them vibrate with an intense Love frequency that is from Heaven.

Allow yourselves to experience this Loving energy in your hearts, on your face, in your body, on your mind, and in your ways that you alone can come up with. The energy is boundless, as also is the Creative Mind that works in you.  Imagine the happiest place you could ever imagine. Now double it! Triple it! Does that not blow the capacity of the mind to focus and force the Heart to 'step up to the plate'? The Heart can handle it, this Loving Energy that is from Source and is your birth right.

Allow the Heart to glide in to what it was made to do: assimilate the energies that are from Source and all your brothers and sisters in many 'faces', be it animal, vegetable, mineral, human or from very far off-planet, and allow yourselves to 'connect' to them and experience the Wonder of the Heart that is alive, awake and wonderfully working at its best to bring the Source to you.

Allow this Heart to Understand and give it the Freedom to do What Is Right, for It is the Navigation System of the Cosmos. And you don't have to program it like the one you have in your automobile!

Always keep 'tuning in' to your Heart Center Messages, just like your would with the one in your automobile. Allow it to keep on course, showing you lessons to experience, and an oasis of Love and Light that is presently amongst you.

Love will find a way. It is Your way. It is mine. I powerfully experience this in feeling your hearts. I check. I want you to know that they are working very mightily, not just on your behalf, but on mine and for the planet and for all your brothers and sisters who are entities of this Life that are right here with you in the Present moment. Now has a wonderful familiarity with your Hearts! I want you to rediscover it a little more each day.

You can only do this through 'talking with your Heart Center'. That is meditation in the flesh and of the body. Allow it to rest, through gentle walking where it is quiet, or through restful relaxation with your favorite hobby, or by lying in the sunshine for about twenty minutes. It does not take much to 'reconnect', only to quiet what is going on between the ears. 

God talks. And you can Listen. There is a wonderful Miracle in that, is this not the case?

Only for You. Only for Friendship. God has Less Suffering out there for you. All it takes is Trust (taps her Heart Center), Faith, and allowing yourself the ability to Find What Was Lost and Take It Back Again.

With interest all of us angels, guides, and saints closely follow your every step, emotion, and even what you are thinking!

We wish the best for you, and we monitor it closely from Above. Help is readily available! All you do is ask for it with your Heart, and Help will arrive! Sometimes when you least expect it. Sometimes it may not appear 'what you had in mind' but nevertheless it is our destiny to guide you to what is Highest Good. 

So wake up, carefully and slowly, stretch your arms high above your face, perhaps taking a great big yawn to get all the air that is fresh deep in your body...

Everything happens for the best.

I want you to remember this: Everything happens for the best. God wants my Happiness. Give your Troubles to Him and to myself. Just spit it out like a dog that is playing 'fetch' spits out a ball into the hand of its master. Drop it! Allow yourself the joy there is in 'running to fetch it when it is thrown out very far for you to play.'

I could not think of a better example of the closeness between our hearts than Dog and Master. Forgive us for making it as simple--for your Hearts are truly Fine and Magnificent, also as pure as the loyal love of a pet for its master. So, for whatever makes you joy, follow it. Chase it like you would  a ball if you were a puppy! Allow yourself to experience the wonder as you 'create' your own set of experiences that are for YOUR benefit, and also for the benefit of The Highest Good. 

And this weekend, I want you to have Fun and to Play. Even if it is just for a little bit of time. Even if it is just to take off your shoes and walk in the grass. You will be rewarded for it. Handsomely.

I have to go, but I will return when it is time for us to talk about your growth and wonder at all that is New outside.

I want you to go out and Play. I ask this of You from My Heart. Allow yourself to experience this. It is my promise that you won't be disappointed. You will find energy in here (taps her Heart) that is right for you and always very invigorating. 

God will bring to you the wonder and gifts that you have always dreamed to experience.

Aloha and I love you and Namaste,

Our Lady of the White, for I am wearing white for you that is edged with gold trim,
Blessed Mother
(she hugs you and holds your heart close to her chest, all of you)


This has been channeled through Doctors With Reiki,
Reiki Doc

All material is allowed to be shared if it is in its entirety and also with credit to the author.