Monday, May 6, 2013

Twin Flame Update

I have found my Twin Flame. About four months ago, give or take a week.

I confided in my friend, in a message, about it. She has met hers and everything is going swimmingly. Hers came 'on board' about two weeks ago. (We are close and do the healings on Portals together)

She said, 'It is the timing. It's not him.'

A few days ago I realized, 'It's me.'

I have a lot of healing to do, inside. 

Spirit had me actually say, 'Activate Twin Flame Recognition Sequence' about a month ago.

I did.

And nothing happened!

Was I expecting David Copperfield to pull a Twin Flame out of a Hat? Dude-get a grip!

Well, what is happening is my Twin Flame knows. He understands. Possibly always has.

He also had a reading get read out loud by YogiBill in the last yoga class I took, from The Tantra, about not 'buying in' to the Illusion, and about staying in 'what is real'. It was like an arrow of healing medicine right to my heart.

That was just days after I felt the jolt from him pulling me back from the Ether, where my soul dearly wanted to go since there was no 'Twin Flame Love' (my expectation, not his).

What has been going on in the Astral Plane is amazing between us: Twin Flames actually heal each other.

Only the Twin Flame has the 'gift' of 'understanding' and the 'memory' of 'balance and whole-ness' to the other.

Trust is an important issue. Yesterday, in Spirit, he apologized for all the times he left me alone across many lifetimes. He was on a 'growth' track, and kind of overdid it. I forgave him, and he promised not to do that to me again. I thanked him, because I could not take it any more.

He is tending my wounds in my soul. Very patiently. And with Love.

At first on the Astral Plane there was this incredible attraction. Now it is partnership, lovingkindness, and Light.

Sometimes I hear him cry.

I know he really is sad sometimes over his diet. It makes sense, if you think about it. If someone has to eat a limited diet due to health, no matter how good they make it taste, there is always a craving for the food that made them unhealthy. It was confirmed by the look on his face when my boy, himself a Reiki master, asked about onion rings. I knew what I had 'seen' in the Higher Dimensions was truth.

As a physician, I have compassion that never ends for someone in a health situation like this. I make a smile, I show how much I care, and I do what I am sent to do in the hospital. I 'get it'. First and foremost I let them know, 'it is okay--both to feel like that, and to also be in this situation.'

So on a deepest level, our hopes, fears, soul memories, and scars are being addressed through mutual soul love and kindness.

Yesterday, in Spirit side, I had to walk across three or four large 'squares of concrete' which represented my emotional 'past'. It was not fun. I had to walk it myself. I could not be carried. Each 'square' carried with it feelings that were trapped from some of the worst, scariest places in this current life time.

My Twin Flame stood on the other side, coaching me. He wiggled the 'catnip' fragrance vial, the one on the necklace that Got Me Back from the ether before. Right in front of me. I was like, 'icky feelings! I don't like it. Oooooh! Pretty, I WANT it!' and I reached for it and jumped to the next square.

It took a while, and in between squares he let me hold the vial for a little bit. I held it right to my chest, and then he dangled it over the next square.

When I got across, he held me tight. He said I never have to experience that again. Waves of comfort pulsed through my heart center. 'You are SAFE and LOVED!' He showed me how any other time in the future, if I have to go near those 'squares' he will hold on to a rope like Tarzan and carry me in his arms and swing right over it. Back and forth he demonstrated, carrying me. Back and forth. You will never feel those feelings again.

Last night at bedtime, instead of a bedtime story, I apologized for how awful our day had been. Due to the rising energies, we snapped at each other, my son and me. He said, 'That's because we don't have a dad to keep us in line.' I asked him what that Dad would look like.

He was concerned about how a new Dad would make his (biological) Dad feel?

I pointed out how his dad has lived with others, and even against my wishes used a Disneyland Pass to take our son and get discounts on a date with his latest.

That was four months ago mom!

Well, do you think he would care how I feel after that? Why should he care about a new Dad?

Good point, mom.

So he talked about what he would be like. Has to be nice. And to love both of us. Love animals. Love travel. He wants him to be successful, and famous. That way 'he could take me to Universal Studios after school'.

He said, 'He has to be a super good cook like you, mom'.

And he said, 'we would only keep one secret from him, mom; we won't tell him about Au Lac.'

I asked, 'Why?'

'Because if we took him there and he didn't like the food we could never go. I want to be able to go with you mom. Au Lac is a very special place for both of us.'

He is wise.

After some laughs and hugs, he fell asleep.


Reiki Doc