Friday, May 31, 2013

Onstage--Behind The Curtain

Are you a dancer?

If you are, you will understand the energy I am trying to share.

I feel it.

We are behind the curtain.

You can hear the audience in their seats. There is a 'buzz' of energy in the room.

With the other dancers I had just laced up my points, the special ones for performance that are right out of the box, the clean ones that are a little too stiff and need to break in.

I put the make up on. I laugh when I think to myself, 'How much blush is enough?' and my teacher once said, 'Just before you get to think it's too much!' and I smile.

We are in our places.

We have rehearsed for weeks.

And the curtain comes up.

The music that we know in our very cells begins.

And we dance as one to the music.

I have my part and I know it well.

There is a sense of 'connection' with my audience, and I dance only for them. I see faces of my family and friends in the darkness, and I shine with all my light, right from my heart, to the room.

The stage is below our feet. It's Gaia.

The Event is the curtain going up.

The Audience is everyone with a pulse on this beautiful blue life-filled planet...

And I know what to do.

I was born for this.

And so were you.

Everyone will know their part. No matter how much they think they have still to practice!

To all the Healers who signed up, Mahalo.

To all who read this blog, making for ten-thousand hits in ONE MONTH! The graph is curved straight up over time--the Collective Consciousness is on the rise!

Ascension is happening. And as we get closer to the Event, I thank you and if I had wings I would wrap you in them with Love and Light from Heaven.

Aloha and Mahalos,


Reiki Doc

P.S. Never forget how I learned to dance in these shoes. I fell a lot while learning. And my 'Other', I am not upset about anything. Falling for you was one more example. I got back up and no harm no foul. I am okay with it. No, you Go and do your Thing. You are the best at what you do. And I'll do mine.
Watch me shine honey. Watch me reach for the Heavens. I am going to dance my heart out for God and for Light.  Namaste.